OFFICIAL Answers about Airspace from the Professionals!

Do you have a question that needs an official answer written by Southern California Airspace Experts? SCAUWG and/or our associated partners will answer your airspace oriented question.

This post actively solicits questions that you would like an official answers for that are endorsed by SCUAWG and/or our associated partners that together provide an almost unlimited amount of aviation information resources to the fore.

Please understand that your answers may be discussed and determined by the Southern California Airspace Users Working Group as a whole, prior to any being greenlighted for publication here on SCAUWG.ORG.

This is your opportunity to ask away!

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  1. Question Re Private Pilot 2 Yr Flight Review : As a 2000 hr Private Pilot ( non-IFR) and with my Flight Review expiring on July 31, 2020 has my Flight Review window been extended as my Class III has been ?

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