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Re: Circularization Comments for ASN 2024-AWP-238-OE

The Southern California Airspace Users Working Group (SCAUWG) was formed under the aegis of the Southern California Association 0f Governments (SCAG) after the 1986 Cerritos Aircraft Crash disaster. The original Charter still adhered to can be viewed accessed at:

Though now operating independently as a group of dedicated aviation professionals, SCAUWG has provided the FAA the input necessary that has made the LA TAC the best of the best.

SCAUWG.ORG visited by thousands monthly, is an independent website that on behalf of SCAUWG and the aviation community is dedicated to publishing Aviation Education, Airspace Safety Data, Pilot resources, and pertinent Community Information.

On behalf of SCAUWG.ORG I urge the consideration of the observations filed with the FAA by AOPA, NATA, NBAA, and VAI, as requested community input regarding the proposed Relativity Space 200’ Static Tower near the runway environment at KLGB. Those comments can be viewed at:

SCAUWG.ORG Contributing Editor Professional Cartographer Mike Carson (government employed) documented via data sourced from the Feb 29-3/1/24 flight track data depicting a 10-mile area around Long Beach Airport. The proposed location of the 200’ Relativity Space tower is shown by a red dot. You can view a graphic application that illustrates the current actual flight tracks and their proximity to the proposed tower at:

As a CFII and a veteran Aviation Safety Seminar presenter in the Los Angeles and San Diego, CA Aeras, as the publisher and director of SCAUWG.ORG specifically designed to address the FAA Western Region Aviation community, I feel that the application above visually documents the need for very careful assessment of the possible risk to flight and ground safety.

Thank you for your attention,

Ron Berinstein CFII

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