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The following is a note from FAA Runway Safety about LRSAT Info/Dates.  These meeting are held regularly and are conducted by Runway Safety Experts in conjunction with the local airport ATC team.  They are essentially meant for the area professionals and local airport stakeholders; and the attendees have been granted invitations prior to the event in order to attend.  This page, and the upcoming schedule, is published as a means of allowing those seriously interested in runway safety and airport operations, and not already involved in these programs the informational means to request an invitation.




TO:  Runway Safety Advocates,

                  For the latest spreadsheet containing LRSAT dates (Excel File) click or tap HERE

Updated:  4/12/2024


NOTE:   Make sure to expand the file to column "I" to see meeting dates.


Western-Pacific Region (AWP) FY2024 Local Runway Safety Action Team (LRSAT) meeting schedules are attached. This transmittal is sent periodically as meetings are added to the calendar. Any new or updated RSAT dates since the last transmittal will be indicated in red font when applicable. 

  • The Runway Safety Group encourages all GA airports to conduct a pilot/controller forum within 30 days of the scheduled LRSAT meeting.
  • The worksheet is filterable by column.

Addressees include:  FAA lines of business, (FSDOs/FAAST, ARP, ADO, ATO) State Aviation Directors, and stakeholders that have expressed interest in AZ, CA, HI or NV airports.

  • If you or a representative wish to participate at a particular LRSAT, please advise the Regional Runway Safety Program Manager (RRSPM) as listed in the worksheet key. We will ask the air traffic manager to include you on their invitation list. Alternatively, you may reach out directly to the tower manager.
  • If you do not wish to receive these periodic updates let me know and I’ll remove you from this group.

If AWP Runway Safety can be of any assistance, do not hesitate to contact any member of our team. 


FAA Western-Pacific Region

Runway Safety Program Managers, AJI-1W30 


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