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Historical Aircraft Owners Affected by COVID-19:

A link has been added to the State Board of Equalization’s website on the home page  under the IMPORTANT banner area that links to the California Assessors’ Association’s letter regarding the historical aircraft exemption.   Refer to the screen shot below – the link is from “Historical Aircraft Owners Affected by COVID-19”.  Placing this information on our agency’s website will provide additional exposure beyond the California Assessors’ Association (CAA) website, and the CAA letter that was distributed electronically to each of the 58 California County Assessors from the President of the CAA. - Lisa Thompson, Chief, Taxpayers’ Rights Advocate Office, State Board of Equalization -  -  Use the following link to access the 2020-11-02 CAA Letter Regarding Historic Aircraft Exemption: information was provided by SCAUWG member Captain John Ringel.



Following up on a SCAUWG MTG.  chart change discussion.  The Western Service Center Operations Support Group provided the attached “CHARTING NOTICE – 56-Day Visual Charts” from the FAA web site;

The notice states; "Like other FAA Supplement, Enroute and Terminal products, each new visual navigation chart title panel will indicate the applicable AIRAC effective date range and no longer include an edition number.

As the IFR charts on 56-day publishing schedule do not have an edition numbers, the new 56-day visual charts will be identified in the same way using effective dates.


Let's Begin:

03/03/21  Flying taxi network in LA could take off soon - ARTICLE / VIDEO- From Fox News - "Archer co-CEO Adam Goldstein says he’s confident his company can launch an air taxi service in 2024 because the technology needed is already invented." Read/See it Here.

03/03/21  New Bills To Step Up Federal Coordination of AAM - ARTICLE - From AINonline - "Legislation seeking to boost the development of advanced air mobility (AAM) in the U.S. is now progressing in both the House and Senate with bipartisan support. The proposed bills, “Advanced Air Mobility Coordination and Leadership Act,” call on Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg to establish an inter-agency working group to coordinate efforts to develop a complete AAM ecosystem to support widespread operations of new eVTOL aircraft."  Continue Reading

02/26/2021   ‘Weaknesses’ in FAA oversight of airplane safety fuel call for more changes after Boeing 737 MAX failures - ARTICLE - From The Seattle Times - "A government report released Wednesday (2/24) concludes that Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) oversight of airplane safety needs further strengthening beyond what the agency has already implemented in response to the two crashes of Boeing’s 737 MAX. - The final report by the Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Transportation highlights failures that led the FAA to miss the flaws in the MAX’s new flight control system during certification of the jet in 2015 and 2016." Continue Reading Here.

02/23/2021   Why do pilots continue to inadvertently fly into IMC? - INSTRUCTIONAL ARTICLE - From General Aviation News - "Inadvertent Instrument Meteorological Conditions leading to pilot spatial disorientation continue to be a leading cause of fatal helicopter accidents. - From 2000 to 2019 in the United States, there were 130 fatal accidents directly linked to the issue of spatial disorientation. These accidents occurred regardless of pilot experience and they cut across all industries, including Emergency Medical Services, law enforcement, tour operations, utility flights, corporate flying, and personal/private flights, according to officials with the U.S. Helicopter Safety Team. - For decades, studies, articles, research papers, and discussions have been published theorizing why accidents related to degraded visual environments consistently occur..."  Continue Reading Here.

02/22/2021  Understanding Deferred Maintenance - ARTICLE - From NBAA & Business Aviation Insider - "Even experienced business aviation pilots and maintenance personnel may be occasionally stymied by the ins and outs of aircraft minimum equipment lists (MELs), which outline what equipment is necessary to perform a flight, and what equipment may be legally deferred under the regulations. - An aircraft’s configuration deviation list (CDL) specifies regulator-approved non-structural external parts that may be missing, yet the aircraft may still be airworthy." Learn about it Here.

02/22/2021  NASA shares first video and audio, new images from Mars Perseverance rover - ARTICLE / VIDEO - From CNN - "During its harrowing descent to the surface of Mars last Thursday, NASA's Perseverance rover captured video that the agency is calling "How to Land on Mars." The video, along with other newly released footage, gives earthlings back home a better sense of the sights and sounds on the red planet.

Cameras on "Percy," as the rover is affectionately called at mission control, show for the first time the perspective of a spacecraft landing on Mars. The video begins 230 seconds after the rover entered the Martian atmosphere, with the inflation of the rover's parachute 7 miles above the Martian surface, and ends with the rover touching down on the surface."  Webmaster: A nice collection that documents this accomplishment - See it Here.

02/21/2021  ERAU RELEASES STUDY ON GENDER, RACIAL BIAS - ARTICLE - From AOPA - "A new study released by researchers at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University examined potential bias faced by aspiring female and minority commercial and student pilots in the United States. In an experiment, participants were shown pictures of current female and male commercial pilots of various races, and were asked to rate their opinions on the quality of the pilot—professionalism, flight safety," Read the story Here.

02/21/2021  Las Vegas Metroplex begins Feb. 25! - FAA PR NEWS - "The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will implement the Las Vegas Metroplex project on Feb. 25, 2021.  -  The comprehensive project will use satellite navigation to move air traffic more safely and efficiently through the area. New routes for McCarran International Airport, Henderson Executive Airport, and North Las Vegas Airport will be more direct, automatically separated from each other and have efficient climb and descent profiles. It is one of 11 Metroplex projects nationwide.

Community involvement was a critical part of the project’s environmental process. The FAA conducted a thorough environmental review and extensive public engagement for the project, including 11 public workshops in 2017 and 2019.The agency also held four public comment periods totaling more than 120 days, and evaluated and responded to more than 140 comments.

After the FAA implements the new procedures, some flight track dispersion will continue to occur as it does today. Additionally, air traffic controllers will continue to sometimes direct aircraft off published routes for safety or efficiency or to reroute them around weather systems.

The FAA issued the Finding of No Significant Impact-Record of Decision (FONSI-ROD) for the Las Vegas Metroplex project in July 2020. The agency’s initial plan to implement the new routes in November 2020 was delayed by the COVID-19 public health emergency.  -  After issuing the FONSI-ROD, the FAA made minor adjustments to five procedures that are part of the project. The agency conducted a thorough review of the changes and confirmed they did not warrant a supplement to the final Environmental Assessment, consistent with FAA environmental policy. - The Las Vegas Metroplex environmental website includes Google Earth features that enable the public to view historic and projected flight paths associated with the project, as well as the noise analysis the FAA conducted at more than 172,000 grid points throughout the projected General Study Area.

02/21/2021  What’s So Special About Special VFR? - ARTICLE - From AVweb - "Air traffic control offers a smorgasbord of mostly legal ways to run the scud without running from the law. We’ll consider four procedures that blend IFR with VFR to expand system utility. They are: Visual approach, contact approach, VFR-on-top (OTP), and special VFR (SVFR). That last sounds like an item on the Airport Cafe menu: “I’ll have the special VFR with curly fries.”“All out of curly; how ‘bout shemp?” - ATC exists to “safely expedite the flow of air traffic through the National Airspace System.” Or something like that, an ethos I encountered at the FAA Academy in 1979.  The experience was largely a screen to see who had the moxie to keep numerous callsigns in their head and separate them from each other without radar. Lamely called “3-D chess,” I view ATC, instead, as Jenga-in-motion, wherein pieces are stacked in a precarious structure and shifting the wrong one will cause your career to collapse. Barring failure, air traffic arrives via instrument approach procedures or, weather permitting, a visual approach."  This piece examines Special VFR, and you can read about the details you need to know Here.

02/21/2021   Perseverance Rover Lands On Mars - ARTICLE / VIDEO -  From AVweb - "NASA’s Perseverance rover touched down on Mars on Thursday afternoon, 203 days after it launched from Florida’s Cape Canaveral Space Force Station aboard a ULA Atlas V 541 rocket. The 2,263-pound rover is on a two-year mission to look for signs of ancient microbial life along with collecting samples of rock and regolith from Mars’ Jezero Crater. As shown in the video below, NASA and ESA are planning a coordinated mission to retrieve samples gathered by Perseverance and return them to Earth by 2031."  Read and See More by Clicking Here.

02/21/2021  FAA using satellite technology to monitor every Boeing 737 MAX in flight - ARTICLE - From The Seattle Times - "Using a technology that streams data from an airplane via satellites, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is now monitoring every Boeing 737 MAX on every flight worldwide to check on the performance of the MAX fleet as the jet returns to service. - The system “will flag deviations from certain parameters during all phases of flight and alert the FAA’s aviation safety division,” the federal agency said. “Safety engineers and inspectors will..." Read More Here.

02/21/2021  Female amputee Air Force pilot back in the air - ARTICLE / VIDEO - From CNN Newsource - "COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado- A United States Air Force Academy graduate who is the first woman amputee to return to flying duty is now helping future pilots. "I am an amputee pilot." - Major Christy Wise is a United States Air Force Academy grad and the first woman amputee to return to flying duty. "About five years ago I lost my leg..." Continue Here.

02/21/2021  NASA, Calif. university team to develop eVTOLs - ARTICLE - From The San Diego Union-Tribune - "NASA has given UC San Diego $5.8 million to help develop electric-powered flying taxis, a form of ride sharing that has been envisioned for decades but is struggling to get beyond the concept stage. - UCSD will lead a group of five universities and companies in creating software tools to design small fleets of vertical takeoff-and-landing (eVTOL) aircraft that are quieter, safer, cleaner and more efficient and affordable than helicopters." Continue Reading Here.

02/20/2021  Wingcopter joins Flying Labs Network to support locally led drone delivery projects - ARTICLE - From TransportUP "Wingcopter, the German developer, manufacturer and operator of unmanned delivery drones for commercial and humanitarian applications, has joined forces with the Flying Labs Network as a Technology Partner. Their global initiative will improve supply chains through locally led cargo drone projects and equip local talent with the skills to operate Wingcopter’s unmanned systems in long range drone applications, including beyond visual line of sight. The Flying Labs Network is reputable for strengthening local expertise in the use of drones, robotics, data and AI for positive social change in more than 30 countries across Africa, Asia, Latin America and beyond. - Wingcopter is currently implementing a drone delivery network in Malawi to strengthen local healthcare supply chains together with UNICEF and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). Within the project called Drone + Data Aid the company cooperates with the African Drone and Data Academy to train youth from across the continent in drone operations. In other parts of the world, Wingcopter is preparing for safe and efficient on-demand delivery of COVID-19 vaccines to remote areas by drone..."  Continue Reading Here.

02/20/2021  Air taxi service from downtown Chicago to O’Hare could launch by summer - ARTICLE - From Chicago Tribune - "Blade, a New York-based “urban air mobility” provider, announced Thursday it has partnered with the downtown heliport Vertiport Chicago to launch air taxi service as early as this summer. - Longer term, the company hopes to transform to an emerging technology — electric-powered helicopters — to expand its service in Chicago and other markets. - In Chicago, passengers will soon be able to book regular helicopter flights from the 6-year-old facility in the Illinois Medical District to O’Hare and other destinations for the cost of an Uber Black — getting there in less than half the time, Blade CEO Rob Wiesenthal said. Read More