So Cal Airports

So Cal Airports and the Challenges to Flight
are intended to be detailed herein!

Airports each are unique; each has a different set of individual factors that drive the operations to/from and at the airport.  Our goal is to publish that data often known only by the local pilots, so that visitors can be equally informed and plan their flights more effectively.  Certainly, there is a plethora of standardized information available, but most publications often don’t paint the “rest of the story.”

What are the common mistakes pilots often make?  Is there a noise abatement policy?  Where is the best place to land if one experiences an engine failure during take off, or near the airport?  From which direction do most arrivals come from?  What are the common aircraft position reporting points? Transient parking? Where is the airport management office?  Are there particular airport “hot spots” that have been causing troublesome incursions? Is airport signage and runway/taxiway marking up to date? Are there local pilot associations and/or events that pilots might find attractive?  Do airport FBOs offer unique and specialized types of flight instruction? How about seasonal weather conditions?

Do you have the answers to these and other questions with regard to your favorite airport?  Are you willing to write a few paragraphs and share your tips and suggestions?

4/17/2018  We are currently building this page. YOU are invited to help us grow this section!   Experienced folks that have insightful info about their favorite airports, particularly if it might not be available via the regular sources, are invited to contribute here!  Send what you would like to share to:  Thanks!


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