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SCAUWG Website Reports accentuate the monthly website statistics, and the manner in which the site has developed during the recent month.  The mission we share with our site visitors is to publish the most pertinent Aviation Safety & Education material, so that it, and the work SCAUWG (The Southern California Airspace Users Working Group) does can be more easily available, and accessed upon demand by aviators everywhere.

In mid 2018 SCAUWG.ORG underwent a site revision that hopefully will be able to better popularize the important contributions to the Southern California Airspace horizon that SCAUWG has undertaken since 1986. The results of this work are experienced daily by So Cal's airspace users, and also by those who use the aeronautical charts that have long benefited from SCAUWG revision ideas and support.

vol. 6 March Website Report 2019

Vol. 5 February Website Report 2019

Vol. 4 January Website Report 2019

Vol. 3 December Website Report 2018

Vol. 2 November Website Report 2018

Vol. 1  October Website Report 2018

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