GPS Testing – So Cal

GPS Testing – So Cal:

Be sure to check if the following testing will interfere with your flight plans!  GPS Testing can interfere with the accuracy of the signal sometimes from ground level up to an unlimited altitude, and can extend well beyond the Navaid’s site area!


Current Notice:

Barstow, CA  August 4 – 13

Blythe, CA  August 6 – 15


Recent Testing – Included herein for Educational Reference:

Comment from Richard Eastman CFI:

Appended are the two most recent GPS Testing Announcements. Now, you’d think that testing in Mountain Home, Idaho wouldn’t impact the LA Basin. But it does – at Flight Level 25 and above (only a few getting this message are likely to be up that high). But on the other hand, the Nevada Test Center testing on similar dates reaches the LA Basin at the 4000’ and above levels. While the testing dates are similar – the testing times are different. // Richard


Mountain Home Range Complex,  July 07 – 13

Mountain Home Complex Testing, Mountain Home Idaho

Las Vegas, Nevada   July  07 – 21

Las Vegas Testing, Nevada

Yuma, AZ    July 16-31

Yuma Proving Ground