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Vectors for Safety - a wonderful source for Aviation News, Professional Commentary and Accident Analysis is published monthly by Gene Benson and is now a permanent "Top of the Page" feature of our INFO WAREHOUSE.

To View the November '22 Vectors for Safety CLICK HERE

For Aerobatic fans: 2020 Contest Listings - The IAC 2020 contest season will begin in March, with the first contest in Arizona, the Estrella Cup (Glider only contest). Visit International Aerobatic Club | the world's largest aerobatic club, promoting and enhancing the safety and enjoyment of aerobatics ( for more information.

For U.S. Navy Blue Angeles Fans:  2022 Show Schedule
U.S.A.F. Thunderbirds Fans:   2021 & 2022 Schedule


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Following up on a SCAUWG MTG.  chart change discussion.  The Western Service Center Operations Support Group provided the attached “CHARTING NOTICE – 56-Day Visual Charts” from the FAA web site;

The notice states: "Like other FAA Supplement, Enroute and Terminal products, each new visual navigation chart title panel will indicate the applicable AIRAC effective date range and no longer include an edition number.

As the IFR charts on 56-day publishing schedule do not have an edition number, the new 56-day visual charts will be identified in the same way using effective dates.



April 13, 2022    To: Users of digital-US Terminal Procedures Publications
From: Aeronautical Information Services    -    Subject: dTPP Desktop discontinued due to Internet Explorer retiring.

Microsoft is retiring Internet Explorer (IE), and their support of IE, as of June 15, 2022.

When distribution of the DVD was discontinued in approximately 2016, the dTPP DVD folder structure was included in the file. The dTPP DVD folder structure, when downloaded to the user’s computer, allowed the user to access the dTPP Desktop application to browse individual dTPP chart files using the XML. The dTPP Desktop application w/as developed using Internet Explorer. dTPP Desktop does not work in Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome due to security measures inherent in Edge and Chrome.

Because Internet Explorer will be retired by Microsoft, the dTPP DVD folder structure will no longer be included in the file beginning with the September 8, 2022 effective date. The only files provided in the file beginning September 8, 2022, will be the pdf compare files and the XML. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via the Aeronautical Information Portal at:

9/08/2022  - To: VFR Aeronautical Chart Users: Private Airports Charted on VFR Aeronautical Charts - Effective November 3, 2023, Visual Flight Rules (VFR) aeronautical charts will no longer make reference to emergency value in private airport charting. Only private airports with landmark value will be retained and charted beyond February 23, 2023

9/15/2022FAA Regional Air Traffic Divisions Telephone Numbers - Starting with the February 23, 2023 effective date, the Chart Supplement publications will no longer contain the individual FAA Regional Air Traffic Divisions Telephone Numbers in the Associated Data section. These telephone numbers are no longer available due to organizational realignment. The main number for the Air Traffic Control System Command Center will continue to be published in the Chart Supplements. For questions or comments, please contact

10/12/2022 - To Users of VFR Charts - Foreign Data on VFR Aeronautical Charts - Effective with the December 29, 2022 chart editions, areas outside of the U.S. shall be skeletonized on all VFR aeronautical charts. Cultural features, hydrographic information and geographic relief shall be retained in subdued and different shades of gray. Only major airports, NAVAIDs and airways shall be charted in foreign areas. These will be in screened black.

10/24/2022 Establishment of Restricted Area R-2511; Trona, CA - This action establishes restricted area R-2511 in the vicinity of Trona, CA in support of the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division (NAWCWD), China Lake, CA. The restricted area is necessary to segregate the testing and evaluation of hazardous weapons systems, and other unproven aviation platforms in the early development cycle from non-participating aircraft. - Effective date 0901 UTC, December 29, 2022.  More Info Here.


Aeronautical Charting Meeting  (Charting Group)

May 23, 2022  The Aeronautical Charting Meeting (ACM) is a public meeting held two times every year. The purpose of the ACM is three-fold:

  • Identify issues concerning safety and usefulness of aeronautical charts and flight information products/services.
  • Discuss and evaluate proposals concerning aeronautical charts and flight information publications, digital aeronautical products, database coding, instrument flight procedures, and instrument flight procedure development, policy, and design.
  • Provide an opportunity for government and interested participants to brief and/or discuss new navigation concepts, terminal instrument procedures (TERPS) policy/criteria changes, and charting specifications and methodologies.

The Aeronautical Charting Meeting is divided into two groups — the Instrument Procedures Group (IPG) and the Charting Group (CG) See Order 7910.5.

The CG portion of the ACM includes briefings and discussions on recommendations regarding aeronautical charts and flight information products/services. Please visit the ACM Instrument Procedures Group Web Site for information regarding Instrument Procedure issues.

Aeronautical Charting Meeting (ACM) — Charting Group

ACM 22-01

The meeting was held on April 25–28, 2022 as a virtual meeting.

Aeronautical Charting Meeting (ACM) — Charting Group

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on October 24-27, 2022. Please see the details below.

New Recommendation Documents for Upcoming ACM (CG)

Future Dates and Locations

  • Meeting 22-02 – October 24-27, 2022 – Virtual
  • Meeting 23-01 – April 24-27, 2023 – TBD


To: All Pilots flying in the area of Los Altos Rod and Gun Club:

7/01/2022   The Los Altos Rod and Gun Club is located in Los Gatos, Ca. in the Santa Cruz Mountains (see location below) at an elevation of approximately 2800 MSL. Be aware of the hazards a live firing range presents to aircraft. Flight within 500 feet of the club presents potential small arms hazards to the aircraft flying over the gun club.

Due to low over flights of the gun club the FAA is monitoring flights in the area.Please choose a course and altitude which will not present a potential hazard for your aircraft when flying near the Los Altos Rod and Gun Club.



ALERT:  Angel Flight Needs Pilots

"Volunteer group that performs humanitarian missions needs more folks, particularly out West. - Angel Flight has been around for nearly 40 years. The organization is made up of volunteer pilots who fly their own airplanes or rental aircraft to provide transportation, often for people who need to get to medical appointments. The passengers generally come from rural areas where specialty medical care is not available. Angel Flight pilots take them to places where treatment can be obtained. Find Out More Here.


MANUALS You May Need:

MANUALS You May Need:



10/07/2022   Just added to the PODCAST / VIDEOCAST Page: ROTORCRAFT COLLECTIVE - “The Rotorcraft Collective” is a group of engineers, pilots, mechanics, accident investigators, and communication specialists from industry and the FAA who produce short safety videos packed with information on topics such as preflight inspections and passenger briefings, helicopter icing, and securing cargo. Check out the entire video series here


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Let's Begin: 

10/07/2022   Missing The Miss - IFR INSTRUCTION & SPATIAL DISORIENTATION - From AVweb/Aviation Safety - "Yet pilots can’t seem to stop having accidents while flying a miss. So we took a look at some recent NTSB accident reports to learn more about how pilots are missing the miss. They seem to break down into two main categories, and we’ve supplied an example of each." Find Out More Here.

10/07/2022   Sikorsky Demonstrates Logistics Missions With Autonomous Black Hawk - PR NEWS - From AVweb - "Lockheed Martin subsidiary Sikorsky and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) have completed their first demonstration for the U.S. Army of logistics and rescue missions using an uncrewed “optionally piloted” Black Hawk helicopter. The demonstration simulated missions including an 83-mile autonomous medical resupply carrying 400 units of real and simulated blood, delivery of a 2,600-pound external load attached to a 40-foot sling, and rerouting mid-flight to evacuate a casualty. The flights, which were performed by a Black Hawk equipped with Sikorsky’s MATRIX autonomy technology, aimed to “show how existing and future piloted utility helicopters could one day fly complex missions in reduced crew or autonomous mode.”  Read More Here.

11/07/2022   PR NEWS - For those who desire to search toward the sky for success, this story should serve as an inspiration and a testament that helps to prove Whiteman is a valuable community asset that needs to stay nurtured, polished, and kept shiny like any other prized jewel.  

10,000th Free Airplane Flight for Kids 

to be Celebrated on November 26th at Whiteman Airport 

The 10,000th young person is to get a free “Young Eagles” airplane ride from the pilots of Chapter 40 of the Experimental Aircraft Association based at Whiteman Airport will be on Saturday, November 26, 2022.

There should be about 75-85 flights provided on that day to kids between 8 through 17. All kids are invited to discover the gift of flight, and the rides are entirely paid for by the pilots.

The “Young Eagles” is an EAA National Program, and Chapter 40 has been providing these complimentary introductory flight experiences on the 4th Saturday of every month at San Fernando Valley’s Whiteman Airport since 1992 (except on Christmas Day or Eve).

EAA Chapter 40 is arranging a VERY special flight for the lucky youngster.  Details will be forthcoming.

Caveat: we will not fly if the weather that day is not safe.  The alternate date if that happens will be Dec 17.

For More Information about this story, I invite those who decide to build rather than tear down to contact Dave Kolstad - Chapter 40 Young Eagles Coordinator -  - Webmaster

11/07/2022   Why Twilight Can Be a Complicated Time for Pilots - "Do you know the difference between civil twilight, nautical twilight and astronomical twilight? - Twilight is a complicated thing. It is partitioned into three zones. There is civil twilight, which lasts from sunset to when the center of the sun is 6 degrees, or about 12 solar diameters, below the horizon and things can no longer be clearly seen.

Then comes nautical twilight, which ends when the center of the sun is 12 degrees below the horizon and a seaman no longer discerns the break between the western sea and the sky. Finally, astronomical twilight ends when the sun is 18 degrees below the horizon, leaving the sky black enough for the inspection of distant galaxies. - The sun travels 15 degrees across the sky each hour, but because..."  Continue Here.

11/06/2022   Under Pressure - ALTIMETER GROUNDSCHOOL - From AVweb - "QNH, ALSTG, low pressure, high pressure... The atmosphere exerts a highly variable pressure on us, but we need to accurately know that pressure to stay safe. - In this article, we’ll take an introductory look at barometers, pressure, and get a better look at where QNH, QFE, and other values come from. If you’ve found them mysterious or confusing, this article is for you. - The Basics Of Pressure - The atmosphere is made up of a large volume of gas, consisting of nitrogen, oxygen, argon, and a number of trace elements. We often slip into the mindset of thinking that the air floats freely..."  Read and Learn Here.

11/06/2022   History of Agricultural Aviation Reveals a Series of Turning Points - INFO - From Flying - "Industry’s growth has been marked by interesting watershed moments. - On August 3, 1921, a Curtiss JN-6 “Jenny” took off from the now defunct McCook Field in Dayton, Ohio, and headed to the nearby town of Troy, where an infestation of catalpa sphinx moths threatened to destroy a grove of catalpa trees. The trees were valuable for their wood, which made good railroad ties, telephone poles, and fence posts. - John Macready, an Army test pilot who flew fighters in World War I, was at the controls. In the rear cockpit was Etienne Dormoy, a research engineer with the Army Signal Corps who had modified the Jenny for this experimental assignment. - As Macready skimmed the treetops, Dormoy turned a crank on a..."  Finish reading Here.

11/06/2022   AOPA Airport Support Network - "Pressure on public and privately owned airports continues to mount. This pressure takes many forms, including curfews, noise restrictions, lack of improvements, residential encroachment, and even calls to close the airport. The AOPA Airport Support Network provides the vehicle for AOPA members to work in conjunction with AOPA staff to preserve and protect airports across the United States. Our goal is to have an Airport Support Network (ASN) Volunteer at every public use airport in the United States.

Our Volunteers:

  • Engage with airport management and local elected officials
  • Promote the airports value in the Community
  • Protect America’s Community Airports

The new AOPA Western Regional Manager (Jared Yoshiki) coordinate it.  Should you wish to volunteer or find out if your airport has a representative you might Start HERE.   For an AOPA article on the subject of local airport advocacy (so important today!) - you can discover it Here.

11/06/2022   Flight Check — Please Keep Your Distance! - Who We Are, What We Do, and How It Matters to You - NAS INTEGRITY CHECK -INFO - From FAA SAFETY BROEFING - "The first thing I learned is that flight inspection involves way more than ensuring the accuracy of an ILS. Flight inspection is the airborne inspection of all space and ground-based instrument flight procedures and the validation of the integrity of the electronic signals in space transmitted from navigation systems. “Validating signals in space” is far removed from the origins of our air navigation system. The U.S. Postal Service developed lighted airway beacons (bonfires) and placed them 10 miles apart to aid nighttime navigation in the 1920s. Responsibility for the airway system was then transferred to..."  A "good read" - WebmasterContinue reading Here.

11/05/2022  New AME Minute Covers Cancer TreatmentsIn the latest Pilot Minute video, FAA Federal Air Surgeon Dr. Susan Northrup covers how the FAA is approaching new treatments for cancer. While pilots with many common forms of cancer can be issued a medical certificate, the FAA is using a new approach with an expanded network of specialists for those with less common or more advanced cancer. Watch the video here or see the full Pilot Minute playlist.

11/05/2022  The Heat is On – Cold Weather Flying TipsAs winter draws near, bundling up for cold weather flying will soon be a reality for many pilots. Besides breaking out the gloves and winter jacket, you’ll also want to consider how the cold can affect your performance in flight. In the article, “The Heat is On” in the Sep/Oct 2022 issue of FAA Safety Briefing, author Dr. Leo Hattrup explores some impairments caused by the cold, and offers advice and tips on how to be prepared and fly warm. Read the article here:

11/05/2022   ZeroAvia, AGS Airports Enter Hydrogen Fuel Partnership - NEWS - From Flying - "Under the  agreement, the European airport operator and ZeroAvia will explore developing hydrogen fuel infrastructure and launching zero-emission routes. - ZeroAvia, one of the leaders in the quest for zero-emission solutions for commercial aviation and AGS Airports have established an agreement to explore the development of infrastructure that will allow hydrogen fuel for aircraft traveling between Aberdeen and Glasgow airports.

AGS, based in the U.K., owns and operates Aberdeen, Glasgow, and Southampton airports. The team is working closely with ZeroAvia’s specialist airport infrastructure team to assess the opportunities for hydrogen production onsite, as well as establishing commercial air routes. - In the meantime, ZeroAvia is developing hydrogen-electric aviation solutions to address a..."  Continue.

10/28/2022   NBAA Hails Law to Support Advanced Air Mobility Development - From NBAA - "Washington, DC, Oct. 18, 2022 – The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) welcomed President Biden’s signing into law this week of the Advanced Air Mobility Coordination and Leadership Act, which will promote policies, procedures and programs to support the integration of this emerging aviation sector into America’s transportation infrastructure. - Advanced air mobility (AAM) is an air transportation system that moves people and property by air between places using electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, in local, regional, intraregional, rural, and urban environments.

AAM utilizes aircraft ranging in size from single-passenger vehicles to large shuttles to make cities, underserved communities and geographically distant regions more accessible. - “We thank President Biden and the sponsors of the Advanced Air Mobility Coordination and Leadership Act..."  Continue Here

10/28/2022   Is This the Right Runway? - RUNWAY SAFETY INFO - From Flying - "Weather, fatigue, last-minute ATC requests and many more in-cockpit distractions can contribute to touching down in the wrong spot. - It was in the news: Noted actor and aviation proponent Harrison Ford, while arriving at an airport on the west coast, reportedly landed on a taxiway, not the assigned runway. Oops! Dissecting that event is not this article’s purpose. But it did get me to wonder: How often does this happen? Why does it happen? What can we as pilots do to minimize the opportunities for this type of event to happen to us?"  Read About it Here.

10/27/2022   Engine Break-In - ENGINE SAFETY - From Aviation Safety - "This isn’t my first engine overhaul with this plane, but it has been a while, so I sat down recently to review how I handled the previous one, update myself on the various recommendations and develop a plan for the plane’s next few flights. I came away with new appreciation and respect for test pilots."  Read More Here.

10/26/2022   Listen to Air Force fighter pilots intercept a ‘renegade’ plane intruding on Biden’s airspace - "According to the audio, the F-16s performed three "headbutts" and dropped 10 flares before the intruding aircraft finally turned around." INTERCEPT INFO OVER LA - From Task & Purpose - "A private Cessna aircraft flew too far into airspace protected for President Joe Biden as the commander-in-chief gave a speech in southern California last week. The Cessna eventually turned out of the restricted zone, but new audio reveals what it was like for Air Force F-16 fighter pilots, a Coast Guard helicopter crew and military and civilian air traffic controllers to intercept the errant plane over Santa Ana, a city near Los Angeles." Read and listen to the Audio Here.   - Sent to us by our friend Wayne.

10/26/2022   NASA Names Research Group to Study UFOs and UAPs - INFO - From Flying - "Are sightings of unidentified aerial objects evidence of extraterrestrial life? That’s what the government intends to find out." - Continue.

10/23/2022   EARLY ANALYSIS: TRAINING ACCIDENT AT NEWPORT NEWS WILLIAMSBURG AIRPORT - N97883 CESSNA 172-N - VIDEO- SAFETY - From AOPA - "On October 6, 2022, a Cessna 172 crashed during a training flight at the Newport News–Williamsburg International Airport (KPHF) in Newport News, Virginia. No one on the ground was injured. Sadly, the certificated flight instructor died in the accident. A student pilot and another student onboard the Cessna were taken to a hospital with serious injuries." Webmaster: Pertinent Info For CFIs,  View the Presentation Here

10/22/2022   WHITEMAN CAC (current) DRAFT - Overview from Public Works / Re-envisioning Website - This document is a “working” document that has been and will continue to be refined as the Re-envisioning process concludes over the next few months.
For the purpose of this working document, it is organized in three parts:
Part 1: Discussion of long-term scenarios and their influence on recommendations, and
Part 2: The draft recommendations themselves.
Part 3: Relevant Best Practices to potentially incorporate into these recommendations.
Please review the information as it is presented and provide any feedback. It’s anticipated that further refinement may include overall format of this document, incorporating additional recommendations (best practices in particular), additional supporting information if needed (key information and factors, current status) and further consolidation to make sure all priority recommendations are included and in the right spot.
View the Re-envisioning Working Document DRAFT HERE.

10/22/2022   KWHP NOISE STUDY OVERVIEW - At the September 22, 2022 CAC meeting, a presentation was given regarding the preliminary noise
assessment that was conducted for Whiteman Airport (WHP). While this memo summarizes the presentation, the full presentation can be view by following this link.  -  A summary of the findings can be Read by Clicking Here.

10/21/2022   GPS interference caused the FAA to reroute Texas air traffic. Experts stumped - From Ars Technica - GPS interference caused the FAA to reroute Texas air traffic. Experts stumped - "The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the cause of mysterious GPS interference that, over the past few days, has closed one runway at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport and prompted some aircraft in the region to be rerouted to areas where signals were working properly."  Continue Reading Here.

10/20/2022   Long Beach Pursues Plan To Reduce Leaded Fuel at Airport - NEWS - From AVIATION PROS - "As health concerns prompt federal regulators to consider banning leaded fuel in small planes, the Long Beach City Council voted Tuesday to explore ways to help speed the transition to cleaner forms of aviation fuel at their busy airport.

Council members unanimously directed staff to work with city-owned Long Beach Airport and other stakeholders on a plan to reduce lead pollution from planes, citing particular concern for kids who live or go to school near the runways. Options include starting to offer unleaded fuel that's already on the market for many planes, giving pilots financial incentives to make the switch now and advocating for federal policies that move the entire industry in that direction." Continue Reading Here.

10/19/2022   TAF Dissected - WX INFO - From AVweb/IFR Magazine - "In this article we’ll take an inside look at this tool in a more readable format than you’re probably used to. Though we’ve touched a bit on the TAF in the past, it’s time to give this trusty planning tool an exclusive article. - The story of TAF code goes back to the Convention on International Civil Aviation, held at the Stevens Hotel in Chicago in December 1944. Members from 52 nations set out..." A review of how to read it. Read this Article

10/19/2022    County's ban of 100LL fuel prompts AOPA complaint - NEWS - AOPA - The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association has filed a complaint with the Federal Aviation Administration on behalf of users of the Reid-Hillview of Santa Clara County Airport and San Martin Airport, both in California, asserting that the county's Jan. 1 decision to ban the sale of 100LL fuel is unsafe for pilots, as some general aviation aircraft are unable to use lower-octane fuel. Read More Here

10/19/2022   How IFR Fixes Get Their Names - INFO - From Flying - "Have you taken a look at a low IFR enroute chart lately? Specifically, note the five-letter designations for IFR fixes, which are geographic positions determined by reference to navaids or lat/long coordinates. You may find yourself wondering if the people in charge of coming up with the designations are using the tiles from a Scrabble game to name the fixes. According to the FAA, the designations come from..." Continue.

10/19/2022   Crosswind Landings - SAFETY - From Flight Safety Foundation ALAR pdf. - A very complete analysis.  Download the file Here.

10/17/2022   U.S. to issue new cybersecurity requirements for critical aviation systems - NEWS - From Reuters - "WASHINGTON, Oct 12 (Reuters) - A U.S. transportation security agency said Wednesday it plans to issue new cybersecurity requirements for some key aviation systems after several U.S. airport websites earlier this week were hit with apparently coordinated denial-of-service attacks. - The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) said Monday's cyberattacks that were allegedly organized by pro-Russian hackers "did not disrupt airport operations or access to information." Details Here.

10/16/2022   A history of leaded fuels - From General Aviation News 2/2020 - "Since straight run gasoline was one of the limiting factors for aviation, especially for the military, a huge research effort was launch by the oil companies, the military, plus numerous other research agencies in the early 1900s for a better solution."  Read it Here.

10/14/2022   Aviation Accidents on the Decline Per Air Safety Institute Report - Stall/spin accidents account for the largest number of fatal aviation accidents, according to the latest Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) Air Safety Institute report. - From FLYING - "The Nall report quantifies accidents in relation to 100,000 flight hours. “Overall accident rates decreased from 4.87 per 100,000 flight hours to 4.69 and the fatal accident rate decreased from 0.89 to 0.83 from 2019 to 2020, respectively,” the study said. - Weather is still a leading contributor to fatal accidents, however..." (The NALL Report is published here in SCAUWG.ORG) You can read more from FLYING and this Article HERE.

10/14/2022   MICHIGAN BILL STIFLES AVIATION - NEWS/ADVOCACY - From AOPA - "Officials in Michigan are once again moving forward with a bill that would negatively impact aviation by placing unnecessary restrictions on aeronautical activities in the state. - Introduced by Rep. Jeff Yaroch (R-District 33), H.B. 6361 aims to change the definitions of private airports and private landing areas, place burdensome regulations on flying clubs, and regulate skydive drop zones. - AOPA argued that by incorporating flying clubs into commercial operations, the bill's proposed definitions directly conflict with FAA policy and the state aeronautics code."  Continue Here.

10/14/2022   Practical Stability - SAFETY - From Aviation Safety - "How your airplane is designed has a lot to do with its relative stability. How you load it and manage any fuel-burn-related changes has an impact, too." - "It was easy to fly when I was alone, but with the family aboard, it was a lot less pleasant. The pitch trim seemed less effective and holding altitude even in light turbulence was a chore. “What is wrong with this airplane?” I sometimes asked myself. There was nothing wrong with the airplane. Nor was there anything wrong with the laws of physics. It was the combination that was giving me fits." Read the Full Artical Here.

10/14/2022   AUVSI slams US states mulling the creation of drone toll lanes -NEWS - From DroneDJ - "Focusing primarily on “avigation easements” or the property right acquired from a land owner for the use of airspace above a specified height, these measures promote the creation of toll lanes in the sky for drones. - AUVSI points out that such laws at the state or local government level not only dismantle the federal authority of the airspace, but they also create a dangerous and virtually impossible-to-navigate patchwork of regulations for drone operators."  Read More Here.

10/14/2022   FAA Adds GPS Routes In Alaska - NEWS - From AVweb - "The FAA is implementing a key component of its Alaska Aviation Safety Initiative with the addition of 54 GPS-guided Terminal Transition Routes (T-Routes), more than half of which will be available this winter. The routes allow direct routing at lower altitudes to allow aircraft to duck icing conditions. A total of 33 will..."  Continue.

10/11/2022   Low-Viz Takeoffs - "You'll need to exercise much more care and preparation than if the weather was better." SAFETY From AVweb - "All five aboard the airplane died. At the time this article was written, it was not yet known what factors, if any, beside the weather may have contributed to this Christmas Eve tragedy. Regardless, the circumstances should remind us of the extra planning and skill needed for a departure into low IMC, day or night—even if everything is going right."  Continue Here.

10/10/2022   SURVIVE: BEYOND THE FORCED LANDING - PREPARE YOURSELF FOR THE UNLIKELY EVENT OF A POST-CRASH SURVIVAL SCENARIO WITH THIS SAFETY SPOTLIGHT - "No one likes to consider the unwelcome possibility of a forced off-airport landing—and the potential survival situation to follow. But as pilot in command, it is your job to prepare for the chance that one day you and your passengers may be in a life-or-death survival scenario, with only your preparation and training to keep you alive. This safety spotlight is intended to help all pilots better understand what they can do above and beyond the regulations to survive an accident."  Certificate of Completion at the end of this AOPA ASI course. INFO HERE.

10/09/2022   EPA proposes endangerment finding for leaded avgas - FUEL NEWS - From General Aviation News - "Under the Clean Air Act, EPA reviews information on air pollutants and sources of air pollution to determine whether they threaten human health or welfare, agency officials said. This is referred to as an “endangerment finding” — a first step in using EPA’s authority to address the source of lead pollution. - While levels of airborne lead in the United States have declined..." Read it Here.

10/07/2022   Understanding Fronts - Let's get up close and learn about one of the biggest troublemakers of the winter season. - WX INFO - From AVweb - "Often, the word “front” raises anxiety and apprehension in aviation meteorology. It carries the possibility of showers and thunderstorms, signals a change in the weather regime, and means the distinct possibility of a busted forecast. Thankfully there’s nothing to fear. Fronts are now well understood—computer models have become excellent at handling the underlying air masses that drive these weather systems. But to avoid the little details that often get us in trouble, we need..."  Continue More.

10/05/2022   They fly into the eye of Ian and other major storms. Who are the Hurricane Hunters? - INFO - From SUNHEARLD - "Parachutes aren’t an option for the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron “Hurricane Hunters” when they fly into Hurricane Ian as it intensifies on its way to Florida. The Air Force Reservists volunteer for their mission and fly directly through the eye of the hurricane — then turn and come through again at a different entry point — then turn and do it again. Some days, like when Hurricane Ike was intensifying over Cuba..."  Read More Here.

10/02/2022   U.S. Air Force Developing New Nav Technology As A GPS Backup - NEWS - From AVweb - "The U.S. Air Force announced this week its Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC) at Robins AFB in Georgia is developing “the next generation aircraft navigation system.” In response to concern over GPS jamming by adversaries, the USAF initiated study on the Resilient Embedded Global Positioning System/Inertial Navigation System program—shortened to “R-EGI” in military-speak."  More Here.

09/30/2022   Chartered Flights at Van Nuys Airport Raising Concerns, Council President Says - Opinion from - "Seeking to address what she described as community concerns over an increase in chartered flights at Van Nuys Airport, Council President Nury Martinez introduced a motion Wednesday asking for an analysis of the regulations of charter operations at the airport." More anti-airport rheteric - Read it Here.

SCAUWG.ORG responded with an online reply 9/30/22:

"Road travel accounts for three-quarters of transport emissions. Most of this comes from passenger vehicles – cars and buses – which contribute 45.1%. The other 29.4% comes from trucks carrying freight. -  Since the entire transport sector accounts for 21% of total emissions, and road transport accounts for three-quarters of transport emissions, road transport accounts for 15% of total CO2 emissions.

 Aviation – while it often gets the most attention in discussions on action against climate change – accounts for only 11.6% of transport emissions" - Hannah Ritchie article sourced from IEA.

 "It’s especially unhealthful to live near freeways and roads frequented by diesel trucks, which spew many times more harmful gases and particles than cars. Diesel particulate matter, carcinogen-laden soot that deposits deep in the lungs, is responsible for the bulk of the cancer risk from air pollution and more than 1,000 early deaths a year in California." Tony Barboza – LA TIMES

 Conclusion: Some folks are more than happy to advocate for limiting the rights of others to fly, while they are more than happy to board a flight at any time they desire. They should avoid being hypocritical, and in the interest of honesty, I propose they should volunteer that their names should be placed on a no-fly list. - Most recently the FAA has approved Unleaded Gas for the entire spark ignition piston fleet of aircraft.  Thus, this is just one more fact that may be inconvenient for folks that possibly have alternative motivations other than those they overtly profess.

09/30/2022   Why Your Performance Charts Are Wrong - SAFETY & DATA - From AVweb - "The tables, graphs and charts in the performance section of your typical personal airplane’s flight manual or operating handbook purport to identify for you, beforehand, the answers to the how fast and how long questions. Which gets embarrassing when we run the numbers and roll off the end of the runway anyway. - When that happens, it might be pilot error—maybe you made a mistake tracing your pencil along a curve on a performance chart. It also could be because..."  Continue Here.

09/30/2022   NASA Conducts First Planetary Defense Test - From AVweb - "NASA wrapped up its first-ever planetary defense technology demonstration on Monday evening, crashing a spacecraft into an asteroid with the goal of altering its orbit. The Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) targeted the asteroid Dimorphos, which measures 530 feet (160 meters) in diameter and orbits a larger asteroid named Didymos. The 1,260-pound (570-kilogram) spacecraft hit the asteroid at about 14,000 miles (22,530 kilometers) per hour. The test was conducted to demonstrate “a viable mitigation technique for protecting the planet from an Earth-bound asteroid or comet.” Managed by the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory (APL), DART was launched in Nov. 2021."  Continue Here.

09/30/2022  Keeping your airplane safe during hurricane season - INFO - From AOPA - HURRICANES - "Each hurricane season, our members call or email AOPA for advice on how best to prepare their aircraft for the coming storm. This subject report provides tips for anchoring your aircraft to ride out the storm as safely as possible." Continue Here.

09/30/2022 launched a new online course (ALC-889: Conducting Preflight Self-Briefings for IFR Pilots) to provide Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) student and IFR pilots, guidance on how to conduct a safe and regulatory compliant preflight self-briefing using automated weather resources. The new course, developed by Flight Service, will help ensure pilots understand aviation weather basics and how to apply meteorological and aeronautical information in a systematic manner to plan a safe flight. It includes scenarios, real-life examples, videos, reference materials, and practice exercises for pilots to conduct on their own or with a CFII.

To receive appropriate WINGS course credit for this course, be sure you have an account on Once you log in, you can enroll and complete the course:

09/26/2022   FAA Releases Vertiport Design Standards to Support the Safe Integration of Advanced Air Mobility Aircraft - FAA -

WASHINGTON − The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) today released new design guidelines for vertiports, infrastructure that will support Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) aircraft. The design standards will serve as the initial step to provide key information for airport owners, operators and infrastructure developers to begin development of facilities that will support operations of AAM aircraft that are electrically powered and take-off and land vertically.

“Our country is stepping into a new era of aviation. These vertiport design standards provide the foundation needed to begin safely building infrastructure in this new era.” said Associate Administrator for Airports Shannetta Griffin, P.E.

These Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) operations will transport passengers or cargo at lower altitudes in rural, urban and suburban areas.

The design standards include critical information that designers and builders will need to follow to allow for safe takeoffs and landings. Some of those include:

Safety-critical geometry and design elements: Dimensions for vertiport touchdown and liftoff areas, additional airspace needed for approach and departure paths and load-bearing capacity. In the future FAA anticipates a high rate of operations at many vertiports.

Lighting, markings and visual aids: Guidelines on markings, lighting and visual aids that identify the facility as a vertiport. The FAA recommends the Vertiport Identification Symbol, as shown in the middle of the graphic below.

Vertiport Identification Symbol

Charging and electric infrastructure: Initial safety standards and guidelines for batteries and charging equipment that will be central to vertiports.

On-airport vertiports: Requirements for airports looking to add vertiports to an existing commercial airport, including the distance a vertiport would have to be from a current runway.

Elevated vertiports: Requirements and guidelines for vertiports that may be on top of existing structures.
vertiports that may be on top of existing structures

This vertiport guidance will be used until performance-based vertiport design guidance is developed.

The final design standards are based on research conducted by the FAA, collaboration with industry partners and feedback from the public. The FAA held a virtual Industry Day on March 29, 2022, to discuss the draft standards it released in early 2022.

09/24/2022  Top 7 Amazing Helicopters of the U.S. Military - "Here are the Top 7 Amazing Helicopters of the U.S. Military A military helicopter is a helicopter that is either specifically built or converted for use by military forces. A military helicopter's mission is a function of its design or conversion. The most common use of military helicopters is transport of troops, but transport helicopters can be modified or converted to perform other missions. Other videos you might like: The Biggest Aircraft Carriers ► No One Wants to Fight the A-10 Warthog ► Javelin Anti-Tank Missile ►  -  Watch 7 Amazing Helicopters Here.

09/23/2022   FAA Launches New Interactive Factbook - FAA - Calling all aviation enthusiasts! Interested in uncovering facts about the world of aerospace? From air traffic to commercial space transportation to drones, check out our new interactive FAA Fact Book, a one-stop shop for data, facts & visualizations. For example, did you know that Florida has the most certificated pilots in the U.S. with more than 75,000? Or that there are  more than 6,000 heliports in the U.S. and 13 balloon ports? Read more about the FAA Fact Book here:

09/23/2022   Advanced Preflight After Maintenance - FAA - Did you know that maintenance-related problems are one of the most deadly causes of accidents in general aviation? Contributing to this is a pilot’s failure to identify maintenance discrepancies because of a lack of knowledge and improper techniques used during the preflight of the aircraft. Learn how an advanced preflight can help you become more aware of all the safety-related data on your aircraft, and focus on a more detailed approach to your preflight inspection in our latestFly Safe topic here You can also watch our 57 Seconds to Safer Flying video on the subject here.

09/23/2022  Flight Check - Please Keep Your Distance -  FAA - Ever wonder what goes into the process to inspect our nation’s complex air navigation systems? Perhaps you’ve heard the “Flight Check” call sign and/or noticed an aircraft flying a non-standard traffic pattern, making low passes, or flying many large arcs over an open field. While these maneuvers may appear strange to the casual observer, for the folks at FAA’s Flight Program Operations team, these are highly calculated operations used to support their flight inspection mission and ensure NAS integrity.  To learn more about what Flight Check does, and how it matters to you, check out the article “Flight Check – Please Keep Your Distance” at

09/23/2022  Rust Never Sleeps - SAFETY - From Aviation Safety Magazine - "And it’s not just general aviation facing this dilemma. First Lieutenant Schmitz died as a result of Covid-19-restricted training, underscoring that, to paraphrase FAA guidance, training and proficiency demand recency and frequency. And air carriers around the world have found themselves in a pandemic-related bind as the mid-2021 increase in air travel demand found them short of qualified pilots." Full Story Here.

09/21/2022   EAA Program Will Help Ensure Young Eagles Guidelines Are Maintained - From AVweb - "To further ensure Young Eagles volunteers are educated on current program guidelines and requirements, EAA will initiate Young Eagles risk management training starting this December 2022. Training will include a 30-minute prerecorded webinar followed with a short quiz. “Similar to youth protection training, this course will need to be completed every three years for renewal,” said the association.

EAA further advised, “Young Eagles coordinators will be required to complete this training before your chapter’s first rally of 2023, or by April 30, 2023, whichever occurs first. Other Young Eagles volunteers and chapter officers will be encouraged to take this training.” Contin.ue Here

09/20/2022   ATC Versus Pilot Regs - INFO - From AVweb - "Every NTSB report filed either touches an existing rule for pilots or ATC, or calls to create a new rule. Depending on what exactly might be the remedy, the process of deciding whether it is a systematic rule or human related starts at the same time that the incident occurred. At the end of the day, something is done about it in some form or fashion. Whether it was effective or just feels good, I’ll leave to you. Rules naturally derive from..." Continue Here.

09/18/2022   Non-Published Approaches - INSTRUCTIONAL - From AVweb - "When an instrument-rated pilot thinks of an approach, he or she likely pictures a so-called standard instrument approach procedure, or SIAP, the published approaches we all have come to know and “love.” A SIAP is described in FAR Part 97 and in published charting data available from the FAA and Jeppesen, for example. Standard approach procedures are available for use by any operator with the appropriate equipment, unlike “special” approaches, which typically are for government, military or private use. Unless you’re flying for an operator who uses a special approach, when you fire up an electronic flight bag like ForeFlight or flip through a Jeppesen terminal procedures binder, you’re looking at a SIAP."  Read More Here.

09/18/2022   NBAA Call to Action Urges Veto of 'Stop the Chop' Act - ALERT - From AINonline - "NBAA is urging its members to express strong opposition to a New York bill that would clear the way for lawsuits over rotorcraft noise. Senate Bill S7493A has passed both the New York Assembly and Senate and is headed to the desk of New York Gov. Kathy Hochul for her signature.

In a call to action, NBAA appealed to members to urge Hochul to veto the measure—the so-called “Stop the Chop” act—saying it is so expansive that lawsuits could be levied against a pilot, flight department, line service personnel, or other company personnel involved in a helicopter operation perceived as noisy, even if the operation is in compliance with federal law."  Continue Here.

09/17/2022   Raytheon Awarded WAAS Upgrade Contract - NEWS - From AVweb - "The FAA has awarded Raytheon Intelligence & Space (RI&S) a contract to provide upgrades to the agency’s Wide-Area Augmentation System (WAAS) space-based precision navigation aid. The 10-year indefinite delivery indefinite quantity contract has a maximum value of $375 million. Work currently ordered includes technical refresh and dual frequency operation (DFO) upgrades valued at $215 million. - “There is no margin for error during take-off, flight or landing,” said Denis Donohue, RI&S surveillance and network systems president. “Our modernization effort for WAAS will improve system robustness during ionospheric events and ensure safety-of-life requirements continue to be met.” More.

09/17/2022   US Airlines Begin Installing 5G C-Band Filter for Radio Altimeters on Airbus A320s - NEWS - From Aviation Today -  "U.S. airlines have begun installing a radio altimeter replacement for in-service Airbus A320 model aircraft that currently feature altimeters susceptible to interference from 5G C-band wireless signals generated by networks recently deployed by AT&T and Verizon. Thales, the Toulouse, France-based avionics manufacturer, has confirmed the start of installations of an upgraded version of their radio altimeters that will replace the 5G C-band susceptible legacy ERT 530. - A Sept. 14 update posted to the..."   Continue Here.

09/12/2022   The Rotorcraft Collective: Performance Planning & Power Management - VIDEO - FAA - We should all understand the performance capabilities and respect the limitations of the aircraft we are flying. Watch this video for steps to improve helicopter performance planning and power management. Watch it Here.

09/10/2022   UPS Tests Approaches to SBD Rwy 24 - "On August 30th, UPS tested three approaches they are developing to access the freight business at SBD. These approaches included RNAV (GPS) Instrument Approaches to Runways 6 and 24 and an RNAV Visual Approach to Runway 24. The Runway 24 RNAV Approach is an instrument approach that requires special equipment and training because of the terrain near SBD. The Runway 24 RNAV Visual Approach can only be flown in visual conditions with the required equipment. - RNAV Visual Approaches are also known as a RVFP (RNAV Visual Flight Procedure). They are..."  You can continue to read the important progress report Here.

09/09/2022   Icing Revealed - SAFETY INFO  - From AVweb/IFR Magazine - "Since the dawn of aviation, icing has emerged as one of the great hazards of flying. The 1994 American Eagle crash in Roselawn, Indiana, shows that this problem has dogged aviation well into the modern era and called the bluff of even trained and experienced pilots. Even in the 2000s, when numerical forecasting had become a mature science, icing was forecast mostly by rule of thumb and experience. Only recently..."  Continue Here.

09/09/2022   VIDEO - Paul Millner on AVgas Market Realities - Interview with AVweb's Paul Bertorelli - " On Sept. 1, 2022, the FAA finally approved the first 100-octane unleaded aviation gasoline. Getting it to market will be anything but easy. In this interview with AVweb’s Paul Bertorelli, longtime refinery expert Paul Millner explains the technology and economics involved. He is a technical consultant for AOPA’s fuel oversight efforts."  Watch Here.

09/08/2022   Ask FLYING: What Kind of Precip Will Fall First? - "An aviation meteorologist reveals the progression from sleet to ice pellets to snow as we look forward to the change in seasons. - Q: Is it possible to identify the typical sequence during which snow will fall in the Midwest versus an area prone to receiving lake effect snow? It seems snow pellets or sleet/ice pellets appear before flakes in some circumstances." A serious discussion. Read it here.

09/07/2022   VIDEO - AVweb's Paul Bertorelli sets the stage with the STC Info Pilots will want to know and introduces "G100UL What Happens Next?" This is a short introductory video.  Watch it Here.

09/07/2022   VIDEO - AVweb's Paul Bertorelli Interviews GAMI's George Braly and Tim Roehl and the focus is What Happens Next now the 100UL is FAA approved.  Watch it Here.

09/07/2022   VIDEO - AVweb's Paul Bertorelli interviews AOPA's Mark Baker who played by report a pivitol role in the background helping to promote the process that resulted in a FAA approval of UNLEADED 100AVGAS.  Watch it Here.

09/06/2022  Avidyne adds software upgrade for helicopter navigation - PR - From AINonline - "Avidyne has received approval for its AviOS10.3 software upgrade for IFD-series FMS/GPS/navcoms and Atlas/Helios flight management systems. The improvements include a visual approach with pilot-selectable straight-in, base, or downwind entries and glideslope angle. Full Story: Here 

09/06/2022   Researchers Develop AI Pilot for Navigating Crowded Airspace - AVIATION NEWS - From Aviation Today - "Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have designed an AI (artificial intelligence) pilot that can navigate an aircraft through crowded airspace using visual flight rules (VFR). The AI pilot has been tested on flight simulators, and it detects other aircraft using a computer vision system and six cameras. It also offers the ability to communicate with air traffic controllers and pilots using its automatic speech recognition function.

There has not been sufficient research conducted on integrating autonomous vehicles into the airspace with manned aircraft, according to Jay Patrikar, a Ph.D. student at Carnegie Mellon’s Robotics Institute that worked on the AI pilot projectContinue Here.

09/06/2022   Hail Damage: Not Always Cosmetic - INFO - From Fying - "Hail-damaged aircraft are what salvage deals are made of. If you’ve dealt with hail damage as I did with my Grumman after an isolated thunderstorm peppered it on a transient ramp in Wisconsin, you know it can be ugly. Shredded fabric, trashed windshields and gaping holes in the skin are an expensive reality. " Get the "Cold Hard Facts" Here.

09/06/2022   Aviation Community Rallies To Save Florida Airport From Closure - NEWS - From Flying - Living in an airpark where the runway is in your backyard is a dream for many pilots, but it can quickly turn into a nightmare when your access to the runway is denied because the strip is owned by someone other than the homeowners. That’s the situation facing residents of Tarpine Airpark just south of Panacea, Florida.  Read More.

09/05/2022  AWC has been working on a significant upgrade to the website to improve the site’s consistency, supportability, mobile friendliness, performance, ease of use, and ease of new development. The proposed upgrade will be hosted at through October 31, 2022. This will allow enough time for users to explore the capabilities of the upgraded site, acclimate to the changes, and identify any critical issues for AWC web developers to resolve before the upgraded site replaces the existing site at

09/05/2022   GAO to FAA: Do More To Fight Aircraft Laser Strikes - "The nonpartisan, congressional watchdog agency said it found the FAA’s approach lacking." Story Here.

09/05/2022    AME Minute - VIDEO - For this edition Warren Silberman, DO, MPH warns pilots about the potential risks of a positive drug test associated with over-the-counter CBD products due to unregulated THC levels. View it Here.

09/05/2022   Today SCAUWG.ORG has obtained from a source with knowledge on the subject, that LA County Aviation Commission islooking into the feasibility of installing 100UL at KWHP.

09/04/2022   Boeing Tests Digital Taxi Time and Clearance EFB Capabilities on ecoDemonstrator - From Aviation Today - "Boeing is testing two new digital capabilities—Taxi Time Information and Taxi Clearance—on its ecoDemonstrator 777-200 program that can improve the way airline pilots anticipate the amount of time they will need to spend taxiing around airports during the pre-departure or post-landing process." Read it Here.

09/04/2022  How unleaded fuel distribution will begin - VIDEO from AOPA -  "What does 100-octane unleaded fuel for all mean to you? We have answers from the best possible source." See it Here.

09/03/2022  How To Mod Your Ride for Backcountry Fun - From Flying - "These modifications can prepare your airplane for off-airport operations." - "... you’ll be able to go into a wider range of airstrips—those with both paved and unimproved surfaces—if you take just a few steps towards “kitting your airplane out” as a true backcountry companion. Here are a few key areas that we’ve identified that are ripe for upgrades—along with a great option in each category."  Find out more Here.

09/03/2022  GAO Wants FAA To Improve Laser Strike Response - AVweb - "The General Accountability Office says the FAA, FBI and FDA need to get together to revive cooperation to stem the increasing scourge of laser attacks on aircraft. The three agencies disbanded their interagency working group five years ago and laser[…]"  Read this article

09/02/2022  Charting Errors - Education From AVweb - "Some errors result in notices to air missions (NOTAMs), but others don’t, and just get quietly corrected. How do you know what mistakes have been made, and what to do about it?" Read the Story Here.

08/28/2022  Buttigieg Signals Passenger Compensation Rules Coming - NEWS - From AVweb - "Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is signaling more regulation is coming to address air travel issues, and compensation seems to be a major theme. In a letter to the nine major airlines, Buttigieg first dressed them down for the on-time record in the first six months of the year, which included a cancellation rate..." Continue Here.

08/26/2022   COVID BRAIN FOG AND OTHER LONG TERM PILOT CONCERNS - From AOPA - I’m sure all of you are just as tired and burned out with COVID as I am. - "By now I’ve taken care of hundreds of COVID patients and if I never see another person struggling in the ICU on a ventilator with that virus I’d be delighted. But as much as we want to forget all about this nasty little bug, I’m a little afraid it isn’t quite ready to forget about us. We’ve talked a lot about problem solvingthinking, and paying attention in these pages lately. It’s obvious that quick, accurate problem solving requires being sharp and mentally “out in front of the airplane.” There’s a big problem when we’re not. It happens; sometimes we’re operating in a haze of “brain fog“ that ties our perception and thinking process up in knots. What’s really a scary thought would be..."  Read the Story Here.

08/26/2022  New Pilot Minute Video Covers How to Check the Status of Your Medical - Pilots: Do you know how to check your current medical application status in MedXPress? FAA’s Federal Air Surgeon Dr. Susan Northrup demonstrates how in the latest Pilot Minute video here. The video highlights the new “Application Status” tab in MedXPress that shows information to about 95% of users on their issued medical certificates. “If your application was deferred to the FAA for a decision, MedXPress will give you details about the status of your case,” Dr. Northrup explains. If the FAA needs more information, MedXPress will display an Action Required icon. Check the Help tab on the site for more details. Be sure to check out the complete list of Pilot Minute videos here.

08/25/2022   Fixing Your Float - INSTRUCTIONAL - From Aviation Safety Magazine - "A common problem students and rusty pilots may have with their landings involves floating down the runway, waiting for the airplane to quit flying. We’re often tempted to force it onto the runway, which can result in all kinds of mischief, including landing on the nosewheel of a tricycle-gear airplane. That’s bad, since the nosewheel isn’t designed for it, and a prop strike can occur in extreme situations." Learn More Here.

08/25/2022  KSBD - UPS will begin testing their RNAV 24 approach to KSBD with a 767 doing the work. UPS reports that their flight approach simulator is now in place,

08/25/2022   How Should I Use the Location of Troughs Information in Flight Planning? - From Flying - "An aviation meteorologist explains why troughs are important enough to depict on prog charts."  Read it Here.

08/25/2022   Homeless Camp Threatens FAA Airport Grants at KSJC - NEWS - From Flying - "Time is running out for city officials in San Jose, California, who need to clear one of the largest and most established homeless encampments in the area or face losing millions of dollars from the FAA. The encampment is located on undeveloped land south of Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport (KSJC)." Human/Public Interest. Continue Here.

08/23/2022   Midairs: No, They’re Not Getting Worse - SAFETY / VIDEO - From AVweb - "The idea of this coverage, of course, is to burn into your memory the details of the deceased pilot(s) errors so you won’t repeat them. As far as midairs go, it’s pretty simple: Don’t hit the other guy. Back it up from there and you can figure out the two or three things you need to do to accomplish this." Continue Here.

08/23/2022   Strategies To Avoid Mid-Air Collisions - We need to do better. Here’s a good place to start. - SAFETY - From FLYING - "Welcome to the world of the “almost” mid-air. On a good day, the “near miss” becomes a story you tell. On a bad day, you end up on national television." Continue Here.

08/23/2022  Redlands CA - heard 8/23  from a local UPS contact that the simulator evaluation of the SBD Rwy 24 RNAV approach is complete. They have scheduled one of their 767’s to conduct a flight test on Aug. 30th . UPS hopes to have the approach approved by the end of September or early October.  What is still unclear is if this will be a public or private approach.

08/21/2022  Should Whiteman’s Community Advisory Committee be re-envisioned? - Background Information - SCAUWG.ORG comment - LOS ANGELES, CA  LA County PUBLIC Works staff last week revealed to the Southern California Airspace Users Working Group (SCAUWG) that though there have been extensive efforts to gather community input for the County’s re-envisioning Whiteman Airport campaign, those empowered to offer such advice to the County have not been asked by the County to disclose if they would fiscally benefit from an airport closure.

In December 2020 LA County formed a Community Advisory Committee and seated a panel of “leaders and stakeholders from the community and airport.” The goal: The panel should include but should not be limited to, Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez’s Office, community-based organizations such as Pacoima Beautiful, residents, businesses, and other government partners would undertake a community-driven master plan for Whiteman Airport that will maintain the property’s primary function as an airport, but will use the CAC’s local insight and knowledge to advise regarding the creation of local jobs, community beneficial uses, and open space opportunities.

Certain members of the CAC panel may not share the opinion that the property’s primary function should remain as an airport.

LA County owns and operates the airport and is under Federal obligation to maintain WHP as an open airport until 2040, yet City Councilmember Monica Rodriquez asked the County to make “immediate investments and seriously evaluate alternative uses” for the airport, also calling the airport a “blight on the Pacoima neighborhood.,” and is noted for concluding that the airport provides the community no value from its operation.

The City Council in December 2020 approved a unanimous resolution calling for Whiteman to eventually close.

Currently, Whiteman serves as a home for the Civil Air Patrol, Glendale Community College Aviation Program, an LA County Firefighting Helicopter base, the EAA Young Eagles Program that provides free aircraft rides and free aviation education for community youth, the home base for over 600 aircraft, media helicopters, maintenance facilities, flight school learning opportunities, and it is a location for free FAA Safety Team education programs open to the public, among other positive programs and it provides community economic benefits.

Pacoima Beautiful, a panel member is described in the County’s resolution as a grassroots environmental justice organization operating since 1996. Five relentless mothers who became distraught by the unpleasant sight of trash and toxic smells they endure while walking their young children to school are referenced as the founders on the PB website. Currently, the group’s executive director does not live in the Pacoima community. Community events are produced by the group. Donations are solicited by PB. The identification of safety and potential environmental impacts from the airport is referred to as the community’s top priority. PB actively supports a “Shutdown Whiteman Airport” campaign. PB does not assign equal weight to the investigation of neighborhood traffic accidents or vehicular exhaust from the busy area streets.

.Unlike the ladies of years ago “who like good neighbors” brought Pacoima some of its first major community clean-ups and tree planting events, today Pacoima Beautiful promotes a petition to close the airport. They state that “For 75 years Whiteman Airport has been more detrimental than beneficial to our community.” and “We are calling on the County of LA to prioritize the public safety of Pacoima residents.”

Local area aircraft accidents that have not involved any ground fatalities are used as examples of airport danger.

Airports are not responsible for overseeing either aircraft maintenance or pilot qualifications. The airport was not responsible for any aircraft accident referred to in recent publicity. Congressman Tony Cardenas, district 29, is quoted as blaming La County. “These incidents have demonstrated that Los Angeles County is failing to achieve the required safety standards and, as a result, trust with the community has been broken,”  SCAUWG.ORG suggests that comments like these reflect the genuine need for aviation experts to participate in the airport conversation, not only politicians, or those selected by politicians that possibly, or demonstrably openly harbor, opinions laden with bias.

Regarding public safety, it was the City of Los Angeles that issued building permits allowing for the development of residential and business property right up to the very boundaries of the airport, giving rise to real estate-related talking points.

  1. Should the City’s permitting process for residential and business development be discussed?
  2. Airport closure could create area gentrification. Area land values could increase as could area rents. Current Pacoima residents (many low-income and referred to as needing protection from the airport) living nearby Whiteman, who might not be aware of this possibility could be forced out of the community needing to search for affordable living elsewhere.
  3. How will the community react should the airport close? The current Class Delta airspace which limits area overflights via directional and altitude restrictions will also disappear. Councilwoman Rodriquez has referred to Pacoima residents who need the same protection as those in Santa Monica. The Santa Monica residents may not realize the significance of the SMO Class Delta traffic restrictions ceasing either.
  4. Area properties located under the current instrument approach and departure paths of the airport also might have their values affected by an airport closure, as future building development might possibly be able to be expanded without the imposition of FAA approach/departure obstruction clearance limits.

SCAUWG applauds the dedicated effort brought to the table of the LA County Department of Public Works. Safe aviation procedures, noise abatement, and pilot education are goals SCAUWG shares when addressed diligently by aviation professionals and will benefit communities.

The next scheduled meeting of the Whiteman Airport re-envisioning CAC is a virtual Zoom Meeting on Thursday, August 25. 6 p.m. Public comment begins at 7:30 p.m. It is described as a “community-driven process.”

SCAUWG.ORG has called for all of the CAC members to voluntarily, in the interest of community ethics, HONESTY, and FULL DISCLOSURE, disclose if they or their family members or business interests would fiscally benefit from an airport closure.

Elected government officials who have legislative capability are required to fill out a form 700 and disclose their holdings. Professional lobbyists are subject to regulation. SCAUWG.ORG proposes that only with full disclosure regarding any related fiscal benefit for themselves, or the entities they are associated with should the airport close, can the LA County Public Works Dept weigh properly the advice offered by each of the CAC seated, members.

Considering the re-envisioning process is a yearlong project and that it has been given considerable serious attention by the County that is able to act with legislative impact, SCAUWG.ORG suggests that discussion regarding CAC members who have offered advice but decline to voluntarily disclose related fiscal holdings should be agenized by the panel and in earnest, addressed and perhaps their advice be “re-envisioned.”

Information regarding the upcoming County CAC meeting and log-on information can be found at the LA County Public Works Whiteman Airport re-envisioning website home page.

You can learn more about the positive aviation safety and pilot education goals SCAUWG shares by visiting and exploring the features listed on the taskbar. SCAUWG meetings are monthly and address local and national airspace concerns as well as airport details and operations. They enjoy the participation of aviation professionals and FAA representatives.

The Southern California Airspace Users Working Group. SCAUWG was founded in 1986 after the Cerritos Air Disaster, originally (now independent) under the aegis of the Southern California Association of Governments. SCAUWG has accepted the responsibility to work with the FAA and develop the safest possible LA Airspace system.

The cooperation has produced the best Terminal Area Chart (LA TAC) in the country. SCAUWG.ORG is a voluntary effort that promotes aviation safety and pilot education. Mr. Berinstein is a veteran aviation safety presenter in LA – Orange County and San Diego. is visited by thousands monthly.

Source information for this document:

City Council Wants Los Angeles County's Whiteman Airport To Close -

LA City Council Votes on Airport Closure | Aero-News Network

08/19/2022   Undetermined Reasons - INFO - From FLYING -  "When an accident’s cause is not easily found. - These are not the loss-of-control accidents that result from icing encounters or from a non-instrument-rated pilot flying into IMC; in those cases, reasons can at least be plausibly guessed. Undetermined reasons really are undetermined." Discover this story Here.

08/17/2022  Engine Monitor Tricks - ENGINE INFO INSIGHT- From Aviation Safety Magazine - "With a little ingenuity and button pushing, pilots can diagnose a rough-running engine down to the cylinder, magneto and spark plug, or confidently tell the mechanic which fuel injector needs cleaning. While the latest devices offer color coding and keep track of many more parameters than just cylinder heat temperature (CHT) or exhaust gas temperature (EGT), even a basic device can provide detailed information you never knew you had."  Continue Here.

08/17/2022   5G-Mitigating FreeFlight Radar Altimeters Gain Approval - NEWS - Flying - "Radar altimeters designed to mitigate 5G interference have received TSO certification from the FAA." Details Here.

08/17/2022   Use of Weather Information - #FlySafe GA Safety Enhancement Topic - FAASTeam - This #FlySafe topic acquaints general aviation pilots with available weather information sources and offers guidance on making well-informed weather decisions. Info and Videos Here.

08/17/2022  UFO (SORT OF) - VIDEO - Referred to us by my friend Wayne - "A little more than 20 years ago, David Rowe in Australia built a series of wood and fabric circular aircraft he calls UFO (Useless Flying Object). The fifth version he has built is powered by a 47 hp 2-stroke Rotax 503 engine. Carries 8.8 imperial gallons (40 Liters) of fuel and has a wingspan (diameter perhaps is more accurate) of 13' with retractable main gear. Empty weight is said to be around 145 kg (319 lb). Cruises around 75 mph." Watch the Video Here.

08/17/2022   Joby Signs Expanded Contract with Department of Defense - NEWS - Aviation Today - "Joby Aviation recently expanded its existing contract with the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). The U.S. Marine Corps now joins the Army, Navy, and Air Force in testing and exploring applications for Joby’s electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. The contract’s potential value increased by more than $45 million; its total potential value is now more than $75 million following the recent expansion. The company expects to launch its eVTOL in 2024 following type certification with the Federal Aviation Administration. Joby’s team has also applied..." Continue.

08/13/2022   NASR 28-Day and 56-Day Subscriber Files -  Eff Sep, 8, 2022 -

08/12/2022   Oxygen Questions - AVIATION INFO - Aviation Safety Magazine - "Standards for aviator’s breathing oxygen (ABO) are set by the Society for Automotive Engineers, which last made minor revisions to its AS8010 in 2018. That standard has always required ABO to be at least 99.5 percent pure, with only moisture and minuscule amounts of other gases allowed. Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., a common supplier of oxygen and other gases, notes “standard” oxygen purity is 99.5 percent while the value for medical oxygen is “only” 99 percent." Read about Oxygen Here.

08/12/2022   There’s No Business Like Airshow Business! - FAA - Who doesn’t love the sights, sounds, and even smells of a good airshow? While they are appealing to many, it’s easy to overlook all the hard work and planning that goes on behind the curtain to keep these events amazingly entertaining yet extremely safe. In the article “There’s No Business Like Airshow Business,” we take a look at how the FAA works collaboratively with others and relies upon detailed policy and guidance materials to orchestrate a safe airshow. Be sure to check out the entire air show themed July/Aug 2022 issue here:

08/12/2022   From the Flight Deck Video Series Covers Complex Airfield Geometry - FAA - Every flight is different. Airfield conditions and pilot perspective are always changing. One of those conditions, if you are not aware and well prepared, can lead to runway incursions or worse, an accident.

The FAA identified 7 airfield geometry configurations that most frequently lead to pilot challenges resulting in runway incursion, and developed videos on these challenges. This series of 7 short videos on Complex Airfield Geometry is part of the FAA's From the Flight Deck video series. From the Flight Deck uses aircraft mounted cameras to capture runway and taxiway footage and combines them with diagrams and visual graphics to clearly identify hot spots and other safety-sensitive items. Learn more at or see the playlist here.

08/10/2022   AD Databases Moving To New FAA System - NEWS - AVweb - "The FAA is moving its airworthiness directives and emergency airworthiness directives databases to its new Dynamic Regulatory System (DRS). As a result, the current locations of the documents in the Regulatory Guidance Library will be decommissioned on Aug. 16 and all searches will go through the new system."  Continue Here.

08/10/2022   SATNAV NEWS - FAA - The SATNAV News Quarterly Newsletter for U.S. Federal Aviation Administration. A new issue is now available.  In this issue:

  • Alaska Innovates with WAAS LPV to Water
  • Air France Implementation of LPV
  • Benefits of no ILS Critical Areas
  • and more....

08/09/2022  NTSB Issues Preliminary Report On Fatal Nevada Midair - NEWS/SAFETY - AVweb - "The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has published its preliminary report on the fatal midair collision of a Piper PA-46-350P Malibu Mirage and a Cessna 172N Skyhawk at Nevada’s North Las Vegas airport (VGT) last month. The report confirmed that the Piper, identified as N97CX, had been instructed by air traffic control to fly left traffic for Runway 30L while the Cessna, N160RA, had been instructed to fly right traffic for Runway 30R. The board found that the aircraft collided approximately 0.25 nautical miles from the approach end of runway 30R. ADS-B data published in the report, shown in the image above, suggests..."  More Here.

08/09/2022  144TH FIGHTER WING ANNOUNCES FLIGHTS OUT OF LOS ALAMITOS - PR -  “The NORAD air sovereignty alert jets are being relocated from KRIV to KSLI due to RWY maintenance at KRIV beginning 15 Aug.“ -  FRESNO AIR NATIONAL GUARD BASE, Calif. – F-16 and F-15 fighter jets assigned to the 144th Fighter Wing Detachment 1 will conduct flying operations out of Joint Forces Training Base, Los Alamitos, from Aug. 1 through mid-October. - Los Alamitos will be utilized for these flight operations while the runway at March Air Reserve Base undergoes construction.

Two training flights per week are currently planned from Los Alamitos to maintain pilot proficiency and to meet pilot training requirements. Every effort will be made to reduce aircraft noise by following noise mitigation procedures during training operations. These include reduced engine thrust at altitudes below 1000 feet and by following a specific flight path. - We thank local residents for their continued support to military operations within the area, and we will make every effort to be conscientious members of the community. - For more information, please contact the 144th Fighter Wing Public Affairs Office at (559) 454-5246 or via email at - For local noise concerns, please contact Joint Forces Training Base at (562) 795-2515. -

08/09/2022   Van Nuys Airport opens a rebuilt runway and officials celebrate “the chaos” of thriving business - Los Angeles Daily News - "Los Angeles World Airports celebrated the reopening of the newly reconstructed Runway 16L/34R at Van Nuys Airport, handing a classic 1979 Cessna 152 over to Hannah Wang, 17, a recently licensed pilot trained at the Hot Shot Aviation flight school who gave the audience a lesson in classy piloting."  Continue.

08/07/2022   Microlearning for Aviation Medical Examiners - VIDEO - MEDICAL - FAA - In this microlearning lesson, Warren Silberman, DO, MPH explains how medical disposition criteria for PTSD has been updated, and introduces the new Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Decision Tool for the AME. (Running time: 1 min. 15 sec.)  Watch Here.

08/07/2022   ALPA to DOT: Block SkyWest Request for Charter Certificate - NEWS - FLYING - "Union president says the regional carrier’s request would compromise safety. -  An air charter certificate would allow the airline to hire first officers to operate Part 135 charter flights with as little as 500 flight hours, 1,000 hours fewer than the 1,500 hours generally required for pilots of Part 121 carriers. This is because pilots of Part 135 carriers are not required to have a restricted or full airline transport pilot (ATP) certificate. A Part 135 charter certificate also gives operators more flexible retirement age requirements and work rules for its first officers." Read the Story,

08/07/2022   Canadian ADS-B Airspace Mandate Delayed Amid Transponder Supply Chain Constraints - NEWS - "The start of Canada’s Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) Out airspace mandate has been delayed by six months amid "supply chain limitations and backlogs" associated with aircraft transponder equipment, according to an Aug. 2 announcement from Nav Canada.

In February, the Canadian air navigation service provider (ANSP) introduced its new ADS-B Out airspace mandate in partnership with Transport Canada—the state civil aviation regulator—that would require aircraft flying in Class A and B airspace to be equipped with transponders that meet the applicable standard of DO-260B by Feb. 23, 2023. Now, under a new update to the policy, aircraft operating in Class A airspace only, need to be equipped with ADS-B Out by Aug. 10, 2023. -  Additionally, aircraft operating in Class B airspace need to meet the equipage requirements by May 16, 2024. The third phase of the updated policy applicable to aircraft operating in Class C, D and E airspace remains..."  Continue Here.

08/07/2022   Yosemite, Sequoia, and Kings Canyon National Parks - Notice Number: NOTC2513 - Yosemite, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

A variety of aircraft, including NPS-operated, military, commercial, and general aviation, fly in the airspace over National Parks.  Although there are many legitimate aviation uses, overflights can adversely affect the safety of emergency aviation operations (Fire, Search and Rescue), negatively impact park resources and values and interfere with visitor enjoyment.

Regulations Regarding Flights Over Charted National Park Service Areas to include Yosemite, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

The landing of aircraft is prohibited on lands or waters administered by the National Park Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service or U.S. Forest Service without authorization from the respective agency. Exceptions include: 1) when forced to land due to an emergency beyond the control of the operator, 2) at officially designated landing sites, or 3) on approved official business of the Federal Government. All aircraft are requested to maintain a minimum altitude of 2,000 feet above the surface of the following: National Parks, Monuments, Seashores, Lakeshores, Recreation Areas and Scenic Riverways administered by the National Park Service; National Wildlife Refuges, Big Game Refuges, Game Ranges and Wildlife Ranges administered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and Wilderness and Primitive areas administered by the U.S. Forest Service. FAA Advisory Circular (AC) 91-36D (refer to Uploaded Files), “Visual Flight Rules (VFR) Flight Near Noise-Sensitive Areas”, defines the surface as: the highest terrain within 2,000 feet laterally of the route of flight, or the upper-most rim of a canyon or valley.

Federal regulations also prohibit airdrops by parachute or other means of persons, cargo, or objects from aircraft on lands administered by the three agencies without authorization from the respective agency. Exceptions include, 1) emergencies involving the safety of human life, or 2) threat of serious property loss.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Boundary of National Park Service areas, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service areas, and U.S. Forest Service Wilderness and Primitive areas. - Operators conducting Research, Aerial Mapping or Survey and Motion Picture Industries must contact the Park Aviation Manager prior to engaging in such activity. -  For further information; contact Park Aviation Manager: Email: or Phone: 559-565-3158

08/07/2022   Congressional Subcommittee Meets In ‘Outrage’ Over Leaded Avgas - NEWS - AVweb - "George Braly, co-founder of General Aviation Modifications Inc. (GAMI) and Chris D’Acosta, the CEO of Swift Fuels, both testified at a July 28 hearing of the members of the House Oversight Committee’s subcommittee on the environment. The hearing was called to address bipartisan “outrage” over decades of delay in phasing out leaded aviation gasoline, the sole remaining source of lead contamination among operators of internal combustion engines in the transportation sector. GAMI and Swift both have developed candidates for replacing 100 low lead (100LL) fuel with lead-free substitutes, but have faced regulatory headwinds that have stalled approvals." Continue Here.

08/07/2022   Accident Probe: VFR Into IMC, Part n+1 - Weather Lesson - Avweb/Aviation Safety Magazine - "We’ve long maintained that weather poses the greatest risk on any given day to a proficient pilot flying a well-maintained aircraft. Presuming there’s adequate fuel aboard and the pilot knows how to ensure that it gets to the engine(s), it’s more likely than not that the flight will be completed pretty much as planned. Everything falls apart, however, when we fail to consider and/or appreciate how poor weather conditions—including low clouds and visibility, or the turbulence associated with convective activity—can and will disrupt our plans. - These days, it’s child’s play..." Read the Safety Treatise Here.

08/07/2022   Amelia Earhart Statue Unveiled In U.S. Capitol - "Just three days after what would have been her 125th birthday, a statue of Amelia Earhart was unveiled in the U.S. Capitol’s Statuary Hall on Wednesday. Her likeness joins 34 other statues in the hall and was placed between Thomas Edison and Chief Standing Bear, a native civil rights leader during the 19th century. - At least in time, Earhart’s trip to the Capitol was longer..."  Read More Here.

08/04/2022   Theories Of Lift - AERODYNAMICS - AVweb/Aviation Safety - "A popular misconception is that the Wright brothers, in addition to all of their other achievements, invented the airfoil. They didn’t. Sir John Cayley, an English engineer who also first identified the four forces of flight—lift, drag, thrust and weight—developed the cambered airfoil through detailed experimentation. His three-part work, On Aerial Navigation, published in 1809 and 1810, is often cited as..." Continue Here.

08/02/2022    US federal appeals court upholds Federal Aviation Administration drone identification rule - AIRSPACE NEWS - JURIST - The US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit Friday upheld the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) rule on drone identification. - Brennan v. Dickson was brought by Tyler Brennan, a drone user, and the drone equipment retailer owned by Brennan, RaceDayQuads LLC, challenging the FAA over its Remote Identification Rule of April 2021. The rule requires drone manufacturers to begin producing drones with remote ID. Continue Here.

07/30/2022   Avoiding Power-On Stalls - VIDEO - SAFETY- ASI - This AOPA Air Safety Institute video explains the differences in power-on stall training versus real-world scenarios, the aerodynamics of how stalls occur during takeoffs and go-arounds, and techniques pilots can use to prevent them.

07/30/2022   NBAA Oshkosh Update: New Owner-Pilot Coalition Establishes Key Priorities - PR - NBAA - "Oshkosh, WI, July 29, 2022 – The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) today unveiled five game-changing priorities that will drive the organization’s newly established Owner Pilot Association Coalition’s (NBAA OPAC’s) mission to tackle top concerns for business aviators.

The five key areas, introduced at the Experimental Aircraft Association’s (EAA’s) annual AirVenture Oshkosh event, include:

  • Finding a fix that restores the ability for aging pilots to get a fair shake at obtaining comprehensive aviation insurance;
  • Developing user-friendly, easily accessible data-collection tools that enhance safety and training;
  • Addressing air traffic control efficiencies and training requirements;
  • Working with the industry to identify solutions to remedy snags in supply-chain and training availability;
  • Sharpening the focus of NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE) and OPAC coalition events, so that expertise and resources best meet owner-pilot needs.

The NBAA OPAC’s new imperatives were greeted with excitement and enthusiasm by owner-pilot group leaders.

“I’m excited to work together to address our shared challenges,” said Malibu Owners and Pilots Association Executive Director Jenna Reid. “Thank you to NBAA for bringing us together and vastly expanding our resources for owner operators.”

The Cirrus Vision Pilots and Owners leader Dale Huffstetler agreed, adding: “NBAA’s Owner Pilot Association Coalition has the ability to build one strength upon another. Industry wide issues often affect pilots of all aircraft types. Learning from each other and tackling those issues together will be a great benefit.”

Andrew Broom, NBAA senior vice president of strategy, marketing and innovation, reflected the owner-pilot groups’ enthusiasm, noting: “The flight path developed by NBAA and its coalition of owner-pilot organizations offers just a first glimpse of what can be realized when we mobilize together on key priorities, and address challenges collectively. We are very excited about what we will have to say regarding the coalition’s work at NBAA’s convention, and beyond.”

The NBAA OPAC, a first-of-its-kind collaboration, includes representatives from six owner-pilot groups, including Cirrus Vision Pilots and Owners (VPO), Citation Jet Pilots Association (CJP), Embraer Jet Operators Association (EJOA); Malibu M-Class Owner and Pilot Association, Pilatus Owner Pilot Association (POPA) and TBM Owner Pilot Association (TBMOPA)."

07/27/2022   Deal With Distractions - AVweb -  "Many of life’s distractions are enjoyable, but cockpit distractions can have tragic consequences. For years, the NTSB has made “Eliminate Distractions” one of their Ten Most Wanted safety improvements.  - In Ernest Gann’s Fate is the Hunter, he describes a night approach as a DC-2 First Officer while Captain Ross lit matches in front of Gann’s nose to distract him. Ross later made the famous statement, “Anyone can do this job when things are going right. In this business, we play for keeps.” "Of course, that’s pretty extreme, but even innocuous distractions can seriously get in the way of a safe flight." Continue.

07/27/20222   10 Tips for Safer Takeoffs and Landings - FAASTeam - Every flight begins with a takeoff and hopefully ends with a successful landing. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. According to National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) accident data, a group of 1,300 recent general aviation accidents included 180 accidents that occurred during the takeoff phase of flight, and 440 during the landing phase. These two categories account for nearly half of the total in the accident set. To help pilots improve their takeoffs and landings, here are ten tips to consider...  A tremendous set of tips and Videos Here.

07/23/2022  DENSITY ALTITUDE: BEWARE OF THIN AIR - THE TRIPLE-H EFFECT  from AOPA - High altitude, high temperature, and high humidity create less dense or thinner air that contribute to high density altitude and impact aircraft and engine performance. If you’re flying in high terrain and into and out of airports at higher elevations pay close attention to the density altitude, especially between midmorning and midafternoon, as flight may be inadvisable. High density altitude—an
inherent hazard in high terrain—can significantly degrade aircraft performance and surprise pilots during takeoff, climb, cruise, and landing. It’s therefore advisable to fly during the cool hours of the day.

Calculations & Resources - High density altitude conditions require calculating what your aircraft’s actual performance will be during takeoff, cruise, and landing. There are various methods you can use:
1. You should consult your aircraft’s pilot’s operating handbook (POH)
2. Other tools that can help like an e6B, an electronic flight bag, or an online density altitude calculator such as NOAA’s.
3. The FAA’s Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge (PHAK) provides a Density Altitude graph to help you convert OAT and pressure altitude into density altitude.
4. Two other handy graphs are the FAA’s Rule-of-Thumb chart and the Koch Chart. The Koch Chart connects an airport’s pressure altitude with an airport’s temperature to calculate decreased rated of climb and increased takeoff distance percentages. You can find these in the FAA’s Density Altitude pamphlet.

Note: Please remember that high density altitude conditions result in longer takeoff and landing distances and shallow climb gradients.

07/22/2022   GYRO HERO: TAKEOFFS ARE A BLAST -HOLD ON BECAUSE THIS WILL HAPPEN FAST - VIDEO - TECHNIQUE - "Once it’s off the ground, it flies like an airplane. There’s a stick for the right hand, a throttle for the left, pedals for the feet, and all six basic instruments on the panel. Like an airplane, when you push left you turn left, and you know the rest. Taking off and landing are an altogether different story."  Webmaster: Gyro Flying appears to be great fun - Where I fly, they ofetn fly too. This Video/Instructional brief will detail some of what a Gyro pilot needs to know. Take advantage of it Here.

07/22/2022   Marshalling signal basics - VIDEO - INSTRUCTION -ASI - Watch this Safety Tip video from the AOPA Air Safety Institute to brush up on marshalling signal basics.

07/22/2022  Early Analysis: Deadly mistake in the North Las Vegas pattern - SAFETY INSTRUCTION - VIDEO - ASI - "On July 17, 2022, a Piper PA-46 Malibu and a Cessna 172 Skyhawk collided during landing at North Las Vegas Airport in Nevada. Each aircraft had two persons on board and sadly all four occupants were killed in the tragic collision."  Webmaster: Good Video to watch to learn Great Lessons from. SA, Bias, Visual Cues. Watch it Here.

07/22/2022   The UK wants to host a "drone superhighway" - PODCAST / VIDEO - DRONE NEWS - From Techradar -  "The UK government has just announced the construction of the world's longest and largest drone "superhighway" in what could be a major shake-up for logistics and delivery workers everywhere.- The 164-mile superhighway, dubbed "Skyway", will aim to connect towns such as Reading, Oxford, Milton Keynes, Cambridge, Coventry and Rugby, and is set to be completed within the next two years. - The project will... Continue Here.

07/22/2022   Highlights from House Testimony by NBAA’s Ed Bolen - VIDEO - NBAA ADVOCACY - "In testimony before the U.S. House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure Aviation Subcommittee, NBAA detailed for Congress a policy roadmap for strengthening the general aviation sector in the U.S. and around the world, today and in the years to come." VIEW the Highlights HERE.

07/21/2022   Nine Numbers You Need To Know - Aviation Safety Magazine - "Aviation is a numbers-oriented activity. Sure; we can more or less safely operate an aircraft by disregarding some of them, but if we intend to aviate with some degree of reliability and repeatability—not to mention professionalism—we need to do it precisely, which means using some metric against which to measure our performance and the airplane’s. In the physical world we inhabit, that most often means using numbers. - The good news is..."  Read it Here.

07/19/2022   Blue Angels Name First Female Fighter Jet Demonstration Pilot - MILITARY - "Navy Lt. Amanda Lee will become the aerial acrobatics team's first female F/A-18E/F demonstration pilot in the coming season." More Here.

07/19/2022   Alphabet’s Wing Develops Fleet of New Drones for More Efficient Package Delivery - TECH - From Bloomberg News - "(Bloomberg) -- Alphabet Inc.’s Wing subsidiary has developed a fleet of new drone prototypes designed to more efficiently deliver packages ranging from small pill bottles to items weighing as much as 7 pounds.  The two designs -- one that looks more like a small plane used by hobbyists and another with a fat belly for additional cargo space -- were unveiled Thursday in a blog post. For the time being, Wing LLC’s delivery test operation is..."  Continue Here.

07/15/2022   Upper-Level Weather - INSTRUCTION - From AVweb - "Of course, winds aloft charts tell you the wind to expect and what your groundspeed will be. But did you know there's a lot more information hidden in all those numbers?" Read More.

07/15/2022    FAA: No Discernible Progress On Approving G100UL Avgas - NEWS - AVweb - "Despite promising to issue a full STC for G100UL avgas in May, the FAA still hasn’t announced expanded approval for the fuel and the agency has declined to answer AVweb’s queries on when the approval process will be completed. General Aviation Modifications Inc. completed test work on G100UL and submitted the STC test..." The rest of the story Here.

07/14/2022   ALPA Says Plenty Of New Airline Pilots Being Trained - From AVweb - "The Air Line Pilots Association is continuing its battle against the notion of a pilot shortage by publishing FAA data that shows new ATP certifications on the increase. The union, which has consistently maintained that airline mismanagement and not a shortage of fresh troops is behind the current travel chaos, released FAA data showing..." Continue Here.

07/11/2022   Helicopter Association International (HAI) Opens Applications for 2023 Scholarships - APPLY BEFORE OCT. 14 -  “Paying for schools, books, flight time, or tools is one of the toughest parts of our industry,” Greg Brown, HAI’s director of education and training services, said in a statement. “HAI’s scholarship program is one option to help people in our industry, whether you’re just entering the incredible field of rotorcraft or advancing to the next stage of your career.” - There are four scholarships available for 2023.  Info Here.

07/11/2022    The July/August 2022 issue of FAA Safety Briefing focuses on the FAA’s role at air shows and aviation events. -  Feature articles take you behind the scenes to meet some of the many safety professionals from different areas of the FAA whose hard work helps keep air shows both entertaining and extremely safe. We also explore several ways you can sharpen your skills when attending an air show/event and provide some important arrival and departure safety tips.  You can Download the Issue Here.

07/11/2022   Crash That Killed Former Top Gun Naval Aviator Blamed on Control Lock - PRIMAL SAFETY LESSON - From Flying -  "The NTSB released its final report on the SIAI Marchetti accident that killed Dale "Snort" Snodgrass in Idaho last summer." Important reading - Continue Here.

07/10/2022   For Two Pilots, a False Reality Has Tragic Results - IFR SAFETY - Can seeing be fatal? - From Flying. "They aren't the only ones who have been led astray by incorrect expectations in IMC." " nondescript, in fact, that pilots probably barely took note of it. In daylight they would maintain the runway heading..." Continue Here.

07/09/2022   Top Five Tire Tips - GREAT INFO - From AVweb - "Aircraft tires and tubes primarily incorporate natural rubber while automotive tires use synthetic compounds extensively. Aircraft tires are designed for a very specific job and are part of the landing gear system on almost every aircraft. - Properly serviced tires play a major role in the safe operation of an aircraft, and neglected tires can contribute to an accident." Continue Here.

07/09/2022   FAA Proposes Rule To Require More Efficient Jets And Turboprops - NEWS - From AVweb - "The FAA has proposed a rule designed to reduce greenhouse gasses emitted by large aircraft flying in U.S. airspace by requiring the aircraft to be more fuel efficient. The rule would apply to new subsonic jet and large turboprop and propeller aircraft models that are not yet certified or are manufactured after Jan. 1, 2028. The proposed rule would not affect aircraft already in service." Learn More Here.

07/09/2022   MOUNTAIN FLYING - "GO BEYOND THE TEXTBOOK—EXPLORE THE CHALLENGES AND MINIMIZE THE RISKS WITH THIS MOUNTAIN FLYING SAFETY SPOTLIGHT - ASI - Mountain flying can be an exhilarating experience. It also demands special skills. Factors that increase risk even in flatland flying, like density altitude, night, weather, and wind, can turn a normal mountain flight into a dangerous trip. -

You’ll review:

  • Basics of mountain flying
  • Flight planning for the mountains
  • Density altitude and how it affects performance
  • Maneuvers unique to mountain flying
  • Weather considerations
  • Human elements of mountain flying

More information about the review and a certificate of completion HERE.

07/09/2022   OIG to Audit Oversight of Resiliency Planning in Airport Infrastructure Grant Projects - NEWS - From Homeland Security Today - "The Office of Inspector General (OIG) at the Department of Transportation has initiated an audit to assess weather and climate resiliency plans for airport grant projects.

Extreme weather events and climate change effects can cause major disruptions to airport infrastructure. In 2012, for example, Hurricane Sandy caused widespread disruptions to the National Airspace System as power outages and flooding shut down the John F. Kennedy, LaGuardia, and Newark Liberty International airports. The 2014 National Climate Assessment found that 13 of the Nation’s 47 largest airports have at least 1 runway that could be vulnerable to a moderate to high storm surge or rise in sea levels. Rising temperatures also put runways and taxiways at risk of degradation and damage."  Continue Here.

07/05/2022    U.S. Army To Expand Black Hawk Fleet - MILITARY - From AVweb - "Lockheed Martin subsidiary Sikorsky has signed a contract with the U.S. government to deliver 120 H-60M Black Hawk helicopters to the U.S. Army and Foreign Military Sales (FMS) customers. The deal, which includes UH-60M Black Hawk and HH-60M MEDEVAC aircraft, also has options for an additional 135 helicopters. Deliveries are expected..."  Continue Here.

07/05/2022    Accident Probe: Practicing For CFIT - SAFETY - From AVweb - "The circle-to-land maneuver at the conclusion of an instrument approach has earned a reputation over the years as one of the riskier things we can do in an airplane, to the extent many major carriers don’t allow their pilots to perform it—they want stabilized, “straight-in” or nothing. The good news is that’s not necessarily a bad thing, since the accident record is heavily salted with such accidents."  In depth study of CFIT - Read it Here.

07/05/2022   EASA Proposes Rules for Urban VTOL Air Taxis - From AINonline - "The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has published proposed rules for the operation of vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) air taxis in cities. “With this, EASA becomes the first aviation regulator worldwide to release a comprehensive regulatory framework for operations of VTOL-capable aircraft, which will offer..."  Continue Here.

07/04/2022   Is It Better To Be Lucky Or Good? Yes - ROTOR WASH - STORY / VIDEO - Paul Bertorelli - From AVweb Webmaster: "This is one VERY IMPORTANT STORY to READ and VIEW!"  - "...of an accident that occurred at California’s Cable Airport in January 2022. The lucky part accrues from the fact that any pilot who finds himself in a 90-degree bank at 30 feet with no roll control..."  EVERY PILOT NEEDS TO SEE THIS!  Read/See it Here.

07/04/2022   Flying to Burning Man? - A WINGS CREDIT How To Video - "Here is a link for the one hour presentation of How to Fly to Burning Man Safely.  It does not replace the course you must take from Airport.BurningMan.Org ( pilot planning ) if you intend to land there but gives you the highlights.  You wll get WINGS credit when you complete the quiz:  You must create an account on and log in then enter your FAASAFETY.GOV email to get the WINGS credit. Once logged in click on the dashboard then click the eye to open the video. -  Many pilots fly to RNO for fuel priorto continuing to 88NV.  Here  are a couple of links to help avoid problems at RNO: and

07/04/2022   Vin Scully: Reminding you that there’s a difference between July 4th and Independence Day - ARTICLE & VIDEO - From Gold Coast Veterans Foundation - "On behalf of all the veterans who walked into harm’s way to defend our country and our way of life, we’d like to remind everyone that there’s an important meaning behind each of our traditional American holidays."  Story & Video Here.

07/01/2022   Know Before You Go & Avoid Flying Low - FAA SAFETY NOTICE - Sightseeing along the California Coastline:  “Know Before You Go & Avoid Flying Low” - Did you know the FAA has a policy in place to investigate citizen complaints of low-flying aircraft operated in violation of the CFR that might endanger persons or property?  If you feel the urge to descend below 1,000’ above sea level along the California coast, think again: there are safety and legal reasons why you shouldn’t.

Federal Aviation Regulations may in some instances allow for low altitude flight, but doing so off the coast poses significant safety risks.  Losing an engine over ocean waters poses a significant risk to life and property. Also, large birds are more prevalent at lower altitudes, and can create a significant hazard to aircraft.   Bottom line: flying the coast 1000’ above sea level will give you more time to respond to the unexpected. 

In addition, flying above 1000’ will also keep you in compliance with federal wildlife protection laws.  The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has regulations that require aircraft to fly 1000’ above sea level in certain designated areas within Greater Farallones, Monterey Bay and Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuaries.  These are denoted on aeronautical charts by magenta lines and dots.  In these areas, flights below 1000’ above sea level (ASL) could result in NOAA civil penalties.  So, why not fly higher and enjoy the view?For more information on the designated areas that require you to fly above 1000’ ASL along the California coast, please refer to your Sectional charts and reference below:

Finally please note that consistent with the FAR/AIM, pilots operating noise-producing aircraft (fixed-wing, rotary-wing and hot air balloons) over noise-sensitive areas should make every effort to fly not less than 2,000 feet above ground level (or sea level), weather permitting. The intent of the 2,000-foot altitude recommendation is to reduce potential interference with all types of wildlife and complaints of noise disturbances caused by low flying aircraft over noise-sensitive areas.  For the purpose of this Notice, the ground level of FAA’s general 2,000-foot minimum altitude recommendation for noise-sensitive areas is defined to include the highest terrain within 2,000 feet AGL laterally of the route of flight, or the uppermost rim of a canyon or valley.

Thank you for doing your part to protect wildlife, stay safe, and stay within the law.

Karen Arendt - Email: Any questions? Please title the subject line in your email “NOAA Question” to allow us to track it.

06/28/2022   FAA certifies Zipline for U.S. medical supply drone delivery - PR - DRONE AIRSPACE - From +Mass Device - "Part 135 certification allows Zipline to significantly expand its U.S. service with partners, including Novant Health, Cardinal Health, Intermountain Healthcare, and Magellan Rx Management. According to a news release, with initial flights out of Zipline’s hub in Kannapolis, North Carolina, the company will begin operations with Novant Health, Magellan Rx and Cardinal Health later this month."  Continue Here.

06/28/2022   Wind Shear - HISTORY - INSTRUCTIONAL - SAFETY - From IFR Magazine Revisited - "You can’t see it. You usually can’t even detect it until it’s a problem. But a little understanding and awareness can help you predict wind shear. -  When the jet age arrived in 1959, little was known about wind shear. Aviation was focused on thunderstorm avoidance. In Joseph George’s compilation of Eastern Air Line’s forecasting techniques from that era, we find thunderstorms described in terms of turbulence, icing, and hail hazards. As jet aircraft were equipped with radar, it was assumed that the captain had all the tools needed to avoid weather. No attention was paid to wind shear, but awareness began ramping up."  Webmaster: This is A+ Reading! Highly recommended. Read it Here.

06/27/2022   GAMA Has Questions for the FAA About eVTOL Certification - AAM - From Flying - "Now that the FAA is changing the path for electric air taxi certification, manufacturers, industry veterans, and a former FAA official weigh in. - It’s been six weeks since the FAA acknowledged it was changing a previously agreed on path to certificating electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. Now comes the hard part for developers of these new battery-enabled hovering passenger and cargo air taxis: Figuring out specifically what the changes mean and how to move forward."  Read the Full Story Here.

06/26/2022    LA County Public Works Re-envisioning Whiteman Airport - A Community-driven Process is described via the LA County PW Website found HERE.  Informative and well designed, the site also offers visitors the opportunity to comment, and sign up for notices. The names of the now formed Community Action Committee are publicized as well as future meeting dates. You can also find a complete record of past meeting event activity.

06/26/2022   The Aviation Commission (KWHP) Meeting is Wednesday Evening at 7 PM on Zoom.  MATTERS FOR CONSIDERATION AND ACTION BY THE COMMISSION:
A. Approval of the May 25, 2022, MINUTES
B. Los Angeles County Public Works Aviation Division – General Report
• Expense and Revenue Report
• Aircraft Operations (Takeoffs and Landings)
• Fuel Sales
C. Los Angeles County Public Works Aviation Division – Airport Management Update
• Airport Projects (including Grant Funding)
• Airport Property Management
• Airport Events and Activities
• Whiteman Airport Community Advisory Committee
• Airport Marketing and Public Relations
D. Special Topic (s) – Replacing 100LL Avgas with Unleaded Alternative
E. Response letters to Congressman Tony Cárdenas regarding Whiteman Airport

For the Zoom Connection details please see the SCAUWG.ORG EVENTS Page, and ATTEND!

06/26/2022   GOOD NEWS at WHITEMAN (KWHP) !  -  the 75TH ANNIVERSARY Open House was a Success!  -  Here is the text of an email written by a SCAUWG / Cal Pilot's member to Meg Godlewski Flying Magazine:


Per your request and for your article on organizing airport promotions, here are 38 pictures from Whiteman Airport’s 75th Anniversary Day yesterday, June 25th.

 According to estimates, there were over 3000 attendees.  Jim Miller can give you more statistics. From my perspective, it was very well organized with quite a variety of aircraft (over 20 different ones at least), classes in hangars, booths under tents, food trucks, water (it was hot), shelter in the hangars, a mariachi band (!), a KTLA TV interview, a good spread of people from the community, knots of folks near this or that (one of the first pictures shows folks congregating for free intro flights). Many young folk from the Civil Air Patrol guided attendees into the area and across taxiways. County was involved in putting out a lot of the rails, tables, tents, etc. plus recovering all at the end of the day.

 Here's a video of parts of the day:

 Jim can give you an idea of how the Friends of Whiteman Airport (originally assisted in organizing by Melissa McCaffery and Bill Dunn of AOPA) personnel (about ten at least) divided up responsibilities. CalPilot’s Whiteman Airport Chapter was well represented by Don and Shellie Hagopian.  

 Great variety. Good feeling. Looked like an outstanding success to me!     -  Ed

06/26/2022   Early Analysis: N8845Z – Cessna 172 Forced Landing on Bridge May 14, 2022 Miami, FL - YouTube VIDEO - "ASI Executive Director, Richard McSpadden, CFII, MEI, SES, MES, former Commander/Flight Leader for the USAF Thunderbirds, provides early analysis of an accident on May 14, 2022 when a Cessna 172 Skyhawk made an emergency landing on the Haulover Inlet Bridge in Miami Beach, Florida." Good Info re Off-Field and Ditching Pilot Considerations - View it Here.

06/26/2022   Mental Health and Aviation: FLYING's Mental Health Roundtable - YouTube VIDEO with Aviation & Mental Health Professionals - Simple production values, but necessary information to visit - View it Here.

06/26/2022   First-Quarter Updates from Archer, Joby, and Eve - From 5/18 - From Aviation Today - "...until the aircraft performs a full flight envelope test flight from hover through to wing-borne flight. We remain on-track to complete this first full ‘transition’ flight with Maker in the second half of 2022.”  Get the Details Here.

06/26/2022   Southern San Fernando Valley Airplane Noise Task Force - RECORD OF EVENTS VNY APT. NOISE - From LAWA -

  • On October 6, 2021, Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) asked the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to move forward with the flight procedure redesign process that was recommended by the Southern San Fernando Valley Airplane Noise Task Force.
  • LAWA CEO Update to Board of Airport Commissioners on October 7, 2021 (see 5:55 mark)
  • FAA Timeline for Implementation
  • On August 9, 2021, LAWA and FAA hosted a virtual briefing on Proposed Redesign of VNY Departure Procedures.
  • Presentation
  • Meeting Recording

Very Detailed Information - The Complaints - The requests - The Procedures - The FAA responses -  Review it Here.

06/26/2022   SLEEP STUDY OPTIONS FOR PILOTS - MEDICAL INFO - From AOPA - "This article will explain the differences between two types of sleep studies so you can make an informed choice. - f your AME has required you to have a sleep study, the FAA has specified two options for diagnostic testing:

If it is determined that a sleep study is necessary, it must be either a Type I laboratory polysomnography or a Type II (7 channel) unattended home sleep test (HST) that provides comparable data and standards to laboratory diagnostic testing.*

This article will explain the differences between these two types of sleep studies so you can make an informed choice.  Read it HERE.

06/24/2022   SAFO 22001 - DATE: 06/14/22 - This SAFO informs operators that aircraft exposed to wind speeds that meet or exceed the ground gust criteria specified by the Boeing Company in the updated AMM are subject to damage that could cause an incident/accident. Webmaster: When your airplane is at the airport, but you aren't and can't witness the wind, safety can be challenged. It was for the aircraft described in this safety alert. Read it HERE.

06/24/2022   A WEATHER Crystal Ball?Looking for the latest and most detailed weather information before you depart? AOPA's Tom Horne shows the benefits of using the High-Resolution Rapid Refresh tool. YOU CAN LEARN ABOUT IT via this AOPA VIDEO Here.  You can find the High-Resolution Rapid Refresh tool at

06/24/2022   THUNDERSTORM AVOIDANCE - SAFETY RESOURCES - A PLETHORA OF VIDEO AVAILABILTY - AOPA - "It’s simple: Airplanes and thunderstorms don’t mix. These convective beasts can produce airframe-shattering turbulence, damaging hail, sudden and dramatic wind shear, blinding downpours, and strong, gusty winds—sometimes as much as 20 miles from the edge of a cell. The good news is that it’s not difficult to avoid these violent storms—if you know how to use the tools at your disposal."  Real Safety Resources Here. Take a Look.

06/24/2022   NBAA Welcomes Formation of Congressional AAM Caucus - From NBAA -  "Washington, DC, June 23, 2022 – The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) today welcomed the creation of the bipartisan Congressional Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) Caucus, which will help educate members about this revolutionary emerging technology.

Powered by electric or hybrid propulsion, AAM offers significant potential to improve mobility and complement existing public transportation networks while reducing congestion and carbon and noise emissions.

The co-chairs of the new caucus are Reps. Jay Obernolte (R-8-CA) and Jimmy Panetta (D-20-CA). Obernolte is a licensed airline transport pilot and certified flight instructor, while Panetta is a member of the House Ways & Means Committee, and is working on ideas to address AAM charging stations. Reps. Garret Graves (R-6-LA) and Dina Titus (D-1-NV) also were instrumental in creating the caucus.

The House of Representatives recently passed the NBAA-supported Advanced Aviation Infrastructure Modernization Act (AAIM Act), H.R. 6270, which authorizes funding to plan for and eventually build new AAM infrastructure by leveraging existing vertiports and other public transportation facilities to support AAM operations and fosters community engagement programs to introduce the latest technologies to a diverse set of communities.

Similar legislation (S.4246) that authorizes AAM planning grants was introduced in the Senate by Sens. Alex Padilla (D-CA) and Jerry Moran (R-KS) and recently approved by the Senate Commerce Committee.

The House bill results from advocacy efforts led by NBAA with the support of a broad group of aviation stakeholders to underscore the importance of beginning AAM planning and construction, to fully leverage the technology. The effort has been largely driven through the NBAA AAM Roundtable, a group established for high-level sector leaders to chart a course for integrating AAM technologies into the nation’s airspace and infrastructure.

AAM aircraft are on track to receive FAA certification in the next few years. This industry could create hundreds of thousands of high-skilled jobs in manufacturing, design and infrastructure by 2040.

“Advanced air mobility has the potential to combine the benefits of fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, small general aviation aircraft and intercontinental business jets,” said NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen. “It allows the U.S. the opportunity to lead on this emerging technology, which is why it’s essential that Congress play a role to ensure we are competitive with other world leaders in this space. NBAA commends Reps. Obernolte and Panetta for recognizing this need by forming the AAM Caucus.

“NBAA looks forward to engaging with the caucus on AAM technology, which will help connect with communities that have been left behind by existing transit systems,” Bolen added.

06/23/2022    KITPLANES Firewall Forward: Spark Plug Maintenance - HOW TO VIDEO - YouTube - "CFR 43.3 describes, in a long list, the maintenance items a pilot/owner can legally do. In this video, KITPLANES editor at large Paul Dye runs through how to remove, inspect, clean and gap spark plugs. Learning to do this can not only save you money, but reduce the frustration of suffering a bad runup because of a fouled plug." See it Here.

06/23/2022   Pitot Tubes - AIRCRAFT SAFETY - From Aviation Safety Magazine - What  we do not know about pitot tubes but should! " Mismatched Pitot Tubes - During altimeter and pitot static system recertification, the technician observed the left pitot tube was incorrect and was actually a right one. - Cracked Pitot Tube Riser - While performing scheduled static system tests, excessive pitot leak was discovered and isolated to the forward nose area. On pitot tube (p/n AN58121) removal, the riser was found to be cracked approximately 50 percent of its circumference." Want to know more? Continue Here.

06/21/2022   Aftermarket Safety Equipment - SAFETY DATA / VIDEO - FAA -  "The installation and use of aftermarket safety equipment like shoulder harnesses, engine monitoring equipment, enhanced and synthetic vision systems, carbon monoxide (CO) detectors, and angle of attack indicators, can significantly reduce the likelihood or severity of some general aviation (GA) accidents."  Continue Here.

06/20/2022   FAA Clarifies Function, Purpose Of NOTAMs - FAA NEWS - From AVweb - "The FAA has issued new guidance to airports on issuing NOTAMs it says is intended to help pilots navigate them easier and more accurately. The Advisory Circular was issued on May 25 but the agency publicized it over the weekend. The overall intent appears to be to clean up all the expired, inaccurate and confusing NOTAMs clogging the system and ensuring those that do get published serve the intended purpose. “This AC provides guidance on using the NOTAM system for airport condition reporting and procedures used to describe, format, and disseminate information on unanticipated or temporary changes to components of, or hazards in, the National Airspace System (NAS),” the AC says."  Read More Here.

06/20/2022   New York City Council Seeks To Ban Certain Helicopters - NEWS - From Flying - "Proposed legislation would make city-owned heliports off-limits to tourist choppers. - The New York City Council has dealt another blow to on-demand air transport services like Blade Air Mobility, Uber Helicopter, and others with the introduction of a bill that seeks to ban what some council members consider nonessential helicopter flights from city-owned heliports."  Continue Here.

06/20/2022   East San Jose community takes to the skies, rallying behind Reid-Hillview Airport - NEWS - The Mercury News - "Saturday’s event was intended to bring attention to — and hopefully reverse — scheduled closure - More than 200 kids took to the skies during Saturday’s Young Eagles Flight Rally, a monthly affair put on by the local Experimental Aircraft Association chapter and volunteer pilots across Silicon Valley. The program has provided more than 2,500 free flights to children since its first year in 1992."  Read the story Here.

06/17/2022  WHY DO I "LOCKUP" IN THE COCKPIT? - FAA -  STRATEGIES TO HELP YOU OVERCOME YOUR STARTLE RESPONSE - It’s perfect flying weather — the air is still, the skies are blue, and the ride is silky smooth. Nothing could spoil this perfect flight. But wait, what’s that clanking sound? Suddenly there’s a bang. “My engine’s dead! This can’t be happening! Not to me! What do I do?!! What do I do?!!” -  Read some answers Here.

06/17/2022  Human Factors Training Resources for Aviation Maintenance - Notice Number: NOTC2449 - On May 24, 2022, the FAA published an interim final rule that establishes new regulations for part 147. The new regulations can be found here:

The final rule also includes some changes to part 65 regulations regarding certification of mechanics. Specifically, on August 1, 2023, the FAA will begin testing mechanic applicants using the following standards:

One of the new subject areas in the Mechanic ACS is Human Factors.  The Human Factors subject area is not currently included in the Mechanic Practical Test Standards or in 14 CFR part 147 appendices B, C, or D.

  • Aviation Maintenance Technician Schools (AMTS) must begin including human factors content that aligns with the Mechanic ACS, into their Aviation Maintenance Technician Schools (AMTS) curriculum by September 21, 2022 (the effective date of the part 147 interim final rule).
  • All mechanic applicants may be tested on the Human Factors subject area beginning on August 1, 2023.

Aviation Maintenance Technician Schools (AMTS) and individuals preparing for mechanic certification should have the knowledge and skills outlined in the mechanic ACS prior to taking any written, oral, or practical test administered by the FAA and its designees (to include knowledge testing centers and Designated Mechanic Examiners (DME’s)). The following resources can provide a variety of information regarding human factors in aviation maintenance.

FAA Resources:

  • FAA Handbook, FAA-H-8083-30A, Aviation Maintenance Technician Handbook – General

Note: Chapter 14 may not align with the expected knowledge, risk, and skill elements required by the Mechanic ACS until the next revision of this Handbook.   The FAA is working to revise the handbook as soon as possible.

  •, Library, Human Factors Category

Additional Human Factors resources that are available free of charge:

  • Australian ATSB An Overview of Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance

  • Australian CASA Aviation Human Factors Resources

  • Operators Manual: Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance

  • Fatigue Risk Management Publications and Articles

  • Human Factors Guide for Aviation Maintenance and Inspection

  • A Roadmap to A Just Culture: Enhancing the Safety Environment

  • Operator’s Flight Safety Handbook

  • ICAO Safety Management Manual (SMM) Doc 9859 AN/460

  • Bending the Rules: Managing Violation in the Workplace

By Patrick T.W. Hudson, Leiden University and D. Parker, R. Lawton Manchester University

  • Sidney Dekker

  • Restorative Just Culture Checklist

  • Punishing People or Learning from Failure The choice is ours

There are also numerous books available for purchase relating to human factors, most of which show up on a simple “human factors books” internet search. - For more information regarding the part 147 interim final rule, contact FAA Office of Safety Standards, Aircraft Maintenance Division at 202-267-1675, or  - To provide feedback or comments on the Mechanic ACS or the FAA Mechanic General, Airframe and Powerplant Handbooks, contact the Regulatory Support Division, Airman Testing Section, at

06/17/2022   Dislike Turbulent Flights? - This FAA Group Works to Make Your Ride Smoother - FAA INFO - "To reduce turbulence-related accidents and injuries in the National Airspace System (NAS), the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) conducted a study to address forecasting, reporting, and additional risk-mitigation measures. The study generated a report that included over 20 recommendations to the FAA, the National Weather Service (NWS), and air carrier associations.

Although NTSB’s report indicated that there is still work to do in forecasting and mitigating the impacts of turbulence on aviation, the FAA has made great strides in its nearly 30 years of turbulence-related research and development (R&D). - Currently, the FAA’s NextGen Aviation Weather Division (AWD) is..."   Continue Here.

06/17/2022   Radio Confidence - LEARNING OPPORTUNITY - From AVweb - " ...we have to learn along the way. Meanwhile we’re so worried about sounding bad or saying the wrong thing, we often sound bad and say the wrong thing. Fortunately, practice makes perfect—or at least better. - While the objectives of pilots and controllers overlap, their needs and processes don’t. What do pilots need? Aviate, navigate, and communicate, in that order, right? In contrast,.."  Read the article.

06/17/2022   Mental Health Services Crucial for All Pilots - AVIATION & HEALTH - From Flying - "Here’s where aviators can turn for support—and why it’s important when the struggle with identity underlies any illness. - Mental health for pilots remains touch-and-go. As we’ve investigated in prior FLYING special features, securing timely and confidential counsel regarding any issues you may face can be a challenge as we work to combat preconceived notions about what it means to live with depression, anxiety, and other mental health concerns."  Continue Here.

06/16/2022   5G Deadline Looms, FAA Urges Action - SAFETY NEWS - From AVweb - "In two weeks, AT&T and Verizon will turn up the power on 5G signals around some of the country’s biggest airports and the FAA is imploring airlines to harden vulnerable aircraft against interference with their radar altimeters. The telecoms agreed to soften the introduction of 5G in January at some airports in the face of claims by airlines that it would seriously disrupt air traffic. That deal expires on July 5 and..."  Continue Here.

06/15/2022   FAA Proposes Requiring More Efficient Jets and Turboprops to Lower Climate Impacts - NEWS - FAA -WASHINGTON—The U.S. Department of Transportation’s (DOT’s) Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) released a proposed rule today aimed at reducing greenhouse gasses emitted by most large aircraft flying in U.S. airspace. The rule would require more fuel efficiency for new subsonic jet aircraft and large turboprop and propeller aircraft that are not yet certified and for new planes manufactured after January 1, 2028.

“Today is an important step forward in reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions released by our nation’s airplanes and ultimately reaching President Biden’s ambitious goal of net-zero emissions by 2050,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

Examples of commercial aircraft that will be required to meet the proposed standards include the upcoming Boeing 777-X and future versions of the 787 Dreamliner; the Airbus A330-neo; business jets such as the Cessna Citation; and civil turboprop airplanes such as the ATR 72 and the Viking Limited Q400. The proposed rule does not apply to planes already in service. - Civil aircraft such as these were responsible for 10 percent of domestic transportation emissions and three percent of total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions prior to the pandemic.

Today’s action is part of the U.S. Aviation Climate Action Plan that sets out to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions from the U.S. aviation sector by 2050. During the past year, the FAA announced more than $100 million in matching research contracts to increase aircraft efficiency, to reduce noise and aircraft emissions, and develop and implement new software to reduce taxi delays. These efforts build upon the Biden-Harris Administration’s Sustainable Aviation Fuels Grand Challenge it announced last year.

The emission standard in the proposed rule uses a metric that equates fuel efficiency and consumption with reductions in carbon dioxide (CO2). The proposed rule also accommodates a wide variety of fuel efficient measures when manufacturing planes, including improvements to aerodynamics, engine propulsion efficiency and reductions in an aircraft’s empty mass before loading.

The FAA’s proposal aligns with aircraft CO2 emission standards established by the United Nations’ International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and with USEPA’s regulations implementing the ICAO standard. It therefore assures the worldwide acceptance of U.S. manufactured airplanes and airplane engines. The Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, Airplane Fuel Efficiency Certification, can be found in the Federal Register.  Public comments must be received by Aug. 15, 2022. - Find more information about the FAA and its environmental efforts at its Sustainability Gateway Page.

06/15/2022   CLASS E Airspace EXTENSIONS - E2 E3 E4 - Here is an explanation. Click HERE.

06/13/2022   Cockpit View Canarsie Approach JFK Airport New York Runway 13L - YouTube Video - Day and Night Views - interesting "Eye Candy" for those that might appreciate a "bird's eye" view.   Night:        Day:

06/13/2022   Biden taps Denver airport CEO for FAA administrator role - NEWS -  From Reuters - "WASHINGTON, June 9 (Reuters) - Denver International Airport Chief Executive Phil Washington is a "leading contender" to be nominated to head the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), a White House official told Reuters on Thursday. - The job has been vacant since March 31 when Steve Dickson, who was nominated to the position by former President Donald Trump in 2019, stepped down about halfway through his five-year term.

The official did not confirm a Seattle Times report that the White House is set within days to announce Washington as President Joe Biden's nominee. A spokesperson for Washington referred questions to the White House, which declined to comment."  Story Here.

06/13/2022   FAA Requires SpaceX to Take Over 75 Actions to Mitigate Environmental Impact of Planned Starship/Super Heavy Launches - FAA -  WASHINGTON— The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will require SpaceX to take more than 75 actions to mitigate environmental impacts from its proposed plan to launch the Starship/Super Heavy vehicle from Boca Chica, Texas.

The actions are part of the agency’s environmental review. The environmental review must be completed along with public safety, national security, and other analyses before a decision on whether to grant a launch license can be made. The license application is still pending.

After consultation with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, there will be more advanced notice of launches  to reduce how long State Highway 4 is closed during launch operations. The highway traverses Boca Chica Beach, Texas State Parks and the Lower Rio Grande National Wildlife Refuge. Closures will not be allowed on 18 identified holidays, and weekend restrictions are limited to no more than five weekends per year, ensuring robust access to the refuge and park throughout the calendar year. The FAA will also require real-time notifications when access restrictions begin, end or are cancelled.

Additional measures to address impacts to fish, wildlife and plants, and resources protected by the National Historic Preservation Act will be required. Some examples of these measures include:

  • Ongoing monitoring of vegetation and wildlife by a qualified biologist;
  • Ensuring notification of surrounding communities in advance about potential engine noise and sonic booms from launches;
  • Coordinating with state or federal agencies to remove launch debris from sensitive habitats;
  • Adjusting lighting at the launch complex to minimize impact on wildlife and the nearby beach.

The required actions are part of the FAA’s Programmatic Environmental Assessment, Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI), and Record of Decision (ROD). The documents are available at The SpaceX Starship Super Heavy Project at the Boca Chica Launch Site page.

The environmental review is one part of the FAA Launch Operator License application process. SpaceX also must meet FAA safety, risk, and financial responsibility requirements before a license is issued for any launch activities. The review was completed in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act and all applicable laws, regulations, and agency guidance.

06/11/2022   As More Aviation Accidents Pile Up, Key Safety Recommendations Remain Undone - NEWS - From Defense One - "Pentagon officials say they’re still working on the December 2020 suggestions of a congressional commission." The Story Continues Here.

06/11/2022   Study finds no elevated lead levels in Reid-Hillview Airport's soil - NEWS - From - "A Santa Clara County-commissioned study released Wednesday found that soil samples taken at Reid-Hillview Airport in San Jose did not contain lead levels that exceed local, state or federal standards." Continue Here.

06/10/2022  Government/Industry Aeronautical Charting Meeting (ACM) Meeting 22-01 Charting Group April 26-28, 2022 CHARTING GROUP MINUTES - Read them Here.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on October 24-27, 2022. Details will be provided at a later date.

Future Dates and Locations

  • Meeting 22-02 – October 24-27, 2022 – TBD
  • Meeting 23-01 – April 24-27, 2023 – TBD

06/10/2022   Inmarsat Tests Signals for United Kingdom Positioning, Navigation and Timing System - UK NAVIGATION - From Avionics International - "The United Kingdom is no longer part of Europe’s Galileo satellite navigation system after leaving the European Union, and cannot use the European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service (EGNOS) safety of life services, which provide GPS for airport approach and landing operations for aircraft. -  Inmarsat is testing a potential sovereign solution, the UK Space Based Augmentation System (UKSBAS), with British partners..."  Continue Here.

06/10/2022   AI in the Sky: How Artificial Intelligence and Aviation Are Working Together - AVIONICS - From Avionics International - "Commercial airlines and military aviation have already begun embracing AI, using it to streamline routes, cut harmful emissions, improve customer experience, and optimize missions. However, with AI comes a string of questions, technical challenges, and even mixed feelings."  "Both the Federal Aviation Administration and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) have taken a positive interest in AI. EASA published a report in February 2020 discussing the trustworthiness of AI and how aviation can take a human-centric approach to AI programs." Read the Story Here.

06/06/2022  How the war in Ukraine and Omicron continues to impact air cargo demand - INFO - From International Airport Review - "Due to the Omicron outbreak in Asia and the war in Ukraine, the International Air Transport Association has released March 2022 data showing a drop in demand for global air cargo markets." Complete country data reports and story Here

06/06/2022   The International Airport Review's  virtual summit ‘Envisioning the future of air transportation: A smarter future for airports’ which took place in May [2022] was a huge success. We hosted a stellar line-up of speakers who joined us to discuss important key topics such as passenger experience, operational efficiency, driving the sustainable agenda, new revenue streams and the generation-defining Bipartisan Infrastructure Law which was discussed in a keynote session with speakers from ACI North America, the U.S. Department of Transportation and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. - If you missed out then not to worry! You can catch up with all of the panel sessions on-demand for the next 12 months for free! All you need to do is REGISTER.

06/06/2022  Russia To Start Making Bootleg Boeing, Airbus Parts - UNAPPROVED PARTS - From AVweb - "As Russia’s world narrows with sweeping sanctions, it’s about to take the inevitable step of making about 100 state-of-the-art Airbus and Boeing airliners virtually worthless. The state aviation authority Rosaviatsia has issued production certificates..." Read it Here.

06/06/2022   Craig Field To Get U.S.’s First Remote Tower ATC Center - ATC NEWS - From AVweb - "The Selma Economic Development Authority has announced plans to set up a Remote Tower Air Traffic Control Center at Craig Field (SEM) in Selma, Alabama. The project will be led by Valdosta, Georgia-based air traffic control academy Advanced ATC Inc. and conducted in partnership with Spain’s Indra Corp., which will provide staffing, software and logistics support. The center is expected to be the first of its kind in operation in the U.S. and is designed to allow air traffic controllers to “perform all the functions of a traditional control tower from a different location through the extensive use of cameras, real-time video and other advances.” Read About it Here.

06/06/2022  Why The Human Factors of Aviation Maintenance Matter - SAFETY INFO - From Flying - "Our A&P tells you about ‘The Dirty Dozen’ and why each of them is so important." Read about the 12 Human Factor Dangers Here.

06/06/2022   Flying Fancy: USAF Fighter Pilot Demos F-35 Aerobatics - INSIGHT - From Flying - "[Flying] Editor’s Note: When pilot Maj. Kristin “Beo” Wolfe finished F-22 pilot training in 2013, she became the second-generation U.S. Air Force fighter pilot in her family. Trained to fly both the F-22 Raptor and the F-35A Lightning II, she now sets the bar for flying the service’s single-seat stealth combat aircraft as commander of the F-35A Demonstration Team, 388th Fighter Wing based at Hill Air Force Base, Utah. Her aerobatics were featured in the service’s “Own The Sky” commercial, which is paired with Top Gun: Maverick in theaters. She recently sat down to chat with FLYING, recalling her first flight in an F-35, what it’s like being a female fighter pilot and how the reality of flying fifth-generation fighters differs from cinematic portrayals. Here are her words, lightly edited for space and clarity."  VIDEO & STORY  HERE.

06/06/2022  Get To Know Your ADS-BFAA - Just because the first word in Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) is “automatic” doesn’t mean you can forget about it once you’ve equipped. You need to know and understand a lot about this technology to ensure you have optimized its performance in your aircraft. We’ve highlighted several important facts that every pilot should know, like transmitting requirements and failure indications, in the article “How to Maximize the Benefits of Your ADS-B” here: and on the FAA website here: Check out our entire May/June weather-themed issue here:

06/06/2022  New Animation Added to Runway Safety Simulator - FAA - The Runway Safety Pilot Simulator online at has a new animation. “Non-Towered Operations: Communications” is the first in a three-part series focusing on surface operations in the non-towered environment. This first part covers basic radio communications. Future parts will dive deeper into VFR operations and cover mixed VFR and IFR operations at non-towered airports.

More than half of GA operations are conducted at non-towered airports, which includes when an airport's control tower is closed, and air traffic services are not provided. As the pilot-in-command, you must know and understand operations at these airports. For more information, see AC 90-66Non-Towered Airport Flight Operations, which was added to the site’s resources tab.

06/06/2022   AME Minute: Why did the FAA add an application status dashboard to MedXPress? - VIDEO - FAA - In this microlearning lesson, Warren Silberman, DO, MPH explains how the latest feature of MedXPress allows pilots to check the status of their medical application using an online dashboard. See it Here.

06/06/2022   NBAA is offering an incentive to join. Should you be interested in NBAA Membership, USE DISCOUNT CODE: NBAA99 AT CHECKOUT and Click HERE for the Details.

06/06/2022   China Bans Russia’s Airbuses, Boeings - NEWS - From AVweb - "China has banned Russian-operated Boeing and Airbus airliners from its airspace, citing safety concerns. More than 100 state-of-the-art airliners, most of them owned by Western leasing companies, are in the hands of Russian airlines and some have been re-registered in Russia. All of them have been banned from..." Continue Here.

06/01/2022   Federal Air Surgeon's Medical Bulletin - June 2022 Vol. 1 - FAA - In this issue:   You Can Read it HERE.

  • Mental Health and Pilots – Changing the Narrative
  • Alcohol and Drug Abuse and Dependence in the Aviator – A Guide to Cockpit Return
  • Case Report: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in a Student Pilot
  • Military Aerospace Medicine Residents Participate in First-Ever Combined FAA CAMI Educational Experience
  • Survival Signaling – Part Two "Because You Just Can’t Seem to Holler Loud Enough"
  • MedXPress: Application Status Updates Launched
  • Recent Policy Updates
  • Aviation Medical Examiner Information Links

06/01/2022   Managing Component Failures - Fatal general aviation accidents often result from inappropriate responses to unexpected events. Planning, training, and preparation can promote more effective and timely responses to emergencies, such as total aircraft system failures, and give you the skills and knowledge you need to appropriately manage the chain of events that can lead to disaster. - Read More on the Fly Safe Blog - Printable Download Fact Sheet.

06/01/2022   Watch: Managing Component Failures in 57 Seconds - SAFETY VIDEO - Plan, Prepare, Practice - How you would respond to an Unexpected Event - See it Here.

06/01/2022   Satellite Navigation — GPS/WAAS Approaches - The Newest Numbers - The availability of Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS)-capable approach procedures is a significant enabler of WAAS benefits in the United States. View the latest status of U.S. WAAS approach procedures. - See it Here.

06/01/2022   Weather Deconstructed - INSTRUCTIONAL - From AVweb - "While we can’t make you a meteorologist, we can certainly help you think like one. - To get our forecast mojo in gear, let’s reduce things to the essentials. There’s no need for math equations or pages of physics. The thing that the atmosphere reacts to most is unequal distribution of heat. This sets air in motion and..." This is a "Crash Course 101" re: forecasting and weather knowledge. Read it Here.

05/31/2022   GKN Aerospace, easyJet Partner to Promote Decarbonization, Advance Hydrogen Technology - NEWS - PR - From Aviation Today - "Leading airframe supplier GKN Aerospace recently entered into a partnership with the airline easyJet to develop hydrogen technology. easyJet will support development of GKN’s H2JET (hydrogen combustion) and H2GEAR (hydrogen fuel cell) technologies. The collaboration will include potential flight demonstrations, and easyJet will also offer its expertise and insights related to operational requirements and economics.

Max Brown, VP Technology at GKN Aerospace, explained that running both the hydrogen electric program and the hydrogen combustion program enables understanding of potential applications for the two technologies. It can also indicate potential tipping points. Continue Here.

05/30/2022   EAA Releases Oshkosh Notice for AirVenture 2022 - NEWS - From Flying/EAA - "A few important changes are in the document formerly known as the 'Oshkosh NOTAM.' - Decommissioned VORs, changes to IFR routes, and no aircraft camping at Appleton International Airport (KATW) are just a few of the changes in the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2022 Notice to Air Mission, formerly known as the “Oshkosh NOTAM.”

The 32-page notice is required reading for pilots who intend to fly into KOSH. The notice contains information about arrival and departure procedures for the world’s biggest airshow, slated for July 25 through 31 at Wittman Regional Airport (KOSH) in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Expect to do some studying before you rock your wings and land on the colored dot."  Good Reading about the event and important links, Here.

05/27/2022   'Stable. Safe. Powerful': Cal Fire pilots say Fire Hawk 'gets the job done' - INFO / VIDEO - From KCRA 3 - "A training team helicopter pilot at CAL FIRE’s McClellan air tanker base, who is a former-military-turned-forestry wildfire pilot, discussed the recent addition of 12 Sikorsky S70i helicopters to the agency's aerial firefighting arsenal." Continue Here.

05/26/2022  The Level Turn - SAFETY - From Aviation Safety Magazine - "Turning is fundamental to controlled flight and breaking it down into its basic parts also helps us understand how to use the flight controls." Continue reading Here.

05/24/2022   Seeing The Invisible - WIND / SAFETY INFO - From AVweb - "Most pilots venture into windy conditions with enough skills and smarts to know how to either avoid or cope with them. But wind-related accidents are still commonplace, so clearly we don’t always get it right. One reason for this may be fairly simple: With the exception of blowing snow, tornadoes, dust devils and some cloud formations, wind is usually invisible. To visualize what is going on, you have to..."  Continue Here.

05/23/2020   2022 curtain to rise on USA’s Aerospace Valley Air Show - EVENT NEWS - From Aerotechnews -  "LANCASTER, Calif. — This is the year when the planets align over Southern California’s High Desert Aerospace Valley, declaring the region to be, “The Center of the Aerospace Testing Universe.” - Chase Kohler, chief of media operations for the 412th Test Wing at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif., updates the local community on planning for the 2022 Edwards AFB Air Show.

Accompanying the expanded mid-October 2022 Aerospace Valley Air Show at Edwards Air Force Base is a separately organized and funded companion project of the Flight Test Historical Foundation to complete and open the aerospace museum under construction just outside the west gate to Edwards Air Force Base. - With this year’s restoration of an Edward AFB air show, last held in 2009, timed to coincide with the 75th Anniversary of Supersonic Flight... - The stars of the Aerospace Valley Air Show will be the USAF Thunderbirds, precision flight demonstration team, supported by a cast of military and NASA aircraft and civilian historic and aerobatic planes." 10/12 through 10/17, 2022 More about the event HERE.

05/23/2022   Drones can help dairy farms control methane - INFO / NEWS - From Western Farm News - "Dairy farmers bulldoze the mess into artificial ponds called manure lagoons, where anaerobic microbes break it down into methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. Methane traps 80% more heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide, contributing to around one fourth of climate change to date. The cow digestive tract also produces methane and releases it when the cow burps." Methane is a major problem - Read it Here.

05/23/2022   Competitor Killed In STOL Competition Crash - SAFETY WARNING - From AOPA - "During the fourth heat, Dafoe's Cessna rolled and dove during or soon after the base-to-final turn, and struck the ground in view of shocked spectators." Read the sad story Here.

05/22/2022   Cool, Fun, and Free Ways to Learn More About Aviation Weather - With all the advances in weather technology and all the resources that pilots can access, why do weather-related accidents continue to plague GA? The answer is not so simple — it’s complex — just like a bank of towering clouds ahead. Pilots are not meteorologists, but they do need to know and understand the weather. So, where can pilots go to learn aviation weather, and in ways that are not only cool and fun but also free? Check out the digital atmosphere. In the article “Surfing the Digital Atmosphere — What’s Cool, Fun, and Free for Pilots to Learn Aviation Weather” (, you’ll find products and apps that really up the coolness factor to learn aviation weather. Click for more weather technology tools and resources in our May/June weather-themed issue here:

05/22/2022   Why Pilots Don’t Want To Talk About Mental Health—and Why They Should - HEALTH - From Flying - "Pilots get anxiety and depression just like many other people do, but they seem less likely to seek support and treatment. Why? How can we change it? - An airline captain flies long-haul on heavy equipment for an international carrier. He’s at the top of his game—both professionally and personally, with a young family and a successful side business that keeps him busy and fulfilled even on his days off. But there’s an illness he must hide..." Read this very informative story Here.

05/17/2022   Pentagon getting more UFO reports now that 'stigma has been reduced' - DEFENSE -  VIDEO - From Politico - "Pentagon getting more UFO reports now that 'stigma has been reduced' - The Pentagon has compiled hundreds of additional reports of UFOs since last summer, including more “unidentified aerial phenomena” that appear to rely on leap-ahead technologies that are not known to exist in any U.S. or foreign arsenals, officials told Congress on Tuesday. - “Reports of sightings are frequent and continuing,” Scott Bray, deputy director of naval intelligence..."   Continue Here for VIDEO and report data.

05/17/2022   NBAA Underscores Commitment to Net-Zero Emissions by 2050 in House Committee Statement -PR  - From NBAA -  "Washington, DC, May 17, 2022  – National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) President and CEO Ed Bolen outlined the aggressive steps business aviation is taking to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint in a written statement submitted today to the Aviation Subcommittee of the House Committee on Transportation & Infrastructure.

In NBAA’s statement for the hearing, “Preparing for Take-Off: Examining Efforts to Address Climate Change at U.S. Airports,” Bolen detailed the Business Aviation Commitment on Climate Change, where the industry has pledged to achieve net-zero CO2 emissions by 2050.

“This goal builds on our proven track record of leading the way on fuel-saving technologies from winglets to highly efficient engine technology and advanced avionics,” Bolen wrote. “To achieve our 2050 goal, business aviation is making significant investments in zero-emission electric aviation, sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), optimizing GPS technology to fly the most direct and efficient routes and utilizing sustainable infrastructure at airports. These initiatives will lead to a sustainable future for business aviation while maintaining the critical jobs our industry provides to American workers.”

In addition, he explained how NBAA’s Sustainable Flight Department Accreditation Program, which has a specific focus on infrastructure and ground support equipment, is leading the way toward more efficient and sustainable U.S. airports.

“This comprehensive accreditation program will stimulate, document and audit how operators are making widespread investments and progress toward a carbon-neutral future,” Bolen added. “For airport operations, participants will work toward measurable reductions in CO2 emissions through the modernization of hangars and other facilities, concentrating on reduced electric and water consumption.”

Read Bolen’s full written statement.

He also discussed how NBAA and its coalition partners in the Business Aviation Coalition for Sustainable Aviation Fuel continue to educate the airport and operator community about the benefits of SAF, which has led to broad acceptance and demand for the fuel. However, the SAF market is still in a nascent stage and requires a long-term, technology- and feedstock-neutral tax incentive to meet growing demand. Bolen thanked the subcommittee for its leadership in supporting H.R. 3440, the Sustainable Skies Act, and underscored that a blender’s tax credit specifically aimed at incentivizing the production of SAF is the most important action that Congress can take to support decarbonization of the aviation sector

He also detailed how electric aviation and advanced air mobility (AAM) will advance the U.S. toward sustainable, zero-emission aerospace, and open new transportation opportunities to move people between and within urban, suburban and rural areas.

Bolen explained that general aviation airports will be an essential part of electric aviation’s future. “These airports will support AAM operations as they are often located closer to communities and provide the existing infrastructure that can readily support electric aviation.”

Last fall at the NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE), the leaders of the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA), International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) and NBAA agreed to continue the industry’s goal of increasing aviation fuel efficiency 2% per year between 2020 and 2030. Read more about the Business Aviation Commitment on Climate Change.

05/16/2022   Congressman Calls for Temporary Closure, Investigation of Whiteman Airport - NEWS - From my news - "Following several recent plane crashes at Whiteman Airport in Pacoima, Rep. Tony Cárdenas, D-Panorama City, called Monday on Los Angeles County and the Federal Aviation Administration to place a 30-day moratorium on flights at the airport and conduct a safety audit. - The accidents have impacted the northeast area of the San Fernando Valley, represented by the congressman." You can read the ARTICLE HERE.

The following is the Webmaster response submitted to the publisher:

"It is a shame that the congressman addressing the KWHP airport has not done his homework. The quote: “These incidents have demonstrated that Los Angeles County is failing to achieve the required safety standards and, as a result, trust with the community has been broken,”

The gentleman referred to three incidents: the 337, the Cessna Hit by a Train, and a CAP Plane.

  1. The 337 was flown by a Torrance Pilot, not Whiteman. The cause of the accident has not been determined, but neither L A County, nor the airport, was responsible for that plane's maintenance, the pilot's employment, or his certification as a pilot.
  2. The Cessna landing safely will no doubt be found to be caused by airplane failure, complicated by train operation/communication failure. In neither instance was the circumstance caused by an airport operation failure. In fact, the FAA instructs pilots to, in most cases, land straight ahead with less than 30 degrees of deviation, in the event of an engine failure low to the ground. The pilot landed per the process recommended by the FAA.
  3. Voice recordings indicate that the CAP pilot apparently chose to ignore present engine warnings, exercised poor judgment, and chose to try stretching his flight to KWHP. This was a pilot error accident, not an airport operation failure.

Closing the airport for any amount of time will not address successfully the concerns as the congressman addressed them.

The congressman and the community would be better served by his support of pilot proficiency programs such as the FAA WINGS program, which encourages pilot recurrent training, maintenance quality, and proper aeronautical decision making. Also, other community programs like the EAA Young Eagles, allowing area youth to become aviators and aviation industry leaders deserve support."

05/16/2022   Groups urge passage of bill creating blenders tax credit for SAF - ARTICLE - From Biodiesel Magazine - "The National Business Aviation Association and nearly 80 stakeholders sent a letter to Congressional leaders on April 22 advocating for passage of the Sustainable Skies Act, which would create a blender’s tax credit for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). - We believe the most important action..."  Continue Here.

05/16/2022   The Biggest Problem With Flying Cars Is on the Ground - ARTICLE - From Wall Street Journal - "Whether you call them eVTOLs, ‘flying cars’ or air taxis, these all-electric, vertical take-off-and-landing passenger vehicles promise to make George Jetson’s commute a reality—if only their manufacturers can figure out where to land them - The startups and investors that have sent hopes soaring for “flying cars” could be in for a rough landing, in more ways than one." (Sub Model) Read More Here.

05/15/2022   What’s The Difference Between Jet Fuel And Gasoline ? Here Is The Answer - ARTICLE - From Wonderful Engineering 2017 - Webmaster: Recently as republished here on SCAUWG.ORG [see banner slide] a lady complained at a small protest that was covered by Channel 5, and was recorded as saying that Van Nuys Airport was spewing Toxic Jet Fumes into the neighborhood. So, I asked myself,  "what is the difference between Jet A, used by comparison a small number of KVNY flights, and Gasoline, used by the millions of cars that travel through the Van Nuys area via the 101 freeway, as well as surface streets?" I did an internet search, and this is what I found: 

"The kerosene family is close relatives of Diesel, including Jet A, which is high purity kerosene prepared to exhibit specific physical properties, to fuel the jet turbine engines. If the production of jet-A results in less purified form of kerosene, it will be recycled as a highway diesel. Much like diesel, Jet A can be used in compression-ignition piston engines, other than more suitable turbine engines.

The Gasoline Family is further divided into Avgas, Autogas and Gasohol, all produced for the spark ignition engines."   You can read the ENTIRE ARTICLE Here.  NOTE: (It is recognized that this article does not address the new fuel technology that 100UL & SAF now brings to the 2022 flight environment.)

05/13/2022   Latest Pilot Minute Video Covers Depression and Anxiety - FAA - In the latest episode of the Pilot Minute video series, FAA Federal Air Surgeon Dr. Susan Northrup discusses what pilots can do if they experience depression or anxiety. The video explains the importance of early treatment for mental health and reinforces preflight self-assessment using the I’M SAFE checklist. See the video here, and be sure to check out other videos in the series.

05/13/2022   Making the Most of Your Flight Service Online Weather Briefing - FAA - Most pilots are not meteorologists, so the plethora of available weather information can cause some “analysis paralysis,” especially with the migration towards online self-briefings. The folks at Leidos Flight Service know how important it is for pilots to get the essentials they need to make sound go/no-go flight decisions. Leidos’ website has evolved significantly in recent years to give pilots greater access to the information they need and when they need it, but in such a way that doesn’t make your brain explode.

To read more on how these advancements can help you get familiar with all available resources before your next flight, check out the article “Leveraging Leidos — Making the Most of Your Flight Service Online Weather Briefing” here: Be sure to check out our entire weather and technology-themed issue here:

05/11/2022   Whiteman Airport Under Community Attack - You can help fight back - Obtain meeting information, and Give your feedback at Home | Whiteman Airport (   The situation: The County is developing a community informed re-envisioning process for the airport. The process will include baseline assessments of environmental resources and community outreach to identify objectives that will reduce environmental impacts, realize economic benefits, and improve community relations. Read more about the Community Advisory Committee. Keep an eye on the SCAUWG.ORG EVENTS Page for KWHP public meetings.

05/11/2022   Whiteman Airport Under Community Attack #2 Even before the most recent tragic loss of life ,the members of Friends of Whiteman were preparing to request all persons who have an interest in Whiteman airport to participate in a letter writing campaign to let our elected politicians know our feelings concerning this valuable community resource.  After each incident there has been a public cry for the immediate closure of the airport, even though the airport itself did not have anything to do with the accidents, other than being the departure point or intended landing location.  In all of the incidents no one on the ground was physically injured or killed.  During discussions with politicians about the closure of Whiteman, they stated that they needed to hear from the public as to their position on the closure.  Now is the time to let them know loud and clear.  Get KWHP Airport Information and the names and addresses that you can mail too. Click HERE.

05/11/2022   Chart Changes Upcoming for the San Gabriel Valley to be published 5/19 on the VFR Flyway Chart and the Terminal Chart per the Airspace and Procedures South Team (AJV-W22):

March ARB Approach and Departure Updates - The rwy 30 departure now clearly depicts the exit of the Class C Surface Area as it turns south - Added is an arrival/Departure corridor that routes flights directly over the Homeland VOR.

Ontario: The problem was the departure route to the west wasn't in line with the runway. Now it is. It can proceed straight out to the west, or it turns to the southeast.

San Bernardino International: (New Routes) An Arrival route now that comes of the PETIS NDB direct to rwy 6 - A Departure route from rwy 24 direct to Paradise. Plus, the chart profile view is now corrected to reflect an extended 2-mile departure before it turns right and proceeds over Redlands airport.

05/11/2022   ChartCompare Has Been Updated so that the new charts dated May 19 are already featured.  ChartCompare allows the user to instantly compare the expiring chart to the newly revised chart, and find changes instantly. Chart Compare was created by SCAUWG,ORG Contributing Editor Mike Carson, and is featured exclusively on SCAUWG.ORG. See it Here.

05/11/2022   FAA PUMPS BRAKES ON EVTOLS - AIRCRAFT APPROVAL ONE THING, PILOT RATING ANOTHER - NEWS - From AOPA - "A May 10 statement from the FAA cast doubt on ambitious timelines for bringing a new generation of electric vertical-lift aircraft into service, as the agency shifted attention to how pilots will be trained and qualified to fly them." Continue Here.

05/11/2022   NTSB Lays Into FAA For Inaction On Safety Management System Mandate - From AVweb - "The National Transportation Safety Board has placed a substantial amount of blame on the FAA for a 2019 fatal air tour helicopter crash in Hawaii. In a statement released today (May 10), Board Chair Jennifer Homendy wrote, “The NTSB previously made 11 recommendations to the FAA to prevent accidents like this one, but our recommendations only work when they are implemented. It’s time for the FAA to act.” She added, “When the NTSB issues safety recommendations, they are data-driven, supported by factual evidence developed from investigations, and are carefully crafted to prevent accidents.”  Continue Here.

05/11/2022   ‘Avgas Coalition’ Petitions DOT And FAA To Retain 100LL During Transition Period - From AVweb - "A May 6 letter from stakeholders associated with the 110-plus-member Avgas Coalition, addressed to Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and Acting FAA Administrator Billy Nolen, implores the powers that be to retain the availability of low-lead 100LL aviation fuel until an orderly transition to unleaded fuel can be accomplished. Among the stakeholders, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) President Mark Baker said, “The need to remove lead from aviation fuel is something everyone is behind. [However]..."  Continue Here.

05/10/2022   Have You Done a PRICE Check Lately?   In the latest episode of the Pilot Minute video series, FAA Federal Air Surgeon Dr. Susan Northrup discusses how to use the PRICE check to inspect emergency oxygen equipment before and during flight (Pressure, Regulator, Indicator, Connections, and Emergency). And don’t forget to brief your passengers on how to use the oxygen system. See the video here. For more information on aircraft oxygen equipment use, see our latest aeromedical safety brochure here (PDF).

05/09/2022   FAA wants U.S. airlines to retrofit, replace radio altimeters - NEWS - From Reuters - "AT&T (T.N) and Verizon Communications (VZ.N) voluntarily agreed in January to delay through July 5 switching on some wireless towers and depowering others near airports just hours before the planned Jan. 19 deployment, averting what airlines had warned would cause a potentially "catastrophic" aviation safety crisis. - The delay did not prevent dozens of countries from canceling flights to the United States, casting the U.S. regulatory system in an ugly light." Get the update re: altimeters and antennas Here.

05/09/2022   Microlearning for Aviation Medical Examiners - VIDEO - "For this edition of the AME Minute, Warren Silberman, DO, MPH explains why after-visit summaries and current status reports were replaced by a detailed clinical progress note (DCPN), and how gathering information from the pilot’s provider in one document will expedite the medical certification process. (Running time: 1:37)"  See it Here.

05/09/2022   Will GA Have a Fuel Problem? - From Flying - "With avgas a boutique product and jet-A supplies in mitigation, experts see price volatility rather than more shortages ahead, for general aviation." Continue Here.

05/08/2022  MIDAIR COLLISION AVOIDANCE(MACA) PAMPHLET - MARCH AIR RESERVE BASE - IMPORTANT MIDAIR SAFETY - "Southern California is noted for many things. One of them, unfortunately, is the potential for a midair collision due to the heavily congested airspace. This part of the country is one of the most hazardous areas in the world for aircraft. In order to reduce the risk of a major accident, know your personal limitations, learn as much as possible about the airspace system you operate in and know the flight characteristics of the aircraft around you. This pamphlet was developed in the interest of promoting flight safety. It details factors affecting vision, collision avoidance techniques and March ARB aircraft and their departure/approach routes. Hopefully this information will assist you in avoiding situations where the potential for a midair collision is the greatest." Webmaster: Dated 2017 but this 16 page PDF is incredibly detailed and provides chart depictions of the many March ARB operations and the airports that surround March ARB. Also provides many references and a link to today's current issue of, "Keep 'em Flying From March Field" with updated events and info.  Get it HERE. Note: An Update re: Peris Valley - "Perris Valley: The frequency is 122.775 (see small insert frequency box on chart) We don't listen to 122.90. Please DO NOT fly over this airport 14,000 and below. 9 multi engine jump planes. Maybe 15 ultra lights. Usually one of the top 3 busiest drop zones in the United states."

05/08/2022  Aero Friedrichshafen 2022: GAMI’s G100UL high octane unleaded avgas wins the Flieger magazine 2022 AWARD for the innovation of the year. - CURRENT FUEL NEWS & PR - ARTICLE & VIDEO - From GAMI - Includes: GAMI G100UL™ Press Conference at Sun 'n Fun 2022 & G100UL™ Presentation - Sun 'n Fun 2022 - Get some of the latest Fuel News Here.

05/08/2022   Could SAF Be a Cost-Effective Solution to Rising Aviation Fuel Prices? - ANALYSIS - From Flying - "As fuel prices skyrocket, will sustainable aviation fuel ever be a less-expensive alternative? - With the price of conventional aviation fuel skyrocketing in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, could sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) offer any relief?  For a while now, governments, major airlines, and several aviation organizations have been encouraging the industry to embrace SAF to help achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. This is because SAF burns more cleanly and is made from renewable resources, such as used cooking oil and grain. OK, but how does it compare on price?"  Read More Here.

05/08/2022  As Demand and Prices for Jet-A Rise, Is Supply Dwindling? - FUEL INFO / HISTORY - From Flying - "Reports of diesel shortages cause concern about the amount of available aviation fuel. Airports, FBOs, and pilots are increasingly feeling the pinch of rising fuel prices driven by a number of factors ranging from Russia’s war with Ukraine and related economic sanctions to the booming shipping industry and the coming summer travel season. But jet fuel just became a special case. According to a report..." Continue Here.

05/05/2022   How to Care for Your Lycoming Camshaft - Maintenance - From Flying - "Often called the Achilles heel of the Lycoming engine, here’s how to keep that camshaft doing what it should."  Continue Here.

05/05/2002    Moose Stalls - SAFETY - From Aviation Safety - "On September 5, 2013, a hunter near Glenallen, Alaska, was killed in a crash while searching for a moose he had earlier shot and field-dressed. According to a friend who was hunting with him, the pilot had failed to mark the area where the carcass could be found before hiking away from the site and subsequently chose to conduct a quick aerial search for it in his Cessna 170B. As the witness later recounted to investigators, the pilot flew by at about “80 to 100 feet above the ground traveling at about 45 mph.” The aircraft then started a left turn,..."   Read this important story Here.

05/04/2022  A Radar Primer - WX INFO - From AVweb - "Radar, whether we’re talking air traffic control, thunderstorm detection, navigation, or even air combat, is a technology that has shaped the history of flight in countless ways. The word “radar” is an acronym (RAdio Detection And Ranging) and was coined in 1939 by the United States Army Signal Corps as it worked on these systems for the Navy. Its rapid development during World War II is still well known in the aviation community and it’s often associated with that era." Learn about history, products and strategies Here.

05/04/2022   American Robotics Expands Network With Seven More Sites - From Flying - "Additional stations will allow company to deploy automated drones without operators from more places. - The seven new sites range from 0.1 square miles to 14 square miles and are located in:

  • North Dakota
  • Louisiana
  • New Mexico
  • Nevada
  • California
  • South Carolina

Read the full article Here.

05/04/2022  Rotorcraft Collective - VIDEO - 5 video selections - “The Rotorcraft Collective” is a group of engineers, pilots, mechanics, accident investigators, and communication specialists from industry and the FAA who produce short safety videos packed with information on topics such as preflight inspections and passenger briefings, helicopter icing, and securing cargo. Produced by the FAA Safety Team (FAASTeam), this series is a collaborative effort between the FAASTeam, United States Helicopter Safety Team (USHST), Helicopter Association International (HAI), and the Helicopter Institute in Dallas. Choose from the Videos Here.

05/04/2022  Train and Plan for Emergencies Before they Happen - VIDEO - 78 Videos - These videos have been selected for pilots and aircraft maintainers by the FAA Safety Team (FAASTeam). Go to for more info and training opportunities.- You can choose from the entire list Here.    Lot's of good selections.

05/03/2022   Airline pilot shortage prompts college aviation course at Ontario airport - From Dailly Bulletin - "Mount San Antonio College is teaching a class at Ontario airport to entice more students into aeronautics jobs - When folks at Ontario International Airport and Ontario City Hall noticed aviation jobs — including airline pilots — were falling behind demand for air travel, they reached out to Mount San Antonio College. - But instead of just asking the school to increase enrollment in its accredited aeronautics program, they did something never done before. They brought the college to the airport." Continue Here.

05/01/2022   Airport Climate Challenge launched to meet U.S. net zero targets - From International Airport Review - "The FAA believes partnering with U.S. airports, while providing support and funding programmes, will be key to the U.S. lowering greenhouse gas emissions and achieving sustainable air travel. The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration and U.S. airports have launched an Airport Climate Challenge to help achieve the goal of net-zero emissions by 2050.

Airports can take advantage of several FAA funding programmes to meet this goal, including grants for low- or zero-emissions vehicles, renewable energy production, energy assessments and other efforts. The challenge is one of a number of initiatives underway to meet the Biden-Harris Administration’s goal of a net-zero aviation system by 2050. Read More Here.

05/01/2022   NEW FAA Safety Briefing - The May/June 2022 issue of FAA Safety Briefing magazine focuses on the variety of tools and technology aviators can use to avoid and/or safely mitigate weather risks. -  Feature articles cover some of the FAA’s latest weather research work and programs, including more effective ways to steer clear of turbulence and interpret weather products and resources. We also explore some tips to improve your preflight self-briefings. Additional Topics; Pulling Gs, Allergies and Allergy Medication, and Aircraft Corrosion. Plus More. Download the .pdf file Here.

04/28/2022   Stall Warning Systems - SAFETY INFO - From Aviation Safety - "Most personal airplanes have some kind of stall warning system, as a final attempt to get our attention. They come in two basic flavors: the vane type or the reed type."  Read what you might need to know about stall warning systems Here.

04/27/2022   Virtual Reality’s Impact on Flight Training Continues to Grow - INFO - "KLM Airlines and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University are two entities using this new technology to big benefit. - How KLM Airlines Uses VR Training for Pilots - Continue Here

04/27/2022   FAA Begins Investing $1B of Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Funding into Air Traffic Control System  - FAA NEWS - WASHINGTON— The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has started investing the first $1 billion of $5 billion into the country’s air traffic control system. The funding — made possible through President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law — will sustain, repair or replace hundreds of buildings and pieces of equipment that make flying in the United States the safest in the world.

“Air traffic control facilities are the nerve centers of our airspace system, and a big part of the reason why flying is the safest mode of transportation,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. “The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will repair, replace and modernize the infrastructure that our air traffic control system relies on to keep the traveling public safe for generations to come.”

Secretary Buttigieg visited one of the 22 air traffic control facilities that will received funding thanks to the infrastructure law. View the video of Secretary Buttigieg’s visit.

The FAA controls more than 5 million square miles of airspace in the U.S. and more than 24 million square miles over oceans. The air traffic system includes hundreds of towers at airports and terminal approach control facilities, which provide air traffic services to aircraft approaching and leaving busy airspace. It also includes 22 centers handling aircraft at high-altitudes. These facilities depend on power systems, navigation and weather equipment, and radar and surveillance systems across the country.

“There’s a great deal of work needed to reduce the backlog of sustainment work, upgrades and replacement of buildings and equipment needed to operate our nation’s airspace safely. We are going to make sure small and disadvantaged businesses owned by women and minorities have the chance to do this work so we can expand jobs and opportunities across the country,” said FAA Deputy Administrator A. Bradley Mims.

Below is a breakdown of how the FAA will invest the $1 billion available in the first year of funding. Click on the graphic to view an interactive data visualization online.

  • Reinforce Navigation, Weather & Tracking Equipment: The FAA uses a host of communications, surveillance, weather and navigation systems to guide aircraft safely. We will complete the backlog of supporting infrastructure sustainment projects to keep these systems reliable.
  • Power SystemsReplace underground cables, transformers, switches at airports, engine generators and fuel storage tanks that are part of primary and back-up power systems for our air traffic systems.
  • Enroute Flight CentersUpdate and repair the country’s 22 Air Route Traffic Control Centers that handle aircraft flying at high altitudes.
  • Long-Range Radars: Renovate or replace the supporting infrastructure at long-range radar sites, which are critical to tracking flights between airports.
  • Replace Towers: Pay for design, site evaluation and preparation for the first air traffic control towers that will be replaced over the coming years. Many of the towers selected will be located at regional and smaller airports.
  • Improve Towers and Approach & Departure FacilitiesMore than 50 percent of our towers and TRACON facilities, which handle flights entering and exiting busy airspace, are over 40 years old. Funding will pay for new elevators, plumbing systems, and supporting infrastructure.
  • Environmental and Safety: Remove and restore areas where we have outdated facilities or personnel safety infrastructure that is no longer used and incorporate environmental and personnel safety updates.
  • Personnel & Travel: Recruit and hire installation technicians and engineers needed to improve and modernize these facilities.
  • Facility Security: Upgrade various integrated security systems at all FAA staffed facilities. Upgrades include those for guardhouses, visitor parking, fencing, perimeter hardening, window blast protection and lighting.

The projects that this funding supports will create jobs for local suppliers, construction workers and communities nationwide. - For additional information, visit

04/25/2022    PILOTS PUSH FOR HELICOPTER WAKE-TURBULENCE AWARENESS - SAFETY - From AOPA - "A group of helicopter pilots and aviation safety professionals have come together to research and share the importance of helicopter wake-turbulence safety with the aviation community. While long known to exist, the aerodynamic details of helicopter wake turbulence are not fully understood, or documented. Recent accidents and incidents inspired a new push to educate all pilots—both fixed-wing and rotorcraft—about the hazard created for nearby aircraft when helicopters are generating lift near runways and taxiways."  Read More Here.

04/25/2022   7 Tips for Drone Operators To Not Interfere with Agricultural Aircraft - SAFETY - From Agweb - "The National Agricultural Aviation Association (NAAA) is asking all unmanned aircraft (UA) operators to be mindful of low-altitude manned agricultural aircraft operations." Read them Here.

04/21/2022   Seeks Self-Healing Concrete for Infrastructure, Runway Repair - See our Runway Safety News Page for Details.

04/20/2022    Your 90-Second Survival Plan for Takeoff Emergencies - SAFETY - From Flying - "Stack the deck in your favor with some simple planning, preflight briefing, and by using a four-part departure framework." Read it Here.

04/20/2022    China Eastern Jet Crash Investigators are still analyzing data from the two black boxes on the Boeing Co. 737-800 NG aircraft, according to a one-page summary of the report posted by the Civil Aviation Administration of China. No evidence has emerged of any pre-flight mechanical failure, weather issue or problem with the pilots’ qualifications, it said.  (Report is in Chinese). The report is noted as less than informative.

04/20/2022    Interested in Los Alamitos Army Airfirld?  Open to the Public - April Regional Military Affairs Committee Meeting at the Airfield. - Tuesday, 26th of April. See SCAUWG.ORG's EVENTS page for details.

04/20/2022   Ag Flyers’ Group Asks Drone Operators To Beware Of Low-Flying Aircraft - SAFETY - From AVweb - "The National Agricultural Aviation Association (NAAA) has appealed to operators of unmanned aircraft (UAs) to “be mindful” of the vulnerability of low-flying aircraft flying aerial applications missions." - NAAA wrote, “UAs are not constantly visible to pilots, meaning it is up to the drone operator to avoid a collision.” Read More Here.

04/19/2022   Pilots Now Able to Track Medical Applications in Real-Time - FAA NEWSWASHINGTON—The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has added a new feature to MedXPress that allows pilots to track the status of their medical certificates online throughout the application and review process. Prior to adding this new feature, pilots had to call the Office of Aerospace Medicine to check their application status. - “If you can track where your ridesharing car is or the status of a company delivering your package, pilots should be able to see online the real-time status of their application,” said Federal Air Surgeon Dr. Susan Northrup “We will continue to explore how we can be more transparent with the aviation community.”

As soon as an application is submitted, it will appear in the pilot’s MedXPress profile. Status updates will change as the application moves through the FAA’s review process. If an application is deferred or denied, the applicant will receive detailed information through the mail. The certification process itself does not change. You can learn more about FAA’s medical certification process at

04/19/2022   Updated Airport Design Guidance Includes Turf Ops - AIRPORT DESIGN - From AVweb - "According to the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA), it first suggested the policy change a few years ago during the annual EAA/FAA Winter Recreational Summit. The update covers key risk factors to consider for turf operations along with airport design recommendations, FSDO safety assessments, maintenance requirements and pilot education. - “This policy update has been several years in the making..." Continue Here.

04/18/2022   This is just an FYI. The annual U.C. Berkeley Airport Systems Planning and Design course will be held in person this summer on the UC Berkeley campus from July 11 to 15, 2022. I have attached a flyer that provides more information about the course. You can also access the course website at this link  Please note that the early bird registration ends on May 13, 2022. - "I attended this course back in 2018 and gained much from the experience.  Dr. Geoffrey Gosling, who is active on many of the Transportation Research Board aviation and airport committees, is one of the chief instructors." - roshi John Ishikawa, Ph.D. - Senior Regional Planner—Aviation Program -  SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF GOVERNMENTS - 900 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 1700, Los Angeles, CA 90017

04/17/2022   Santa Monica-Area Resident Challenges City Council In Airport Letter - AIRPORT (POLITICS) NEWS - From AVweb - "A Santa Monica-area resident—a pilot and a mother—published an open letter in the local newspaper, taking Santa Monica Airport Commissioner Joseph Schmitz to task for claims he made in a March 28 statement regarding the airport’s status and the dangers of leaded aviation gasoline (100LL). Eve Lopez wrote, in part, “As a resident of Sunset Park and a general aviation pilot who flies for public benefit, I am a member of the class most highly exposed to lead. As a mother, I too am concerned for the health and welfare of children. Countering widely circulated claims of unusually high levels of lead...” Read the Rest of the Story and some newly published assertions Here.

04/17/2022   Airbus eXtra Performance Wing Demonstrator Finishes Wind-Tunnel Testing - PR NEWS - From AVweb  - "Airbus announced on Tuesday that it has wrapped up wind-tunnel testing of its eXtra Performance Wing demonstrator. Alongside fello’fly’s widebody formation flights and AlbatrossONE’s flapping wings, the eXtra Performance Wing is one of the company’s “biomimicry” projects that engage in “the study and imitation of nature … to help solve human challenges.” Launched last September, the goal of the project is to accelerate and validate technologies that will improve and optimize wing aerodynamics and performance for future aircraft."  Continue Here.

04/17/2022   Aero Friedrichshafen 2022: A Preview of LSA after MOSAIC? - From Flying - ‘Ultralights’ in the European Union hint at what light sport aircraft can be in the U.S.' - "We all know that looking into the future is only possible in sci-fi movies. Even the finest crystal ball will not be able to say with any degree of accuracy what the light sport aircraft (LSA) market will look like in the U.S. after the FAA releases its final version of the upcoming MOSAIC (Modernization of Special Airworthiness Certification) rulemaking effort. Read nore about MOSAIC Here.

There is, however, a way to take a pretty good look at what LSAs might become once MOSAIC is etched in stone. You’ll need to travel to Friedrichshafen, Germany, and attend the upcoming 2022 Aero Friedrichshafen trade show (AERO22), known affectionately as “AERO”—much like EAA’s AirVenture is referred to by many simply as “Oshkosh.”

04/17/2022   FAA Contract Tower Grant Program - Application Process Opens to Modernize Small Town, Regional Air Traffic Towers Using Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Funds -  WASHINGTON— The Federal Aviation Administration has opened the application process for Bipartisan Infrastructure Law funding to modernize air traffic control towers at many small town and municipal airports. The FAA will fund projects that sustain, construct, repair, improve, modernize, replace or relocate airport-owned towers and install communications equipment.

“Residents of smaller and rural communities rely on aviation to get where they need to go. This funding will help ensure that air traffic is safe and reliable in communities across America,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. -  The FAA Contract Tower Competitive Grant program provides $20 million annually for five years within the newly established Airport Infrastructure Grant program. Grants awarded under this program are at a 100 percent federal participation. No airport match is required.

There are currently around 156 airports with air traffic control contract towers eligible for this funding. These towers are staffed by employees of private companies rather than by FAA employees. The FAA pays for the services on a contract basis. The FAA’s Contract Tower Program began in 1982 to allow the agency to contract out the operation of certain low-activity towers. “This funding will allow airport sponsors to build or repair their facilities to meet safety standards and be environmentally friendly and sustainable,” said FAA Associate Administrator of Airports Shannetta Griffin. - Airports are encouraged to submit eligible projects as soon as possible, but must do so by May 16, 2022.

The President’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, also known as the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, is the Biden-Harris Administration’s plan for building a better America with a $1.2 trillion investment in our nation’s infrastructure and competitiveness. It will rebuild America’s roads, bridges and rails, upgrade and expand public transit, modernize the nation’s ports and airports, improve safety, tackle the climate crisis, advance environmental justice and invest in communities that have too often been left behind. It will drive the creation of good-paying union jobs and grow the economy sustainably and equitably so that everyone gets ahead for decades to come.

04/17/2022    FAA Awards $4.4 Million in Drone Research Grants to Seven Universities - FAA - WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) today announced $4.4 million in drone research, education and training grants to seven universities. Research will focus on three areas: electromagnetic compatibility, detect and avoid classifications, and cybersecurity oversight. -  The universities receiving grants are University of North Dakota, University of Kansas, Drexel University, The Ohio State University, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Mississippi State University and Oregon State University.

“This funding and our ongoing partnerships with these universities will allow the FAA to safely integrate the airspace that has a growing number of diverse aircraft users,” said FAA Acting Administrator Billy Nolen. The research initiatives and grant awardees include:

Evaluate Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Electromagnetic Compatibility - This research will assess the risks, identify drone design vulnerabilities, identify material and procedural mitigations, and propose guidance for safer electromagnetic compatibility with emitted and static fields.

  • University of North Dakota $325,042
  • University of Kansas $325,000
  • Drexel University $325,830

Investigate Detect and Avoid Track Classification and Filtering - This research will provide proposed metrics, guidance, and test methods to assess the effects of false or misleading information on detect and avoid capabilities. The findings will support Beyond Visual Line of Sight operations.

  • The Ohio State University $732,441
  • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University $371,000
  • Mississippi State University $330,000
  • University of North Dakota $80,000

Illustrate the Need for UAS Cybersecurity Oversight and Risk Management - This research will address UAS Cybersecurity Oversight and Risk Management as it pertains to the National Airspace System and other FAA systems.

  • University of Kansas $651,982
  • Oregon State University $609,226
  • Drexel University $608,783

Today’s announcement is the second round of Alliance for System Safety of UAS through Research Excellence (ASSURE) grants, which brings the total of 15 grants valued at $18.3 million for Fiscal Year 2022.The ASSURE Center of Excellence is one of six that the agency has established to help advance technology and educate the next generation of aviation professionals. Research conducted through ASSURE is focused on helping the drone market safely grow and integrate into the nation’s airspace.  -  More than 800,000 recreational and commercial drones are in the active drone fleet, and that number is expected to grow.

04/17/2022   Air France Launches Strategic Program for Decarbonization - INFO & PR - From Aviation Today - "Air France is launching a new program to accelerate decarbonization, called “Air France ACT,” including a three-part strategy. The first aims are to reduce direct and indirect CO2 emissions from Air France’s operations; the third priority is to support projects that absorb CO2 from the atmosphere. Air France is targeting a 30% reduction in CO2 per passenger/kilometer over the span from 2019 to 2030. The Air France ACT program is part of the airline’s participation in achieving the objectives spelled out in the Paris Agreement. Read More about SAF and plans Here.

04/13/2022   CHARTING NOTICE:    To: Users of digital-US Terminal Procedures Publications
From: Aeronautical Information Services    -    Subject: dTPP Desktop discontinued due to Internet Explorer retiring

Microsoft is retiring Internet Explorer (IE), and their support of IE, as of June 15, 2022.

When distribution of the DVD was discontinued in approximately 2016, the dTPP DVD folder structure was included in the file. The dTPP DVD folder structure, when downloaded to the user’s computer, allowed the user to access the dTPP Desktop application to browse individual dTPP chart files using the XML. The dTPP Desktop application was developed using Internet Explorer. dTPP Desktop does not work in Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome due to security measures inherent in Edge and Chrome.

Because Internet Explorer will be retired by Microsoft, the dTPP DVD folder structure will no longer be included in the file beginning with the September 8, 2022 effective date. The only files provided in the file beginning September 8, 2022, will be the pdf compare files and the XML. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via the Aeronautical Information Portal at:

04/12/2022   Angle of Attack Awareness - A lack of awareness, with respect to angle of attack (AOA), has resulted in the loss of aircraft control and contributed to fatal GA accidents. Increasing a pilot’s awareness of the aerodynamic effects of AOA and available technology will help general aviation pilots avoid an inadvertent loss of control. Read more about this and our other #FlySafe topics on our blog at  Angle of Attack FACT SHEET Here.  Watch Angle of Attack in 57 Seconds VIDEO Here.

04/12/2022   Satellite Navigation — GPS/WAAS Approaches - Get the latest update number and info Here.

04/10/2022   The Language of Aircraft Maintenance? It Starts Here - TECH INFO - From Flying - "The ATA 100 code table provides common terminology for documenting aircraft systems, components, spare parts, and maintenance. - Airplanes are highly specialized, extremely complicated, and operated with precision metrics that can be critical when a failure occurs. Aerospace OEMs adopted the standard and incorporated it into their processes, identifiers, and technical manuals to ensure continuity." Read about the History and Purpose Here.

04/09/2022   Engine Failure After Takeoff - Recorded Webinar w/ Barry & Brian Schiff - "This video describes the results of my father's decades-long research into the subject of turning back towards the runway after experiencing an engine failure shortly after takeoff in a single-engine airplane. I discuss techniques for determining when it is safe to do so, and how to practice the maneuver and become proficient at it."  See it Here.

04/08/2022  ZeroAvia, ZEV Station to Develop Hydrogen Refueling Infrastructure at Airports in California - From Advanced Aviation Report - ZEV Station, a hydrogen fueling firm, is partnering with ZeroAvia to build green hydrogen refueling infrastructure at airports in California. In an announcement from ZeroAvia this week, the company announced…Read More »

04/07/2022   Air Force Tests Scramjet Hypersonic Missile - NEWS - From AVweb - "The Air Force says- it successfully tested a hypersonic missile in mid-March but didn’t announce it at the time because it didn’t want to inflame tensions with Russia. The test occurred off the Pacific coast just as President Joe Biden was heading to Europe to discuss the war in Ukraine with NATO leaders. Russia has claimed it used two..."   Continue HERE.

04/05/2022   South Lake Tahoe LDA Approach Requires Key Points Not to Miss - IFR SAFETY - From Flying - "Surrounded by lofty mountains, the instrument approach to KTVL requires your attention. - Arguably one of the most stunning lakes in the United States, Lake Tahoe sits at a relatively high elevation surrounded by even loftier mountains. This can make flying an approach to South Lake Tahoe, California, something that requires a little more attention than your average approach, especially if you are going to be using the LDA Runway 18 procedure.

If I had to choose, this might be one of the coolest and most beautiful approaches to fly in the United States—in VFR weather. In IFR, it certainly has a few key points you wouldn’t want to miss."  Continue to Learn About this Here.

04/05/2022   El Monte, California VOR-A: A Deceptively Simple Approach? - IFR SAFETY - From Flying - "VOR approaches may look easy to perform, but check the details. - THE POMONA VOR on the VOR-A approach to El Monte, California (KEMT), may not be on the FAA’s “keep list,” when considering the eventual transition to a minimum operational network (MON) of VORs. But it’s a good example of a VOR approach for our analysis. - A VOR approach procedure may look simple at first, but it can get a little complex."  Continue To Learn About this Here.

04/05/2022   Harrison Ford to Receive Howard Hughes Memorial Award - NEWS - Video - "The Aero Club of Southern California announced Monday that award-winning actor Harrison Ford will be the recipient of the 43rd annual Howard Hughes Memorial Award. The honor will be presented to Ford during a ceremony on June 10 at the California Science Center Samuel Oschin Space Shuttle Endeavor Pavillon in Los Angeles. - It is an honor to celebrate Harrison Ford, the illustrious actor, pilot, and passionate aviation advocate for his volunteer work with Young Eagles, humanitarian and aircraft rescue efforts,” George Butts, president of Aero Club of Southern California, said in a statement."  Read / View More Here.      For Ticket Information CLICK HERE

04/05/2022   Administrator's Fact Book - FAA - The “Fact Book” is a page-by-page compendium of who we are and what we do. Without question, the FAA manages the most complex aviation system on the planet. Approaching a billion passengers. Thousands of pieces of equipment and facilities. And an elite corps of professionals to manage all of it. The National Airspace System is a national treasure—a dynamic organism that’s constantly evolving. Knowing the precise areas experiencing air traffic growth can lead to a greater focus on implementing new technologies, reexamining resources and sharpening infrastructure requirements. Each of these has a vital role in the FAA’s primary mission: safety. This booklet enables you to connect the dots. - Last updated: Monday, September 13, 2021 - View the .PDF file Here.

04/05/2022   Engineered Material Arresting System (EMAS) - FAA FACT SHEET - The EMAS technology improves safety benefits in cases where land is not available, or not possible to have the standard 1,000-foot overrun. A standard EMAS installation can stop an aircraft from overrunning the runway at 70 knots (approximately 80 miles per hour). An EMAS bed can be installed to help slow or stop an aircraft that overruns the runway, even if less than a standard RSA length is available. - Further Info and a Incident Success Chart Here.

04/05/2022   Accident Probe: Pilot Incapacitation - SAFETY - From AVweb - "The typical personal airplane lacks many creature comforts we’ve come to expect in private transportation. Perhaps foremost among them is air conditioning, but the cabin heat systems also can leave a lot to be desired, especially among piston singles. The primary reason is that the vast majority of these airplanes employ air-cooled engines, unlike the car we drove to the airport, which extracts heat from engine coolant to warm the passengers." More Info Here.

04/04/2022   FAA Updates Airport Design Guidance - FAA - The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration updated its advisory circular on Airport Design that provides guidance to airport sponsors and airport consultants designing and developing airports around the country.

“The advisory circular provides a critical roadmap for the aviation industry when planning, designing and developing the nation’s airports,” said FAA Associate Administrator of Airports Shannetta R. Griffin. “This update contains the latest information the industry needs as we work collaboratively to build safe, sustainable and accessible airport infrastructure to safely transport passengers, goods and services.”

This advisory circular outlines the FAA’s recommended standards for an acceptable level of safety, efficiency and capacity when designing and implementing projects at airports to meet the requirements of Federal Aviation Regulation, Part 139 Certification of Airports. Airport sponsors that receive federal funding from the Airport Improvement Program and the Passenger Facility Charge Program are required to fully comply with the advisory circular.

The updates to the advisory circular include restructuring the document, explaining the meaning of terms used, expanding information in certain chapters and adding graphics to support information in the circular. - This advisory circular takes effect immediately and cancels the prior version, dated September 28, 2012.

04/03/2022   The Latest 5G C-Band Interference on Radio Altimeters Research, Testing and Technology Updates - INFO - From Aviation Safety Magazine - "While the number of new directives and policy updates from the Federal Aviation Administration regarding the impact of 5G C-band wireless service interference on aircraft radio altimeters has slowed since January, research, testing, and debate on a long-term solution for the safe co-existence of the two sides continues. Here, Avionics International provides an overview of some of the latest research and testing that is occurring to understand the interference that can be caused by 5G C-band stations located near airports." Continue Here.

04/03/2022   NASA Workshop Defines Progress and Goals for Advanced Air Mobility Integration - INFO - From Aviation Safety Magazine - "NASA’s Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) Ecosystem Working Groups (AEWG) hosted a virtual workshop this week featuring discussions on AAM integration. Starting in June, the AEWG will develop more formal roadmaps based on the priorities and sequencing discussions taking place during this week’s workshop. Robert Pearce, NASA’s Associate Administrator, Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate, shared his perspective on AAM integration strategies. Two other representatives from NASA, Davis Hackenberg and Ken Goodrich, also discussed some of the next steps for establishing an AAM ecosystem." Find out more Here.

04/02/2022  Accident Case Study: Final Approach - VIDEO - From AOPA - The AOPA Air Safety Institute reviews how mistakes, missed opportunities, and a failure to recognize and declare an emergency led to tragedy. Watch the video >

04/02/2022  Beware of thin air - SAFETY - From AOPA - High density altitude equals degraded aircraft performance, so it's critical to know your airport's values on a standard day. Learn more and order or download the AOPA Air Safety Institute's Density Altitude Poster as a reminder.

04/02/2022   Learn and live - SAFETY - From AOPA - The AOPA Air Safety Institute's new VFR into IMC Safety Spotlight provides new research and recommendations to help you stay safe.

04/02/2022  Avoid, escape VFR into IMC - SAFETY - From AOPA - Check out the AOPA Air Safety Institute's VFR Into IMC: Avoidance and Escape resources to learn how to protect yourself from an unexpected encounter with instrument meteorological conditions.

04/01/2022  KLGBCHANGES TO THE CHART SUPPLEMENT SOUTHWEST - The “Noise” section of LGB’s Airport/Facilities Directory listing was changed from:
Touch and go, stop and go, low apch only permitted 1500–0300Z‡ weekdays and 1600–2300Z‡ weekends and hol only on Rwy 08L–26R and Rwy 08R–26L.
Touch and go, stop and go, practice low apch, VFR practice missed apch only pmtd 1500–0300Z‡ weekdays and 0800–
1500Z‡ wkends and hols only on Rwy 08L–26R and Rwy 08R–26L.
Many thanks to RICHARD GARNETT & the Long Beach Flying Club for pointing out this omission!