Flight Standards Service (AFS)

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California General Aviation Airports

Airports generate revenue, value, life-saving services and link neighborhoods to the world. The attract businesses, generate commercial and tax revenue; ensure life saving medical, emergency response and firefighting protections. Even with these positive attributes, airports are in danger of disappearing.   Click here to view a 17 minute video that discusses what several communities in California are doing to protect their airports.

Las Vegas Airport Hot Spots

Many Southern California airspace users frequently travel to Las Vegas.  LAS has two sets of parallel runways with the terminal set in the middle while the general aviation fixed base operators are generally on the west side of the airport.  This leads to a complex set of taxiway needs; and as a result, LAS has identified a number of Hot Spots on the airport.  For example, the Hold Short lines for Rwy 7L and Rwy
1L are co-located northwest of Rwy 7L. This is particularly confusing when Runway 7 is active; and/or if both 7L and 1L are active for take offs.  Runway heading alignment is critical after being held for takeoff at either of these runways.  The LAS Hot Spots are depicted in a two-page .pdf brochure format here; and there is a one-page .pdf format suitable for use on a knee board here.  

Navy/Marine Corp Airspace and Proposed Acquisition of more

The United States Navy and Marine Corp controls extensive airspace on the perimeter of the Los Angelees Basin.  In an effort to respond to the changing Marine Corp mission, the USMC is proposing to expand some of its airspace needs.  Below are four documents that discuss and answer questions about the proposed expansion.

USMC Land/Airspace Expansion Presentation 

Airspace Briefing Document

Trifold Summary Document

FAQS on USMC Airspace