Los Angeles Basin Airspace Presentations

The Los Angeles Basis represents one of the most complex airspace areas in the world. It is made complex by a combination of factors not found anyplace else in the U.S.; or in the world. The Basin is geographically constrained by a ring of mountain that surrounds an airspace region that serves between 13 and 15 million people; one of the largest population centers in the world. The Basin runs northeast to southeast. The mountains that range to 11,000 feet; and nothing to the west but ocean. The region’s year-round good-flying weather has generated one of the largest centers of aviation users in the country – from beginning student pilots and schools to airlines and their highly trained air transport pilots; and including varied range of military operations, air taxi services, commercial operators, emergency, police, fire and other general service aircraft to media reporting and charter services.     

Airspace Presentations

The Southern California Airspace Working Group has an active eductional awareness program.  Many members are asked to speak on LA Basin airspace issues.  A collection of those presentations are below. Many include the same slides ... or the same information presented in an alternative way. 

The presentations do not self-start. It is generally necessary to download the file and then click on it to have them display.

The two most recent variants by Mr. Ron Berinstein and Mr. Richard Eastman are at the bottom.  They are current as of 2017.  They reflect two different approaches to presenting similar material.   

These presentations are available here for your consideration.  To the extent that you re-use this material, please (a) do not change informational intent or context of the material and (b) please provide credit to SCAUWG or the relevant authors

San Bernardino Airspace Dec 8, 2015

Los Angeles Basin Airspace (Pat Carey of July 2012)

Airspace : MetroPlex : LAX Class D : LGB Class C - in 10 Minutes

Human Factors in Aviation - This Includes You!

1946 Chart comparision with today : LAX Class D : Prototype Chart : TFR Violatin F16 C182 Intercept

LGB Class C Comparisons 2011 with 2010 proposals

Berinstein_LA Basin Hot Spots Airspace FAAST Air Safety 2017 Version

Eastman_LA Basin Hot Spots Airspace V2a 2017 Version