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Welcome to AMEPilot, a new feature of SCAUWG.ORG presented by Aviation Medical Examiner - Gregory J. Hanker, M.D. – Dr. Hanker is an orthopedic surgeon practicing at the Southern California Orthopedic Institute in Van Nuys.

AMEPilot logo first edition spring 2019

Dr. Hanker’s primary goal as an Aviation Medical Examiner and the author of AMEPilot is to assist the local aviation community in obtaining their medical certification, especially complex cases where FAA special authorization may be necessary.
AMEPilot is a quarterly authored contribution written exclusively for SCAUWG.ORG.

The FIRST EDITION - SPRING - addresses the behind the scenes, rarely known items about how to prepare for and what YOU CAN DO to make your Medical proceed easy and fast!  Underlying medical issues can be addressed successfully.  When properly prepared and with the proper documentation, only a very small percentage of applications for a medical certificate are denied.  Dr. Hanker details how you can mobilize your application for success within the best possible timeframe.  The editions that follow continue to provide you with the important data that will help you facilitate your medical application as well as stay in the best possible health and professionally prepare for safe flight.


  • NEWSWORTHY NOTE From AOPA:  03/29/2021   AME GUIDANCE RELEASED FOR PILOTS WHO HAVE HAD COVID-19 - INFORMATION - From AOPA - "The FAA on March 26 released much-anticipated guidance to aviation medical examiners about how to handle medical certificate applications from pilots and air traffic control specialists who have had confirmed cases of COVID-19." Review it HERE.


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Dr. Gregory J Hanker M.D., AME author of AMEPilot

Aviation Medical Examiner Gregory J. Hanker, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon practicing at the Southern California Orthopedic Institute in Van Nuys. Tel.  (818) 901-6600

Dr. Hanker is a former USAF transport pilot who flew the C-9A Nightingale on aero- medical evacuation missions in Europe; an Ohio USAF Reservist flying the C-123 Provider while attending medical school;
and currently a general aviation pilot flying out of Van Nuys Airport.

Dr. Hanker’s primary goal as an Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) is to assist the local aviation community in obtaining their medical certification, especially complex cases where FAA special authorization may be necessary.