5/27 FAA Proposes Rule To Remove Instructor Certificate Expiration Date - HERE    5/26 Congress Sends Notam Improvement Act to White House - HERE    5/24 FAA Eyes Beyond Visual Line of Sight Approvals for 4 More Firms - HERE    5/22 Blue Origin Wins Contract For Second Lunar Lander - HERE    5/17 Six Russian military aircraft intercepted near Alaska during U.S. exercises, says NORAD - HERE    5/17 U.S. forms team to set strategy on flying air taxis - HERE    5/17 Blade Air Mobility Sees Growth in Medical, Stagnation in Passenger Services - HERE    5/15 Cathay Pilots Accused Of Taxiing Too Slowly - HERE    5/15 TREVOR JACOB ADMITS TO INTENTIONAL CRASH FOR CLICKS - HERE    5/9 PILOTS RECRUITED TO RESCUE SURVIVORS OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING - HERE    5/09 HOUSE BILL WOULD CREATE AVIATION WORKFORCE ENGINE - HERE    5/08 KWHP Summer 2022 LEAD STUDY showed that levels outside the airport are consistent with lead levels found throughout the Los Angeles Basin and are not elevated in the community by aircraft operations.    5/8 NTSB Roundtable To Delve into Runway Incursions - HERE    5/5 2023 FAA Drone Symposium and Advanced Air Mobility Summit - DATE & INFO HERE    5/5 FAA Announces Stakeholder Members of UAS Detection and Mitigation Aviation Rulemaking Committee - HERE    5/2 U.S. Federal Aviation Administration Drug Abatement Program Latest News Update - HERE    5/01 Army Grounds Non-Essential Flights For Safety Training Pause - HERE    4/29 FAA Establishes Independent Safety Review Panel - HERE    FedEx to Close Pilot Bases In Alaska, California, Germany - HERE    4/26 Aviation Stakeholders Disagree on Pilot Supply, Workforce Solutions - HERE    4/24 Nolen Leaving FAA - HERE    4/23 FAA Set to Hire 1,500 Air Traffic Controllers This Year - HERE    4/23 Airlines, Pilots Disagree on Pilot Shortage - HERE    4/23 Enabling Advanced Air Mobility: Insights From the FAA, Honeywell, and ANRA    4/19 EAA Opens Applications For 2023 AirVenture Cup Race - HERE     4/19 Sheriff Seeks New Helicopter, Turboprop Plane for Patrol Fleet -HERE    4/14 The FAA Proposes 5G Interference Tolerance Requirements for Helicopter Radio Altimeters - HERE    4/12 Blue Laser Attack Nets Two Years - HERE    4/12 FAA Urged To Reconsider Closing Leesburg Remote Tower - HERE    4/12 How Rolls-Royce Contributes To Urban & Regional Air Mobility Programs - HERE    4/12 FAA Issues Notice Warning Pilots Not To Silence TAWS Alerts - HERE    3/27 Washington Withdraws From FAA Nomination - HERE    3/25 Senators Propose Raising Pilot Retirement Age To 67 - HERE    3/17 AOPA FIGHTS BACK ON WASHINGTON STATE BILL BANNING 100LL SALES - HERE    3/10 Funding for GA gains traction on Capitol Hill - HERE    3/13 Lawmakers Stress Support for Investing in General Aviation HERE    3/09 Calif. airport planning sustainable future - HERE    2/23 The KWHP CAC Panel ignored the community opinion and voted to close - HERE    2/15 First electric air taxi takes flight around New York City - HERE    1/24 Sta Monica City Council voted to start the process of planning to convert the airport land at hearing,

The Southern California Airspace Users Working Group is dedicated toward making LA Airspace the safest possible.

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SCAUWG is a committee of professionals from all segments of the Southern California aviation industry determined to effectively interact with each other to resolve airspace related problems and improve aviation safety, utility, and efficiency in the region. SCAUWG was an entity formed under the aegis of the Southern California Association of Governments. The organization’s Charter specifies the following objectives …

  1. To maintain a forum that allows all facets of the aviation industry to provide input to the FAA in the areas of aviation safety, airspace design and utilization.
  2. To educate and inform the public, local and national elected officials, and media with respect to aviation safety and airspace utilization.
  3. The development of airspace design to more efficiently accommodate increases in air traffic capacity at the region’s airports.
  4. To improve access for VFR traffic into and out of the region’s airports in addition to VFR transition routes.
  5. To simplify airspace design and charting for the VFR user.
  6. To provide for the flexibility of helicopters and new technologies while enhancing compatible use of airspace.
  7. To develop recommendations to the FAA for improvements in aviation safety.
  8. To monitor ongoing FAA efforts with relationship to airspace design and activity.
  9. To commit itself to cooperative action, including opposing views, and take the necessary steps to make a significant difference in the air transportation system.

To see a copy of the original charter agreement, CLICK HERE

SCAUWG.ORG is an independently owned and privately maintained website on a volunteer basis and was initiated at the request of the SCAUWG Co-Founder and now Co-Chairman Pat Carey and designed with the mission in mind to both support and publicize the work of the Southern California Airspace Users Working Group.  SCAUWG.ORG is dedicated to fulfilling the group's goals as specified in the SCAUWG charter. Additionally, as an independent site, SCAUWG.ORG expands the horizon of aviation interests, that due to the possible limitations of tradition and mores, SCAUWG, the group, maintains.

Those that choose to ENTER the SCAUWG.ORG site are always advised to consult their own aviation professionals for advice regarding any content on the SCAUWG.ORG site.  Opinions expressed by the authors of articles linked to by the site, may or may not represent those of SCAUWG, or any of the SCAUWG membership base, or the SCAUWG.ORG leadership.   SCAUWG.ORG does NOT take a political position concerning current or past events; but is committed to making pertinent Aviation and Safety Concerns that can affect our community well known, and that includes publishing pertinent commentary. Those with opposing viewpoints to any article SCAUWG.ORG publishes, or links to, are invited to send their input to the webmaster using the site's CONTACT US page for possible publication.



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