3/27 Washington Withdraws From FAA Nomination - HERE    2 pilots killed in Riverside County crash helped snowed-in San Bernardino mountain residents - email req. - here    3/25 Senators Propose Raising Pilot Retirement Age To 67 - HERE    3/24 Chief Inspector Helinet JOB Opening - Details    3/24 Senate Commerce Committee Approves NOTAM Improvement Act - HERE     3/22 Purdue University Airport Will Host ‘Lab To Life’ Private 5G Test Platform HERE    3/17 AOPA FIGHTS BACK ON WASHINGTON STATE BILL BANNING 100LL SALES - HERE    13/17 Innoflight CEO Says Northrop Contract Represents “More Agile Approach To Space” - HERE    3/15 ‘Uptick’ in aviation incidents; FAA reviewing ‘serious close calls’ HERE     3/10 Funding for GA gains traction on Capitol Hill - HERE    3/13 Lawmakers Stress Support for Investing in General Aviation HERE    3/09 Calif. airport planning sustainable future - HERE    3/08 AOPA High School STEM Program Earns FAA Grant - HERE    3/08 Lithium Battery Fires On Airliners Average More Than One Per Week - HERE    3/07 House Aviation Subcommittee Will Address GA In FAA Reauthorization Bill - HERE    3/5 Volunteers needed S.B. Mountain Relief - Contact    3/5 US Army chooses 5 companies to compete for Army’s future tactical UAS - HERE    3/3 Currently, IACRA is offline and should be returning to service soon. - HERE     3/1 SAF Made From Air Could Be a Game Changer for Aviation -HERE    3/1 Wings Air Helicopters To Begin NYC Commuter Service -HERE    2/28 Biden-Harris Administration Announces Nearly $1B in Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Airport Funding Awarded to Meet Surging Air Travel Demand - HERE    2/28 GAMA Chief Criticizes FAA-Santa Clara MoU - HERE    2/27 Regional Jet Aborts Landing To Avoid Departing Flight At Burbank - HERE    2/25 U.S. Coast Guard helicopter cliff rescue training at Point Vicente Lighthouse --- Feb 27/Mar 3    2/23 The KWHP CAC Panel ignored the community opinion and voted to close - HERE    2/22 Crewed Flying Race Car Debuts in Australia - HERE    2/21 Biden Makes Unprecedented Surprise Trip To Ukraine - HERE    2/17 U.S. House Passes Bill to Improve NOTAM System - HERE    2/16 FAA Studying Unleaded Avgas Transition - SANTA CLARA - HERE    2/16 Runway Incident In Hawaii; FAA To Hold Safety Summit In March - HERE    2/15 LAS VEGAS H REID INT CONSTRUCTION DATES - SEE: AIRPORTS - HERE    2/15 First electric air taxi takes flight around New York City - HERE    2/13 Continental 360-, 470-, 520-, and 550-series engines - INSPECTION ALERT - HERE    2/08 Pentagon: ‘100% Clear’ China Balloon Was Military Craft - HERE    2/8 FAA Grants Universal Hydrogen Approval To Test Fuel-Cell-Powered Aircraft - HERE    2/7 Washington Bill Seeks Statewide Ban of 100LL - HERE    2/03 GAMI Begins G100UL STC Sales (Corrected) - HERE     2/1 Local airports panel pressured to oppose leaded avgas - HERE    2/1 Flytrex Granted FAA Approval for Long-Range Commercial Drone Deliveries - HERE    2/01 GAO Urges FAA To Develop Proper Drone Integration Plan - HERE    1/27 KWHP's 1/26 CAC MTG CONTINUED TO 2/23 - 2 TABLED MOTIONS (STAY OPEN W/CONDITIONS - CLOSE AND HAVE COUNTY PAY FOR IMPROVEMENTS W/NO FED FAA FUNDS)    1/24 Sta Monica City Council voted to start the process of planning to convert the airport land at hearing,    1/22 FAA extends aircraft registration to seven years Jan. 23! - HERE

Aviation Events Calendar
Spotlighting Safety and Pilot Proficiency



Schedule the dates for your events

A very nice Aviation Event Calendar!

You may visit  FAASAFETY.GOV  for more info & to register for many of the following events that feature FAA WINGS credit.   Others listings have their information and contact data described.  This calendar will usually list a much larger panorama of aviation events than FAASAFETY.GOV allows for. You are invited to submit your event for publication within our Aviation Events Calendar to:

Now also featured herein are EAA Webinars.  These live multimedia presentations are informative and interactive, allowing the presenter to use slides and audio, while audience members can ask questions and be polled for their opinion.  -  System Requirements for Attendees  -  You can easily attend a session from anywhere, anytime using a compatible computer or mobile device! To get the most out of GoToWebinar, you can download and install the full-feature desktop software on your Windows and Mac computer.  -  See Download GoToWebinar for your download options. You can also check your system's compatibility automatically.   Some EAA Webinars qualify for credit in the FAA's WINGS or AMT awards program. Visit for details.  The Listings Here for EAA Webinars are dedicated to the memory of Tom Hastings, long time EAA member/builder, whose Cirrus VK-30 was featured in the movie 16R.  He was an ardent supporter of EAA Young Eagles.  A tragic flight accident claimed his life; as well as his daughter's, her husband and their child's.

Btw. Like Aerobatics?  For the IAC - International Aerobatic Club - For Info - Click HERE     Like the Blue Angels? For a show schedule Click HERE - For the Air Force Thunderbirds 2021 schedule Click HERE 



International Airport Review Webinars and Watch on-Demand Webinars - Keeping you informed on our latest upcoming live webinars as well as some of our insightful webinar sessions which are now available to watch on-demand. As such, please enjoy the latest round-up of our webinars hosted by International Airport Review!  - Webmaster Note: These presentations appear free, but may come with a few "strings" that enable sponsored content.  For a plentiful list and registration information, click or tap HERE.

NAFI Program: (for NAFI Members)     SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP Webinars  -   To register for one or more of these SIGs, visit NAFI Special Interest Group Registrations.

Each SIG offers a member-only online discussion forum to continue or join the conversation. To participate, simply login to your member-only account, select "Community Forum" from the menu bar, and subscribe

April 2023 SIG Schedule

Each SIG offers a member-only, online discussion forum to continue or join the conversation. To participate, click here and login to your member-only account, select "Community Forum" from the menu bar, and subscribe.


Let's Begin:

March 2023

29.  "Spring 2023 Pilot Proficiency Ideas and WINGS" - Topic: Alternative Pilot Proficiency Ideas and WINGS, Drone Ops Update, and Spring Brushing off the Rust Planning.On Wednesday, March 29, 2023 at 19:00 Pacific Daylight Time (20:00 MDT; 21:00 CDT; 22:00 EDT; 16:00 HST; 18:00 AKDT; 19:00 Arizona; Thursday, March 30, 2023 02:00 GMT) -

Our 'Spring 2023 Pilot Proficiency Ideas and WINGS' Program is a mixed bag of ideas for pilots to remain proficient, competent, confident and safe in flight. Utilizing the WINGS Program for an efficient approach to proficiency will be stressed. Options of adding additional aircraft ratings will be explored by George Michelogiannakis.

Drone Pro, Werner von Stein, will discuss UAS Operations, including an update on AC 91-57C & 48 USC 44809, exceptions and requirements for registering recreational unmanned aircraft.

Master Instructors' Jim McCord & Art Hayssen will touch on main concerns for brushing off the rust after a long winter of very reduced flying time due to the historic mix of high winds, repeated atmospheric rivers  and snow covered runways at low elevations in the North San Francisco Bay Area. - To view further details and registration information for this webinar, click here.

29.  Deer Valley Airport Local Runway Safety Action Team Meeting - Airport Stakeholder Meeting on Runway Safety Issues - Wednesday, March 29, 2023, starting at 10:00 Arizona (10:00 PDT; 11:00 MDT; 12:00 CDT; 13:00 EDT; 07:00 HST; 09:00 AKDT; 17:00 GMT) - Speaker(s): Ty Howard, Ed Faron, Joe Santoro, FAA Safety Team Program Managers - Runway Safety Action Teams

Runway Safety Action Teams (RSAT) bring local airport stakeholders together at least once a year to identify risks to surface safety at that airport and develop plans to mitigate or eliminate those risks. RSATs provide the foundation of the Runway Safety Program at individual airports. The RSAT meetings are the primary forum for pinpointing and addressing airport-specific risk in the surface environment. The product of an RSAT meeting is a Runway Safety Action Plan in which the stakeholders document and agree to pursue specific actions intended to improve surface safety.  This meeting is scheduled for approximately 2 hours.

Webinar Information - This meeting will be a virtual ZOOM meeting. Please use the link below to attend.  If the link does not take you to the Zoom meeting website please copy/paste it into a browser.

Click to Join:

Passcode: 080483

Phone Dial-In:
Call 1-888-924-3239; enter Meeting ID: 161 6255 1173
Unmute or mute yourself by pressing *6

Mobile App:
Download the 'Zoom Cloud Meetings' App.
Select 'Join a Meeting' and enter Meeting ID: 161 6255 1173

Check Additional event Information below for possible registration requirements.
Sponsoring Division: Scottsdale FAASTeam - Contact Information: CARY BYRON GRANT -

April 2023

1. "Non-Convective Low Level Wind Shear" - Headwind To Tailwind and Back Again - On Saturday, April 1, 2023 at 09:00 Central Daylight Time (07:00 PDT; 08:00 MDT; 10:00 EDT; 04:00 HST; 06:00 AKDT; 07:00 Arizona; 14:00 GMT) - Join us for A VIRTUAL cup of coffee, a donut, and a LIVE WEBINAR as Fred Remer discusses the following topics:

1.  What is non-convective wind shear?

2.  How does it affect aircraft performance?

3.  Where is wind shear found?

4.  How do I flight plan with wind shear in mind?

To view further details and registration information for this webinar, click here.

3.   IMC-VMC Club Meeting - PHX TRACON (Off-Site) Operation Raincheck - Phoenix TRACON Operation Raincheck 'OFF-SITE' Presentation.

Date and Time: Monday, April 3, 2023, starting at 18:30 Arizona Download Calendar File - Speakers: Matt Schorman _PHX Tracon - Brief Description: Please join us for this Phoenix TRACON, Operation Raincheck "off-site" presentation by Phoenix TRACON controller Matt Schorman.

This 1-1.5 hour program was created to allow controllers and pilots to interact one-on-one with a short presentation followed by a question and answer session, and is basically the same presentation given by Mr. Schorman at Sky Harbor. Only thing missing is the tower and TRACON tour.

Discussions will include best operating practices with some additional emphasis for IFR operations, review of Phoenix area hot spots, Class Bravo transition and a general overview of what controllers do at the TRACON, and conclude with question and answers.

If you've ever tried to register for the "on-site" presentation including the tour, you know how difficult it is, as the event often sells out in minutes. In the pilot universe, "Operation Rain Check" is the hottest ticket in town. Or maybe you are a student pilot from abroad, and not a U.S. citizen, therefore don't meet the tower entry requirements. For whatever reason you haven't been able to attend this informative presentation at Sky Harbor, this is your opportunity to learn about the inner workings of ATC, meet a controller face to face, and ask questions.

Please register and plan join us for this great opportunity.

Seating is limited so please register soon.

EAA/IMC Club, through the EAA's global Chapter structure, provides organized "hangar flying" focused on building instrument flying knowledge and skills.  The program's network promotes a safety culture through continued education and believes that we develop safety and proficiency through education and real life experience. Monthly meetings offer an opportunity to share in-flight experiences and valuable safety tips. Through the FAA Safety Program, aviation professionals provide informative WINGS presentations.  You do not have to be an instrument rated pilot to attend.  Membership in theEAA/IMC Club is encouraged but not required to participate in this meeting. For more information and to take part in this event, click the link below and register TODAY!  Location of Seminar: Chandler Municipal Airport Terminal Meeting Room 2380 S Stinson Way, Chandler, AZ 85286 - Directions to Venue: Park in front of the main terminal building. Entrance to the meeting room is from the outside on the left side of the main terminal door. From the ramp, entrance is through the main terminal doors. Meeting room door is on the far right side of the lobby. Registration Information: Click here to register online now!

4.  Reno ATC Tower Tour 530 pm Arrival - ATC Briefing and Tour of Facility to Include Entry Into the Tower - Tuesday, April 4, 2023, starting at 17:30 Pacific Daylight Time Download Calendar File - ATC Controllers - Brief Description: See controllers doing their job. - Location of Seminar: Reno ATC Tower, 755 s. Rock Blvd,
Reno, NV 89502 - Directions to Venue: South of the Atlantic FBO  -  Registration Information: Click here to register online now!

5.  CFI/DPE SUPER-FORUM - VNY FSDO DPEs CFIs - CFI Trainees - FBO MGMT Invited - The Nine Principles of Light Airplane Flying - Identifying the Basic Tenets - Wednesday, April 5, 2023, starting at 19:00 Pacific Daylight Time (20:00 MDT; 21:00 CDT; 22:00 EDT; 16:00 HST; 18:00 AKDT; 19:00 Arizona; Thursday, April 6, 2023, 02:00 GMT) - Speaker: Rich STOWELL - Master CFI - FEATURED SPEAKER: Rich Stowell - Master Flight Instructor Emeritus -  In February 2001, Stowell was designated the country's first Master CFI-Aerobatics and served on the Master Instructors LLC Board of Review.

Moderator for this meeting will be Michael Phillips, Master CFII - National Board of Directors SAFE, Chief Instructor and Center Manager for Aviation Instruction Simulator Training Center.
SPECIAL TOPIC: The Nine Principles of Light Airplane Flying
While it may be convenient to accept and parrot what we've been taught by others who likewise may be parroting what they've been taught, reasoning from first principles cuts through dogma and removes the blinders. It allows us to separate fact from assumption; truth from myth. And with the correct mental model embedded at the outset, our actions in the airplane will "naturally and effortlessly be correct." - Rich Stowell
DPE/CFI  Q&A will be encouraged with the goal focused upon an instructive forum that will both encourage meaningful attendee feedback, and enable the best possible flight instruction going forward.
EARN MASTER WINGS Credit!  Please enter your name into the super-meeting's chat box. Please login early so as to facilitate starting on time. Thanks!  CFIs and/or CFI students as well as Flight School Management team leaders are those that are invited to attend. - Webinar Information:

Van Nuys FAASTeam is sponsoring this ZOOM Webinar. -  DPEs, CFIs, Instructors in Training, and Flight School Management Leaders are invited to attend. - PLEASE REGISTER IN ADVANCE as attendance is LIMITED to 100 participants.

Our ZOOM MEETING time is 7 p.m.- 9 p,m, (PT) - When: April 5, 2023 07:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Use the following to allow you to register for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation containing information about joining the meeting. Please keep this confirmation private, it is for you only. If your plans change, and you need to cancel, please use the cancel your registration option located at the bottom of your confirmation page. Thanks!

The VAN NUYS FAASTeam both actively solicits CFI participation for this important SUPER-FORUM meeting, and thanks you for your attention. Sponsoring Division: FAASTeam - Contact Information: RONALD ALAN BERINSTEIN - Phone: (323) 394-1331 -

Additional Event Information & Acknowledgement of Industry Sponsor(s):

This meeting is the second in a series of planned webinars and in-person seminars that VNY FSDO FAASTeam will sponsor designed to help maintain and promote the highest quality of available ground and flight instruction opportunities for pilots and future pilots.

Talking Points will include:

  • Optimal Learning
  • Risk Management
  • Fly the Airplane
  • Roll, Yaw, and Pitch
  • Lines and Circles
  • Time and Distance
  • Action-Reaction
  • Stalled Flight
  • Energy Management

Tonight's meeting will be hosted by Ron Berinstein CFII, Van Nuys FAASTeam Lead Representative and the director of the Aviation Airspace and Education website produced on behalf of the Southern California Airspace Users Working Group,

Special recognition to Dr. Paul Foster FAA RAL FPM for his sprinted direction and support for the Van Nuys FAASTeam and safe flight. - Discover More about Rich Stowell by visiting his website where you can find his bio information, view videos, and review the books he has authored. Click here:

8.  "Inflight Engine Failure - How an Engine Monitor Kept Me from Pulling the Chute" -  The Saga of an Inflight Engine Failure, Safe Landing, the Failure Diagnostic Process, and the Resultant Engine Overhaul. - On Saturday, April 8, 2023 at 09:00 Pacific Daylight TimeLocation: Clipper Aviation at Terminal Building Prop Park - 7900 Balboa Room 108 - Van Nuys, CA 91406

A seemingly routine flight from TOA to SEZ in a Cirrus SR22 required quick decisions when the oil pressure started dropping rapidly. After safely on the ground at KRAL, a failure analysis was performed looking for the cause. Diagnostics led to an engine overhaul which is fully explained, and sample parts from the engine are shown . - To view further details and registration information for this seminar, click here.

11.  Spatial Disorientation and Mechanic Hazards - VFR into IMC accident avoidance and Precautions for Mechanic Hazards toward accidents - Tuesday, April 11, 2023, starting at 17:30 Pacific Daylight Time Download Calendar File - Speaker(s): Safety Rep Joe Rajacic and FPM Larry Cheek - Brief Description: How to avoid upsets and prevent IMC hazards along with what Mechanics need to be cautious of to insure airworthy aircraft. - Reno Stead Airport Training Room, 4895 Texas Ave, Reno, NV 89506 - Directions to Venue: Second Floor of Terminal Building - Sponsoring Division: Reno FSDO - Contact Information: LARRY DALE CHEEK - Phone: (775)560-5919 - Additional Event Information & Acknowledgement of Industry Sponsor(s): Special thanks to the RTS Airport Management

12.   The Nine Principles of Light Airplane Flying - Wednesday, April 12, 2023, from 7 - 8:30 p.m. CDT - Presenter: Rich Stowell - Why don’t we talk about first principles in aviation? What are those principles? And what impact could knowing them have on aviation safety and education? Tune in as Rich Stowell proposes nine principles for light airplane flying and drills down into two of them in a way that will broaden your understanding of maneuvering flight. Qualifies for FAA WINGS credit.

By clicking the button, you submit your information to the webinar organizer, who will use it to communicate with you regarding EAA Webinars. Registration Here.

12.  "Pro Tips for Pilots - The Impossible Turn" - Discuss Factors to Consider if Attempting to Make a Return to the Airport with an Engine Failure on Takeoff. - On Wednesday, April 12, 2023 at 19:00 Central Daylight Time (17:00 PDT; 18:00 MDT; 20:00 EDT; 14:00 HST; 16:00 AKDT; 17:00 Arizona; Thursday, April 13, 2023 00:00 GMT) - George Bolon, CFI/DPE will discuss and show factors that need to be reviewed in the preflight phase to help determine if a turn back to the airport will be possible or impossible if an engine failure is experienced on takeoff. - To view further details and registration information for this webinar, click here.

13.  "Brackett Airport IMC Club Instrument Flight Planning" - Topic: Flight Planning 91-103!On Thursday, April 13, 2023 at 19:00 Pacific Daylight Time (20:00 MDT; 21:00 CDT; 22:00 EDT; 16:00 HST; 18:00 AKDT; 19:00 Arizona; Friday, April 14, 2023 02:00 GMT) - Presentation and discussion will cover a local IMC Flight from KTOA to KCRQ. Planning by the group will include some complex routings and buttonology concepts to comply with the routing. - To view further details and registration information for this webinar, click here.

18.  Camarillo Airport Layout Plan Mtg.- Community Room - Camarillo Public Library - 4101 Los Posas Rd. - Camarillo, CA 93010. 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm.  More Here.

22.-23.  Southern California Air Show 2023 - Gates open at 8 a.m. and close at 5:30 p.m. - Show begins at 10 a.m. and ends at 5 p.m. - MARCH AIR RESERVE BASE, CALIF.—March ARB will host the Southern California Air Show 2023 on Saturday and Sunday, April 22 & 23 from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. It is a free, family-friendly event for the public that will showcase March ARB, the Air Force Reserve, all U.S. military services, and many aviation-related groups located in the Inland Empire and Southern California as well as international partners.

Headlining the event is the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds aerial demonstration team; they will be the last show on both days. Additional performances will be provided by the Canadian SkyHawks Parachute Team, about a dozen civilian acts to include stunt planes and warbirds among others. Plus local food and beer vendors and a Kid Zone.

Parking and admission are free. We encourage everyone to download a “find my car” app on their phones as it can be a challenge to locate your vehicle in such a large space.

For more information or for reserved seating, go to the official Southern California Air Show 2023 website at: or visit our social media sites as follows: FB: Southern California Air Show; Twitter: @March_ARB; IG: @teammarchARB - The official hashtag for the event is: #SoCalAirShow - Disclaimer: all is subject to change - Official Website:


May 2023

2.  This is just a reminder that the next Aviation Technical Advisory Committee (ATAC) meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 2, 2023 at 10:00am. The next meeting will be hosted offsite at the World Energy SAF facility located in Paramount. There will be more information to follow in the coming months, including Zoom information for remote/virtual attendees.  More info:  Hiroshi John Ishikawa, PhD, MPP, MA  - Senior Regional Planner—Aviation Program -  -  SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF GOVERNMENTS - 900 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 1700, Los Angeles, CA 90017

26.-29.  LA Fleet Week, a free annual event celebrating the men and women of our U.S. Navy, U.S. Marines, and U.S. Coast Guard, is returning to the LA Waterfront over Memorial Day Weekend 2023. Hosting units from all branches of the military and attracting over 65,000 visitors, this incredible, family-friendly event was an exciting way to kick off the summer on the LA Waterfront. Click Here for Highlights from 2022.


July 2023

24-30   EAA AIRVENTURE - For More Information - Here


August 2023

September 2023

13-17  Stihl National Championship Air Races in Reno - Tickets can be purchased on the website. "The Reno Air Racing Association announced that the Stihl National Championship Air Races will no longer be held at the Reno/Stead Airport in Nevada following the 2023 event in September." - AOPA.  You can read more about the "last Reno Race" via this AOPA article.

October 2023

24-26.  "Flight instructors who want to improve their skills and level of professionalism will be heading to Florida next October for the first-ever National Association of Flight Instructors Summit. - NAFI has selected the Sun ’n Fun Campus at Lakeland Linder International Airport (KLAL) to host the inaugural summit. The event is slated for October 24-26, 2023.

The event, which the organization said is dedicated to professionalism in aviation education and training, will host current and prospective certified flight instructors, aviation leaders, industry advocates, government representatives, and media." - FLYING

July 2024

22.-28.   EAA AirVenture 2024

March 2025

11.-14.  2025 NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference - Portland, Oregon -  If you're interested in elevating your career to the next level, look no further than SDC2025. You'll learn current best practices and trends from industry experts and fellow attendees through top-level education sessions and critical peer-to-peer networking to help you work smarter, not harder in the year ahead.  Learn More Here.

July 2025

21.-27.   EAA AirVenture 2025