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3/27 Washington Withdraws From FAA Nomination - HERE    2 pilots killed in Riverside County crash helped snowed-in San Bernardino mountain residents - email req. - here    3/25 Senators Propose Raising Pilot Retirement Age To 67 - HERE    3/24 Chief Inspector Helinet JOB Opening - Details    3/24 Senate Commerce Committee Approves NOTAM Improvement Act - HERE     3/22 Purdue University Airport Will Host ‘Lab To Life’ Private 5G Test Platform HERE    3/17 AOPA FIGHTS BACK ON WASHINGTON STATE BILL BANNING 100LL SALES - HERE    13/17 Innoflight CEO Says Northrop Contract Represents “More Agile Approach To Space” - HERE    3/15 ‘Uptick’ in aviation incidents; FAA reviewing ‘serious close calls’ HERE     3/10 Funding for GA gains traction on Capitol Hill - HERE    3/13 Lawmakers Stress Support for Investing in General Aviation HERE    3/09 Calif. airport planning sustainable future - HERE    3/08 AOPA High School STEM Program Earns FAA Grant - HERE    3/08 Lithium Battery Fires On Airliners Average More Than One Per Week - HERE    3/07 House Aviation Subcommittee Will Address GA In FAA Reauthorization Bill - HERE    3/5 Volunteers needed S.B. Mountain Relief - Contact    3/5 US Army chooses 5 companies to compete for Army’s future tactical UAS - HERE    3/3 Currently, IACRA is offline and should be returning to service soon. - HERE     3/1 SAF Made From Air Could Be a Game Changer for Aviation -HERE    3/1 Wings Air Helicopters To Begin NYC Commuter Service -HERE    2/28 Biden-Harris Administration Announces Nearly $1B in Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Airport Funding Awarded to Meet Surging Air Travel Demand - HERE    2/28 GAMA Chief Criticizes FAA-Santa Clara MoU - HERE    2/27 Regional Jet Aborts Landing To Avoid Departing Flight At Burbank - HERE    2/25 U.S. Coast Guard helicopter cliff rescue training at Point Vicente Lighthouse --- Feb 27/Mar 3    2/23 The KWHP CAC Panel ignored the community opinion and voted to close - HERE    2/22 Crewed Flying Race Car Debuts in Australia - HERE    2/21 Biden Makes Unprecedented Surprise Trip To Ukraine - HERE    2/17 U.S. House Passes Bill to Improve NOTAM System - HERE    2/16 FAA Studying Unleaded Avgas Transition - SANTA CLARA - HERE    2/16 Runway Incident In Hawaii; FAA To Hold Safety Summit In March - HERE    2/15 LAS VEGAS H REID INT CONSTRUCTION DATES - SEE: AIRPORTS - HERE    2/15 First electric air taxi takes flight around New York City - HERE    2/13 Continental 360-, 470-, 520-, and 550-series engines - INSPECTION ALERT - HERE    2/08 Pentagon: ‘100% Clear’ China Balloon Was Military Craft - HERE    2/8 FAA Grants Universal Hydrogen Approval To Test Fuel-Cell-Powered Aircraft - HERE    2/7 Washington Bill Seeks Statewide Ban of 100LL - HERE    2/03 GAMI Begins G100UL STC Sales (Corrected) - HERE     2/1 Local airports panel pressured to oppose leaded avgas - HERE    2/1 Flytrex Granted FAA Approval for Long-Range Commercial Drone Deliveries - HERE    2/01 GAO Urges FAA To Develop Proper Drone Integration Plan - HERE    1/27 KWHP's 1/26 CAC MTG CONTINUED TO 2/23 - 2 TABLED MOTIONS (STAY OPEN W/CONDITIONS - CLOSE AND HAVE COUNTY PAY FOR IMPROVEMENTS W/NO FED FAA FUNDS)    1/24 Sta Monica City Council voted to start the process of planning to convert the airport land at hearing,    1/22 FAA extends aircraft registration to seven years Jan. 23! - HERE

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For Aerobatic fans: 2020 Contest Listings - The IAC 2020 contest season will begin in March, with the first contest in Arizona, the Estrella Cup (Glider only contest). Visit International Aerobatic Club | the world's largest aerobatic club, promoting and enhancing the safety and enjoyment of aerobatics ( for more information.

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Following up on a SCAUWG MTG.  chart change discussion.  The Western Service Center Operations Support Group provided the attached “CHARTING NOTICE – 56-Day Visual Charts” from the FAA web site;

The notice states: "Like other FAA Supplement, Enroute and Terminal products, each new visual navigation chart title panel will indicate the applicable AIRAC effective date range and no longer include an edition number.

As the IFR charts on 56-day publishing schedule do not have an edition number, the new 56-day visual charts will be identified in the same way using effective dates.


Selected CHARTING NOTICES              FAA Safety Alerts and Charting Notice List Here.

April 13, 2022    To: Users of digital-US Terminal Procedures Publications
From: Aeronautical Information Services    -    Subject: dTPP Desktop discontinued due to Internet Explorer retiring.

Microsoft is retiring Internet Explorer (IE), and their support of IE, as of June 15, 2022.

When distribution of the DVD was discontinued in approximately 2016, the dTPP DVD folder structure was included in the file. The dTPP DVD folder structure, when downloaded to the user’s computer, allowed the user to access the dTPP Desktop application to browse individual dTPP chart files using the XML. The dTPP Desktop application w/as developed using Internet Explorer. dTPP Desktop does not work in Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome due to security measures inherent in Edge and Chrome.

Because Internet Explorer will be retired by Microsoft, the dTPP DVD folder structure will no longer be included in the file beginning with the September 8, 2022 effective date. The only files provided in the file beginning September 8, 2022, will be the pdf compare files and the XML. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via the Aeronautical Information Portal at:

9/08/2022  - To: VFR Aeronautical Chart Users: Private Airports Charted on VFR Aeronautical Charts - Effective November 3, 2023, Visual Flight Rules (VFR) aeronautical charts will no longer make reference to emergency value in private airport charting. Only private airports with landmark value will be retained and charted beyond February 23, 2023

9/15/2022 -  FAA Regional Air Traffic Divisions Telephone Numbers - Starting with the February 23, 2023 effective date, the Chart Supplement publications will no longer contain the individual FAA Regional Air Traffic Divisions Telephone Numbers in the Associated Data section. These telephone numbers are no longer available due to organizational realignment. The main number for the Air Traffic Control System Command Center will continue to be published in the Chart Supplements. For questions or comments, please contact

10/12/2022 - To Users of VFR Charts - Foreign Data on VFR Aeronautical Charts - Effective with the December 29, 2022 chart editions, areas outside of the U.S. shall be skeletonized on all VFR aeronautical charts. Cultural features, hydrographic information and geographic relief shall be retained in subdued and different shades of gray. Only major airports, NAVAIDs and airways shall be charted in foreign areas. These will be in screened black.

10/24/2022 - Establishment of Restricted Area R-2511; Trona, CA - This action establishes restricted area R-2511 in the vicinity of Trona, CA in support of the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division (NAWCWD), China Lake, CA. The restricted area is necessary to segregate the testing and evaluation of hazardous weapons systems, and other unproven aviation platforms in the early development cycle from non-participating aircraft. - Effective date 0901 UTC, December 29, 2022.  More Info Here.

01/10/2023  - Non-Public Airports Charted on VFR Aeronautical Charts - Effective November 3, 2022 Visual Flight Rules (VFR) aeronautical charts will remove all references to emergency use at private airports. The words “emergency or” shall be deleted from VFR aeronautical chart legends in reference to private airports.Beyond the December 29, 2022 effective date private airports with landmark value will be determined using the criteria below.
-Airport operational status
-Airspace determination
-Length and surface of runway(s)
-Owner’s charting preference
-Satellite imagery
-National Airspace System Resource (NASR) remarks specific to the airport
-Airport significance relative to surrounding chart features
For aeronautical data or charting inquiries visit the Aeronautical Information Portal at

02/22/2023  - Airport Diagrams - Addition of Lighting and Navigational Aids - Starting with the October 5, 2023 publication cycle, AIS will begin phasing in the addition of lighting and NAVAID information beginning with airports already being revised for information currently published on an airport diagram. As each airport diagram receives the lighting and NAVAID information, the airport’s corresponding Chart Supplement sketch will be removed from the Chart Supplement airport entry. The described aeronautical information previously shown on the sketch will be now available on the diagram instead in greater detail.  More info HERE.

03/09/2023 - Foreign Data on Enroute IFR Aeronautical Charts - This notice advises of aeronautical content changes in foreign areas on Enroute IFR Charts anticipated with the June 15, 2023 (or later) effective date. See the notice Here.


Aeronautical Charting Meeting  (Charting Group)

May 23, 2022  The Aeronautical Charting Meeting (ACM) is a public meeting held two times every year. The purpose of the ACM is three-fold:

  • Identify issues concerning safety and usefulness of aeronautical charts and flight information products/services.
  • Discuss and evaluate proposals concerning aeronautical charts and flight information publications, digital aeronautical products, database coding, instrument flight procedures, and instrument flight procedure development, policy, and design.
  • Provide an opportunity for government and interested participants to brief and/or discuss new navigation concepts, terminal instrument procedures (TERPS) policy/criteria changes, and charting specifications and methodologies.

The Aeronautical Charting Meeting is divided into two groups — the Instrument Procedures Group (IPG) and the Charting Group (CG) See Order 7910.5.

The CG portion of the ACM includes briefings and discussions on recommendations regarding aeronautical charts and flight information products/services. Please visit the ACM Instrument Procedures Group Web Site for information regarding Instrument Procedure issues.

Aeronautical Charting Meeting (ACM) — Charting Group

ACM 22-01

The meeting was held on April 25–28, 2022 as a virtual meeting.

Aeronautical Charting Meeting (ACM) — Charting Group

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on October 24-27, 2022. Please see the details below.

New Recommendation Documents for Upcoming ACM (CG)

Future Dates and Locations

  • Meeting 22-02 – October 24-27, 2022 – Virtual
  • Meeting 23-01 – April 24-27, 2023 – TBD


To: All Pilots flying in the area of Los Altos Rod and Gun Club:

7/01/2022   The Los Altos Rod and Gun Club is located in Los Gatos, Ca. in the Santa Cruz Mountains (see location below) at an elevation of approximately 2800 MSL. Be aware of the hazards a live firing range presents to aircraft. Flight within 500 feet of the club presents potential small arms hazards to the aircraft flying over the gun club.

Due to low over flights of the gun club the FAA is monitoring flights in the area.Please choose a course and altitude which will not present a potential hazard for your aircraft when flying near the Los Altos Rod and Gun Club.



ALERT:  Angel Flight Needs Pilots

"Volunteer group that performs humanitarian missions needs more folks, particularly out West. - Angel Flight has been around for nearly 40 years. The organization is made up of volunteer pilots who fly their own airplanes or rental aircraft to provide transportation, often for people who need to get to medical appointments. The passengers generally come from rural areas where specialty medical care is not available. Angel Flight pilots take them to places where treatment can be obtained. Find Out More Here.


MANUALS You May Need:

MANUALS You May Need:


Garmin GFC 500 Autopilot Notice - Notice Number: NOTC2741

Garmin has identified an issue with GFC 500 autopilots with optional auto trim installed in certified, experimental and Light-Sport Aircraft, including certified installations installed with optional GSA 28 pitch trim in accordance with Garmin STC SA01866W. This issue may result in an uncommanded automatic trim runaway when the autopilot is first engaged. This condition could result in a sudden and significant deviation from the intended flight path.

Garmin Service Alert 22109 Revision A requires operators of certified installations to pull and collar the autopilot circuit breaker and placard the autopilot as “inoperative” prior to further flight.  Operators may contact a Garmin dealer regarding reactivation of the GFC 500 autopilot with the optional pitch trim configured off in accordance with recommended service bulletin 22110 Revision A.

Garmin is working to fix this issue for certified installations in a future software update expected in Q4 2022.

Garmin Service Bulletin 22112 Revision A requires operators of Experimental and Light-Sport Aircraft to update system software or disable the autopilot or trim control prior to further flight.

Service Alert 22109 Rev A is available at:

The recommended Service Bulletin 22110 Rev A is available at:

For non-certified aircraft, Service Bulletin 22112 Rev A is available at:

If you have any questions or comments, contact the Wichita ACO Branch at: Phil Petty - 1801 Airport Rd. - Wichita, KS 67209 - (316) 946-4139"

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Let's Begin: 

03/27/2023   Trim Issue Sent Challenger 300 Into 4.2 G Upset, Killing Passenger - FLIGHT CNTROL ISSUE - From AVweb - "A fatal mishap that was originally reported as turbulence-related turned out to be a suspected issue with the stabilizer trim on the Challenger 300, according to the NTSB preliminary report. The privately operated flight left Keene, New Hampshire, on a flight to Leesburg, Virginia, in the late afternoon of March 3. A passenger aboard the aircraft was killed..."  Continue Here.

03/27/2023   NTSB Releases Alert on Circling Approach Risks - IFR SAFETY - From AINonline - "The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has released a safety alert advising on the risks and preparation necessary to perform circling instrument approach procedures. The alert, “Circling Approaches: Know the Risks,” was released as the NTSB has been preparing a report on its investigation of the July 2021 Bombardier Challenger 605 accident in Truckee, California, that involved an unstabilized circle-to-land approach. In addition, the Safety Board released the alert to coincide with the Air Charter Safety Foundation’s (ACSF) Safety Symposium last week.

03/25/2023   AINsight: Blocking & Tackling To Avoid Runway Incursions - From AINonline - "Since roughly two-thirds of all runway incursions involve a pilot deviation, I will focus on the basic, fundamental, and proven practices for avoiding runway incursions. Using the mother of all sports analogies, I’ll cover all the “blocking and tackling” necessary for pilots to avoid a runway incursion." Material derived from the recent FAA Summit:  Read the AINonline Coverage Here.

03/25/2023   FAA Urges Airlines, Pilots and Others to Take Key Safety Actions - NEWS - SAFETY - From FAA - Following the FAA's Safety Summit last week the agency issued a safety alert with specific steps it wants airlines, pilots and others to take. -
The FAA is urging the following actions:

  • Ensure pilots and flight attendants have the same understanding of what “sterile flight deck” means and the risks associated with extraneous communication during this time.
  • Emphasize importance of awareness of the aircraft in relation to taxiways, runways and other aircraft. This includes reviewing the following previously published SAFOs:
    • 17012, High Collision Risk During Runway Crossing
    • 11004, Runway Incursion Prevention Actions
    • 08001, Flight crew techniques and procedures to enhance taxi, pre-takeoff, and after landing safety to reduce the risk of runway incursions

Continue reading HERE.

03/25/2023   Short And Sweet - Some of the best GA airports require adept short field technique. Even if it's to a regular mission for you, staying sharp on short runways is its own reward. - "Talk about a short-field machine! There is nothing like being able to take eight passengers and luggage to airports like the Gustaf III Airport (TFFJ) on the Caribbean island of Saint Barthélemy or Elizabeth Field Airport (0B8) at Fishers Island, N.Y. The airplane may be bigger, but the general principles are still the same."  - Read about this Here.

03/24/2023   Possible Assistance Needed: Preventing Pan-Pan Problems - The March/April 2023 issue of FAA Safety Briefing magazine explores a few urgent aeronautical situations pilots may find themselves in, and which may require the use of the lesser-known, but equally important distress call — pan-pan.

We look at some common exhaust system issues, how to handle wildlife and laser strikes, as well as how to recognize the onset of hypoxia and ensure safety during higher altitude operations.

Feature Articles

Difficult and Exhausting - How a "Simple" Thing Like an Exhaust System Can Create Deadly Difficulties

No Air Up There - Hypoxia Awareness

Blinded by the Light - A Look at Cockpit Laser Illumination Events

Going to the Birds to Prevent Hazardous Strikes - Using UV Lights to Drive Away Danger

When Pan-Pan Becomes Mayday - Search and Rescue in the 21st Century

Hitting Home Runs with First Responder Training Courses - FAA Training Helps First Responders Safely Assess an Aviation Accident Site

Download Magazine as PDF

03/21/2023   HELICOPTER PILOTS PROVIDE LIFELINE TO TRAPPED RESIDENTS - VOLUNTEERS DELIVER SUPPLIES TO MOUNTAIN COMMUNITIES BURIED IN SNOW - NEWS - From AOPA - "In an “unprecedented effort” by local helicopter pilots in California, according to pilot and Lake Arrowhead resident Susan Newman Harrison, relief came to the snow-trapped villages of the San Bernardino Mountains via general aviation."  Finish reading Here.

03/20/2023   Balloonists Get Break On ADS-B - NEWS - From AVweb - "The FAA and the lighter-than-air industry have reached a longer lasting agreement on ADS-B equipage and controlled airspace operations. Going forward, balloon operators who want to operate in Class C airspace can sign a letter of agreement with the FAA that sets out ground rules. The deal was reached over a year..."  More Here.

03/19/2023   Higher cancer rates found in military pilots, ground crews - NEWS - From AP - "WASHINGTON (AP) — A Pentagon study has found high rates of cancer among military pilots and for the first time has shown that ground crews who fuel, maintain and launch those aircraft are also getting sick. The data had long been sought by retired military aviators who have raised alarms for years about the number of air and ground crew members they knew who had cancer. They were told that earlier military studies had found they were not at greater risk than the general U.S. population."  Continue Here.

03/17/2023   The Engine-Out Glide - FLIGHT TECHNIQUE - From AVweb  - "Regardless of the reasons, once the engine quits, it’s the pilot’s job to manage the airplane’s remaining energy and come to a safe stop. There are some considerations beyond just flying the airplane, but let’s talk about that first, if only to get it out of the way."   Continue.

03/14/2023   Windy Canyon Dangers - Canyons draw adventurous pilots in—but they hold hidden hazards. - From Flying - "The most likely explanation for the accident is that the southwest wind poured into the portion of the canyon aligned with it and carried the RV-4 toward the eastern rim."  Read the story Here.

03/13/2023   New Radar Software Protects Against Taxiway Landings - FAA TAXIWAY NEWS - AINonline - "Wrong-surface landings are one of the FAA’s top-five safety hazards, and to help mitigate the threat of pilots lining up to land on taxiways the agency has completed its enhancement of ground radar systems at 43 airports with an ASDE-X Taxiway Arrival Prediction (ATAP) upgrade. These airports already had either ASDE-X or similar ASSC ground radar systems. The ATAP software analyzes the flight paths of arriving aircraft and anticipates..."  Learn more here.

03/13/2023   REENVISIONING FUTURE OF AVIATION AT CALIFORNIA AIRPORT - NEWS - From AOPA - "Ongoing deliberations over the fate of Whiteman Airport in Los Angeles wrapped with strong community support to reenvision and reinvest in the airport—though a motion to close is still on the table." - “I applaud all the stakeholders for coming together to find a worthwhile approach to address the concerns of residents but hope in the end the Board of Supervisors recognize the enormous benefits of keeping this airport vibrant and viable.”

"*AOPA will continue to follow the issue, supporting local efforts to bring the community into conversations related to the importance of general aviation. The Friends of Whiteman Airport and the Whiteman Airport Association continue to be open partners, willing to go above and beyond to meet the needs of the community while defending the importance of the airport."  Read it Here.

03/13/2023   Biden budget looks to increase FAA funding - NEWS - From CNBC - "The Biden administration is seeking additional funding for the Federal Aviation Administration, funds that aim to boost hiring of air traffic controllers and facilitate other improvements to manage increasingly congested airspace.

The White House on Thursday proposed $16.5 billion for the agency, up from the $15.2 billion the FAA received in fiscal 2023. The request would increase funding for the National Airspace System to $3.5 billion, up $500 million, to improve the systems that oversee the country’s airspace “to safely accommodate the growth in traditional commercial aviation traffic alongside new entrants from the commercial space, unmanned aircraft, and advanced air mobility industries.” - Continue.

03/12/2023   Carburetors: Surprisingly Reliable - MECHAICAL - From AVweb - "Let’s take a few minutes to look at how an aircraft engine carburetor works, what can go wrong with it, how to troubleshoot problems and when it’s time for an overhaul."  Read it Here.

03/12/2023   3 Webinars from -

The commercial aviation industry needs radical advances in propulsion technology to meet the net zero carbon emissions goal of 2050.
An Aviation Week webinar aims to take a critical eye to the current crop of AAM startups and examine what needs to happen to bridge the gap to certification.
Global air transport is being battered by a myriad of new problems: looming recessions in the U.S. and Europe, a pumped-up U.S. dollar, high…

03/12/2023   Schools Nationwide Receive $10 Million in FAA Grants to Develop the Next Generation of Aviation Professionals - WASHINGTON— Twenty-three schools will receive $10 million in grants from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to help attract and train students for careers as pilots and aviation maintenance technicians.

 Twelve of the schools will receive $5 million from the FAA’s Aircraft Pilots Aviation Workforce Development Grants program. The schools can use the funding to create and deliver curriculums designed to prepare students to become pilots, aerospace engineers or drone operators.

Grant recipients include: 

  • AOPA Foundation Institute, Frederick, Md.: $498,100
  • Black Pilots of America, Seattle, Wash.: $500,000
  • Broward College, Pembroke Pines, Fla.: $500,000
  • Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colo.: $345,711
  • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona, Fla.: $484,803
  • Kentucky Office of Employment & Training, Frankfort, Ky.: $500,000
  • Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals, Inc, Mount Royal, N.J.: $171,231.80
  • School District of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Penn.: $197,180
  • Sling Flying Club, LLC, Torrance, Calif.: $499,865
  • Tuskegee Museum, Detroit, Mich.: $500,000
  • University of Virgin Islands, Charlotte Amalie West, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands: $499,301
  • William Jessup University, Rocklin, Calif.: $303,808.20

The other $5 million will go to 11 schools as part of the FAA’s Aviation Maintenance Technical Workers Workforce Development program. These grants will help build back the pipeline of maintenance professionals; approximately 20,000 fewer people are working in the aircraft maintenance sector than before the pandemic.

Grant recipients include:

  • Aviation Technical Services Inc., Everett, Wash.: $459,206.29
  • Cape Cod Community College, Plymouth, Mass.: $463,304
  • Cincinnati State Technical and Community College, Cincinnati, Ohio: $423,594
  • F & E Aviation Maintenance, Miami Springs, Fla.: $500,000
  • Lincoln Land Community College, Springfield, Ill.: $500,000
  • Nashua Community College, Nashua, N.H.: $456,051
  • Pearl River Community College, Poplarville, Miss.: $500,000
  • San Luis Obispo County Community College District, San Luis Obispo, Calif.: $484,299
  • Tarrant County College District, Fort Worth, Texas: $282,345.71
  • Technical Education Services Inc, Norfolk, Va.: $431,200
  • The Fulton Leadership Academy, East Point, Ga.: $500,000

Recipients can use the funding to establish new educational programs; provide scholarships or apprenticeships; conduct outreach about careers in the aviation maintenance industry; and support educational opportunities related to aviation maintenance in economically disadvantaged areas.  - Visit the FAA website for additional details about the grant recipients.

03/10/2023   Exhaust Matters - AIRCRAFT CESSNA/PIPER MECHANICAL SAFETY - From Aviation Safety Magazine -  "While carrying out the pressure test in AD CF90-03-R2, large leaks were found in the area surrounding the muffler tailpipe area under the heat muff shroud support structure. No defects in this area were visible. Without the pressure test, this defect would not have been found. It is assumed the muffler is original to the airplane. Cessna 172M and Others - Read the Article HERE.

03/10/2023   Be a Model Mechanic - The work behind the scenes is just as important as what’s in front of the curtains. Aviation Maintenance Technicians are the unsung heroes who regularly upkeep aircraft for our safety. Learn what it takes to be an exemplary mechanic in the article “Professionalism in Maintenance – What it Takes to Become a Model Mechanic” at

03/09/2023   The March/April 2023 issue of FAA Safety Briefing magazine explores a few urgent aeronautical situations pilots may find themselves in, and which may require the use of the lesser-known, but equally important distress call — pan-pan. - We look at some common exhaust system issues, how to handle wildlife and laser strikes, as well as how to recognize the onset of hypoxia and ensure safety during higher altitude operations. - You Can Download the Magazine as a .pdf file HERE.

03/08/2023   FAA seeks industry input on 'extended reality' simulation software - FAA CAMI PR NEWS - From Military & Aerospace Electronics - "The FAA's Civil Aerospace Medical Institute (CAMI) aims to establish an XR laboratory to utilize these enabling technologies to to enhance training, performance, and safety. - WASHINGTONThe Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has a need for extended reality software to support training and technical research and is looking for industry input. Extended reality (XR) encapsulates augmented-, virtual-, and mixed-reality technologies (AR, VR, MR respectively)." Continue

03/07/2023   NTSB Calls for Safety Cameras, Data Recorders in eVTOL Aircraft - NAS INFO - From AINonline - "With dozens of companies planning to begin operating new eVTOL aircraft as early as 2025, federal agencies are pondering how to safely integrate them into the national airspace—and how to handle the inevitable accident investigations. - The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) will be in charge of investigating all accidents and certain incidents that occur during eVTOL flights, Tim LeBaron, director of the NTSB’s Office of Aviation Safety, said Tuesday during a panel discussion on aviation policy at Heli-Expo in Atlanta. This covers passenger-carrying air taxi operations as well as cargo transportation missions using new eVTOL aircraft, which can take off and land vertically but fly like an airplane with a fixed-wing during cruise. " Continue Here.

03/07/2023   Why Is Area Forecast Discussion Important for Preflight Planning? - WX INFO - From Flying - "The AFD is a vehicle for the forecaster to document technical reasoning behind the forecast they just issued. - Question: I am a relatively new pilot. I recently read about something called a forecast discussion that could be useful for preflight planning. Can you tell me more about this and how I can access it online?

Answer: Since I introduced the area forecast discussions (AFDs) to the general aviation community a couple of decades ago, this has become a common resource for pilots to review before making operational decisions as it relates to weather. Just to clear up any initial confusion, the area forecast discussion is not..." Finish reading Here..

03/07/2023   Approach Fuel -  SAFETY - From Aviation Safety Magazine - "Having enough fuel aboard for the proposed flight is Aviation 101, but pilots keep failing the final exams. Ensuring there is fuel aboard the airplane adequate for the planned flight is a basic, primary responsibility for any pilot. Unfortunately, the accident record tells us it’s one responsibility not all pilots fulfill. In our experience, fuel exhaustion, starvation or simple mismanagement accounts for a healthy proportion of engine-failure mishaps. This is true despite the event being resolved without anyone except the pilot knowing about it, or the NTSB opening an accident investigation. While fuel-system complexity can be an argument in defense of any failure to meet this basic requirement, it ultimately falls down because ensuring enough of the stuff is aboard and gets to the engine(s) is always the pilot’s responsibility. And you did read..."  Read the rest Here.

03/07/2023   Accident Probe: Ice Isn’t Nice - WX INFO - From Flying - "Airframe icing can be found year-round, depending on geography and altitude. In North America, it’s the season when pilots of personal airplanes, which generally don’t fly high enough to worry about ice most of the year, need to factor it into their planning and execution. Even if you’re flying something with a form of ice protection more capable than a warm pitot tube. - One of the things about in-flight airframe icing is..." Learn More about icing Here.

03/07/2023   The Severe Storm - WX INFO - From Flying - "Strong thunderstorms are one of the places aviation and fear often intersect. And for good reason: severe storms have led to countless disasters, perhaps the most famous one being the Delta L-1011 crash at DFW Airport in 1985. That tragedy brought far-reaching consequences to flight training programs and ATC equipment and led to advances in the field of meteorology. - You can read a lot about thunderstorms online and see all sorts of storm video and tornado footage on YouTube, but in this article, I’ll draw on my experience as a flight forecaster..." Continue Here.

03/05/2023   Van Nuys Airport expansion plans challenged by locals - AIRPORT NEWS - KTLA - "Van Nuys Airport expansion plans challenged by locals - The 730-acre airfield, which is one of the heaviest trafficked airfields of its size and the busiest for private jets in the greater Los Angeles area, currently does not have scheduled flights, meaning that planes can take off and land at any time during any day. According to airport officials, a jet takes off or lands once every seven minutes, and..."  Continue Here.

03/05/2023   Facing Uncertain Future, FAA Nom Stresses Leadership -  From AINonline - "FAA Administrator nominee Phil Washington opened his confirmation hearing this morning by telling the Senate Commerce Committee the FAA is at a crossroads and must protect the safest era of aviation, modernize technology, lift employee morale, and maintain its global leadership.

Washington, the CEO of Denver International Airport, also vowed to reinforce that the agency is a regulator of the aircraft manufacturers, airlines, and new entrants, and would be “guided by” the sacrifice and historic advocacy of the families of the Boeing 737 Max and Colgan Air accidents.

He further addressed head-on in his opening statement criticisms..."  Continue HERE

03/01/2023   Biden-Harris Administration Announces Nearly $1B in Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Airport Funding Awarded to Meet Surging Air Travel Demand - AVIATION NEWS - From Flying - The awards going to the 99 airports are funded by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, which was signed into effect in late 2021. - INFO HereView a data visualization of the airports receiving funding. 

02/28/2023   Serious U.S. Airport Runway Incursions are Declining, FAA Says - From Flying - "FAA data shows a drop in ‘serious’ close calls over the last 20 years. - Despite a series of narrowly avoided accidents at U.S. airports in recent months, FAA data shows the most serious close calls have declined over the last 20 years.

According to the agency, serious close calls involve situations where a collision was “narrowly avoided” or in which there is “significant potential for a collision.” In 2022, there were 18 serious runway incursions in the U.S.—up from a low of five reported in 2010 but down from a high of 32 reported in 2007."  More Here.

02/28/2023   GAMA Chief Criticizes FAA-Santa Clara MoU - UNLEADED FUEL INFO - From AINonline - Business Aviation News - "GAMA president and CEO Pete Bunce believes the aviation industry is facing a new wave of threats of airport closures because local communities are using leaded avgas as an excuse to curtail general aviation activities." Continue Here.

02/27/2023   The Drip, Drip Of Bad Publicity About 100LL - AVGAS INFO - From AVweb - "Meanwhile, yet another poisoning-the-planet story appeared this week in Politico. It checks all the boxes, with most of the right sources and although it has some errors and assigns too much blame to ASTM’s sclerotic grind, it’s generally a fair story. It ignored how Santa Clara County withheld EPA findings about measured airborne lead levels around Reid-Hillview airport and that the Bay Area Air Quality agency stopped lead monitoring because levels were below EPA minimum standards. But a more recent study..."  Full Article Here.

02/26/2023   Mid-Air Strategies - SAFETY - From Aviation Safety - "The recent rash of mid-air collisions reminds us it's not enough to expect other pilots to properly fly a traffic pattern or even look for you. Perhaps it’s the seemingly uncontrolled nature of mid-air collisions, both before and after colliding, that makes them one of the greatest fears among pilots. Most discussions of collision avoidance center on the rules for flying a visual traffic pattern. Knowing and following the rules is vital." Read it Here.

02/22/2023   Arizona Safety Advisory Group (ASAG) is unsurpassed for diligence and Aviation Safety commitment. Meetings are held Monthy and no matter where one might live and fly, viewing their meeting notes is a learning experience and well worth the time. In addition to a host of information, you'll find detailed coverage of Arizona located pilot deviations caused by folks that live locally and elsewhere, and what caused them. ASAG Meeting Feb. 2023 Minutes can be Viewed Here.

02/17/2023   NTSB Releases Tool for GA Accident Analysis - NEW APPLICATION - From Flying - "The new tools streamlines and simplifies accessing NTSB findings and safety recommendations." "If you have ever done a search of the National Transportation Safety Board website to find information on a particular accident, you probably recall that it could be a challenging, sometimes even tedious, experience. The NTSB has created an online tool, the General Aviation Accident Dashboard, to streamline this process. - The dashboard provides summary statistics, investigative findings, and safety recommendations that grew out of the investigation. The dashboard covers accidents from 2012 through 2021 and includes..."   Continue Here.

02/17/2023   FAA Issues New Airport Safety Rule - FAA NEWS - From Flying - "The FAA is mandating the implementation of safety management systems at 200 of the busiest U.S. airports. - In an effort to increase safety at airports, the Federal Aviation Administration is mandating certain airports develop and implement a safety management system (SMS), the agency announced Thursday. - According to a statement released by the FAA, the final rule takes effect 60 days after publication in the Federal Register and is designed to improve safety at some 200 of the nation’s busiest airports. Read about the SMS Here.

02/16/2023   FAA Studying Unleaded Avgas Transition - NEWS = From AVweb - "The FAA has at least temporarily stopped its investigation into whether Santa Clara County in California is violating its grants agreement by refusing to sell leaded gasoline at county-owned Reid Hillview and San Martin Airport. In exchange, the county has agreed to consider taking part in a study into the transition process from leaded to unleaded fuels at airports across the country. The agency has agreed to stop..." Continue.

02/15/2023   BEYOND PROFICIENT: IFR SERIES - Stabilized Approach - VIDEO - "Become a better, safer pilot with the AOPA Air Safety Institute’s Beyond Proficient: IFR video series. The videos provide a unique perspective on how to fly safely in the departure, en route, and approach profiles under instrument flight rules. - Whether you’re instrument-rated or recently enrolled in instrument training, the videos offer tips and tricks to master complex instrument flying aspects. See the Video HERE.

2/10/2023   InFO Updated to Include New Arrival Alert Notice - NEWS - FAA - "The FAA has updated Information for Operator (InFO) bulletin 22001, Arrival Alert Notice (AAN) and Airport Diagram Symbols for Wrong-Surface Hot Spots to include a new AAN for North Las Vegas Airport (VGN). AANs help create situational awareness for pilots by providing a visual graphic of a wrong-surface landing hot spot at airports with a misalignment history. There are now 12 AANs published in the Chart Supplement ( The FAA recommends that pilots familiarize themselves with the information in this InFO and ensure they know the hot spot symbols for the test airfields. See the InFO here and be sure to visit the FAA’s Runway Safety page at

2/10/2023   Flying Taxis May Soon Land at Livermore Airport - ARTICLE - From The Independent - "LIVERMORE – New partnerships at Livermore Municipal Airport hope to bring to the area a new era of aviation, known as advanced air mobility (AAM), which could circumvent Bay Area traffic and quiet the skies over the Tri-Valley. - AAM refers to the group of aircraft commonly known as air taxis; small aircraft that typically use electric motors and sport vertical takeoff and landing capabilities to fly passengers short distances.  Continue Here.

02/10/2023   Mark Swan  - Airport Operators’ Association 2023 annual conference in London - VIDEO - From International Airport Review - At the Airport Operators’ Association 2023 annual conference in London which took place on Tuesday January 31, International Airport Review caught up with Mark Swan, Head of Airspace Change Organizing Group (ACOG) for this exclusive interview. Watch it Here.

02/07/2023   How GPS Works - Hit “Direct” and follow the magenta line. That’s all you need to know about GPS, right? Well, maybe. Or maybe not, if you’re an informed aviator. - NAVIGATION INFO - From AVweb - "These days, GPS-driven moving maps are ubiquitous—even available on some watches—and instantly show your position within a few meters. How can that be?" This print starts with the basics. Read it Here.

02/05/2023   GA’s unleaded fuel problem is solved. - General Aviation News 5/2022 Addressing GAMI G100UL. (Includes FAQ) - "After a 12-year quest, General Aviation Modifications Inc. (GAMI) has created an unleaded fuel that is a drop-in, fleet-wide solution that can be used in every spark ignition piston engine in the FAA database. - “We’re done folks. We fixed the problem,” George Braly, GAMI’s head of engineering, told a crowd at the 2022 SUN ’n FUN Aerospace Expo." Read it Here.

02/05/2023   Toroidal propellers: A noise-killing game changer in air and water - DESIGN INNOVATION - From New Atlas - "These strangely shaped twisted-toroid propellers look like a revolutionary (sorry) advance for the aviation and marine sectors. Radically quieter than traditional propellers in both air and water, they're also showing some huge efficiency gains. - For devices designed to revolve, however, there's been little in terms of revolutionary design changes for an awfully long time; prop-driven aircraft still use twisted-aerofoil bladed props similar in design to the bamboo-copters Chinese kids were enjoying 2,400 years ago..." Discover More Here.

02/05/2023   AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS - GO BEYOND THE TEXTBOOK—ANALYZE YOUR AIRCRAFT’S HEALTH WITH THIS SAFETY SPOTLIGHT - From AOPA - "Aircraft are extremely reliable when properly cared for and can deliver years of safe flight. But not all pilots know as much as they should about the proper care and maintenance of their aircraft’s engine, propeller, and pneumatic system—all critical to the safety of flight. Do you read and understand the POH for your aircraft and keep up with all recommended maintenance for every system on your airplane? - This safety spotlight examines an airplane’s piston engines, propellers, and pneumatic systems, and how to keep them in the best condition possible." Receive Certificate of Completion. -  Get INFO Here.

02/03/2023   The Surprising Market Demand for Regional Air Mobility - AAM NOTES - From Aviation Today - "Regional airports are underutilized across the country for many reasons. Airline deregulation forced passengers to connect at about 20 hub-airports across the United States, making short flights unattractive. In parallel, airlines have retired turboprop aircraft that once efficiently connected these communities, in favor of larger regional jets that are better used on larger volume markets. Consequently, airlines no longer have the equipment to profitably serve these communities."  Read More Here.

02/03/2023   GAMI Begins G100UL STC Sales (Corrected) - FUEL NEWS -From AVweb - "General Aviation Modifications Inc. (GAMI) has officially begun selling supplemental type certificates (STCs) for its G100UL 100-octane unleaded avgas. As previously reported by AVweb, the FAA approved STCs for the use of G100UL in all general aviation piston airplanes in September 2022. GAMI says it is looking to have the fuel available in California by mid-2023 and nationally by 2026."  Read this.

02/01/2023   FAA Adds 11 Airports To Those Served By Fuel-Saving OPD Procedures - NEWS" - From AVweb - "By eliminating the need to repeatedly descend, then power up to level off (frequently several times per landing approach), OPDs are expected to save 90,000 gallons of fuel annually on average. That’s the equivalent of the fuel used by.." More Here.

02/01/2023   Introduction to Safety Risk Management - Civil aviation organizations, air carriers, & U.S. military services have embraced Safety Risk Management, but all pilots can benefit by adding steps to assess risk in their own operations. - Read the FAA Safety Blog Here. - Download Fact Sheet Here.

01/31/2023   FAA Bolsters Safeguards for Notam Maintenance, Database - NEWS - From AINonline - "While the FAA continues to examine the notam system outages that led to the temporary ground stop on January 11, the agency has taken initial steps regarding the database and maintenance to safeguard against similar glitches from occurring, according to FAA Acting Administrator Billy Nolen."  Read it Here.

01/31/2023   Stumbling Around In The Rain - WX INFO - From AVweb - "Thunderstorm avoidance begins at home, by picking your timing and route. When it gets up close and personal, remain in visual conditions. - It’s not unheard of to think thunderstorms are only a product of summer weather. Certainly they are more common in warmer months, but wintertime “thundersnows” are common enough..."  Continue Here.

01/27/2023    Frontal WeatherWX INFO - From AVweb - "Confused by those markings you always see on the weather charts that you think are fronts, but that's about all you know? Let's de-confuse what they mean."  Webmaster: Well worth the read. View it Here.

01/27/2023   Aviation Weather Handbook Updated - From FAA Safety Briefing - The FAA’s updated Aviation Weather Handbook consolidates the weather information from several weather-related advisory circulars (AC) into one source document. These ACs include aviation weather, thunderstorms, clear air turbulence avoidance, aviation weather services, pilot windshear guide, and hazardous mountain winds.

The handbook is designed as a technical reference for all who operate in the national airspace system (NAS). Pilots, dispatchers, and operators will find this handbook a valuable resource for flight planning and decision-making, and a consolidated source of weather information. Download the Aviation Weather Handbook at .

Defeating the Dragons of Doubt - From FAA Safety BriefingThe “dragons of doubt” that can crop up during one’s flying career can be fearsomely effective. But don’t let them erode your confidence and drive you to the ground for good. In the article “Defeating the Dragons of Doubt,” author Susan Parson looks at how a mentor can provide the support, encouragement, and advice needed to win the battle against doubt. - For more on the importance of mentoring, modeling, and professionalism in aviation, check out our Jan/Feb 2023 Leading By Example issue here:

01/27/2023   Unmanned Traffic Management in 2023: Insights from the CEO of Unifly - From Aviation Today - "Unifly, an unmanned traffic management (UTM) system provider, has developed a platform for managing the integration of drones and other advanced types of aircraft into low-altitude airspace. - Avionics International covered some updates from the company in a recent issue of our magazine. We spoke with Unifly’s co-founder and CEO, Andres Van Swalm, last May following the news of a €10 million investment from Terra Drone Corporation and Japanese government fund JOIN. Unifly has partnered with ENAIRE, a Spanish ANSP, to develop an automated digital drone management platform. The UTM system provider also launched a UTM platform in collaboration with the Port of Antwerp. More Here.

01/25/2023   A new issue of the SatNav News is now available featuring the William J. Hughes Technical Center evaluation of ARAIM. You can download it HERE

01/24/2023   The AGENDA for MEETING #16 of the KWHP Community Advisory Committee (CAC) - the FINAL Mtg. 1/26/23 can be viewed HERE.

01/24/2023   EAA Turning 70 - From AVweb - "The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) is celebrating its 70th anniversary on Thursday. Founded by Paul Poberezny, the group met for the first time on Jan. 26, 1953, at what was then Curtiss Wright Airport (MWC) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Since its beginnings with “three dozen Milwaukee-area aviation enthusiasts,” the organization has grown to include more than 270,000 members and 900 local chapters. EAA’s founder, the late Paul Poberezny, often said..." Read More Info

01/22/2023   FAA Aircraft registration extended from every 3 years to 7 years beginning January 23, 2023. Details are Here.

01/21/2023   Addressing KSMO - Santa Monica City Council Study Plan 5303 (2020) that outlines the very detailed proposed future for KSMO.  View it Here.

01/19/2023   Groups Comment On EPA Lead Endangerment Finding - NEWS - From AVweb - "A coalition of seven major aviation groups has submitted its comments on the EPA’s endangerment finding on leaded aviation fuel and it’s asking the agency not to jump the gun on banning tetrethyl lead. “The coalition urges the EPA, in coordination with the FAA, to ensure that any final finding..."   More Here.

01/16/2023   Corrosion - SAFETY EDUCATION - From EAA - "We’ve all seen corrosion up close and personally in machinery and vehicles. It is the law of entropy in action. Planet Earth continues to present us with the challenges of chemical interactions in a world filled with metal. - FAA Advisory Circular 43-4B contains 126 pages of information on aircraft and corrosion. It begins, “This advisory circular (AC) is a summary of the current available data regarding identification and treatment of corrosive attack on aircraft structures and engine materials. Corrosion inspection frequency, corrosion identification, and especially corrosion treatment continues to be the responsibility of the operator.” "Rather than try to cover corrosion A-Z here, I’m going to hit the top things to think about in a variety of circumstances..." Read the Article Here.

01/16/2023   NASA Conducts eVTOL Crash Test, Gains Data for Model Validation - AAM NEWS - From Transport Up - "NASA employees conducted a full-scale crash test of an eVTOL late last year at NASA’s Langley Research Center in Virginia. The eVTOL was developed by RVLT (Revolutionary Vertical Lift Technology) as part of advancing NASA’s Advanced Aerial Mobility Initiative."  Story and NASA Report Here.

01/15/2023   FAA Says $26 Million Needed To Cover Aircraft 5G Modifications.  - NEWS - From SIMPLE FLYING - "The FAA claims that 1,000 aircraft will need to install equipment to prevent 5G transmission interference." Read it Here.

01/15/2023   Proposed SMS Rule for Manufacturers and Charter/Commuter/Air Tour Operators - FAA NEWS The FAA has proposed a rule that requires charter, commuter, and air tour operators, and aircraft manufacturers to implement a Safety Management System or SMS ( An SMS is a set of policies and procedures where companies identify, monitor, and address potential operational hazards early on, before they become serious problems. U.S. airlines have been required to have an SMS since 2018. This proposed rule is intended to improve aviation safety by requiring organizations to implement a proactive approach to managing safety.

You can view the proposed rule here: Please send comments on or before March 13, 2023. You can view the FAA’s press release here:

01/15/2023   FlySafe Topics Cover Aircraft Performance Calculations and SRM - FAA SAFETY -The latest FlySafe topics for December and January cover aircraft performance calculations and safety risk management (SRM) respectively. Pilots should consult their performance charts prior to any takeoff, especially a takeoff that is out of the norm for the pilot. Knowing and applying some rules of thumb regarding takeoffs can help you make better initial decisions with go or no-go for a particular set of circumstances. Read more about aircraft performance and calculations at and check out the video here

SRM is formalized way of dealing with hazards which can help pilots fly safer and more efficiently. It allows pilots to identify hazards, and assess and mitigate potential risks to an acceptable level. Find tips and resources to help you get started with SRM here

01/15/2023   Safety is No Accident - FAA SAFETY - You’ve probably heard the “safety is no accident” reminder in various parts of your life. Indeed, safety does not happen accidentally. It requires a level of thinking, planning, and acting that we often describe as “aeronautical decision-making” or “risk management.” Consider also that safety is not so much a state of being as it is a matter of doing the right things to create — and maintain! — safe operations. In the article “Safety is No Accident,” we learn how integrating a personal safety management system (SMS) can help you better manage risk and be a safer pilot.

For more on the importance of mentoring, modeling, and professionalism in aviation, check out our Jan/Feb 2023 Leading By Example issue here:

Produced by the FAA Safety Briefing editors,

01/15/2023   Pentagon receives additional UFO reports, no sign of aliens - NEWS - From Military Times -  "The U.S. has now collected 510 reports of unidentified flying objects, many of which are flying in sensitive military airspace. While there’s no evidence of extraterrestrials, they still pose a threat, the government said in a declassified report summary released Thursday."  Full Article Here.

01/13/2023   AOPA FIRES BACK AT SANTA CLARA COUNTY AMID 100LL FUEL BAN DISPUTE - CLAIMS VIOLATION OF FEDERAL RULES AND OUTLINES REPORTS OF UNSAFE FUELING EVENTS CAUSED BY AIRPORT’S ACTION - From AOPA - "AOPA and other stakeholders cited several inaccuracies in Santa Clara County’s motion to dismiss, or resolve in the California county’s favor, a Part 16 complaint submitted in October that warns of unsafe practices at Reid-Hillview Airport. - Currently, there is no commercially available and viable unleaded fuel option for aircraft that require 100-octane fuel."  Read the dispute Claims Here.

01/13/2023   What will it take to scale Sustainable Aviation Fuel in the next decade? -  From - "Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) is an immediate and scalable solution to decarbonizing the industry. As a quick primer, SAF is a mix of hydrocarbons that is chemically similar to conventional jet fuel but not derived from fossil fuels. SAF instead relies on carbon atoms from organic and waste materials known as feedstocks. These include waste oils, algae, forest residues, municipal solid waste, and industrial gasses, as well as atmospheric CO2. By utilizing carbon that exists in or would have otherwise been emitted into the atmosphere, SAF can lower CO2 emissions from aviation by up to 100% compared to conventional jet fuel."  More Here.

01/12/2023   Have You Checked the NOTAMs Today? - EDUCATION - From Flying - "FLYING's quick guide explaining the different types of Notices to Air Missions and what they mean. - The airlines cannot fly without access to NOTAMs—this was demonstrated when the computer system crashed and the FAA called a ground stop until the NOTAMs computer system could be reactivated."  So, ask yourself if you need an information review covering the types of NOTAMS.  CLICK Here for it!

01/11/2023   FAA Issues New Heliport Guidance - NEWS - From AINonline - "The FAA has issued its new and long-awaited heliport planning, design and construction Advisory Circular 150/5390-2D that provides largely voluntary guidance to the rotorcraft community. This new AC supersedes previously issued guidance from 2012. The FAA notes that “the standards and guidelines contained in this AC are practices the FAA recommends for establishing an acceptable level of safety, performance, and operation for heliports.” - "However, it does not cover advanced air mobility (AAM) or eVTOL operations. Rather, the FAA notes that it is “developing guidance for vertiports that would be intended for VTOL and/or unmanned aircraft. Until that guidance is published, entities developing operating sites for new aircraft entrants are encouraged..."  Read More Here.

01/10/2023   KOXR / KCMA Noise Abatement Program Details - NEWS - From Ventura County - The County of Ventura Department of Airports appreciates your seeking out resources to help you understand how aircraft noise and overflight concerns are addressed. We are actively working to address existing concerns related to noise and to ensure the community knows we are listening and working to improve airport operations. Get the recommended Noise Abatement Procedure Here.

01/10/2023   Ice Is Not Nice - "Of the 51 reports in the ASRS Icing Report set used for this article, Part 91 pilots submitted 41. Obvious conclusion: Ice can be dangerous. That speaks for itself, but there’s more. - Icing affects flight operations in many ways. Accordingly, we offer some thought-provoking reports from pilots who’ve been there. Little has been said about instrument malfunctions due to icing, and we discuss those in particular."  Continue Here.

01/09/2023   FAA WORKING TO UPDATE PRIVATE-USE AIRPORT LISTINGS - From 01/2021 - From AOPA - "AOPA is encouraging owners of private-use airports to confirm with the FAA that the information the agency has on file about their airports is no more than three years old as the agency works to update its data on the airfields. Owners who would like to review the information on file for their private-use airports can visit this web page, then click “Quick Links” at the top right corner of the page and select “Private Airport Report” from the menu that appears. The FAA is attempting to contact private-use airport owners by mail, so it is important to ensure that a correct mailing address is also on file, said Adam Williams, AOPA manager of airport policy. - Private-use airports that have not had information updates for more than..."  Continue Here.

01/07/2023   Doing The Wave - Getting up close and personal with mountainous terrain can easily exceed climb capabilities. - WINDSHEAR SAFETY - From Aviation Safety - "On January 25, 2019, at 1459 Pacific time, a Rockwell International Commander 112A was destroyed when it impacted terrain near the summit of Mount Hood, Ore. The solo private pilot (male, 63) was fatally injured. Visual conditions prevailed at nearby observation sites."  This article defines a real problem. Read It Here.

01/06/2023   The January/February 2023 issue of FAA Safety Briefing magazine explores mindset, skillset, and toolset items that can help you be a better aviation citizen. - Leading by Example - Articles highlight the importance of mentoring, modeling, and professionalism. We also look at the benefits of a personal safety management system and how social media engagement can help you better connect with your fellow aviators.  You can download the Magazine Issue Here.

Bonus Video: 4 Rules for Safer Takeoffs in 57 SecondsPilots should consult their performance charts prior to any takeoff, especially a takeoff that is out of the norm for the pilot. Knowing and applying some rules of thumb regarding takeoffs can help you make better initial decisions with go or no-go for a particular set of circumstances.

Read more about aircraft performance and calculations at -  Read more about this and our other #FlySafe topics on our blog at

01/06/2023   Proposed FCC Rules to Enable Licensed Spectrum Use for Drones; Jessica Rosenworcel Quoted - FCC NEWS - From ExecutiveGov - "The Federal Communications Commission has started developing rules to enable unmanned aircraft system operators to access wireless communication links in the 5030-5091 MHz band to improve the reliability of drone operations. - The FCC said Wednesday it has released a notice of proposed rulemaking to seek industry input on whether changes to measures are necessary to facilitate UAS use on flexible-use wireless networks."  Read More Here.

01/06/2023   Pioneers Push to Accelerate Green and Autonomous Aviation - AAM NEWS - LEADERS - FUEL GOALS - From AINonline - "So what’s fueling what is now commonly referred to as an advanced air mobility (AAM) revolution? The short answer is money and lots of it. A more complete answer is a mix of distributed electric propulsion and increasing automation of flight on a trajectory towards autonomous operations that will not involve a pilot being on board the aircraft. - Multiple companies, many of them start-ups with origins outside the aviation industry, are looking to exploit the new technology..."  Continue.

01/04/2023   THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH - Medical Info regarding what might cause "itching" and how pilots can be affected. From Dr. Jonathan Sackier, AOPA. Read it Here.

01/04/2023   Sustainable Aviation Fuel Production Tripled in 2022: IATA - NEWS - From Flying - "While growth is promising, refiners need incentives to produce more SAF to meet net zero by 2050. - The organization said there are “more optimistic” estimates that place the total as high as 450 million liters, but said, “Both scenarios position the SAF industry on the verge of an exponential capacity and production ramp-up toward an identified tipping point of 30 billion liters by 2030, with the right supporting policies.”  Read More Here.

01/04/2023   ‘Paused’ J&J Vaccine Now FAA-Approved For Aviation Professionals - MED NEWS - From AVweb - "The FAA announced last week that Johnson & Johnson’s single-dose COVID-19 vaccine is safe for “pilots and other safety-sensitive professionals” [such as air traffic controllers]. The vaccine was shelved from distribution to the general public in 2021 after reports surfaced of rare but adverse side effects, such as blood clots in women. - With last week’s announcement, aviation personnel may now receive..."  Continue Here.

01/03/2023   The Many Factors That Lead to Runway Overruns - Stabilized approaches are critical to mitigating the risks. - RUNWAY SAFETY - From Flying - "FAR 91.103 requires the pilot to be familiar with all available information prior to the flight which includes aircraft performance—takeoffs and landings. Yet many pilots get lazy and stop doing the calculations, falling into the complacency trap “it’s only me in the aircraft,” or “I’m just going out for touch-and-go flights, and I know the runway real well.” - "Don’t be this pilot. Accidents happen when pilots become complacent. - In 2018 the FAA released Advisory Circular AC 91-79A, Mitigating the Risks of a Runway Overrun Upon Landing. According to the AC, the FAA and the NTSB determined runway overruns during the landing phase of flight account for approximately 10 incidents or accidents every year, “with varying degrees of severity, with many accidents resulting in fatalities.”  Read More Here.

01/01/2023   VFR into IMC avoidance, escape - From AOPA - A video collection of Important Weather Lessons - "The AOPA Air Safety Institute launched a new safety campaign in April that spotlights the most significant cause of weather-related accidents in general aviation: inadvertent visual flight into instrument conditions. Visit the resource center"

12/31/2022   BASICMED LIMITATION LIFTED - FINAL RULE EXTENDS ELIGIBILITY TO ACT AS REQUIRED CREWMEMBER - From AOPA - "The FAA concurred with AOPA and individuals who supported a rulemaking proposal that enables pilots who medically qualify under BasicMed to act as required crewmembers other than pilot in command—more specifically as safety pilots. - The FAA announced November 16 that Acting Administrator Billy Nolen has signed the final rule that will take effect 30 days after its forthcoming publication in the Federal Register. The rule brings significant change to the relatively small commercial balloon industry, establishing a medical certification requirement for the first time estimated to apply to just under 5,000 pilots. It also includes BasicMed provisions that now enable..." Continue Here.

12/31/2022   TSA Starts Testing Facial Recognition Technology at 16 Major Airports - From Aviation Today - "The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is now exploring the potential of facial recognition technology by introducing kiosks with cameras at 16 major airports to conduct facial identification. It has been integrated at major domestic airports from Atlanta, Boston, and Denver to Detroit, Los Angeles, and Miami—the pilot program began at Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) in 2020. However, facial recognition has been banned by some cities, including San Francisco. The TSA has plans for expanding use of the technology across the U.S. next year. The system works like this: Passengers insert their ID..."  Continue Here.

12/30/2022   New Pilot Minute Video Covers Jet Lag - In the latest episode of the Pilot Minute video series (, Federal Air Surgeon Dr. Susan Northrup explains how jet lag circadian rhythm disruption can lead to flight safety risks and cause you to feel unwell in a variety of ways. The video also points out some tips to help prevent jet lag from affecting your flight performance.

You can find more information in the pilot safety brochure on circadian rhythm disruption here: (PDF).

You’ll find the complete playlist of Pilot Minute videos here:

12/30/2022   FAA Releases New Weather Handbook - The updated 'Aviation Weather Handbook' includes more than 500 pages of practical information.

The 532-page handbook is subdivided into three parts:

  • Part 1: Overview of the United States Aviation Weather Service Program and Information.
  • Part 2: Weather Theory and Aviation Hazards.
  • Part 3: Technical Details Relating to Weather Products and Aviation Weather Tools.

The handbook features color illustrations and bullet point presentations that make the sometimes-complex nature of weather easier to understand.  More Here.

12/20/2022   New Runway Safety Resources for California Pilots - California Pilots:

The FAA's From the Flight Deck video series features videos for 20 airports throughout California, with more to come. This series uses aircraft mounted cameras to capture runway and taxiway footage and combines this with diagrams and visual graphics to clearly identify hot spots and other safety-sensitive items.

Find the airports you frequent in our video playlist of California airports, and share this resource with your fellow pilots. You can also help get the word out to your friends and family on social media using sample posts from our toolkit.

Learn more about the From the Flight Deck series, go to our video playlist of California airports, or browse videos of airports throughout the United States.

12/20/2022   Can Big Data Help Improve GA Safety? - From Aviation Safety - The FAA is promoting a voluntary flight data collection and management effort to general aviation. - The modern general aviation airplane has data flowing from it like never before. The flood started with digital engine monitors. Then electronic flight decks came along, capable of storing a vast array of information about each flight for later retrieval and analysis, which is especially valuable in a training environment. Now it’s ADS-B, which literally tracks our position, every heading change and altitude excursion with uncanny accuracy and—with the right equipment—for anyone to see. 

Larger airplanes—business jets and airliners—have been installing digital flight data recorders (DFDRs) for some time, whether required or not, as well as quick-access recorders (QARs) which, as their name implies, are designed to provide operators..."   Read More Here.

12/17/2022   Two Easy Rules-of-Thumb For Calculating a 3-Degree Glide Slope - From Boldmethod - "Have you ever found yourself chasing the glideslope on an ILS approach? How about the VASI or PAPI on a VFR final approach? - There's an easier way to do it. Groundspeed has a significant effect on descent rate, and there's a formula you can use to ballpark your feet per minute (FPM) descent, even before you get on glideslope. - The following formulas are a great way to get yourself on glide,..." Learn How Here.

12/17/2022   Defense Spending Bill Set To Repeal FAA LODA Policy for Flight Training in Experimental Aircraft - "Language in the bill eliminates the requirement for pilots and instructors. - The latest defense authorization bill passed Thursday night offers a reprieve for pilots and flight instructors currently forced to obtain a letter of deviation authority, known as a LODA, before flight training in an experimental category aircraft.

The development is being lauded by pilot groups who have denounced the FAA policy of requiring LODAs for certain aircraft owners and flight instructors as onerous, confusing, and an abrupt reversal of decades of regulatory precedent."  Continue reading Here.

12/16/2022   Aircraft Performance and Calculations - General Aviation Joint Steering Committee Safety Enhancement Topic - When it comes to aircraft performance, we usually think about variables like weight and balance, and takeoff and landing distance. But do you know what the most important variable is for determining aircraft performance?  Download Printable Fact Sheet Here    -    Read More on Our Blog Here.

12/16/2022   FAA WEATHER CAMERA NETWORK EXTENDS ACROSS THE COUNTRY - WHERE DO YOU NEED A CAMERA? - AOPA - "The FAA is expanding its Weather Camera Program to more locations across the country. - The FAA started the weather camera program in 1999, establishing a constellation of cameras looking in multiple directions at three airports in northern Alaska. Today, that system has grown to over 230 cameras installed and operated by the FAA in Alaska, and 11 in Hawaii. The system also provides imagery from "third party" camera locations, with significant concentrations of cameras in Colorado and Montana."  Continue.


  • The importance of an objective self-assessment
  • Strategies to reduce personal stress
  • The importance of being proficient vs being legal
  • Why a conservative approach to a flight is good
  • How to develop personal minimums
  • Caring for passengers
  • Passenger safety and comfort
  • Briefing passengers before flight
  • The need for extra commitment and professionalism

Visit the course by Clicking Here.

12/15/2022   More ‘Bird-Like’ Wing Now Under Development At Airbus - NEWS - From AVweb - "UpNext, the innovation division of Airbus, announced last week it plans to be flight testing a Cessna Citation VII testbed with “morphing wing” technology in 2024. The developmental concept takes an aircraft’s complement of control surfaces to a whole new level, well beyond flaps, ailerons, slats and vortex generators. Similarly to how a bird..."  More Here.

12/15/2022  Aspen KASE - "Pilots Group Tackles Safety At Aspen" ARTICLE - AVweb - "Experienced pilots in Aspen have joined a task force to bring down the accident rate at the notorious local airport. Pitkin County commissioners approved formation of the task force, which is made up of 12 pilots who are familiar with the airport. There have been 40 serious general aviation accidents at Aspen in the last 40 years but none involving airliners."  More Here.

12/13/2022   Joby, Aviation High School Partner On Electric Aviation Workforce Development - NEWS - From AVWEB - "Electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft developer Joby Aviation has partnered with New York’s Aviation High School to “prepare the next generation of aircraft maintenance technicians and aerospace leaders for career opportunities” in electric flight. Joby noted that 100 Aviation High School students have enrolled in its online Private Pilot Ground School course as part of the partnership. The partners will also be working to “integrate material on electric propulsion systems and other new technologies” into the school’s curriculum." Continue.

12/10/2022   Energy Errors - SAFETY INFO / TECHNIQUE - "...managing an airplane’s energy is a key concept in any attempt to understand various flight phases, obtain desired performance and put it where we want it, in high-speed cruise, on the glidepath or in the touchdown zone. But we don’t always get it right the first time, whether due to poor planning, distractions, mechanical issues, weather or inexperience. The AFH calls these occurrences “energy errors,” and further breaks them down into “total energy errors” and “energy distribution errors,” or some combination of the two. The sidebar below explains..." Learn More  Here.

12/10/2022   VPorts Announces Creation of First International Electric AAM Corridor - NEWS - From Avionic International - "n a recent interview with Avionics International, Dr. Fethi Chebil, President and Founder of VPorts, explained, “The corridor is an identified airspace where we will do a safety risk assessment to demonstrate to regulators that flying an eVTOL within this corridor is safe.” Continue to Read.

12/10/2022   Knocking the Rust Off Your IFR Skills - PILOT SAFETY - From Flying - "Instrument flying is a perishable skill. Here's how to ensure you stay fresh. - Many pilots will tell you that the instrument rating is the hardest to get, and the skills learned in the process are the easiest to lose. If it has been a while since you exercised your instrument skills, you may want to take a few practice flights with an instructor before you head back into the clouds by yourself. Here are a few tips..."  A pretty detailed set of tips! Continue Here.

12/06/2022    LOC Recoveries - SAFETY - From AVweb - "Unfortunately, every year a few of the pilots who went through that drill within the preceding 24 months lose control of their airplanes in flight. They either tear the wings off in a diving spiral, hit the ground in a diving spiral before the wings come off, stall and fail to return to controlled flight before hitting the ground. Otherwise, they demonstrate they cannot return the airplane to controlled flight prior to ground impact following an autopilot malfunction, flight control system malfunction or upset due to environmental factors. With loss of control one of the biggest single causes of accidents, it seems to me that it’s time to beef up unusual attitude training into something that might help pilots help themselves when the airplane is doing something weird..."  Good Stuff to Read, Here.

12/05/2022   FAA Policy Allowing Airline Dispatcher Remote Work Under Fire - NEWS - From Flying -  "FAA administrators face questions from lawmakers for allowing Republic and SkyWest dispatchers to work from home. - Lawmakers want the FAA to explain why it has allowed certain airlines to continue using a pandemic provision that allowed their dispatchers to work remotely. Representatives Peter DeFazio, the chair of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, and Rick Larsen, the chair of the House Aviation Subcommittee, wrote to acting FAA administrator Billy Nolen on Tuesday seeking clarification on the matter." Continue Here.


Medical Certification Policy Updates

By Judith Frazier, MD, MBA

The Policy and Standards branch continues to focus on helping Aviation Medical Examiners (AMEs) more easily obtain the information they need to make a medical certification decision. Policy change and update highlights from May 2022 to October 2022 are below. The full list of changes is hyperlinked in the Archives and Updates section of the AME Guide.

COVID updates – simplified the Disposition table. Outpatient only and resolved, remember to note “COVID, Month and Year resolved. No ICU, no Sequelae.” All others, go to row B or C. The Novavax vaccine is allowed with the same 48 hour not fly after each injection.

1st Degree AV block – simplified the guidance. Need an evaluation if the PR interval is 300ms or longer. Decreased the cardiac conditions that must go to Cardiac Panel. This may get your pilots back in the air faster.

TIAs and completed stroke – require a two (2) year recovery period before consideration. Encourage your pilots to bring a copy of the Specifications for Neurologic Evaluation to their physician. It contains a list of all the info the FAA needs to make a decision on their case.

Situational Depression – decision tool may allow you to issue more pilots at time of your AME exam.

HIMS AMES – No forma HIMS cases will be accepted in paper format after January 1st, 2023. If you are not yet Huddle capable, contact for training.

Medication Updates:

  • Colitis CACI – expanded to allow Xeljanz, Entyvio and Humira
  • Allergy Medication Table – expanded to show product formulation
  • CBD and Controlled Substances page added
  • Plaquenil Status report renamed (and easier to find)
  • HIV PrEP, Apretude (cabotegravir) can be allowed

Check out the “AME ALERT” box each month in the AME Guide. It includes the “don’t miss” items.

 Dr. Frazier is the Manager of the Policy and Standards Branch in the Office of Aerospace Medicine.

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12/04/2022   Vertical Air Movement - WEATHER EXPLAINED - From AVweb - "Vertical motion in the atmosphere plays a big role in the weather you see and the weather troubles you encounter. - Heading into another winter season, our thoughts begin shifting to cold-weather flying hazards—fog, icing, and widespread precipitation. Most pilot training considers each of these factors individually. But most of them share a common cause, and it’s rooted in the weather patterns. Because of that, most pilots will be ahead of the game if they can identify some of those underlying factors. This article is designed to give experienced pilots a taste of the technical side of weather, so you can better understand how weather briefers think while gaining insight into complex aviation weather problems."  Detailed Good Wx Info Here.

11/30/2022   Recent FAA Final Rule Enables BasicMed Holders New Privilege - NEWS - From AVweb - "With the stroke of a pen this month, Acting FAA Administrator Billy Nolen enabled an estimated 60,000 or more U.S. pilots to act as safety pilots. In the Nov. 16 signing of a new rule that focuses on requiring medical certificates for balloon pilots, other provisions were included that granted holders of BasicMed medical certificates the opportunity to fly as safety pilots, a right not previously held." Read More.

11/30/2022   Commercial Human Spaceflight - From FAA - Commercial human spaceflight is an exciting and rapidly growing segment of the space industry, with increasing numbers of operators and private individuals participating in these activities. - he commercial space transportation industry emerged in the 1990s and was primarily used to launch commercial satellites and transport cargo to the International Space Station (ISS). In just the last few years, growing interest in commercial space is realizing new possibilities for the industry including providing transportation to the ISS laboratories for research and space tourism. This rapidly growing industry is inspiring scientists, engineers, teachers, and a whole generation, to imagine entirely new possibilities for the future of space."  Learn More about the Features and Opportunities Here.

11/30/2022   RAIDER FIVE ZERO ON FIRE: AN IMPOSSIBLE STORY OF SURVIVAL 2 MILES HIGH - "When a midair collision crippled their KC-130J, two Marine pilots fought to bring it safely to earth" - "Just 20 minutes earlier, Jones had been at the controls of Raider 50 as it refueled two Marine F-35 Lightnings, call signs Bolt 93 and Bolt 94. But in a moment of lost orientation, the pilot of Bolt 93 had smashed into the KC-130’s right wing, destroying his jet and crippling Raider 50 far beyond repair or recovery. For the next 13 minutes, Jones and then-Capt. Michael Wolff — Raider 50’s pilots — had coaxed, begged, and battled the dying tanker through an emergency descent and crash landing that ended with all eight Marines on board standing alone in the dry desert wind. - Both Wolff and Jones would be awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for their skill and the cascade of life-or-death decisions made in the descent."  Read the story Here.

11/30/2022   Night Marginal Visual Flight Rules - From Aviation Safety Magazine - "The takeoff and departure flight phase can be one of the more risky among instrument procedures, especially at night in IMC aviation. On one hand, the pilot is abruptly transitioning from a presumably well-lit runway and airport environment to flying on instruments near terrain. On another hand, the airplane may not be up to the task, due to mechanical issues or misconfiguration by the pilot. And there’s also the immediate need to comply with whatever departure procedure is in use and join the en route airspace structure. - These challenges can confront a..."  Continue Here.

11/30/2022   NBAA Urges FAA and DoT Action for Safe 5G Implementation - From Aviation Today - "For example, aircraft like the Boeing 757, 767, and even certain 737 models have radio altimeters that are deeply integrated with other systems, such as auto throttle, ground proximity warning, and thrust reversers. If the FAA requires changes to radio altimeters, it might be more difficult to make these revisions. While changing requirements could impact various aircraft types differently, this factor could cushion the impacts of 5G for the business aviation segment." Read what NBAA is proposing HERE.

11/24/2022   Experimental Fatals Jump - From AVweb - "Fatal accidents in experimental aircraft jumped about 25 percent last year compared with the previous year, and EAA says “focused efforts to enhance safety even further remain essential.” In a news release, the organization says the 56 fatal accidents in the year ending Sept. 30, 2022, was up from 42 in the previous 12 months. That’s still less than..." Finish reading Here.

11/24/2022   Europe Urges Automation, FAA Stresses Stick And Rudder - From AVweb - "As European regulators began lobbying the International Civil Aviation Authority (ICAO) to develop automation standards that will allow single-pilot airliner operations, the FAA issued an advisory circular that stresses CRM and maintaining manual flying skills. The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) filed a working paper with ICAO on Monday asking that the structure be developed for..."  More Here.

11/21/2022   DISASTROUS COURSE OF ACTION - A MERIDIAN LANDS ON THE WRONG RUNWAY - Mid Air Collision at North Las Vegas - AOPA Early Analysis - "People knew them as a friendly couple, a chatty team in the cockpit, with her often working the radios when he flew the left seat of their Piper Malibu Meridian. Inbound from the north, they were cleared to land Runway 30L, flew overhead the field, and began a fast, swooping, left 240-degree descending turn to final.

Meanwhile, on Runway 30R, an instructor worked out a pilot in a Cessna 172, executing multiple touch-and-go landings, staying in a right pattern. The 172 requested and was cleared a short approach for 30R. Pilots report this as typical operations for VGT: local pattern work on Runway 30R with transient operations on the longer Runway 30L.  VIDEO and STORY Here.

11/21/2022  FAA Extends Aircraft Re-Registration Period - Info from AVweb - "The FAA will issue a Direct Final Rule extending the registration interval for general aviation aircraft and the new seven-year duration applies to all GA aircraft. Until 2010, aircraft registrations lasted for the life of the aircraft but that resulted in a lot of inaccurate and ghost registrations on the books. In 2010, the agency made all operators re-register their planes and set a three-year limit for re-registration. The alphabets argued that was too..."  Continue Here.

11/18/2022  Medical Requirements for Commercial Balloon PilotsThe FAA adopted a final rule this week requiring commercial hot-air balloon pilots to hold medical certificates when flying paying passengers. The rule mandates a second-class medical certificate, the same standard required for other commercial pilots.

Previously, commercial balloon pilots were exempt from the medical requirement. In the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018, Congress directed the FAA to revise the medical certification standards for commercial balloon pilots. The rule also addresses a NTSB recommendation that the FAA remove the exemption. For more information, see the press release here.

11/18/2022   Industry Drug and Alcohol Testing Program Are you keeping our skies safe? - Drug and alcohol testing of safety-sensitive aviation employees helps protect public safety and keep our skies safe. Testing is required by the Omnibus Transportation Employees Testing Act of 1991 and by DOT and FAA regulations (49 CFR part 40 and 14 CFR part 120).

The Drug Abatement Division oversees the aviation industry's compliance with the drug and alcohol testing law and regulations. We accomplish this by performing on-site inspections, providing guidance to companies, individuals, contractors, and service agents, and establishing policies and procedures to increase the program's effectiveness. We also develop and implement regulations for DOT/FAA drug and alcohol testing.

If you can't find the answer here, please visit our Contact Us page and ask for the help you need.

11/16/2022   Aviation Coalition Asks FAA for More Time on 5G Retrofits - NEWS - From AINonline - "A broad aviation industry OEM and association coalition is asking the U.S. government for more time to implement radar altimeter retrofits required to defeat potential 5G C-band cellular interference. In a joint letter sent this morning to top federal officials—including the heads of the U.S. Department of Transportation and the FAA—the coalition said the deadlines to retrofit the nation’s entire fleet of regional and cargo aircraft with upgraded radar altimeters (RAs) by December 2022 and the overall deadline of July 2023 was not achievable and requested that signal interference mitigations be extended through the end of 2023."  Read More Here.

11/16/2022   On November 12, 2022 Robinson Helicopter Company bid a final farewell to its founder, Frank Robinson. Robinson, 92, passed away peacefully at his Rolling Hills, California home. Read more at

11/15/2022   How The Wind Blows - WEATHER ED - From AVweb - "For pilots, no matter how clear the skies, we always seem to be dealing with the wind. So, let’s look at wind from the perspective of an aviation meteorologist—where it comes from, what goes into forecasting it, and even some tips to help keep your flying safer."  Weather You Need to Know About! Here.

11/14/2022  Update to “Cold Temperature Airports” Program - Purpose: This publication updates the Cold Temperature Airports program with the addition of the Initial Segment to the Digital Products List found at

Background: The Cold Temperature Airports program is adding the Initial Segment to the list of affected segments that may need correcting during cold temperature operations. See Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM), Paragraphs 7-3-5/6, All Segments Method, for information to calculate a correction on the Initial Segment.

In response to recognized safety concerns over cold weather altimetry errors in 2010, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) completed a risk analysis to determine if instrument approach procedures set forth in Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations Part 97 pose a greater risk during cold temperature operations. The study led the FAA to publish a Notice to Airmen Publication (NTAP), which provided pilots with a list of airports, affected segments and procedures needed to correct published altitudes at or below a published temperature limitation.

The FAA no longer publishes the NTAP. Instead, on July 16, 2020, the FAA published the Cold Temperature Airports procedure information in chapter 7 of the AIM, including the procedures needed to correct published altitudes at or below a published temperature limitation. The FAA will publish a list of the airports and affected segments on its digital products search page at The updated list is effective September 8, 2022, and remains in effect until August 10, 2023.

Pilots are responsible for applying altitude corrections and, pursuant to § 91.123, must advise Air Traffic Control (ATC) when these corrections are to be made on any segment other than the final segment. ATC is not responsible for making any altitude corrections and/or advising pilots that an altitude correction is required at a cold temperature airport.

Recommended Action: Operators of aircraft should:

1. Understand the procedure required at Cold Temperature Airports.

2. Operators conducting international flights should review if and how relevant foreign States (e.g., Canada) address this issue.

3. View list at

Contact: Direct questions or comments regarding this publication to the Flight Technologies and Procedures Division at (202) 267-8838.

11/12/2022   Study Explores Emotional Intelligence In U.S. Pilots - EDUCATION - From AVweb - "A recently published study found significant differences in trait emotional intelligence (trait EI) in pilots compared to the general U.S. population. For the study, a control group was matched with a pilot group at a 2:1 ratio based on factors including age, gender, ethnicity and educational background. The results indicated that pilots scored consistently lower than their counterparts in global trait EI, as well as three of its four factors: well-being, emotionality and sociability. For the fourth factor, self-control, no significant differences were identified. - “Overall, the findings show that pilots tend to have..." Read the rest of the article Here.

11/12/2022   New FAA Safety Briefing: Tips to Reduce Risk in All Phases of Flight - The November/December 2022 issue of FAA Safety Briefing magazine explores tips and best practices that help pilots find ways to avoid the “danger zones” where accidents can occur. - Articles highlight system safety and risk management in the context of persistent accident factors during preflight; taxi; takeoff and departure; maneuvering flight; and approach and landing. - Feature Articles

How Do You Do? - Practical Ways to Practice Risk Management

Tips for Perfect Preflight Prep - Why Better Preflight Preparation is Paramount to Safe Flight

Top Six Taxi Tips - How to Improve Your Ground Game

Don’t Try This at Home on the Runway - Common Take Off and Departure Errors

Shiny Side Up! - Avoiding Loss of Control

It's All in Your Approach - Top Tips to Fine Tune a Final Approach and Landing -

Download Magazine as PDF

11/09/2022   Inside the ‘Spruce Goose’ - INFO - From Flying - "FLYING takes you on a must-do tour inside the iconic Hughes Flying Boat. - On Friday, November 4, 2022, I was back, and face to face with one of the most iconic and impressive feats of aeronautical engineering ever achieved. Up until that moment, the largest airplane I had been physically close to was a Lockheed C-5 Galaxy that Dad had taken me to see when I was a kid. For the record, the Spruce Goose wingspan bests the C-5 by approximately 97 feet, and the tail of the wooden behemoth is over 100 feet tall. I submit the exclamation was..."  Photos and Story Here.

11/09/2022   Say Goodbye to the Traditional AIRMET - WEATHER NEWS - From Flying - "The sunset of the textual version comes in the wake of mass acceptance of graphical AIRMETs. - It has been well over a decade since the FAA decided to abandon the traditional alphanumeric code (TAC) airmen’s meteorological information (AIRMET) when forecasters at the Aviation Weather Center (AWC) began to generate the graphical AIRMET (G-AIRMET) on an operational basis on October 1, 2008. At that time, it was determined that the time-smeared TAC AIRMET, or more simply the “legacy AIRMET,” and its outlook was sorely outdated and needed a facelift with a new..."  Continue Here.

11/07/2022   Missing The Miss - IFR INSTRUCTION & SPATIAL DISORIENTATION - From AVweb/Aviation Safety - "Yet pilots can’t seem to stop having accidents while flying a miss. So we took a look at some recent NTSB accident reports to learn more about how pilots are missing the miss. They seem to break down into two main categories, and we’ve supplied an example of each." Find Out More Here.

11/07/2022   Sikorsky Demonstrates Logistics Missions With Autonomous Black Hawk - PR NEWS - From AVweb - "Lockheed Martin subsidiary Sikorsky and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) have completed their first demonstration for the U.S. Army of logistics and rescue missions using an uncrewed “optionally piloted” Black Hawk helicopter. The demonstration simulated missions including an 83-mile autonomous medical resupply carrying 400 units of real and simulated blood, delivery of a 2,600-pound external load attached to a 40-foot sling, and rerouting mid-flight to evacuate a casualty. The flights, which were performed by a Black Hawk equipped with Sikorsky’s MATRIX autonomy technology, aimed to “show how existing and future piloted utility helicopters could one day fly complex missions in reduced crew or autonomous mode.”  Read More Here.

11/07/2022   PR NEWS - For those who desire to search toward the sky for success, this story should serve as an inspiration and a testament that helps to prove Whiteman is a valuable community asset that needs to stay nurtured, polished, and kept shiny like any other prized jewel.

10,000th Free Airplane Flight for Kids 

to be Celebrated on November 26th at Whiteman Airport 

The 10,000th young person is to get a free “Young Eagles” airplane ride from the pilots of Chapter 40 of the Experimental Aircraft Association based at Whiteman Airport will be on Saturday, November 26, 2022.

There should be about 75-85 flights provided on that day to kids between 8 through 17. All kids are invited to discover the gift of flight, and the rides are entirely paid for by the pilots.

The “Young Eagles” is an EAA National Program, and Chapter 40 has been providing these complimentary introductory flight experiences on the 4th Saturday of every month at San Fernando Valley’s Whiteman Airport since 1992 (except on Christmas Day or Eve).

EAA Chapter 40 is arranging a VERY special flight for the lucky youngster.  Details will be forthcoming.

Caveat: we will not fly if the weather that day is not safe.  The alternate date if that happens will be Dec 17.

For More Information about this story, I invite those who decide to build rather than tear down to contact Dave Kolstad - Chapter 40 Young Eagles Coordinator -  - Webmaster

11/07/2022   Why Twilight Can Be a Complicated Time for Pilots - "Do you know the difference between civil twilight, nautical twilight and astronomical twilight? - Twilight is a complicated thing. It is partitioned into three zones. There is civil twilight, which lasts from sunset to when the center of the sun is 6 degrees, or about 12 solar diameters, below the horizon and things can no longer be clearly seen.

Then comes nautical twilight, which ends when the center of the sun is 12 degrees below the horizon and a seaman no longer discerns the break between the western sea and the sky. Finally, astronomical twilight ends when the sun is 18 degrees below the horizon, leaving the sky black enough for the inspection of distant galaxies. - The sun travels 15 degrees across the sky each hour, but because..."  Continue Here.

11/06/2022   Under Pressure - ALTIMETER GROUNDSCHOOL - From AVweb - "QNH, ALSTG, low pressure, high pressure... The atmosphere exerts a highly variable pressure on us, but we need to accurately know that pressure to stay safe. - In this article, we’ll take an introductory look at barometers, pressure, and get a better look at where QNH, QFE, and other values come from. If you’ve found them mysterious or confusing, this article is for you. - The Basics Of Pressure - The atmosphere is made up of a large volume of gas, consisting of nitrogen, oxygen, argon, and a number of trace elements. We often slip into the mindset of thinking that the air floats freely..."  Read and Learn Here.

11/06/2022   History of Agricultural Aviation Reveals a Series of Turning Points - INFO - From Flying - "Industry’s growth has been marked by interesting watershed moments. - On August 3, 1921, a Curtiss JN-6 “Jenny” took off from the now defunct McCook Field in Dayton, Ohio, and headed to the nearby town of Troy, where an infestation of catalpa sphinx moths threatened to destroy a grove of catalpa trees. The trees were valuable for their wood, which made good railroad ties, telephone poles, and fence posts. - John Macready, an Army test pilot who flew fighters in World War I, was at the controls. In the rear cockpit was Etienne Dormoy, a research engineer with the Army Signal Corps who had modified the Jenny for this experimental assignment. - As Macready skimmed the treetops, Dormoy turned a crank on a..."  Finish reading Here.

11/06/2022   AOPA Airport Support Network - "Pressure on public and privately owned airports continues to mount. This pressure takes many forms, including curfews, noise restrictions, lack of improvements, residential encroachment, and even calls to close the airport. The AOPA Airport Support Network provides the vehicle for AOPA members to work in conjunction with AOPA staff to preserve and protect airports across the United States. Our goal is to have an Airport Support Network (ASN) Volunteer at every public use airport in the United States.

Our Volunteers:

  • Engage with airport management and local elected officials
  • Promote the airports value in the Community
  • Protect America’s Community Airports

The new AOPA Western Regional Manager (Jared Yoshiki) coordinate it.  Should you wish to volunteer or find out if your airport has a representative you might Start HERE.   For an AOPA article on the subject of local airport advocacy (so important today!) - you can discover it Here.

11/06/2022   Flight Check — Please Keep Your Distance! - Who We Are, What We Do, and How It Matters to You - NAS INTEGRITY CHECK -INFO - From FAA SAFETY BROEFING - "The first thing I learned is that flight inspection involves way more than ensuring the accuracy of an ILS. Flight inspection is the airborne inspection of all space and ground-based instrument flight procedures and the validation of the integrity of the electronic signals in space transmitted from navigation systems. “Validating signals in space” is far removed from the origins of our air navigation system. The U.S. Postal Service developed lighted airway beacons (bonfires) and placed them 10 miles apart to aid nighttime navigation in the 1920s. Responsibility for the airway system was then transferred to..."  A "good read" - Webmaster -  Continue reading Here.

11/05/2022  New AME Minute Covers Cancer Treatments - In the latest Pilot Minute video, FAA Federal Air Surgeon Dr. Susan Northrup covers how the FAA is approaching new treatments for cancer. While pilots with many common forms of cancer can be issued a medical certificate, the FAA is using a new approach with an expanded network of specialists for those with less common or more advanced cancer. Watch the video here or see the full Pilot Minute playlist.

11/05/2022  The Heat is On – Cold Weather Flying Tips - As winter draws near, bundling up for cold weather flying will soon be a reality for many pilots. Besides breaking out the gloves and winter jacket, you’ll also want to consider how the cold can affect your performance in flight. In the article, “The Heat is On” in the Sep/Oct 2022 issue of FAA Safety Briefing, author Dr. Leo Hattrup explores some impairments caused by the cold, and offers advice and tips on how to be prepared and fly warm. Read the article here: