GPS Testing – So Cal

GPS Testing - So Cal:


Sample NOTAM illustration


Be sure to check if the following testing will interfere with your flight plans! - You are also advised to confirm the data below via NOTAMS both to check for accuracy and/or updates. 

GPS Testing can interfere with the accuracy of the signal sometimes from ground level up to an unlimited altitude, and can extend well beyond the Navaid's site area!

Also, You are asked to please report anomalies in accordance with the Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) paragraphs 1-1-13 and 5-3-3. BE SURE TO CHECK NOTAMS for status and/or any changes!   CLICK HERE for a link to the GPS ANOMOLY REPORTING FORM   -  Thank you!


General Information:

The AOPA Advocacy article dated 11/28/2018 entitled, Less isn't more for GPS and flight safety by Dan Namowitz describes the paradox created by GPS Interference testing (the degrading of the GPS signal) when at the same time the FAA world is promoting GPS / ADS-B technology as the Nextgen Standard. You can read AOPA's article addressing GPS Testing, that includes a reference to navigation circumstances created by GPS testing in the Los Angeles area by clicking HERE.


From NAFI comes the following article seen as particularly interesting in light of alleged GPS jamming by Russia during recent NATO exercises:

Quantum 'Compass' May Promise Navigation Without GPS
GPS is vital to modern navigation, but if a satellite fails or there's a jamming attack, it quickly becomes useless. Scientists may have a much more robust answer. Scientists have demonstrated a "commercially viable" quantum accelerometer that may provide navigation without GPS or other satellite technology. The device uses lasers to cool atoms to extremely low temperatures, and then measures the quantum wave properties of those atoms as they respond to acceleration.  It might keep transportation networks humming even if GPS fails outright. Read more here.


From AOPA 2/27 is this article by Dan Namowitz entitled: GPS jamming scheduled across US - Read it HERE


You are reminded that UTC time is 8 hours ahead of PST & 7 hours ahead of PDT.

InFO 19006, SPOT, LLC (SPOT) Global Positioning System (GPS) Satellite Messenger Interference with GPS Position Information, is now published. You can read the latest InFO Here

For those interested in Signal reliability as it might affect ADS-B, SAPT may be an interesting subject to pursue.  Visit the SAPT FAA homepage to get the info Here

07/28/2021  Commerce Secretary Joins Fight Against GPS Jamming - From Russ Niles at AVweb - Read it Here.

10/11/2021   GPS Jamming Tests Frustrate Pilots, Controllers - From Russ Niles at AVweb - Read it Here

9/11/2022   Most Commercial 5G Safe From Ligado - Military Faces Challenge - "A study by the National Academies of Sciences has determined that most civilian GPS services won’t suffer significant interference from Ligado’s new 5G cellular and data service but the military might be in some trouble. The study, which was ordered[…] Read this article"

10/21/2022   GPS interference caused the FAA to reroute Texas air traffic. Experts stumped - From arstechnica - GPS interference caused the FAA to reroute Texas air traffic. Experts stumped - "The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the cause of mysterious GPS interference that, over the past few days, has closed one runway at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport and prompted some aircraft in the region to be rerouted to areas where signals were working properly."  Continue Reading Here.


09/28/2023   GPS Spoofing Raises Alarms - ALERT From AVweb - "Someone in the Middle East has figured out how to spoof GPS data and it’s playing havoc with aircraft navigation. OPSGROUP, a site used by airline, business and cargo pilots, is reporting that aircraft using Airway UMB688 in northern Iraq are experiencing complete navigation system failures because the hacker replaces the position data beamed by the GPS signals with false coordinates. “[Twelve] separate reports have been now received by OPSGROUP, and in most cases the [Inertial Reference System] becomes unusable, VOR/DME sensor inputs fail, the aircraft UTC clock fails, and the crew have been forced to request vectors from ATC to navigate,” the site reported." Full Story Here.


02/04/2024   SAFO 24002   01/25/2024 - "Subject: Recognizing and Mitigating Global Positioning System (GPS) / Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Disruptions. -  Purpose: This SAFO provides information and guidance to operators and manufacturers regarding operations in a GPS/GNSS disrupted environment. - Background: Recent GPS/GNSS jamming and spoofing activities reported by civil air operators operating globally pose a potential safety of flight risk to civil aviation. GPS/GNSS disruptions often occur in and around conflict zones, military operations areas, and areas of counter unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) protection. The term GNSS includes satellite augmentation systems. - The recent jamming and spoofing incidents may pose increased safety of flight risks due to..." Read The SAFO Here.

2/28/2024   Russia Steps Up GPS Jamming In Nordic Countries - "Finland, Norway and Poland have all reported Russian jamming of GPS is affecting not just military units but airlines and air ambulance services. According to the Barents Observer, GPS jamming is practically a daily occurrence near the Russian border where Russia is stepping up “hybrid warfare.” It said the number of jamming incidents has more than doubled since Russia invaded Ukraine two years ago. Russia uses GPS jamming to thwart Ukrainian drone attacks.- The report makes no mention of GPS spoofing, in which receivers are..."    Continue Here.


Fort Irwin, CA    March  30 – April  06 


Centered at: 352146N1163221W or the HEC VOR 339 degree radial at 34 NM.

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Marine Corps Air Station, AZ    April   02 – 11 

(MCASAZ) 24-01

Centered at: 323853N1140259W or the BZA VOR 090 degree radial at 29 NM.

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Some examples of Testing - Included herein for Educational Reference:

Comment from Richard Eastman CFI:

Appended are the two most recent GPS Testing Announcements. Now, you’d think that testing in Mountain Home, Idaho wouldn’t impact the LA Basin. But it does – at Flight Level 25 and above (only a few getting this message are likely to be up that high). But on the other hand, the Nevada Test Center testing on similar dates reaches the LA Basin at the 4000’ and above levels. While the testing dates are similar – the testing times are different. // Richard

Mountain Home Range Complex,  July 07 - 13

Mountain Home Complex Testing, Mountain Home Idaho

Las Vegas, Nevada   July  07 - 21

Las Vegas Testing, Nevada

Yuma, AZ    July 16-31

Yuma Proving Ground