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6/3 New Bell Buyers Get Garmin OnePak - From AINonline - HERE    6/01 Coalition CONCERNED About Radio Altimeter Integrity Vs FCC - From AIN - Here    5/31 Space Docking Successful! CNN COVERAGE - See it Here    5/31 South-Central Florida Metroplex project - Virtual Meetings 6/3-12 - See Events Page    5/30 NBAA & AOPA Requests Extension for GA Pilot Medicals, Other Requirements, Under SFAR 118 - Read the LETTER Here    5/30 Global Bizav Activity Continues Comeback, Says WingX - AINonline Here    5/26 Proposed AD Affects 7,000 Cessna Taildraggers - From AVweb - Here    5/18 SNOWBIRDS TRAGEDY - Analysis in INFO WHSE 2 - See it Here    5/18 Providing Value Is Key to Job Security - NBAA FLIGHT PLAN PODCAST - Listen Here     5/13 Company creates disinfectant-spritzing drones to kill coronavirus in stadiums    5/09 PROTECTING GPS: SENATORS GRILL OFFICIALS ON LIGADO NETWORK PLAN - from AOPA - Read Here    5/04 Relief for Certain Persons and Operations during the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID19) Outbreak - FINAL RULE - HERE    5/4 FAA PROVIDES RESOURCES FOR AIRPORTS SEEKING CARES ACT GRANTS - From AOPA - Read Here    4/27 FAA Responds Quickly To COVID Drone Waiver -from AVweb - Read it Here    4/19 DOT Designates $10B in Relief Funding for Airports - from AIN - Read Here    4/15 FAA bars active pilots from taking chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine to prevent coronavirus - From CNN - Read it Here    4/15 NTSB: Part 121 Fatality Rates Down - From AVweb - Read it Here    4/10 FAA developing examiner system fixes, extends some deadlines - From AOPA - Read Here    4/7 North Atlantic Datalink Mandate Suspended for Three Months - NBAA STORY Read Here    4/5 No Mercy if Drones get to close to Hospital Ship - Read More    3/25 AOPA URGES MEMBERS TO FLY INFORMED, WITH CAUTION - READ HERE    3/21 IATA Thanks Regulators for Flexibility, Urges Others to Follow Suit - READ HERE    3/19 AOPA CALLS FOR MORE CLARITY ON PROHIBITED DRUGS - READ HERE    3/16 The Air Force Has its First Female F-35 Demo Team Commander and Pilot - READ HERE    3/15 AOPA asks Mexico to use 978 MHz ADS-B - Read More Here    2/10 NTSB Issues Preliminary Report - Kobe Bryant Fatal Accident - Read it Here    1/27 Flying Into Patchy Fog, Kobe Bryant’s Pilot Had a Decision to Make - NY TIMES - Here    1/17 Committee Finds Proper Process Followed In MAX Certification - Read it Here    12/23 Groups Oppose Aviation Noise Bill - AVweb - Read it Here    FAA STATEMENT UPDATE 737 MAX - READ ABOUT MOST RECENT DEVELOPMENTS HERE

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This page has entries that begin 5/13/2020   -  Please see the "INFO Warehouse Page" ( page 1 )  for the initial earlier posts. Visit it - Click Here.


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06/01/2020   More tips to protect your plane’s engine — and your wallet — from fuel problems - ARTICLE - From General Aviation News - Steps you can consider that most probably do not think about are written about.  Read them Here.

05/31/2020   FAA Regulatory Update due to Coronavirus Circumstances. FAA Page - View it Here.

05/31/2020   Formation photo flight, 2 Spitfires (and a Mustang!) while departing from Airventure 2018. - VIDEO - A wonderfully shot piece that is both pictorial and informative.  Want to know how to start a Merlin powered Spitfire... want a close up view of the rear view mirror, responsible for 5% of the total drag produced in flight... (the reason it was later designed inside the canopy)... well this video has it all!  See the video Here.

05/31/2020   LOCI: An Upsetting Situation - ARTICLE -From NBAA - "Maybe it’s time for business aviation to reexamine its approach to upset prevention and recovery training. Despite the business aviation industry’s longstanding efforts to stem loss of control inflight (LOC-I) accidents and prevent aircraft upsets, such accidents show no sign of waning, even as training providers have added LOC-I prevention and recovery courses.  Why is that?"  Read More Here.

05/31/2020   Safety Wire - ARTICLE and 57 Second VIDEO - GA Safety Enhancement Topic - Failure to properly secure aircraft components can compromise powerplant and control system operation, leading to system and component failures. Properly secure aircraft components with safety wire, ensure that hardware locking mechanisms are properly installed on your aircraft, and check them often to confirm they are taut and ready for flight. - Safety Wire … It Can Save Your Life - Explore the opportunity to Learn about What You Need to Know by Clicking or Tapping Here.

05/30/2020   Real Pilot Stories from ASI - VIDEO - Trapped on top. A non-current instrument-rated pilot deals with an unexpected IFR descent and an engine failure in this Real Pilot Story from the AOPA Air Safety Institute. Webmaster Note: These stories are always well produced and always worth your time.

05/26/2020  A Pakistan Airliner landed Gear Up on its First Attempt...  then took off again.   As the story from AVweb goes, that was not a good choice.  Published here as a valuable preemptive message to any pilot who might have a similar idea.  Read the article and visit a link to various videos by clicking Here.

05/24/2020   Maneuvering Speed - From Aviation Safety Magazine - Combining the loads imposed by maneuvering with those encountered in turbulence can exceed structural limits. "Early in our primary training, we encountered the concept of maneuvering speed (VA), or design maneuvering speed as it’s sometimes called. We’re basically told it’s the speed at below which we should fly in turbulence and when entering advanced maneuvers, hence its name. If we’re lucky and have a good ground-school instructor, we’ll also learn that VA changes with weight: As the airplane’s weight decreases, so will maneuvering speed. Although VA isn’t marked on our airspeed indicators, there should be a placard listing it at the airplane’s gross weight, with the admonition to not make full control deflections above it."  Explore VA, survey some unfortunate notable accidents - Read this beneficial critique Here.

05/24/2020  For the most up-to-date information and news from FAA regarding the Coronavirus, please visit the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update. You can also view a list of programs put in place by the FAA by visiting Here

05/24/2020   From Paddles to PEDs    Good communication is fundamental to the safety and integrity of our airspace and to the growing number and diversity of NAS users. Today’s aviation environment has plenty of tools to accomplish this critical endeavor. For a look at some of what these modern-day communication devices offer and how to harness their full potential, read the article, “From Paddles to PEDs: A User’s Guide to Modern Day Aviation Communication Equipment” at Check out the entire aviation communication-themed issue at

05/24/2020   Take a Moment for an Aviation Maintenance Safety Tip on ADs 

Airworthiness Directives (ADs) are legally enforceable regulations issued by the FAA in accordance with 14 CFR part 39 to correct an unsafe condition in a product (an aircraft, engine, propeller, or appliance). Do you know how to find ADs applicable to your aircraft? Check out this Aviation Maintenance Safety Moment video to see how:

You might also want to consider nominating any outstanding AMTs for the Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award, which recognizes 50 years of exemplary aviation maintenance experience, distinguished professionalism, and steadfast commitment to aviation safety. For more details on this prestigious award, go to

05/18/2020   Snowbirds CL41 Tutor Crash 17 May 2020 - VIDEO - The Blancolirio Report - Video and explanation - Watch/Listen Here.

05/17/2020  Three Seconds, Three Choices - VIDEO - Relinquishing pilot-in-command authority is never a good idea, especially if the airplane you're following disappears in the fog. Watch this AOPA Air Safety Institute Real Pilot Story to learn lessons from a nearly disastrous flight.  A VFR into IMC adventure!

05/17/2020  Aircraft Tailplane Stalls - ARTICLE - If you ever have one, its likely you've encountered in-flight icing, and you may have a whole 'nuther set of problems. "One of the keys to understanding tailplane stalls and the appropriate recovery method is to understand what the horizontal tail of a conventional airplane (i.e., one without a forward-mounted lifting surface known as a canard) does: It exists to counter the airplane’s natural tendency to nose down, thanks to its center of gravity being forward of the center of lift. It does so by exerting a lifting force opposite that of the wing." - From Aviation Safety Magazine. Read the Explanation Here.


05/17/2020  ATC Zero Events During the Pandemic - Prepare for the possibility of an ATC Zero event on your next flight with this safety notice. "The Issue: During this time of national emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, air traffic control remains a critical service to ensure safe and efficient operations. However, the virus is also affecting ATC personnel, which has resulted in reduced staffing and even required some facilities to have unplanned closures (ATC zero)." "... several busy airports have been affected by tower closures, including Chicago Midway International Airport, McCarran International Airport, and John Wayne Airport-Orange County. In addition, the New York and Indianapolis air route traffic control centers have been impacted, among others."   Read the ASI Safety Notice Here.

05/17/2020   Guide to cleaning your books and pilot supplies released -  PDF - In light of the safety issues surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak, ASA has prepared a document outlining how to clean and disinfect books and pilot supplies. - The free ASA InFO (Information for Operators) document provides recommendations for the HS-1A AirClassics Headset, CX-3 Flight Computer, Flight Timer 2, and all ASA books, E6-B Flight Computers, plotters, and The Standard series logbooks.  See it Here

05/17/2020   REMINDER:  Visit the FAA  "FLY SAFE"  Series for ADRESSING GA SAFETY.  "This month (May) we focus on the importance and use of safety locking devices" - FAA.   Click Here for program options.

05/17/2020  U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine L. Chao Appoints Industry Leaders to Women in Aviation Advisory Board - FAA PR RELEASE - Former U.S. Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson Appointed as Chair

WASHINGTON – May 15, 2020 – U.S. Secretary of Transportation Elaine L. Chao today announced the appointment of 30 board members to the newly-formed Women in Aviation Advisory Board (WIAAB). Former U.S. Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson will serve as chair of the board.

“The Department welcomes Dr. Heather Wilson and these accomplished advisory board members, who share a commitment and passion for encouraging women to access opportunities in aviation,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine L. Chao.

Dr. Wilson is the President of The University of Texas at El Paso, one of the top 5% of research universities and one of the nation’s leading Hispanic-serving institutions. She previously served as the 24th Secretary of the Air Force and represented New Mexico in the U.S. Congress for a decade. She graduated from the U.S. Air Force Academy in the third class to include women and earned her master’s and doctoral degrees as a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University in England. Wilson is an instrument-rated private pilot and aircraft owner.

“Women are underrepresented in aviation and I look forward to working with Secretary Chao, the FAA, and the advisory board to develop strategies that will encourage more women to consider careers in the aviation industry,” Dr. Wilson said.

The WIAAB was established on October 3, 2019, under the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018. The purpose of the WIAAB is to develop strategies and recommendations that would encourage women and girls to enter the field of aviation. The WIAAB will assess education, training, mentorship, outreach, and recruitment of women in the aviation industry.

Board members represent a diverse range of backgrounds and expertise, including those from major airlines and aerospace companies, nonprofit organizations within the aviation industry, aviation and engineering business associations, the U.S. Air Force Auxiliary, Civil Air Patrol, and institutions of higher education and aviation trade schools. A full list of appointees and their biographies is available here.

“From Secretary Chao to the several women on my senior leadership team, and the more than 10,000 women in the FAA, we see the professionalism and contributions that make our aviation industry the gold standard for the world every day,” said FAA Administrator Steve Dickson. “We salute the WIAAB’s new board members for their commitment to illuminate this career path for more women.”

A Federal Register Notice to solicit nominations for candidates to serve on the Board was published on October 8, 2019, and closed October 29, 2019.  Nearly 200 competitive applicant packages were submitted for consideration.

Members will be appointed to the WIAAB for the duration of its existence, which is anticipated to be a minimum of 2 years, and will meet up to two times per year to carry out its duties.


05/16/2020   Restricted Areas: What You Should Know, And How To Operate Around Them - ARTICLE - From Boldmethod - by Swayne Martin - "Did you know there are approximately 500 restricted areas in the skies over the USA? Here's what you need to know before your next flight..."  Step by step clarification regarding restricted Areas, how they are depicted on a chart, and how to get information regarding them.  Read the story here.

05/16/2020   "Getting In When Radar is Out (and other Unexpected Scenarios)" - ARTICLE - From AOPA - "What operating rules apply to VFR flights in controlled airspace when the controlling air traffic facility has an unscheduled shutdown?"  By Dan Namowitz - Read it Here.

05/14/2020   Pandemic Prompts Big Changes for Business Aviation - ARTICLE - From AINonline - "The aviation world has changed considerably as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, forcing business aircraft operators and flight departments to question common practices and what were, until just a few months ago, considered certainties in the industry. Decreasing passenger loads and varying regulatory demands have contributed to a worldwide decline in flights in all aviation sectors, but for those business aviation operators still flying or about to resume operations, “there is no such thing as a routine trip anymore,” said Adam Hartley, manager of global regulatory services with Universal Weather and Aviation." Read The  Full Story

05/14/2020   Nation’s Largest General Aviation Airports Display Resiliency, Prepare for Future - ARTICLE - From NBAA - "The COVID-19 pandemic devastated traffic counts at the nation’s largest airports used by business aircraft, however, all airports remain staffed and operational throughout the crisis, with some encouraging signs traffic has started to rebound. Overall flight operations at L.G. Hanscom Field (BED) in Bedford, MA dropped 75% in April compared to the same month in 2019. “Our May operations are down 65% so far, which puts us down around 24% for the year so far,” said Sharon Williams, BED airport director. Traffic impacts across the country vary due to different state restrictions. For example, California and Florida did not restrict flight training to the same extent as Colorado, which helped maintain light aircraft counts up for those airports. However, jet operations remained down across the board." Read the Full Story Here

05/13/2020   Eight Tech Companies Tasked with Developing UAS Remote ID Technologies - ARTICLE - From NBAA - Airbus and Amazon are among the eight companies tasked with assisting the FAA in establishing remote identification (RID) requirements to provide identification and location information for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), the agency recently announced.  Read the story Here.

05/13/2020  WINGS SPECIAL TOPICS OF THE QUARTER - PDF - Check out the WINGS Topic of the Quarter checklist at this link:

05/13/2020   RADIO JITTERS?  - PDF - Do you get nervous or intimidated when talking on the radio or with air traffic control? Don’t worry. You’re not alone. The May/June 2020 issue of FAA Safety Briefing focuses on the importance of proper communication in aviation and its critical role in furthering safety. Feature articles include a refresher on the basics of good "aviation" grammar, how to use correct phraseology to avoid confusion or misunderstandings, and how to best leverage technology and equipment to improve your communication skills. Read the article, “No-Go on the Radio” at for a list of what not to say, and the corresponding rules for radio righteousness. Check out the entire issue at

05/13/2020   STAYING STABLE - PDF - VIDEO - A stabilized approach is one in which the pilot establishes and maintains a constant angle glide path towards a predetermined point on the landing runway. In addition to helping you achieve buttery-smooth landings, maintaining a stabilized approach is also a great way to avoid loss of control during the landing phase of your flight. To learn more, download our #FlySafe fact sheet here and watch our "57 Seconds to Safer Flying" video

05/13/2020   FAA Posts Draft EA for South-Central Florida Metroplex  - PDF - "The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has posted the Draft Environmental Assessment (EA) for the South-Central Florida Metroplex project, the agency’s plan to modernize air traffic procedures for four major air carrier airports and 17 additional airports in the southern half of the state. - A 60-day public comment period for the Draft EA begins today and ends on July 10, 2020. The agency expects to issue an environmental determination in September 2020, after it considers and reviews all substantive comments received during the comment period. The public can review the Draft EA and submit comments on this page.

The FAA will hold 12 virtual public workshops on the Draft EA during the first two weeks of June. Residents can view the schedule and register to attend a virtual workshop at Community Involvement South Central Florida.

5/13/2020    GPS Interference Issue Back on the Table - ARTICLE - From AINonline  -  "A coalition of industries that rely on GPS is concerned that the U.S. Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) approval of Ligado Networks' telecommunications system will risk interference with GPS signals. Ligado is the new company formed after LightSquared’s bankruptcy in 2012, and it took over LightSquared’s L-band network. Ligado does not agree that there is any risk of GPS interference in the range of frequencies covered by its FCC license."  Read the full story Here

The coalition’s issues are summarized in a submission to a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing held on May 6, “Department of Defense Spectrum Policy and the Impact of the FCC's Ligado Decision on National Security.” The issues include ignoring national security, risking public safety, economic impact, and outsourcing enforcement of GPS interference issues to Ligado.

5/13/2020   URGENT: READ THIS BEFORE FLYING! - USE CAUTION BEFORE FLYING DURING CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC - ARTICLE- From AOPA - "Has your medical certificate, flight review, or instrument currency expired? If so, read this to determine whether you can fly.  -  The FAA’s 94-page special federal aviation regulation on flying during the coronavirus pandemic is complicated, and pilots need to read it carefully to determine what does and does not apply to their individual situations."  You can read the article Here.