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VECTORS FOR SAFETY LOGOVectors for Safety - a wonderful source for Aviation News, Professional Commentary and Accident Analysis is published monthly by Gene Benson and is now a permanent "Top of the Page" feature of our INFO WAREHOUSE.

To View the April '24 Vectors for Safety CLICK HERE


Selected CHARTING NOTICES              FAA Safety Alerts and Charting Notice List Here.

01/10/2023  - Non-Public Airports Charted on VFR Aeronautical Charts - Effective November 3, 2022 Visual Flight Rules (VFR) aeronautical charts will remove all references to emergency use at private airports. The words “emergency or” shall be deleted from VFR aeronautical chart legends in reference to private airports. Beyond the December 29, 2022 effective date private airports with landmark value will be determined using the criteria below.
-Airport operational status
-Airspace determination
-Length and surface of runway(s)
-Owner’s charting preference
-Satellite imagery
-National Airspace System Resource (NASR) remarks specific to the airport
-Airport significance relative to surrounding chart features
For aeronautical data or charting inquiries visit the Aeronautical Information Portal at

02/22/2023  - Airport Diagrams - Addition of Lighting and Navigational Aids - Starting with the October 5, 2023 publication cycle, AIS will begin phasing in the addition of lighting and NAVAID information beginning with airports already being revised for information currently published on an airport diagram. As each airport diagram receives the lighting and NAVAID information, the airport’s corresponding Chart Supplement sketch will be removed from the Chart Supplement airport entry. The described aeronautical information previously shown on the sketch will be now available on the diagram instead in greater detail.  More info HERE.

03/09/2023 - Foreign Data on Enroute IFR Aeronautical Charts - This notice advises of aeronautical content changes in foreign areas on Enroute IFR Charts anticipated with the June 15, 2023 (or later) effective date. See the notice Here.

07/19/2023 - Changes to Wind Turbine Farms on the VFR Sectional Chart - Effective on or about August 10, 2023, the FAA’s Aeronautical Information Services (AIS) Visual Charting Team will begin implementing charting enhancements to Sectional Aeronautical Charts, VFR Terminal Area Charts, and Helicopter Route Charts to more clearly depict the location of wind turbine farms. This change will also be published in the Aeronautical Chart User’s Guide at

The VFR charting changes will:

  1. Replace the current dashed line border with a zipper border (aviation blue) for easier identification of the boundaries of the wind turbine farm.
  2. Add 45-degree (diagonal) cross-hatching lines within all wind turbine farms for increased conspicuity.
  3. Revise the masked elevation box to include a white background and include the mean sea level (MSL) elevation figure of the highest obstruction (wind turbine rotating blade tip at the 12 o’clock position) within the wind turbine farm. The letters UC are added to depict a wind turbine farm Under Construction.       -  MORE  HERE

NEWLY added to the Chart Sup!

12/06/2023 - The Arrival Alert Notice (AAN) will become part of the FAA Chart Supplement beginning with the January 25, 2024 effective date publications. These Arrival Alert Notices are graphics visually depicting the approach to a particular airport with a history of misalignment risk, and language describing the misalignment risk. When an AAN exists for an airport, it will be indicated in the Airport/Facility Directory section at the end of the AIRPORT REMARKS field for the specific airport. The AAN graphic will appear in the Special Notices section.    See a further explanation and examples of the new plan HERE.

Aeronautical Charting Meeting  (Charting Group)

  • The Aeronautical Charting Meeting (ACM) is a public meeting held two times every year. The purpose of the ACM is three-fold:
    • Identify issues concerning safety and usefulness of aeronautical charts and flight information products/services.
    • Discuss and evaluate proposals concerning aeronautical charts and flight information publications, digital aeronautical products, database coding, instrument flight procedures, and instrument flight procedure development, policy, and design.
    • Provide an opportunity for government and interested participants to brief and/or discuss new navigation concepts, terminal instrument procedures (TERPS) policy/criteria changes, and charting specifications and methodologies.

    The Aeronautical Charting Meeting is divided into two groups — the Instrument Procedures Group (IPG) and the Charting Group (CG) See Order 7910.5.

    The CG portion of the ACM includes briefings and discussions on recommendations regarding aeronautical charts and flight information products/services. Please visit the ACM Instrument Procedures Group Web Site for information regarding Instrument Procedure issues.

    The meeting is a facilitated discussion of new and outstanding topics. The status of an open issue will be reported from meeting to meeting until a resolution is reached, at which point the issue will be closed.

    • From: 9-AMC-AVS-ACM-Info (FAA)
      Sent: Monday, April 15, 2024 8:09 AM
      Cc: 9-AMC-AVS-ACM-Info (FAA) <>
      Subject: Aeronautical Charting Meeting 24-01 Meeting Details

      Aeronautical Charting Group (CG) and Instrument Procedures Group (IPG) Participants:

      Agendas and new recommendation documents will be posted prior to the meeting on the Aeronautical Charting Meeting Charting Group and Instrument Procedures Group web pages located at and The agendas are attached to this email as well.

      The dates and times (all times are Eastern) for the meeting will be:

      • Monday, 22 April, 1000 - 1700: IPG
      • Tuesday, 23 April, 1000 - 1700: IPG
      • Wednesday, 24 April, 1000 - 1700: CG
      • Thursday, 25 April, 1000 - 1700: CG

      The virtual meeting rooms will be open roughly 30 minutes before the beginning of the meeting each day and that will be reflected in the Zoom meeting info, but the actual meeting times will be as noted above.

      The details for registering for the virtual Zoom meetings are below. To have a comprehensive attendance roster, we require registration for this Zoom meeting. You must use the Zoom desktop client or mobile app to join. You will not be able to join using the web clientOnce you register, you’ll receive an email with details for joining the meeting. You can register at any time; you don’t have to wait for the day of the meeting. The meeting information will be the same for all four days. Once you’ve registered and received the login information, you’ll use it again for the following days.

      When you register, your registration approval page will include a drop-down labeled “Add to calendar” which will allow you to add the meeting to your Google, Outlook, or Yahoo calendar.

       Zoom meeting information for Aeronautical Charting Meeting 24-01, 22-25 April 2024

      Register in advance for this meeting:

      Aeronautical Charting Meeting (ACM) — Charting Group

      October 2023 Mtg.:

      MANUALS You May Need:

MANUALS You May Need:



The Chart Users' Guide is updated when there is new chart symbology or when there are changes in the depiction of information and/or symbols on the charts. It will be published in accordance with the 56-day AIRAC schedule.

Effective Date: 06/15/2023


This Chart Users' Guide is an introduction to the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) aeronautical charts and publications. It is useful to new pilots as a learning aid, and to experienced pilots as a quick reference guide



The Aviation MX Human Factors Quarterly is no longer published but was written by maintenance human factors professionals dedicated to identifying and optimizing the factors that affect human performance in maintenance and inspection and is still relevant.


  • September (PDF), Volume 9, Issue 3
  • June (PDF), Volume 9, Issue 2
  • March (PDF), Volume 9, Issue 1




Publications and Articles - View publications and articles about human fatigue, shift work, maintenance personnel fatigue, and fatigue risk management.

      General Fatigue and Maintenance Fatigue Papers   Collection of Important Information from FAA.GOV.  CLICK HERE

Also, see FAASAFETY.GOV Human Factors Training Courses:  ALC-731


IFP Announcements and Reports

The ILS Procedures and Components List (below) is a full list of ILS procedures and related components within the NAS. This list includes all Category I, II, III approaches as well as Special Authorization Category I and II. The sortable list can be downloaded and is updated with the normal instrument procedure charting cycle. The information contained in the ILS Procedures and Components List is extracted from Aeronautical Information Services databases. It should not be used for navigation or flight planning. Information on GPS/WAAS approaches.

The table below provides announcements and reports related to new Instrument Approach Procedure (IAP) development in the National Airspace System (NAS).  ILS Procedures and Components List Eff:Nov 30 2023 (MS Excel)


Proposed Instrument Flight Procedures - Care to Comment?


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Let's Begin: 

04/17/2024   Elk Grove police secure $2.1 million for 'Drone as First Responder' program - From ABC10 - "Elk Grove city officials recently approved a $2.1 million drone purchase for police, which can be used to check the validity of emergency calls. - Elk Grove police are hoping to develop drones as first responders after city officials recently approved a $2.1 million drone system purchase.

"11% of our (2022) patrol calls could have been handled by a Drone as a First Responder Program," Elk Grove Police Lieutenant Nate Lange said at a recent city council meeting. "In 10 seconds, our drone can be up in the air; it flies at approximately 50 miles an hour. At the radius of our city, we should be able to be at any call within three minutes." - More Here.

04/17/2024   Grassley Says FAA Loopholes Aid Drug Runners - From AVweb - "According to GlobalAir, Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley is calling on the FAA to tighten up aircraft registration to prevent drug cartels from using N-registered planes to move drugs. Grassley, who’s co-chair of the Senate Caucus on International Narcotics Control, issued a report on Monday alleging the cartels are using loopholes to get U.S. registration on drug-running aircraft. “Air transportation is a favored method for the cartels and a burgeoning industry of illicit aircraft brokers has grown up around it,” the report said. “These brokers exploit vulnerabilities and..."  Finish Reading Here.

04/16/2024   LA COUNTY AIRPORT NEWSLETTERS - April 2024 - "On behalf of airport management, we are happy to introduce our first Monthly Airport Newsletters to all airport tenants, users, and stakeholders. - Attached are the April 2024, Airport Monthly Newsletters.

  1. Bracket Airport(POC)  Airport Newsletter POC April 2024 II
  2. Compton Airport (CPM)  Airport Newsletter CPM April 2024
  3. FOX Field (WJF)  Airport Newsletter WJF April 2024
  4. San Gabriel Valley Airport (EMT)  Airport Newsletter EMT April 2024
  5. Whiteman Airport (WHP)  Airport Newsletter WHP April 2024

04/16/2024   Recently added items to the Airport News and New Resources page on the FAA website:

04/16/2024   NTSB Urges Better Prop Inspections - From AVweb - "After investigating a few aluminum propeller failures, the NTSB has issued a Safety Alert and it’s particularly addressing backcountry pilots. “Aluminum propeller blades can be susceptible to fatigue cracking and fracture if a small nick, pit, or corrosion on the surface or edge is not found and repaired during preflight inspection or maintenance,” the NTSB said in the alert. “Such damage can concentrate stress from normal airplane operation loads, resulting in fatigue crack initiation and growth followed by propeller blade fracture.”  Read More Here.

04/15/2024   ASAG March-April Accident/Incident Report - Accidents-Incidents-Devs-Apr24

04/15/2024   ASAG April 17 Mtg Agenda - Contains GREAT E-Book (My Two Cents by Jim Price) re: Saving Our Airports - ASAG Agenda Wednesday 17APR2024

04/15/2024   Energy Management - FLY SAFE - When it comes to aerodynamics, it helps to think of energy like a savings account. Learn how to draw on the basics of flight to better manage emergency situations. - Manage your aircraft's Energy like a savings account to make safer flight decisions. -  Read More about Energy Management Here.

04/15/2024   SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS UNANIMOUSLY VOTES TO SAVE OCEANO AIRPORT - From AOPA -  "Pilots from across California rallied to defend Oceano County Airport after increased scrutiny from local opponents threatened its survival. The success of these efforts proves how vital community support can be when elected officials assess the impact of an airport."  Read it Here.

04/14/2024   Arrival Alert Notices (AANs) - FAA 4/11 - "Arrival Alert Notices (AAN) are graphics produced by the FAA that visually depict an approach at specific airports to help mitigate wrong surface misalignment risks for pilots. - What is happening? Aircraft are misaligning to wrong runway or even a taxiway and sometimes the wrong airport. To address these wrong surface events, the FAA released the Arrival Alert Notices (AAN) at several airports with a history of misalignment risk. AANs provide a graphic visually depicting the approach to a particular airport with a history of misalignment risk. There is also language describing the misalignment risk area. - Read More and Where AANs are available (includes Chino, Palm Springs & Others) HEREWebmaster: FAA links sometimes change locations, please send a note is this one becomes n/a. Thanks!

04/14/2024   Expectation Bias Cited In NTSB’s Final Report On 2022 JetBlue Tail-Strike - From AVweb - "The NTSB has concluded a JetBlue captain’s decision to take off prematurely to prevent a potential head-on collision with an opposing King Air led to a heavy tailstrike that forced an emergency diversion. - As we reported at the time, the incident occurred at Yampa Valley Airport in January of 2022. The airport does not have a control tower so pilots operating there were receiving instructions from Denver-area controllers while communicating with each other on the common traffic advisory frequency (CTAF). - The report says the JetBlue flight crew announced their intention..."   More Here.

04/14/2024  "Fying The Weather" " - Archived VIDEO From ASI AOPA - Hear from weather expert and AOPA Pilot Magazine writer, Tom Horne, on the dangers of flight into "known icing" conditions and what you can do to escape those conditions with your life. Watch the Video Here.

04/14/2024   'SLIP SLIDIN' AWAY' - From AOPA - Bruce Lansberg -"Borrowing a title from songwriter Paul Simon, aircraft seat design would seem to be a well-established discipline, honed after decades of experience to a fine art—but apparently it is not." "It’s not always the old designs that have issues. A Cirrus SR22 crashed on takeoff when the pilot’s seat slid aft to the secondary stop because the locking pins were only partially engaged. The NTSB determined the pilot failed to properly secure his seat before takeoff, resulting in loss of control when he couldn’t reach the rudder pedals. This was the pilot’s third SR22 and he was 69 inches tall, for the record. In nearly 800 hours of flying SR22s he’d never had a problem with the seats before."  Read The Entire Report Here.

04/13/2024  FAA Investigating Santa Clara For Airport Maintenance Issues - From AVweb - "The FAA has notified Santa Clara County it is investigating noncompliance issues at Reid-Hillview and San Martin Airports with an eye to getting safety issues fixed. In an April 8 letter, the agency detailed a long list of areas it would be looking at on the field including signage and runway markings, areas of pavement undermined by ground squirrels and weed issues on the edge of various paved areas. - The agency says..."  Complete Article Here.

04/13/2024  ICAO Council adopts new international aviation Standards and Recommended Practices for remotely piloted aircraft systems - From ICAO80 - "Montréal, 5 April 2024 – New aviation Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) adopted at the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) will enhance safety and accelerate the transformation of the global air navigation system, including the integration of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS). - “The sustainable development of aviation worldwide requires a performance-driven and service-oriented advanced global air navigation system. Today we have taken significant steps towards achieving this,” stated the President of the ICAO Council, Salvatore Sciacchitano. - The Council of ICAO approved amendments to 15 of the 19 Annexes to the Convention on International Civil Aviation, and approved a new “Procedure for Air Navigation Services (PANS) on Information Management” during its recently concluded 231st Session."  Finish Reading Here.

04/13/2024   Lycoming Says Aromatics In Fuel, Leaning Techniques May Have Caused Valve Problems - From AVweb - "Lycoming says it doesn’t think its engines are to blame for the valve seat recession problems experienced by the University of North Dakota flight training department last year after it switched to Swift Fuels’ UL94 fuel. Rather, it says in a news release (copied in full below) its analysis suggests that “under certain conditions, use of UL94 may impact valve seat recession.” - Lycoming says the analysis indicates that..."  Full Story Here.

04/10/2024   A Gates-Backed Startup Is Making Fuel From Water and Carbon Dioxide - From BNN Bloomberg -  "At a facility in Corpus Christi, Texas, Bill Gates-backed startup Infinium is pioneering the industrial-scale production of e-fuels made from water-derived hydrogen and carbon dioxide captured from nearby refineries. The company, which counts Amazon and American Airlines among its customers, is also building a sustainable aviation fuel production facility in West Texas, with an operational startup planned for 2026." Full StoryBNN Bloomberg (Canada)

04/09/2024   Jeffco Noise Study Revealed; Touch & Go Operations Cited - From AVweb - "Brad Walker, a longtime pilot at Jefferson County, Colorado’s Rocky Mountain Municipal Airport (KBJC; also known as “Jeffco”), has actively challenged efforts by homeowners to sue the county over noise and lead pollution associated with the airport. Most recently, he filed a request under the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) statute (similar to the federal Freedom of Information Act) to acquire a noise study commissioned by his home town of Superior, Colorado, which abuts the airport property. His request had been denied, based on attorney-client privilege, but Walker recently acquired a copy of the report and shared it with AVweb."  Read the report results Here.

04/08/2024   From The Inside, Things Look Even Worse For Air Traffic Control - From AVweb -  "Of course that’s part of their training and it’s drilled into both pilots and controllers to keep their heads when things are going to hell in a handbasket. Although the Denver incident seemed, on balance, to be  relatively minor, you can never be sure. I would challenge any of the cynics who chime in about the whining they perceive when pilots and controllers are negotiating contracts to honestly gut check themselves and see how they would do under the circumstances." - "Now, imagine that you’ve been working a mandatory 10 hours a day, six days a week for years. Sometimes the shifts are only eight hours apart. Because your workplace is so short staffed, you consider it to be dangerous and like most of your colleagues you believe an error occurring that kills hundreds of people is not just possible or even likely. You believe it is inevitable."  Story and earthshaking VIDEO Here.

04/08/2024   Airman Testing - Notices and Reference Materials Including: Community Advisory - Testing Resources - Knowledge Testing -Joint Service Aviation Maintenance Technician Certification Council (JSAMTCC) Program - Oral & Practical Testing - Reporting & Statistics - FAQs - For Reference see the FAA Testing Page Here.

04/05/2024   Factors Affecting the Commercial Sale of Emerging Unleaded Aviation Fuels - From NATA - "Purpose To educate both aviation and community stakeholders interested in understanding or communicating the dynamics of the commercial availability of unleaded avgas, including considerations on the status of UL fuels, the paths to authorization, and safety concerns around the transition. Introduction NATA (National Air Transportation Association) is committed to advancing the national effort to reduce lead emissions from piston-engine aircraft through safe and effective unleaded avgas implementation. NATA, along with other industry and government stakeholders including the FAA, supports the Eliminate Aviation Gasoline Lead Emissions (EAGLE) Initiative1 goal of a lead-free future for U.S. piston-engine aircraft by the end of 2030. EAGLE aims to eliminate the use of leaded avgas without compromising the safe and efficient operation of the existing general aviation (GA) fleet and the economic contribution of general aviation – which includes maintaining 100 Low Lead (100LL) availability across the country during the transition. While EAGLE has targeted 2030 for the elimination of leaded avgas, NATA is optimistic that industry and government stakeholders can work
together to achieve this goal sooner. Ensuring a safe transition to unleaded avgas is a highly complex process at all stages, so it is critical
that new fuels are properly vetted for safety, from the moment they are produced at the refinery until the moment they reach an aircraft. While the FAA approves avgas for use in aircraft types and aircraft engines, the FAA does not regulate or oversee the..."   Continue Here.

04/05/2024    Most Current Revised KLGB  FLY FRIENDLY Graphics  - From LBAA -   Addressed to LGB Operators -Below please find the most current revised Fly Friendly program graphic for your files and use. This update was based on information discussed at the last committee meeting. We understand LGB staff is reviewing a set of previously submitted guidelines as a resource for flight schools to implement into their syllabus. We have requested that document be circulated back thru the LBAA for operator/school feedback before being distributed – For your review, the proposal can be viewed with this link where it is now posted on the airport’s website. Noise Ordinance History (   The VOLUNTARY FLY FRIENDLY Program Diagram is HERE

04/05/2024   Daily Russian GNSS Jamming Has NATO States Concerned - From AVweb - "Daily Russian GPS jamming in and around sensitive geographic locations has generated concern among Western governments, transportation authorities and military operations over the two years of strife involving the war with Ukraine. As Russia tilts in the direction of conflict with NATO nations, concerns are ramping up even further. - A Newsweek report last month highlighted the long-term nature of the threatening trend. It quoted a spokesman for the..."  Continue Here.

04/05/2024   Building Confidence with the Conditions - How comfortable are you with the weather and making a go/no-go decision based on what you see? Chances are there’s room to expand your grasp on weather and develop or improve upon your interpretation skills. If you’re interested in learning how to unleash your inner weather briefer, check out “Building Confidence with the Conditions” at in the Mar/Apr 2024 issue of the FAA Safety Briefing. See the entire weather-themed issue at

04/03/2024   Ask the A&Ps Ep. 22 – Exploring the basics of leaning - YouTube - Webmaster: "Great Mechanical Info!" -  Info re: Leaning, challenging the conventional wisdom on oversquare, returning sumped fuel to the tanks, valve lapping and BOROSCOPE info! Info about the Mick Busch SAVVY website.  See the Podcast Here.

04/03/2024   NTSB Warns Pilots Of Dust Devil Dangers - From AVweb - "This week, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) issued a safety alert warning pilots of the dangers posed by dust devils. - According to the agency, dust devils have been present in some 170 aviation accidents the NTSB has investigated since 1982. The small, rapidly rotating columns of air are made visible by the dust and debris they pick up from the ground. Although usually harmless, the weather phenomena can be a serious risk to small aircraft, especially when operating at low altitudes. The NTSB notes that dust devils are often invisible causing “sudden and unexpected turbulence for pilots and aircraft, which may lead to rapid loss of lift, uncommanded roll or..."  Finish reading Here.

04/02/2024   Business Aircraft Accident Reports: March 2024 - From AINonline - "Preliminary and final accident reports, March 2024 - "Preliminary Reports - Upset Preceded In-flight Break-up Robinson R66, Oct. 26, 2023, Hawks Nest, New South Wales, Australia - Footage recovered from an onboard video camera showed that the helicopter underwent a series of intensifying attitude excursions as the pilot attempted to override the autopilot, eventually rolling past inverted to a 270-degree right bank before breaking up and crashing into Providence Bay near Hawks Nest. The solo 1,119-hour private pilot was the only casualty. - The personal flight departed from Cressnock Airport at 08:50 local time on a VFR flight to Wallis Island. The pilot coordinated transit through the Williamtown restricted airspace with air traffic control and was cleared to..." This conclusion and others Here.

04/02/2024   Mental Health Committee Says Pilots Shouldn’t Have To Report ‘Talk Therapy’ Sessions - From AVweb - "An expert committee struck by the FAA on pilot mental health is recommending that pilots be allowed to get “talk therapy” from mental health professionals without having to disclose it in their flight medical. The Aviation Medical Clearances Rulemaking Committee has submitted its 69-page report to the agency and its first recommendation (of 24) is aimed at eliminating the fear pilots have of losing their tickets due to actually trying to fix a medical problem. - As it stands, pilots with the kinds of struggles that about 50% of all people face in their lifetime have three basic options: ..." Continue Here.

04/01/2024   Enforcement Action Against Wing Walking Business Goes Over The Top - From AVweb - "Mason and his wife Jen started offering wing walking flights in 2012 and have flown hundreds of people on what I can without reservation, describe as a singular experience. It was done in full view of the FAA and other authorities, and Mason told the Seattle Times it had been fully approved by the local authorities. - There are dozens of videos on YouTube and glowing testimonials about the professionalism and safety attitude of the proprietors. By all accounts it’s been a good mom and pop business for the Masons, paying the bills and..."  Read the Full Article by Russ Niles and read the Comments Here.

03/30/2024   Pilots Have Questions When It Comes to MOSAIC - From FLYING - "Here’s an overview of the proposed regulations and some opinions provided during the comment period. - MOSAIC (Modernization of Special Airworthiness Certification) is a regulation that affects all aircraft with special airworthiness certificates. Aircraft built by Cessna, Piper, Cirrus, Diamond, and others instead have standard certificates, and their new models remain untouched by this proposed regulation.

In contrast, all light sport aircraft (LSA), experimental amateur-built airplanes, and warbirds are issued special certificates. In my view, the rule can be divided into two main parts: airplane descriptions and capabilities, and pilot certificates, technician privileges, and operating limitations. In short, airplanes or people."  Much More on the Topic Here.

03/30/2024   DoT Inspector General To Audit FAA Efforts On Drone Integration - From AVweb - "Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operation of unmanned and autonomous systems (UAS) operations took a big step forward today (March 13). The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) for the Department of Transportation (DoT) filed a memorandum on the FAA’s efforts to establish a regulatory framework for such operations."  Finish reading Here.

03/30/2024   EAA's Magazine SportAviation April 2024 edition available here as a way to direct your interest toward the EAA.  View it Here.

03/30/2024   Satellite Navigation — GPS/WAAS Approaches - Get up to date Info Here.

03/29/2024   FAA Challenges Students To Innovate Data Usage In The NAS - From AVweb - "The FAA announced today (March 27) it has launched the “2024 FAA Data Challenge.” The object of the program is to invite university students to explore possibilities for innovating the information and data associated with the U.S. National Airspace System (NAS). The competition will be implemented by HeroX, self-described as an “open marketplace for crowdsourcing innovation and human ingenuity.” HeroX was founded in 2013 by entrepreneur Christian Cotichini and XPrize founder Peter Diamandis."  More Here.

03/27/2024    STAYING ALIVE? - Health Info - From AOPA - "Doctors are privileged to see people in their darkest hour, help many, cure some, and always reassure. But nothing beats resuscitating someone who, without attention, will die 100% of the time. And you can do this too. - Cardiac arrest is the sudden cessation of heartbeats; gas exchange in the lungs stops, organs do not receive required nutrients, and one by one, they die. For etymologists out there, “arrest” originates from Latin, re-stare; to remain, or stop. Stopped hearts kill 300,000–450,000 Americans yearly, more commonly men and older folk. - Risk factor awareness and action, as well as more people learning CPR, can dramatically reduce these deaths. Around 5–10% suffering CA outside the hospital survive; whereas among hospital in-patients, that number climbs to 20 -25%. According to a meta-analysis of 38 studies including 16,933 patients, around 2/3 were still alive after ten years, so CPR has long-term benefits!  -  When learning to fly, understanding electrical system misbehaviors is always taken seriously by..."   Read More Here.

03/27/2024   AOPA Rusty Pilots Online Course - "Get Back In The Left Seat" - Stay current and confident with this free online course for AOPA members. - Spring is here! Whether you’re gearing up for more time in the air or returning to the cockpit after a flying hiatus, AOPA has you covered. Members can take advantage of a fun, interactive course—Rusty Pilots Online —designed to refresh your aviation knowledge and polish your flying skills. - Here's what you can expect:

  • Real-World Scenarios: Immerse yourself in the scenario of a cross-country flight as we cover critical topics such as medical reform, weather briefings, preflight planning, regulations, airspace, and more.
  • Access to Flight Schools: We'll assist you in locating flight schools in your area, making it easy to transition from the virtual cockpit to the real one.
  • Additional Benefits: This course qualifies for the AOPA Accident Forgiveness and FAA WINGS programs.

Here's a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Pilot and aircraft requirements
  • Flight planning and briefings
  • Understanding airspace and sectional charts
  • Operating in/around special use airspace
  • Embracing technology in the cockpit
Shake off that rust and get started now with Rusty Pilots Online! We’re here to support you every step of the way!  Learn More Here.

03/25/2024    Cal Fire uses new tech to train helicopter crews to fight fires at night - VIDEO - From CBS Sacramento - "SACRAMENTO – Cal Fire is in its first few years of using a new device that enables the agency to train helicopter pilots and crews to battle flames from the sky at night. - It marks a significant shift in fighting wildfires as nighttime helicopter suppression used to be impossible. - Cal Fire's S70 Hawk helicopters mobilized Wednesday in a unique training operation."  Read and See the data Here.

03/25/2024   GNS 430 Hysteria-25 Years Later - From AVweb - "The forums and news threads went berserk when Garmin sounded the warning horn last year that the parts bins stocked with major components to maintain the world-conquering GNS-series navigators are thinning, and that owners should start planning an upgrade. Garmin Service Advisory (23018 Rev. B) makes it official, saying in part that display repairs for the WAAS and non-WAAS GPS 400, GNC 420 and GNS 430 are no longer available and have been discontinued after 25 years of support. - It’s easy to understand the hysteria because for the masses, it’s tough to imagine flying..."  Continue Here.

03/25/2024   Video Of The Week: Garmin GNS 430: Throwaway Or Keeper? - VIDEO - From AVweb - "Despite false rumors and misinformation that the hugely popular Garmin GNS-series navigators are at the end of their service life, Garmin says that 99 percent of GNS users can keep using their units. Moreover, the Garmin factory will still continue to support common repairs and refurbishments as it has for..."  Continue Here.

03/25/2024   Understanding aircraft systems - From AOPA - "In this Safety Spotlight, the AOPA Air Safety Institute teamed up with California Aeronautical University to explore piston engines, propellers, and pneumatic systems."

03/25/2024   Combating spatial disorientation - From AOPA - "This video from the AOPA Air Safety Institute archives examines the hazards of spatial disorientation and offers strategies to avoid them."