LA Helicopter Chart Proposed Changes

LA Helicopter Chart Proposed Changes

SCAUWG has long been interested in revising the LA Helicopter Chart Format.  Not issued as often as the TAC, it has been proposed that perhaps the two charts should be combined, and the resulting hybrid version would better serve the airspace community.  SCUAWG has participated in the development of a prototype that presents what such a chart would look like.

Currently, the last revised edition of the helicopter chart was in 2016.

PHPA - Professional Helicopter Pilots Association

Addressing the present chart format, the Professional Helicopter Pilots Association has proposed a detailed list of their suggestions for the improvement of the LA Helicopter Chart.

One of the most important requested revisions is item #1 on the list available for your viewing below.  An altitude needs to be assigned to the helicopter Ventura Freeway Route south of the Van Nuys Airport area wherein a USCG helicopter suffered a severe near miss due to departing jet traffic from KVNY.  Lack of an assigned altitude for this route was cited as a casual factor.

The following file is presented in .pdf format


PHPA Helo Chart Proposed Changes