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Airports each are unique; each has a different set of individual factors that drive the operations to/from and at the airport.

Our goal is to publish that data often known only by the local pilots, so that visitors can be equally informed and plan their flights more effectively.  Certainly, there is a plethora of standardized information available, but most publications often don't paint the "rest of the story."

What are the common mistakes pilots often make?  Is there a noise abatement policy?  Where is the best place to land if one experiences an engine failure during take off, or near the airport?  From which direction do most arrivals come from?  What are the common aircraft position reporting points? Transient parking? Where is the airport management office?  Are there particular airport "hot spots" that have been causing troublesome incursions? Is airport signage and runway/taxiway marking up to date? Are there local pilot associations and/or events that pilots might find attractive?  Do airport FBOs offer unique and specialized types of flight instruction? How about seasonal weather conditions?

Do you have the answers to these and other questions with regard to your favorite airport?  Are you willing to write a few paragraphs and share your tips and suggestions?

10/11/2020:  We are currently building this page. YOU are invited to help us grow this section!   Experienced folks that have insightful info about their favorite airports, particularly if it might not be available via the regular sources, are invited to contribute here!  Send what you would like to share to:  Thanks!

NOTE:  FAA.Gov has an Airport Data & Contact Info page.  Up to date Access to Airport Data Importer Tools, Airport Data Dictionaries,  Airport Data Query Sites, FAA Form 5010 - Airport Master Record and Modification Reports are made available. This page also allows you to select view many other airport information categories e.g. airshows, ARFF Airport Rescue and Firefighting and other pertinent topics.  A LINK to the AIRPORT DATA & CONTACT INFO PAGE follows:  FAA AIRPORT DATA & CONTACT INFO PAGE

Another WONDERFUL RESOURCE - In 2012 the FAA published, GENERAL AVIATION AIRPORTS: A NATIONAL ASSET.  "A fresh look at the many roles General Aviation Plays in the National Airspace System"  This is a detailed description of the benefits that GA Airports offer, and a compliment to the communities that support them.  You can view this .pdf file HERE.

As members of the pilot community we all need to help ensure the safety and security of our airports and aircraft.  You can read more about just how to do that in the TSA SECURITY GUIDELINES for GENERAL AVIATION AIRPORT OPERATORS & USERS .pdf file.  READ IT HERE.


Are you planning a FLIGHT to ARIZONA?  Visit this Vital RESOURCE FIRST!  Arrival/Departure Info, Airport Info, Practice Area Overlays for ForeFlight and Garmin Pilot, New ATC Procedures, and safety training material as well. CLICK HERE for the Arizona Flight Training Workgroup site powered by their FAASTeam.



Arizona Aviation Safety Advisory Group (ASAG)
and on Facebook as Aviation Safety Advisory Group

2/07/22  New ASAG brochure - Click Here

Minutes from the 2/15/2023 ASAG meeting - Click Here

Minutes from the March 2023 meeting and future meetings will be found Under BREAKING NEWS (for the appropriate month) below.




Arizona Pilot's Association  (APA)
and on Facebook as Arizona Pilot's Association



Las Vegas Metroplex began in February 2021:

"Implementation of the Las Vegas Metroplex initiative, including 45 new or changed procedures, will begin later this month, creating efficiencies and deconflicting airspace around McCarran International Airport (LAS), Henderson Executive Airport (HND) and North Las Vegas Airport (VGT)." Continue HERE to read about it from NBAA.


2021 - Presidential TFRs Possible - Wilmington, Delaware  Area  -     Notice: CHECK NOTAMS

Ex.: Presidential TFR




"The TSA began identifying and planning the gateways after receiving the draft restrictions prepared by the FAA. AOPA has been working with the FAA and other agencies since October to gather information about how future presidential TFRs might impact general aviation operations, part of a years long effort spanning many administrations to mitigate the economic damage and inconvenience that these restrictions can cause." - AOPA



Of Note to ALL PILOTS:  A Guide to Airparks: "Erik McCormack, a realtor and real estate developer from Arizona, created, which also proved helpful in adding to the Living With Your Plane dataset."  Continue Reading about the Guide HEREView the Guide HERE.


Excerpts From the Chart Supplement APR 21 2021 Special Notices:

Practice and competitive aerobatic maneuvers are regularly scheduled on the Tucson VORTAC 295 radial at 25 miles and Tucson
VORTAC 308 radial at 22 miles, sunrise to sunset, up to 5,000 MSL.

Extensive flight training activity in areas 5 to 38 miles from the Prescott Airport 14,000 MSL and below. These areas are in use from
sunrise to sunset daily. Participating traffic reports on 123.5.

When planning for flight in the Phoenix area, please be aware of the extensive flight training activity in the area enclosed by a
perimeter line from: Marana Regional Airport (KAVQ) to Gila Bend Municipal (E63) to the Wickenburg (E25) to Lake Pleasant (4AZ5)
to Sky Ranch at CareFree (AZ18) to VPREN (11 mi east of KIWA) back to KAVQ.
Within this training area are the following special practices:
1. Parachuting in the vicinity of: Marana (KAVQ), Pinal (KMZJ), Eloy (E60), Coolidge (P08), and Estrella Sailport (E68)
2. Instrument procedures at Lufthansa private airport – Mobile (1AZ0)
3. Instrument procedures at Luke AUX-1 in the Northwest Practice Area
4. IFR holding and approaches in a stack over Stanfield VOR (TFD) between 3500 to 6500 feet msl (Stanfield Traffic 122.7)
5. IFR holding at BANYO between the Northwest and Northeast Practice areas.
6. Heavy inbound/outbound transition traffic from the Federal prison (FCI Phoenix-33º49’58.12”N/112º09’54.72”W) southward to
the Canal crossing I-17 to KDVT, between 2500 and 4000 MSL.
This training area is further subdivided (see maps at www.AFTW.ORG) into five practice areas:
NorthWest – 122.75; NorthEast – 122.75; SouthEast – 122.85; SouthWest – 122.85; Rainbow Valley (128.925). When transiting
this area, it would be well advised to use flight following; monitor these frequencies; and also, monitor traffic (ADS–B, TIS, TAS,
TACS, PCAS, etc.).

Much More Arizona News where these notices are from!  Check out the Chart Supplement Bulletin !  Find it HERE


Flying over Grand Canyon?

The Grand Canyon Special Flight Rules Area is a complex set of flight rules.  Flight Free Zones below 8,000' and 14,000' MSL.  Specific altitudes, frequencies and altimeter settings for each sector on the chart. Familiarize yourself with the flight rules that are published for this airspace under 14 CFR § 93 Subpart U, and the notes on the Grand Canyon VFR Aeronautical Chart.(

If it's summer, the temperatures will be high. That means density altitude will be a factor, so be sure to recognize (and calculate) your aircraft’s limitations, as well as your own.  Gusty winds and thunderstorms are a factor, too.  Preflight planning to include a check of the forecast weather is essential.


Tombstone MOA News

Check NOTAMS. Lights Out/NVG (night vision goggle) training in the Tombstone MOA. A lights out NOTAM will be published 48 hours prior to scheduled Lights Out/NVG military flight training.   For DETAILS see the .pdf file below:

Tombstone Lights Out NVG Pamphlet


Practice Areas:

- New version posted on January 11. 2023 Download your GPS overlay of the practice areas today and start using it in Foreflight and Garmin Pilot!-  Get it HERE now!   - All Practice Areas – version 13 


MIDAIR COLLISION AVOIDANCE(MACA) PAMPHLET - MARCH AIR RESERVE BASE - IMPORTANT MIDAIR SAFETY - "Southern California is noted for many things. One of them, unfortunately, is the potential for a midair collision due to the heavily congested airspace. This part of the country is one of the most hazardous areas in the world for aircraft. In order to reduce the risk of a major accident, know your personal limitations, learn as much as possible about the airspace system you operate in and know the flight characteristics of the aircraft around you. This pamphlet was developed in the interest of promoting flight safety. It details factors affecting vision, collision avoidance techniques and March ARB aircraft and their departure/approach routes. Hopefully this information will assist you in avoiding situations where the potential for a midair collision is the greatest." Webmaster: Dated 2017 but this 16 page PDF is incredibly detailed and provides chart depictions of the many March ARB operations and the airports that surround March ARB. Also provides many references and a link to today's current issue of, "From March Field" with updated events and info.  Get it HERE. Note: An Update re: Peris Valley - "Perris Valley: The frequency is 122.775 (see small insert frequency box on chart) We don't listen to 122.90. Please DO NOT fly over this airport 14,000 and below. 9 multi engine jump planes. Maybe 15 ultra lights. Usually one of the top 3 busiest drop zones in the United states."

A Note About ARIZONA Time:

  • Today, most of the US, with the exception of Hawaii, Arizona, and many US territories, recognizes daylight-saving time.


 YouTube Feature:     "Non-Towered Airports: In Control or Out of Control?"                                                                                                           

With Scottsdale FAASTeam Representatives Brian Stamper, Lee Unger and Sarah Nilsson. Thank you to Tina Buskirk, Aviation Safety, Scottsdale FSDO Frontline Manager, Operations; Ernest R. Copeland, SDL FAA Safety Team Program Manager; and Craig Tompkins, SDL FAA Safety Team Program Manager; for your input, guidance, support and resources for this safety project. Per Craig, “Pilots on both sides of the operation should remain diligent, communicate, keep their heads on a swivel, and be prepared to do whatever is necessary to maintain a safe airport environment. Flexibility and situational awareness are key.“   "Stay and Fly Safe!" - Lee Unger


Here is something important from Aviation Safety Advisory Group on Facebook August 5, 2020, that warrants repeating:

 Aviation Safety Advisory Group on Facebook August 5, 2020
"Embry-Riddle has advised us the PRC aerobatic box is going to be used more than it has in the past.
The location for this, as well as all aerobatic operations, can be found in the Chart Supplement.
One may also find it using the AFTW chart overlays for Foreflight available by visiting the AFTW web site.
The PRC box is 5 NMR DRK215013."


Arizona Flight Training Workgroup


Aerobatic Practice Areas in Arizona and Elsewhere - Do YOU know about them?

Marana Regional Aerobatic Area


A new, informative and comprehensive paper on "Aerobatic Practice Areas" by James R. Ward. The author is a longtime pilot, flight instructor, aerobatic competitor and judge. He lives in Seattle and Tucson. Views expressed are his. With thanks to Jim Ward!

Pilots: Read this article!   Why? Because it is no fun to fly in an area where acro pilots make a practice of flying upside down, straight up via hammerheads, and straight down via spins, and do so without even knowing you could meet one of them by accident! - Webmaster

From the Flight Deck Videos Currently Available for Arizona Airports

Deer Valley Airport (DVT)
Falcon Field Airport, Mesa, AZ (FFZ)
Flagstaff Pulliam Airport (FLG)
Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport (IWA)
Prescott Regional Airport - Ernest A Love Field (PRC)

About From the Flight Deck

The FAA’s From the Flight Deck video series addresses runway safety at airports across the nation. The short videos use aircraft-mounted cameras to capture runway and taxiway footage, combined with diagrams and visual graphics to highlight hot spots and other safety-sensitive items. The videos give a general aviation pilot’s viewpoint, and are a helpful tool for preflight planning.  Link to the FLIGHT DECK Video Series HERE.


Compiled by SCAUWG.ORG Contributing Editor: Lee Unger

   Events  -  Breaking News  -  Airport List



May 2024

23.   Glendale Airport Pilot/Controller Forum - Hybrid - This Is a Pilot and Controller Forum to Promote Dialogue Between Users of GEU and ATC. - Thursday, May 23, 2024, starting at 18:30 Arizona Download Calendar File - Speaker(s): Matthew Smith, Jeff Favot - Brief Description:

If you have questions about why the controllers take the actions they do, this is your opportunity to learn why.  Conversely, this is your opportunity to let the controllers know what you and your aircraft are capable of when flying in the pattern or Luke Air Force Base's airspace.  Glendale is becoming a very busy location for student training in both light-sport and traditional training aircraft and it is seeing an increase level of business jet traffic.  The controllers must balance all this in time critical situations.   The airport manager will also be available at the beginning of the event to discuss plans for the airport and general operations philosophy.  You can expect the event to last 2 hours. - Location of Seminar: West-Mec Central Campus, 6997 N Glen Harbor Blvd, Glendale, AZ 85307

Directions to Venue:

West-Mec is located at the entrance to Glendale Airport.  From the West Loop 101, Exit 7, and take the Glendale Blvd exit and head west for 1.4 miles to Glen Harbor Blvd.  Turn south on Glen Harbor Blvd and take the first available left into the parking lot.  Enter and stay in the parking lot and follow it north into the West-MEC Facility.  You may park in any available spot.  The event is in the Building B located at the northeast end of the parking lot.  Enter the door just to the right of the large glass windows and there will be a registration table just inside the door.

If flying in to attend the event, there is no airport access to the West-MEC campus.  You will need to park either in front of the terminal for free, exit through the building, and walk north about 1/4 of mile to the venue.  You may also contact Glendale Aero Services for parking availability and a possible ride to the campus, but from Glendale Aero it is a shorter walk.

40 in-person seats will be available at West-MEC, however there is a Hybrid option for those wishing to attend virtually (Zoom).

30.  Scottsdale Airport Pilot controller Forum - Hybrid - An Open Communication Forum Between Airport Users and Air Traffic Controllers -Thursday, May 30, 2024, starting at 12:00 Arizona Download Calendar File - Speaker(s): SDL Air Traffic, Airport Administration & FAASTeam - This meeting is a chance for airport tenants and users to discuss issues and concerns with air traffic and airport administrative personnel. We will be presenting Air Traffic concerns, future airport construction projects, events, pilot resources available from Scottsdale airport, and public FAA educational resources. Information gleaned from this meeting is used during the Runway Safety Action Team meetings to help improve runway safety. - Location of Seminar: Scottsdale Airport Operations Building - 15000 N. Airport Drive, Second Floor, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Directions to Venue:

In Person:

From the east valley cities, take AZ Loop 101 (Price/Pima Freeway) north to exit 34, Scottsdale Rd. From Phoenix or the west valley cites take AZ Loop 101 (Agua Fria/Pima Freeway) east to exit 34, Scottsdale Rd. At Scottdale road, head south 2.5 miles to E. Butherus Rd. Turn left and follow E. Butherus Rd. till it terminates at N. Airport Drive. Parking is on the northwest corner of Butherus Rd. and Airport Dr.

Via Zoom:

Password: 2847438     Registration Information:  Click here to register online now!  


June 2024

4.  IMC Club Meeting - Mastering the Art of Aviation - Scenario Based Discussion: Organized “Hangar Flying” Focused On Building Proficiency In General Aviation - Tuesday, June 4, 2024, starting at 18:30 Arizona Download Calendar File - Speaker(s): Alexander Peña - Brief Description: EAA/VMC Club, through the EAA's global Chapter structure, provides organized "hangar flying" focused on building flying knowledge and skills.  The program's network promotes a safety culture through continued education and believes that we develop safety and proficiency through education and real life experience. Monthly meetings offer an opportunity to share in-flight experiences and valuable safety tips. Through the FAA Safety Program, aviation professionals provide informative WINGS presentations. Membership in theEAA/VMC Club is encouraged but not required to participate in this meeting. For more information and to take part in this event, click the link below and register TODAY!

Qualifies for WING's Credit

EAA/IMC meeting immediately follows at approximately 7:30PM. Separate registration required  -  Location of Seminar: Chandler Municipal Airport Terminal Building Meeting Room, 2380 S Stinson Way, Chandler, AZ 85286  -  Check w/ FAASAFETY.GOV for registration.

5.   Pilot/Controller Forum - Phoenix-Mesa Gateway (KIWA) ATCT Tower - FAA Summer 2024 - Pilot/Controller Forum - Phoenix-Mesa Gateway (KIWA) ATCT Tower - Date and Time: Wednesday, June 5, 2024, starting at 16:00 Arizona Download Calendar File - Speaker(s): Douglas Mack, Air Traffic Manager, Phx-Mesa Gateway ATCT - Brief Description:

This 1-hour pilot/controller forum will include representatives from local flight schools, the KIWA Air Traffic Control Tower, P50 TRACON, and the FAA Safety Team. - The forum will provide a means to discuss safety concerns and address common errors. All pilots, regardless of experience level, are welcome to come. - Please bring questions and concerns that can be civilly discussed among the attendees. - This meeting is in person and has limited seating; register in advance! - Location of Seminar: Gateway Administration Building, 5835 S Sossaman Road Mesa, AZ - Registration Information: Click here to register online now!



05/18/2024   Two hours after mocking Arizona’s Attorney General, Rudy Giuliani is served at his own birthday party - From NBC -PHOENIX — Arizona’s Democratic Attorney General Kris Mayes on Friday announced that Rudy Giuliani had been served with the notice of his indictment on charges related to a conspiracy to overturn the 2020 election results in Arizona.

The announcement came less than two hours after Giuliani taunted Mayes for failing to deliver his indictment in a social media post. The notice was served to Giuliani during his 80th birthday celebration in Palm Beach, Florida.  More here

05/13/2024   Accident Report & Pilot Deviation Summary  April - May , 2024 -  The following are the reports of aviation accidents, and incidents that have occurred in Arizona from mi- April thru mid-May. We hope to use the following detailed accident information to develop safety programs, briefings, and posters/flyers that would help pilots learn from the mistakes being made by others and be able to take the necessary
action to prevent them from having similar occurrences. Read the Summary Here.

04/30/2024   Navy Flying Boat Headed To Arizona Museum -  "One of the world’s largest flying boats is being retired—to the desert. The Philippine Mars, one of two remaining Martin Mars Second World War Navy transports, has been acquired by the Pima Air and Space Museum near Tucson. The aircraft is owned by the Coulson Group in Port Alberni, British Columbia, and spent decades fighting wildfires up and down the west coast of North America. An earlier deal to send the aircraft to..."   Continue Here.

04/23/2024   ASAG Minutes from the April 17, 2024 meeting HERE.

04/17/2024   FAA Suspends Certificate of Arizona-Based Sawyer Aviation - FAA - WASHINGTON - The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued an emergency order suspending the certificate of Sawyer Aviation of Scottsdale, Arizona, for lacking required personnel.

The FAA alleges that the charter operator has not had a director of maintenance since Oct. 21, 2023, and a chief pilot since Dec. 1, 2023. The suspension will continue until the company has qualified personnel in place.

Sawyer Aviation must immediately surrender its certificate and faces a $16,630 penalty for each day it fails to do so.

04/15/2024   ASAG March April Accident/Incident Report Accidents-Incidents-Devs-Apr24

04/15/2024   ASAG April 17, 2024 Agenda and it contains a Great E-Book: Subject: Saving our airports. Read it Here.

04/01/2024   Grand Canyon National Park Airport (KGCN) is a small single runway airport located near the southeast rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona. - The Grand Canyon National Park Airport (GCN) now has its very own pilot handbook!

Now when you visit the FAA’s From the Flight Deck (FTFD) website you will see the GCN Airport icon has been changed from green to yellow; this indicates that GCN now has a FTFD Video and Handbook. Scroll to the bottom to expand all sections of the handbook. There is also a link to download and print from PDF:

The purpose of the handbook is to provide information from local air traffic controllers directly to the pilots.

Please share this link:, and spread the word as wide as possible. Share with all FBOs and users at GCN, as well as those at neighboring airports and states that may have pilots that occasionally visit GCN.  Got a master tenant email list?  Send it to all.  Got an Instagram page?  Does the airport’s website have a pilot info page?  Consider posting a link on your organization’s site.  Request to have it added to the current available material.  The wider the net…the bigger the catch.

03/08/2024 - Here is latest news from Arizona: At the 50th Annual Arizona Aviation Safety Awards Banquet held on February 24, 2024, Cary Grant, FAASTeam Lead Representative and President of Aviation Safety Advisory Group of Arizona (ASAG) was honored as the National FAASTeam Representative of the Year!

Congratulations to Cary and thank you for your dedication to aviation safety and for sharing your knowledge with all of us!
Congratulations to Winners and  Nominees in all categories!

Recipients of the 2024 National General Aviation Awards are:

Adam Magee—2024 Certificated Flight Instructor of the YearMarty King—2024 Aviation Technician of the YearCary Grant—2024 FAA Safety Team Representative of the Year
With thanks to Sonny Durante  for his safety product "Know Before You Go!! Parachute Operations at Marana Regional Airport (KAVQ)". This document, a product of the Aviation Safety Advisory Group of Arizona's Parachute Safety Workgroup, directed by Dr. Thomas Cowan & Justin Hodge, is linked here for sharing.

02/25/2024  -  Breaking News: At the 50th Annual Arizona Aviation Safety Awards Banquet held on February 24, 2024, Cary Grant, FAASTeam Lead Representative and President of Aviation Safety Advisory Group of Arizona (ASAG) was named the National FAASTeam Representative of the Year!Congratulations to Cary and thank you for your dedication to aviation safety and for sharing your knowledge with all of us!

HERE are the February ASAG meeting Minutes:

Our next ASAG Zoom Meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 20th, 2014 at 12:00 pm, MST (Arizona time). You can register in advance for this meeting at:

A few seconds after clicking on the registration blue button, you will receive a confirmation email containing the link to join the meeting, (either from a PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android), and the meeting Password.

If you would like to join by phone, the confirmation email contains everything you will need: The Phone Number, Meeting ID and the meeting Password.

JimJames D Price - Arizona ASAG Secretary

02/24/2024   BUCKEYE’S BIGGEST YEAR YET - STORY & VIDEO - AOPA CONTINUES 85TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATIONS - "The Buckeye Air Fair in Arizona saw over 30,000 attendees and 340 total fly-in aircraft, over the event’s three-day weekend, but it wasn’t just the numbers that made the overall event, including the AOPA Fly-in at the Buckeye Air Fair, a rousing success. - The brainchild of Buckeye Mayor and pilot Eric Orsborn, the Buckeye Air Fair has the unique atmosphere of a big airshow while simultaneously maintaining that small community fly-in vibe; the surrounding desert landscape in February made for spectacular flying and aviation spectating weather. - Of the 340 general aviation aircraft that flew in, 60 chose to spend the weekend in Buckeye, setting up tent camping sites nestled cozily under or nearby their wings. - James Williams, proud owner of a 1957 Cessna 182, first-time volunteer, and second-time AOPA fly-in attendee, was one of those campers."  More Here.

02/23/2024   SURPRISE SPRUNG AT BUCKEYE AIR FAIR - 30-YEAR MEMBER WINS AOPA SWEEPSTAKES - "Pilot Clifford Gurske of Goodyear, Arizona, had no idea he had won the AOPA Sweepstakes Cessna 170B."  Story Here.

02/04/2024   Pilots Can Learn from NTSB Final Report on Bonanza Accident in Arizona - The agency’s findings focus on errors in fuel management. - "A recent National Transportation Safety Board final report on an emergency landing accident in Arizona is a reminder that fuel management entails more than monitoring the fuel level in the tanks and position of the selector valve. - According to the NTSB report, the accident aircraft, a 1975 Beechcraft F33A Bonanza, departed H. A. Clark Memorial Field Airport (KCMR) in Williams, Arizona, on January 26, 2022, at about 10:55 a.m. MST. The pilot had planned to fly to Eagle Airpark (A09) in Bullhead City, Arizona.

The pilot reported to NTSB investigators that following departure, as the aircraft climbed through about 700 to 800 feet agl, the engine lost power and..."  Continue Here.

01/16/2023   Updated: Balloon Crash Kills Four - From AVweb - "Four people died, including the pilot, and one is critically injured after a hot-air balloon crash in Eloy, Arizona, about halfway between Tucson and Phoenix, on Sunday. The balloon, identified on Monday by the National Transportation Safety Board as a Czech Republic-made Kubicek BB 85, took off with 13 people in the basket, including eight skydivers. After the skydivers jumped “something catastrophic occurred with..."  Continue

01/11/2024   Arizona Accident Pilot Arrested In Utah After Four Years At Large - From AVweb - "The St George News (Utah) reported today (Jan.10) that, as the result of a traffic stop, the Utah State Highway Patrol has arrested a man facing charges related to a four-year-old fatal aircraft accident. Arizonan Christopher Anderson, 47, was wanted on federal charges including involuntary manslaughter related to the crash of a 1958 Piper PA-22 he was flying in January 2019. The passenger, his girlfriend of 3.5 years, was killed. - Among other discrepancies related to the accident investigation, FAA records revealed that Anderson was issued a student pilot certificate in 2014, but despite numerous reports that he regularly flew with..."   Continue Here.

12/23/2023  December ASAG meeting Minutes Follow. Because the PAUWG (Phoenix Airspace User Workgroup) November 16th meeting is referenced in our minutes, their minutes follow:

12/10/2023   Airpark may be coming to Peoria, Ariz. - "Peoria, Ariz., is in the initial planning stages of building an airpark to accommodate private and corporate flights, with the area near the vacant Pleasant Valley Airport being discussed as a potential site. Some officials in Phoenix have expressed concerns about the plan, noting the metro's already congested airspace and possible location near other airports." Full Story: KTVK-TV/KPHO-TV (Phoenix) 

11/27/2023   87-Year-Old ARIZONA Pilot Killed In Go-Around Attempt - "A Mooney M20C that crashed Tuesday outside of a strip mall in Plano, Texas, killing the 87-year-old pilot, was reportedly attempting a go-around, according to a newly released incident report. - The aircraft crashed within a mile of Air-Park Dallas Airport—a nearby uncontrolled field. Witnesses told the Dallas Morning News they heard a loud boom and also saw the right wing dip before the crash. The aircraft ended up in..."  Finish Story Here.

11/18/2023   ASAG's November Meeting was held on the 15th. Always a pertinent event!  You can catch up with ASAG by viewing the meeting minutes HERE.

11/11/2023   Tucson Airport Changes - Two Year Program - See HERE.

10/31/2023   Ukrainian Pilots’ F-16 Training Underway in Arizona - From Flying - "A small number of pilots will train in F-16 fundamentals over the next several months at Morris Air National Guard Base in Tucson. - Ukrainian fighter pilots began F-16 flight training this week at Morris Air National Guard Base, Arizona.

“The 162nd Wing, Arizona Air National Guard [ANG], located in Tucson, began training a small number of Ukrainian pilots this week in F-16 fundamentals,” a spokesperson for the unit told FLYING. “The training curriculum consists of both academic and flight training, which will align with the foundational knowledge and skills of each pilot and is expected to last several months.”  - "Called the “face of the USAF to the world,” the ANG Wing has trained pilots from 25 countries to fly the F-16. - The Ukrainian Air Force said recently..."   Full Article Here.

10/31/2023   Epic Flight Academy Opens Arizona Location - From Flying - "The new facility will serve as a satellite location for the Florida-based flight school. - “We chose the location because of the climate and variety of airspace, so the pilots get to experience the full range,” said Cindy Lovell, director of education for Epic Flight Academy." Read the Full Report Here.

10/25/2023   Rolls-Royce Pearl 10X Engine Passes 2,000 Hours - "First flight test example is being prepared for test before year-end - Rolls-Royce’s Pearl 10X engine—selected by Dassault for the forthcoming Falcon 10X—has now passed the 2,000-hour milestone in ground-testing. Rated at more than 18,000 pounds of thrust, the engine met its thrust objectives on its first run and testing has run smoothly to date.

The first flight trials engine has been delivered from Rolls-Royce's Dahlewitz factory near Berlin to L3Harris in Waco, Texas, for installation on the company’s Boeing 747 testbed, with a first flight expected before the end of the year. Flight trials will be conducted at Rolls-Royce's test site in Tucson, Arizona." Full Story Here.

10/23/2023   Arizona Safey Advisory Group (ASAG) October 18, 2023, Meeting Minutes - Click Here.

10/17/2023   TUS  AIRFIELD Changes! They Take Effect 11/30/2023 - The Tucson Airport Authority (TAA), certificated operator of Tucson International Airport (TUS), is engaged in a multi-year $400+ million Airfield Safety Enhancement (ASE) Program, a project that will transform the airfield layout at TUS to meet current Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) safety standards. This project, designed to enhance airfield safety, will include the demolition of an existing runway (RWY 11R/29L; 75’ x 8,000’) with a new, relocated parallel runway (150’ x 11,000’) that will serve the Southern Arizona region for decades into the future.  Read About the Changes HERE.

10/16/2023   New announcement below is from Cary Grant, President of ASAG. - Cottonwood Airport (P52) From the Flight Deck on YouTube. -

ASAG’s third in our series of From the Flight Deck for Cottonwood is now live on YouTube.
This is the third in series of the Arizona Aviation Safety Advisory Group production on Arizona's non-towered airports. See also Marana (KAVQ)    • ASAG WG KAVQ HD 24fps 7D   and Sedona (KSEZ)    • Sedona From the Flight Deck  . We wish to thank all of the members of the group that have volunteered their time and aircraft to make these safety videos. We also want to thank Jeffrey Tripp, the Cottonwood Airport Manager, for his support and input, the Scottsdale FSDO FAA Safety Team, and the FAA Western Region Runway Safety Office for supporting our endeavors. Our videos are just one resource pilots should reference "to know before you go," to supplement their preflight preparations in accordance with FAA regulations.

09/29/2023   Spruced up’ Colorado City airport named best in Arizona in time for annual fly-in, airshow - "The Aeronautics Group for the Arizona Department of Transportation said in a news release that community engagement and recent upgrades secured the award for the airport."  More Here.

09/29/2023   ASAG September 20 Meeting Minutes - ASAG Minutes-Sep23

09/29/2023   Mid-Aug – Mid-Sep 2023 Accident Report and Pilot - Deviation Summary – Jim Timm & Craig Tompkins - Sep23-Accidents-Incidents-Devs

09/29/2023   This drone strike occurred near the intersection of Cave Creek Rd and Carefree Highway, approximately 13nm NE of DVT. - The narrative is attached. Read it Here: Drone Issue For ASAG Info.

09/23/2023  VIP Notice - Phoenix, AZ - Notice Number: NOTC3211 - Notice: Expect VIP movement September 27-28, 2023 in the vicinity of Phoenix, AZ. Pilots can expect temporary airspace restrictions in conjunction with this VIP movement.

The FAA recommends that all aircraft operators check NOTAMs OFTEN for temporary airspace restrictions prior to operations within this region.

Specific instructions and restrictions are available at once the NOTAM has been issued.

*Depicted TFR data may not be a complete listing. Pilots should not use the information on this website for flight planning purposes. For the latest information, call your local Flight Service Station at 1-800-WX-BRIEF.

09/02/2023   CELL TOWER PROPOSAL DENIED AFTER AOPA, PILOTS MOBILIZE - "A prompt and thorough response from local pilots and AOPA airport advocacy experts helped strike down a plan to build a cellphone tower close to an Arizona airport’s landing area—for fear it would put pilots flying in the vicinity at risk." From AOPA Online - HERE.

08/23/2023   ASAG August 16, 2023 Meeting Minutes - Click Here.

08/23/2023   ASAG addresses Parachute Jumping. President Cary Grant explains about ASAG and parachute jumping to AOPA's Jim McClay (SCAUWG Member).  During the ASAG meeting in July, a topic that took up a great amount of our attention, was the increasing use of the state’s airspace for parachute jumping and equipment operations. You can read President Grant's letter to Mr. McClay Here.

08/16/2023   CAU RECEIVES PART 141 APPROVAL IN PHOENIX - NEWS - From AOPA - "California Aeronautical University announced FAR Part 141 approval for the school's Phoenix campus." - Full Story: AOPA Online (8/7)

07/10/2023   Letter from ASAG to SCAUWG (Southern California Airspace Users Working Group)

Hello Pat (Co-Chairman Pat Carey) and All,
  I hope this finds you and your families all doing well.
Thanks to Pat, Sydney Bradfield, FAA WSA Spectrum Engineering Services, Ron Berinstein and all of SCAUWG for sharing your knowledge and successful experience in requesting waivers from the FCC for air-to-air frequencies for flight training operations. ASAG greatly appreciates Pat having introduced ASAG to Sydney Bradfield who continues to advise  and guide us every step of the way.
Thanks to Joe Santoro, FAA Western Pacific Region Runway Safety Program Manager, for introducing ASAG to SCAUWG thus establishing our exchange of  aviation safety information and projects across the southwest, and nation via
Aviation Safety Advisory Group of Arizona, Inc. (ASAG)  request for waivers was filed July 7, 2023.
As you know, if approved, these frequencies  will  be used in flight training operations in the Phoenix airspace with the objective of preventing midair collisions thereby improving safety both in the air and on the ground.

The frequencies we are requesting are 121.950 MHz, 122.775 MHz, 122.850 MHz, and 123.300 MHz.

Regarding  Superior Soaring's recent concerns, ASAG looks forward to following your example of working together with entities to reach a solution that best serves safety for all aircraft involved.
The ASAG Frequency Workgroup, listed below, sends our thanks and great appreciation to each of you for your time and effort sharing your knowledge and experience thus paving the way for ASAG's  opportunity to  make this request.
Please share this thanks with all you know who have helped along the way.

ASAG's   Request for Waiver can be viewed here

Updates to follow as they become available.
Thank You SCAUWG!
Lee Unger
Cary GrantArizona Aviation Safety Advisory Group, PresidentFAASTeam Lead RepresentativeLieutenant Colonel, U.S. Air Force,
Jim AndersonArizona Aviation Safety Advisory Group, TreasurerFAASTeam Lead
Brian L. Stamper, Ph.D.Arizona Aviation Safety Advisory Group, Frequency Project Advisor, W4ESFAASTeam
Virginia E. ‘Lee’ UngerArizona Aviation Safety Advisory Group, Frequency Project Facilitator, W7DVEFAASTeam

07/07/2023   RNAV (GPS) RWY 25L: Deer Valley, Arizona -Flying into the swarm of training, pilots can use this approach for alignment. Visit Flying's CHART WISE Here.

07/03/2023   Arizona Airpark Keeps Pilot’s Dream Aloft for Decades - From Flying - "The 1,200-acre facility is nearly 60 years old and sits about 20 miles from Tucson's city center. - Seth Koppenhaver of Tucson, Arizona, has been an airpark resident for three years. But he had long hoped to live at a specific fly-in community that has been around for nearly six decades.

“After high school, I went straight into the Air Force as an enlisted guy,” Koppenhaver said. “Growing up in Glendale, just north of Phoenix, the Air Force sent me all the way to Tucson, which is just a hundred or so miles away. I became an air traffic controller at Davis-Monthan [Air Force Base] in the 1990s. And I was lucky enough that they had an aero club on the base with good prices. So, I started plugging away towards getting my civilian ratings.”  - It was during his stint in the tower that Koppenhaver first heard about..."  Full Story Here.

07/01/2023   FALCON FIELD - FROM THE FLIGHT DECK VIDEO - Falcon Field Airport (FFZ) is a medium sized primarily general and business aviation airport. It is located approximately 14 miles east of Phoenix Sky Harbor. This location makes it convenient for general aviation and corporate traffic trying to avoid the congestion at the larger airport. As with most airports with parallel runways with staggered thresholds, Falcon Field is susceptible to wrong runway landings. In addition to parallel runways, there is also a parallel taxiway that has been confused as a runway.


07/01/2023   ASAG JUNE 2023 MEETING MINUTES - Always meaningful and inciteful. See them HERE.

06/20/2023   KRYN Recommended NW Patter Entry Procedure:  Click Here for the Data Sheet.

06/19/2023   LUKE MACA Pamphlet -  "Capt Cody “Lock” Malone recently joined the AFTW. He's currently serving as the 56th Fighter Wing's Flight Safety Officer at Luke AFB. Attached is their updated "MACA Pamphlet." as posted on FACEBOOK.   Click HERE for the MACA Pamphlet Luke AFB AZ

06/19/2023   ASAG May - June Pilot Deviation Report - You can Access it HERE!

06/19/2023   ASAG May - June Near Mid Air Collision (NMAC) Report - You can Access it HERE!

06/19/2023   ASAG June Accident Report - You can Access it HERE!

06/14/2023   ARIZONA FLYERS ALERT:  Picacho ARNG Workgroup   (Jim Timm, Howard Deevers, Cary Grant, Lee Unger),-111.345030314623&chart=301&zoom=2 - Picacho ARNG (KPCA) and its lack of a full-fledged air traffic control tower (ATCT) with associated Class D airspace is a safety concern.  As some understand it, this airport does not have Class D because the required climatic information equipment is not on the field nor is such equipment within allowed proximity, Pinal is close but not close enough to qualify.

Jim Timm, Executive Director of Arizona Pilots Association (APA)    has "been pushing the Army for several years to obtain the required equipment for the facility, and to request the FAA to establish a much-needed Class Delta Airspace for the Heliport. This action is paramount if they wish to prevent general aviation intrusion into the Heliport."
Dr. Barbara Harper brought up this airport and airspace over the years, the lack of charting associated with an ATCT and possible unsafe consequences of such. - Efforts continue to achieve more prominent markings on the Sectional for Picacho ARNG and develop safety outreach publicizing the operations conducted at, to and from the field. -  KPCA isn't in the Chart Supplement, a deterrent to comprehensive flight planning.
06/14/2023   ARIZONA FLYERS ALERT - Continuing Info re: Picacho.  From Jesse Acevedo, ARTEP, FAA,

Picacho must build a case demonstrating why we need Class D. Recommendations include:Enforce FAR Part 91.126d (Operating on or in the vicinity of an airport in Class G airspace) to the best of your ability and report these incidents. This will build your case.

- Work with the FSDO office to reach out to all the encroaching operators and try to work things out.  Document the discussions with them and the FSDO.  If the FSDO cannot resolve the problem, then perhaps the FSDO can start a local SRM panel with all of them to identify unacceptable risks and determine appropriate mitigations/solutions.  This could result in a recommendation for Class D airspace or something else.

- Reinstate the Sectional Chart warning that was discontinued back in 2020.

- Continue to obtain the weather observation and reporting requirements per FAAO JO 7400.2 section 17-2-10: either a federally certified weather observer or a federally commissioned automated weather observing system.

- Exhaust all other actions taken and document the action/result.

Our team at Picacho has begun implementing tracking of incidents in order to establish a case, while also still seeking to obtain the weather station capability.

05/29/2023   FAA Releases BVLOS Waiver Requests for Public Comment - Phoenix Air Unmanned, uAvionix, Zipline, and UPS Flight Forward are seeking relief from FAA restrictions. - "Earlier this week, the FAA announced it’s eyeing beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) exemption approvals for four top aviation firms, opening the door to expanded unmanned operations. Now we know exactly what permissions they’re asking for.

On Thursday, the FAA published the requests of the four companies—Phoenix Air UnmanneduAvionixUPS Flight Forward, and Zipline—and is seeking comments from the public. Stakeholders have until June 14 to share..."  Continue.

05/23/2023   Arizona’s ‘Flying Realtor’ Finds an Edge -  From Flying - "Being a pilot has been a competitive advantage, especially within the saturated real estate market, according to a Scottsdale, Arizona, broker. - After more than a decade of selling homes, pilot Robert Clarfield understands how knowing about aviation and how it relates to the property he is selling can serve him well.- I think that being a pilot helps. That’s because, here is the thing—with an airport, you know whether this hangar is going to fit a twin. If this 3,500-foot runway will fit a jet, or you need 5,500 feet of runway,” said Clarfield, who works as a real estate broker in Scottsdale, Arizona. I’m getting asked questions like, ‘What is..."  Read it Here.

05/23/2023   ASAG MAY 17, 2023 MEETING MINUTES - These are VERY, VERY Useful! - View Them Here.

05/23/2023   ABC News exclusive: FAA giving airports more than $100M to prevent runway incursions - THIS MEANS MONEY FOR TUCSON - Read about it Here. VIDEO & STORY.

05/22/2023   Phoenix Airspace Users Work Group (PAUWG) - May 18, 2023 Meeting Notes - You can view the Notes Here.

05/09/2023  Attached are notes on the KRYN Pilot-Controller Forum held April 22, 2023, written by Michelle Colgan, Chair of the Tucson Ninety-Nines. You can read the Notes by CLICKING HERE.

04/23/2023   ASAG APRIL MEETING Minutes -  A Very Well Produced Journal that diligently describes the Aviation World of Arizona Pilot Safety. You can View it Here. 2023-APR-ASAGminutes

04/12/2023   ARIZONA ON PATH TO AVIATION INVESTMENT - BILL AWAITS GOVERNOR’S SIGNATURE - "AOPA provided written testimony and a letter of support for Arizona H.B.2643, which, if approved, would invest $26 million in funding for the state’s aviation fund to support the current and ongoing aviation needs for Arizona’s airport infrastructure, with $6 million going to the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport.   More HERE,

04/09/2023  RYAN AIRPORT NEWSLETTER - RUWAY CLOSURE - WEBSITE LINK - GOOD INFO - April 2023 - It is hard to believe that springtime is here. We hope that you are taking advantage of the beautiful weather to enjoy as much flight time as you can. That said, please remember warm weather also brings out wildlife. Please DO NOT feed any animals around Ryan Airfield (RYN). We do not want to attract animals or have any unexpected incursions due to wildlife.

News from the Tower:  

RYN Tower Manager Geoff Kusel (SERCO NA) has updated the ATIS template to define which frequency to call when pilots are inbound to Ryan Airfield and both Local control frequencies are open. They are as follows:

·         Inbound west through northeast, contact 120.35

·         Inbound east through southwest, contact 125.8

·         When staffing requires Ground to be combined with Local Control 1, contact 125.8 for taxi

Everyone will have an opportunity to learn more about this change and ask questions at two upcoming events.

A Pilot/Controller forum has been scheduled for Saturday, April 22. The meeting will be in the RYN conference room beginning at 11:00 a.m. Please bring your questions, comments and concerns, and tower staff will do their best to address them.

An RSAT (Runway Safety Action Team) meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday, May 17 at 11:00 a.m. in the RYN conference room.

Local and Regional Weather:

For weather conditions and forecasts, refer to this link from the National Weather Service. For current conditions, enter KRYN in the “Enter Location…” box on the top left corner of the webpage.

Construction Update:

Runway 6L was closed on Friday, March 31 due to some large cracks that opened in the runway. While this closure may be inconvenient for some, it is in the best interest for all RYN users. There are still two available runways at RYN and you can also use TUS.

The Air Traffic Control Tower (ATCT) at RYN is aware of the situation. The Tower Manager has assured the TAA that staff will communicate with users how to best navigate the airspace and airfield in times of heavy traffic.

We are currently working on runway repair and plan to complete it in the next few weeks.  We will reopen the runway as quickly possible when it is safe to do so. Thank you for your patience in this matter.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to share your comments with the RYN team at

Did you know? [or you knew but forgot]

It is important to know the operating rules and regulations at Ryan Airfield. To stay current, you can download the RYN Airfield Operating Rules and Regulations from our website. Click here for the link to our website.

Looking Ahead:

Wright Flight is flying out of RYN. We are happy they have joined the RYN family! Their typical flying days are Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings.

Three Points Fire Department has scheduled its Closed Course Driver’s training for Tuesday, April 25 thru Thursday, April 27. This training allows emergency responders to safely practice tight cornering maneuvers in large vehicles. As mutual aid partners, the TAA has welcomed Three Points Fire Department and its training program for years. - The training will take place west of the wash rack and the Tower Ramp will remain open. We will send a Tenant Advisory as we get closer to the event. - As always, we are available for any questions or comments regarding operations at RYN. 

Sincerely, TAA RYN Airside Operations

04/01/2023   First Engine, Then Parachute Failed In Cirrus Incident - A Takeoff from Tucson Turned Bad - "The pilot took off from Tucson, Arizona, on the afternoon of March 28, 2021, and told investigators all was normal until he reached 10,000 feet when the engine stopped making power and started..."  More.

03/27/2023   My fellow Aviators and Friends

It is with great sadness I have learned Dr. Barbra Harper has flown West today after a brief battle against Cancer.  I learned she was facing this battle about a month ago, but she requested the news be kept private and I respected her wishes.  To many within the Arizona Aviation Community this news may come as a complete shock as she was a strong advocate for aviation safety issues right up to the end.  She fiercely fought to improve safety around Marana Regional Airport and was instrumental in aviation issues throughout Pima County.  She was a pioneer woman Captain for Continental Airlines, a skilled aviatrix, instructor, mentor, educator, a contributor to the Arizona Pilot’s Association, the Arizona Aviation Safety Advisory Group, and an inductee to the Arizona Aviation Hall of Fame.  We will miss Barbra greatly as we have lost someone near and dear to us and we are richer for her contribution to our lives.  We send our condolences to her family, and I will update you on the family’s plans for a memorial service as I learn them. - May God bless Barbra, her family, and I hope each of you will keep them in your prayers.

 Cary B. Grant, President, Arizona Aviation Safety Advisory Group

3/21/2023   ASAG MARCH MEETING MINUTES - Minutes from the meeting held 3/15 as called to order by ASAG President Cary Grant are found by clicking ASAG March 2023 Meeting Minutes Here.

03/16/2023   Chandler approves $2.4 million in municipal airport projects - AIRPORT NEWS - From KTAR - "PHOENIX — The city of Chandler approved more than $2.4 million in funding for airport improvement projects, officials said. - The East Valley suburb’s City Council approved three grants last week that will go toward extending a taxiway, aviation market assessment and pavement improvement at Chandler Municipal Airport. - The largest allocation, $2,035,200, is covering the first phase..."  Continue Here.

03/13/2023   Reports from the Arizona Safety Advisory Group ASAG:   Feb/Mar Accident Incident Report   -   Feb/Mar Pilot Deviation Report

03/08/2023   Ukrainian Pilots At Tucson Guard F-16 Wing For ‘Assessment’ - NEWS - From AVweb - "Multiple sources are reporting that two Ukrainian air force pilots are in the U.S. flying F-16 simulators as part of an “assessment” of their skills. The outlets, all quoting unnamed sources, say the two Ukrainians have been at an Air National Guard unit in Tucson, Arizona, for a week and will be there for at least..."   Continue Here.

03/07/2023   StandardAero Upgrading Arizona Sheriff’s Helicopter For Hot, High, And Heavy Operations - "SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – March 6, 2023 – StandardAero is actively completing Phase 2 and 3 of a 3 phase program to upgrade the Pinal County Sheriff Office (PCSO), Arizona, Bell UH-1H helicopter for hot, high, and heavy operations in Arizona.  The program called UH-1H3 Hot, High and Heavy, which is underway at StandardAero’s helicopter airframe facility in British Columbia, is expected to be completed in the March 2023. - Included in the modifications are airframe modifications to the lift beam, main beams, and..." More Here.

02/15/2023   Arizona Safety Advisory Group (ASAG) is unsurpassed for diligence and Aviation Safety commitment. Meetings are held Monthy and no matter where one might live and fly, viewing their meeting notes is a learning experience and well worth the time. ASAG Meeting Feb. 2023 Minutes can be Viewed Here.

01/27/2023   What GA Pilots Need to Know About Super Bowl LVII  -  GA pilots flying near Phoenix from Feb. 8-13, 2023, must be aware of temporary flight restrictions, follow special air traffic procedures (, and comply with additional operational requirements that will be in effect for Super Bowl LVII. The FAA will soon issue a Notice to Air Missions (NOTAM) ( about the procedures for the game and specific arrival and departure route requirements.

Special air traffic procedures to minimize delays and ensure safety will be in effect for the following airports: Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX); Phoenix Deer Valley Airport (DVT); Phoenix Goodyear Airport (GYR); Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport (IWA); Scottsdale Airport (SDL); Glendale Municipal Airport (GEU); Chandler Municipal Airport (CHD); and Falcon Field Airport (FFZ). You can find additional information about effected Phoenix-area airports and airspace on FAA’s Super Bowl webpage (

The FAA will publish a Special Event Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) for Super Bowl LVII centered on State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Ariz. The FAA expects the TFR will be active from 3:30 - 9 p.m. local time on Sunday, Feb. 12. The TFR will have a 10-nautical-mile inner core and a 30-nautical-mile outer ring.

Super Bowl LVII also is a No Drone Zone. As a designated National Security Special Event, additional unmanned aircraft restrictions will be in place before, during and after the game.

The FAA will post the full text and graphic depiction of the Super Bowl LVII TFR in February. Read more on the FAA’s Super Bowl safety plan at or see the press release here

01/26/2023   First Class Graduates From ARIZONA'S United Flight School. "United Airlines has graduated its first class of new pilots from its Aviate Academy in Arizona. The first class of 51 new pilots, 80 percent of them women or people of color, got their wings earlier this week. United wants to crank out 5,000 new pilots from the school over the next seven years and it wants at least half of them to be female and/or people of color. It called the graduation “an important step towards training the next generation of talented, qualified, and motivated aviators.” Read More.

01/25/2023   The FAA has a Superbowl Safety Plan - You can visit it HERE.

01/24/2023   FAA Runway Safety has released the New Chandler Municipal Airport (CHD) FROM THE FLIGHT DECK VIDEOYou can see it HERE.

01/15/2023  Seeing Possibility in the Impossible - (An Arizona Story) - Kaiya Armstrong flew a Cessna from Scottsdale, Arizona, to Washington, D.C. in October. She's also legally blind. - "Kaiya lost her sight at the age of 14. Developing a disability is almost always a more significant challenge than being born with one, and I can only imagine the obstacles Kaiya faced. " Webmaster: Not only an interesting story, but one authored by Jessica Cox, herself born with a significant physical challenge. Read the Story Here.

01/11/2023   Glendale Municipal Airport prepares for hundreds of private planes to arrive for Super Bowl LVII - FOX 10-TV - "The Glendale Municipal Airport is busy preparing to welcome hundreds of people as two high-profile events are making their way to the Valley – at the same time. For now, the airport may look quiet, but soon everyone will be arriving as it’s located just two miles west of State Farm Stadium where Super Bowl LVII will be held on Feb. 12. - As the closest airport to State Farm Stadium, Glendale Airport Administrator Matthew Smith was excited to take off with a new challenge."  VIDEO & STORY Here.

01/09/2023   NEW FREQUENCY PROGRESS! Aviation Safety Advisory Group of Arizona Inc (ASAG) is in the process of vetting 123.30 Mhz as our fourth frequency to request waiver. Our outreach regarding 123.30 MHz is currently focused on, but not limited to, the Soaring communities of Arizona.

Our statewide call out is also for any remaining comments for all four frequencies, 121.950 MHz, 122.775 MHz,122.85 MHz and 123.30 MHz prior to our filing our request for waiver for all four frequencies.

01/09/2023   To: All interested entities including Tucson Soaring Club, Arizona Soaring, Inc. and Prescott Soaring, - Please share this information as you deem appropriate.

To increase safety both in the air and on the ground, Aviation Safety Advisory Group of Arizona, Inc. (ASAG) plans to imminently request  waivers to  provide four air-to-air frequencies, one for each of the four flight training areas surrounding the Phoenix metropolitan airspace, the frequencies are 123.30 MHz 121.950 MHz, 122.775 MHz,  and 122.85 MHz.
ASAG looks forward to completing the vetting process regarding the use of 123.30 MHz  with Tucson Soaring Club at El Tiro Gliderport (AZ67) ; Arizona Soaring, Inc. at Estrella Sailport-E68;and  Prescott Soaring at AC Goodwin Memorial Field -AZ86 to determine if you or any other entity will benefit, or be at a safety disadvantage, if ASAG requests and receives waiver from the FCC for use of  the named four frequencies. If waived, 123.30 MHz is expected to be assigned to the southwest quadrant training area. The other three frequencies will be assigned at a later date, if waived.
 Four mapped training areas, outlined in red, may be seen here
Everyone's input for our request of waivers for 123.30 MHz, 121.950 MHz, 122.775 MHz, and 122.85 MHz is encouraged and welcomed prior to ASAG's filing our request for waiver of the FCC. This request has the  support of Mr. Sydney Bradfield and the FAA WSA Spectrum Engineering Services and the Scottsdale Flight Standards District Office including  Craig A. Tompkins, Scottsdale Flight Standards District Office, FAA Safety Team Program Manager (Operations); and Ernest R. Copeland, Scottsdale Flight Standards District Office, FAA Safety Team Program Manager (Airworthiness).

11/16/2022   Volunteers Pull Together To Recondition A Popular Backcountry Airfield - NEWS - From AVweb - "Supporters of backcountry aviation gave more than just their time, cash and energy to repave the 3,800-foot runway at Grapevine Airstrip (88AZ) in Roosevelt, Arizona. The Recreational Aviation Foundation (RAF), 99s and the Arizona Pilots Association (APA) all contributed, and RAF Arizona liaison Mark Spencer added, “Hundreds … gave their time, money, sweat, and even blood—everything has thorns in the Sonoran Desert.” - The volunteers worked with..."  Continue.

10/14/2022   Blind pilot flying from Arizona to Washington, DC - NEWS - From KTVH - "PHOENIX, Ariz. (KNXV) — Twenty-one-year-old Kaiya Armstrong is on her way to Washington, D.C. Armstrong lost her sight when she was 14 years old. She spent months learning to fly a plane so she could make the cross-country trip. - “There’s so many people out there that don’t realize that they don’t have limitations,” said Kaiya. “I want this flight to prove to everyone, to the world, to stop limiting yourself.” - The Foundation for Blind Children is helping Armstong realize her..."  Read More.

10/14/2022   Aviation Scholarships Available in Arizona - NEWS - From FLYING - "The Arizona Pilots Association provides a $3,000 scholarship to Arizona-based students pursuing a variety of aviation careers." - "One way to advance aviation in your state is to provide scholarships to people seeking careers in the industry—that’s what is happening in Arizona, as the Arizona Pilots Association (APA) is in the final stretches of taking applications for its annual scholarship program. - APA hands out six to eight scholarships a year to students enrolled in aviation-related programs at accredited colleges, universities, and vocational and technical institutions, according to Chris Nugent, vice president of the APA scholarship committee. The students are eligible for these scholarships, even if they’re attending schools outside of the Copper State." More.

10/09/2022   Arizona Flight Training Workgroup (AFTW) and Garmin Pilot GPS Overlays – Version 12  – Updated 9-27-2022

08/09/2022   News from Arizona - Editor Lee Unger - The FAA Spectrum - FCC air to air frequencies in PHX flight training areas project continues to progress. The growth of United Aviate Academy (UAA), now with about 180 flight students and projected to have 500 in 2023, reiterates the need for these air-to-air frequencies.

An Arizona Flight Training Workgroup (AFTW) Rainbow Valley Workgroup has been established to coordinate communication among flight training operations in the Rainbow Valley Practice Area where UAA operations are prevalent. This serves safety and will be in place should our request for waivers be approved by the FCC.
Our thanks to Sydney Bradfield and his team at the FAA Spectrum Office and Pat Carey for their continued support of this project.

07/01/2022    Falcon Field Airport unveils new aircraft viewing area - "Mesa residents have a new place to delight in aviation with the opening of a newly renovated aircraft viewing area at Falcon Field Airport. The viewing area is located adjacent to the airport terminal building and air traffic control tower at 4800 E. Falcon Drive. It was dedicated in a brief ceremony June 29.

“This area offers Mesa residents of all ages an opportunity to share in the excitement of flight and aviation,” said District 5 Councilmember David Luna. “It supports the City Council’s priority of placemaking and cultivating unique, vibrant spaces for residents and visitors.”  More Here.

07/01/2022    Phoenix Sky Harbor launches new eighth concourse at T4 - "Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport has opened its new eighth concourse, filled with innovations and memorable experiences for passengers travelling through the airport. - Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) is pleased to showcase the opening of its new eighth concourse. Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego, members of the Phoenix City Council, other local leaders, and Southwest Airlines leaders, arrived to the new concourse on the airline’s Arizona One flagship aircraft where they cut a ribbon to debut the concourse. The concourse will be used by Southwest and will offer eight additional gates for the airline." More Here.

04/25/2022   FAA Investigating [ARIZONA] Failed Red Bull Airplane Swap - NEWS / VIDEO  - From Flying - "Agency says it had denied organizers’ request for permission to perform the stunt. ...vigorously promoted Red Bull Plane Swap missed the mark in more ways than one. Not only did the swap fail, but the maneuver and resulting aircraft crash irked the FAA, which said it “will investigate Sunday evenings attempted Red Bull Plane Swap in Arizona.” Flight Video & Pilot Interview included.  Read and See More Here.

04/25/2022   'Super Scooper' pilot training to fight Arizona wildfires from the air - LOCAL NEWS / VIDEO - From 12 News -  "Fire crews have spent weeks training in Mesa to fly air tankers. " Read / see the story Here.

04/19/2022   Honeywell develops advanced radar system at new Arizona Lab - TECH NEWS - From Aviationa Today - "Honeywell Aerospace is developing advanced air mobility technology at a new lab in Phoenix. The RDR-84K radar system, which features autonomous detect-and-avoid capabilities, weighs around 1.5 pounds and is suitable for drone applications." Full Story: Here.

Sedona, Arizona



03/21/2022  Safety aspects of flying into the  Sedona Airport (KSEZ). Produced by the Aviation Safety Advisory Group of Arizona.  Webmaster: A Great New Airport Safety Video!


03/18/2022   Phoenix Sky Harbor launches virtual checkpoint queuing program - AIRPORT NEWS - "Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is set to pilot a virtual check-in queuing program, to help ensure that passengers’ security experience and overall airport journey is seamless and stress-free." Find Out More Here.

02/28/2022   Update Feb 28, 2022   Air-to-air frequencies for Phoenix, Arizona training areas:

To increase safety in the air and on the ground, Aviation Safety Advisory Group of Arizona, Inc. (ASAG) continues to coordinate a statewide effort to obtain dedicated air-to-air communication frequencies for flight training areas in the Phoenix, Arizona airspace. Patrick Carey, Co-Founder Co-Chairman of Southern California Airspace Users Working Group (SCAUWG),  working with Mr. Sydney Bradfield and his FAA WSA Spectrum Engineering Services Office, successfully obtained air-to-air frequencies for training areas in the Los Angeles airspace; Thanks to Pat Carey's introduction, Mr. Bradfield and his the FAA WSA Spectrum Engineering Services Office are instrumental in Arizona's efforts to request waivers of the Federal Communications Commission for four frequencies.

As ASAG continues our project in Arizona, we are honored to be included in the process as Charles Gunderson works toward air-to-air frequencies for flight training areas in the San Diego airspace. As in the LA airspace, air-to-air frequencies, approved exclusively for flight training, improve communications, help make the airspace safer and protect those in the air and on the ground from midair collisions.  Arizona thanks Pat Carey and SCAUWG , Mr.Sydney Bradfield and FAA WSA Spectrum Engineering Services Office, the Federal Communications Commission and Aviation Spectrum Resources Inc.(ASRI®) for their continued support.

02/19/2022   Arizona aviation groups are working on responding to:  Proposed Action:"The U.S. Air Force is proposing to modify existing Military Operations Areas (MOAs) to address existing and future training deficiencies for aircrews stationed at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Luke Air Force Base, and Morris Air National Guard Base."Comments are due no later than March 4, 2022

2/16/2022   VIDEO: AFTW Meeting January 11, 2022  - by | Jan 12, 2022 | ,

Follow this link to watch the video: Meeting minutes:

FROM the FLIGHT DECK VIDEO: Prescott Regional Airport - Earnest A Love Field - (PRC) -   A wonderful Safety Video from FAA Runway Safety. You can view it by Clicking HERE.

Scott Tinnesand, Arizona FAASTeam Representative - "Helicopter Association International (HAI) is pleased to announce Scott Tinnesand as the recipient of the Salute to Excellence W.A. “Dub” Blessing Flight Instructor of the Year Award."

 01/15/2022   VIP Notice - Florence, AZ  - Notice Number: NOTC2214 - Notice: Expect VIP movement January 15, 2022 in the vicinity of Florence, AZ. Pilots can expect temporary airspace restrictions in conjunction with this VIP movement.  - The FAA recommends that all aircraft operators check NOTAMs OFTEN for temporary airspace restrictions prior to operations within this region. - Specific instructions and restrictions are available at* once the NOTAM has been issued.*This site is informational in nature and is designed to assist pilots and aircrews for flight planning and familiarization. It may be used in conjunction with other pre-flight information sources needed to satisfy all the requirements of 14 CFR 91.103 and is not to be considered as a sole source of information to meet all pre-flight action. Due to system processing delays, recently entered NOTAMS may not be displayed.

12/26/2021  KAVQ Marana Regional Airport Voluntary Noise Abatement Program - - Detailed Procedures are illustrated HERE.  Take a Look!  🙂

11/15/2021   Gulfstream to Build New Arizona Service Center - NEWS - From AVweb - "Gulfstream Aerospace has announced plans to build a new aircraft service center at Arizona’s Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport (AZA). The 225,000-square-foot maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) facility represents a more than $70 million investment for the company. According to Gulfstream, the[…]" Read this article

10/24/2021  A 51-Year-Old, Newly Minted Pilot Shares His Story - Commentary - From Flying Online - "Richard Donaldson of Arizona recently earned his private pilot license at the age of 51 and reflects on the exhilaration and challenges of the training process. Learning to fly was a lifelong dream, but Donaldson says now is the perfect time because of all the blogs, apps, videos and other online resources that are readily accessible. Full Story Here.

10/04/2021  Arizona is deeply saddened by the loss of two lives in a midair collision of an airplane and a helicopter on October 1, 2021, near Chandler Municipal Airport (KCHD).

10/01/2021   FAA, NASA Finish Air Traffic Management Software Testing - NEWS - AVweb - "The FAA and NASA have wrapped up research and testing on software designed to minimize taxi delays and ease ramp congestion along with saving fuel and reducing carbon emissions. The new NASA-developed software capability, which is designed to calculate gate pushbacks to allow aircraft to “roll directly to the runway and to take off,” will be part of the FAA’s Terminal Flight Data Manager (TFDM) program. The agency initially plans to roll the TFDM program out to 27 hub airports beginning with Phoenix Sky Harbor (PHX) next year." More Here.

09/19/2021  Teacher to teach lesson flying over her school - NEWS - KGUN 9 - "TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — Schools teach young students to aim high. Now a teacher at Marana’s DeGrazia Elementary is taking that idea to a new height. Sometimes the best way to reach someone with a lesson is to show how it applies in the real world. Teacher Aimee Katz has been teaching her 6th graders about the math and science that help airplanes fly." Read More & How the CAP is helping HERE.

09/18/2021  Here is Arizona Aviation Safety Advisory Group's New Safety VIDEO for Marana Regional Airport (KAVQ) !

From YouTube:  Arizona Aviation Safety Advisory Group - From the Flight Deck video for Marana, Arizona is the first in a series of videos from the Arizona Aviation Safety Advisory Group (ASAG) produced to complement the FAA's From the Flight Deck videos.  ASAG's focus is to raise pilot's awareness of potential problems before they visit an unfamiliar non-towered airports or airspace in Arizona, and is not intended as a substitute for thorough preflight planning. Nor is it possible for us to cover all potential hazards a pilot might encounter during a flight.  We encourage all pilots to visit these web sites to compliment their normal flight preparation:

09/05/2021  ATC Tapes Reveal Capabilities Of Mystery Drone - ARTICLE - From AVweb - "The Drive has posted ATC audio of a bizarre police chase in the skies over Tucson last February that, beyond the security and safety concerns, had all involved wondering just what they were witnessing. As we reported last May, the FBI was called in to investigate the mysterious encounter, which included an aerial tour of Davis Monthan Air Force base and ended when the drone shot up to 10,000 feet never to be seen again." Continue Here.

09/04/2021  Pilot loses power to helicopter, still rescues hikers in Yavapai County - NEWS - STORY - From -  KPHO/KTVK (KPHO Broadcasting Corporation) "A helicopter pilot performing a search and rescue mission for stranded hikers on a mountain near Black Canyon City, Ariz., managed to safely land after losing power when the helicopter's rotor hit a tree amid windy conditions. The weather prevented..."  Full Story & Photos Here.

08/28/2021  Yuma International Airport awards local contractor nearly $2.5M for makeover - NEWS - From NEWS 11 - "Goal is to improve approximately 98,000 square yards of paved runways" "

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) - The Yuma International Airport announced Tuesday plans to renovate runway area through a $2,492,820.50 construction contract to local Yuma contractor Cemex Construction Materials South, LLC. - “This project is part of the Airport’s Improvement Program and Yuma International Airport appreciates Federal grant funding received from the FAA for its successful completion.” comments Airport Director, Gladys Brown. She says these federally granted funds would...  Continue Here.

07/27/2021   Drone Footage - Dust Cloud over Phoenix - VIDEO - Weather agency issues dust advisory for Phoenix, warns of low visibility and gusty winds. Video credit: Instagram @JoeGrana.  See it Here.

06/30/21   AVIATION GROUPS SPEAK OUT AGAINST DANGEROUS AIRPORT PRECEDENT - NEWS - From AOPA - AOPA, NBAA, HAI JOIN US PARACHUTE ASSOCIATION TO STICK UP FOR SKYDIVING COMPANY - "What started out as a win for Phoenix Area Skydive at Casa Grande Airport in Arizona not only ended up as a setback for the company, it set a dangerous precedent for any tenant that an airport may consider “undesirable.” This case would seem to be possibly pivotal. Read the details Here.

05/24/21   High Altitude Drone Encounter Prompts FBI Investigation - ARTICLE - From AVweb - "The FBI has joined the hunt for the operator of some kind of high-performance drone that flew “dangerously close” to a Customs and Border Protection helicopter over southern Arizona last Feb. 9. According to report from KOLD News, the Tucson CBS affiliate, the drone buzzed the CBP helicopter near Davis Monthan Air Force Base and then followed it for an hour, going as high as 14,000 feet. That’s well beyond the capabilities of commercially available drones and it clearly has the feds concerned." For More Click Here.

05/18/21  Sedona pilot flies Mexican wolves again - ARTICLE - From Sedona NEWS - "This spring, Sedona pilot Mike Schroeder flew from the Sedona Airport to the Spirit of St. Louis Airport in St. Louis. He checked into a hotel to get some sleep, because his St. Louis passengers — five 11-day-old Mexican wolves — needed to leave at 5:30 a.m. for their flight to eastern Arizona." Continue Reading

04/30/21   ARIZONA ADDITIONAL FREQUENCY PROJECT  - SCAUWG.ORG and SCAUWG has been helping Lee Unger who has been very instrumental in the quest to obtain more frequencies for ARIZONA airspace, with the goal of safer airspace separation in mind.  SCAUWG member Mr. Bradfield (FAA) "is being very helpful!! What an opportunity... for Arizona!..."

04/27/2021  -  Today it was confirmed Marana Regional has a new Airport Director.  Steve Miller was very dedicated to safety and will be missed. I spoke with the Interim Director and he said the air traffic control tower project remains on track.

Sadly Arizona had 2 accidents, one with 2 fatalities; and one incident Friday-Sunday.. Tragic. Winslow, Sedona and Marana.

01/24/2021:   News from Tucson:

  •  Tucson International Airport (KTUS) and  Ryan Field (KRYN) air traffic control towers have been operating their normal hours of operation.  Like always, check NOTAMS for possible changes.
  • Congratulations Tucson International Airport (KTUS) upon being awarded the Arizona Airport Safety Award for 2021! The award was presented by the Arizona Aviation Safety Advisory Group and

    the Scottsdale FAA Flight Standards District Office at their virtual awards ceremony January 23, 2021. The  Arizona Airport Safety Award recognizes an outstanding Arizona airport that has made significant contributionsto safety at an airport facility. The goal of this program is to recognize an airport operator's efforts for making procedural and/or physical improvements to enhance safety and foster efficient operations at the airport. Congratulations KTUS for this well-deserved award!

    Tucson International Airport's contributions to safety include their Airfield Safety Enhancement (ASE) Program, a program that was initiated in large part to reduce runway incursions by correcting the remaining two of four “Hot Spots”,
    a project expected to be completed in 4½  to 5 years . Also contributing to this award was KTUS's making of airport and runway safety videos working with FAASTeam Program Managers and Representatives, AOPA Airport Support Network Volunteers and others.

12/18/2020:  From Tucson Airport Authority Air Traffic  Control Zero  -  See info under TUCSON below.

12/14/2020:  TUCSON KRYN: Gloria Calhoun, Ryan Tower Manager, sadly has passed away. Many of us know and admire Gloria and have appreciated her fine work as Ryan Tower Manager over the years. Our most sincere condolences are offered to Gloria's Family. EFFECTIVE TUESDAY, DEC 15TH, 2020, the Ryan Airfield (KRYN) Tower is set to CLOSE until further notice. Check NOTAMs.  See below for further details.   "Very sad news."  -  Lee Unger

Airport gets lighting, safety improvements - ARTICLE _ From Payson Roundup - "For years, the Payson Municipal Airport — Rich Henry Field has steadily been making changes to help it compete with other regional airports in the state. These improvements haven’t gone unnoticed. The airport has seen a steady increase in flights and recently, an increase in charter flights. - Dennis Dueker, airport coordinator, said many of the pilots that fly or charter guests end up buying a home in Payson after flying in and seeing not only the beauty of the area, but the amenities the community has to offer." Read More Here.

"Special Air Traffic Rule (SATR) for aircraft conducting VFR Operations in the vicinity of Luke Air Force Base, AZ. Procedural rule necessary to reduce the potential for midair collisions between military/civilian and midair collisions between military/civilian and civilian/civilian operating under VFR in vicinity of Luke."

The following information is provided by AFTW on their  PHX Terminal Area Chart Overlays page of the AFTW website:

Please scroll down to see related Overlays and Letter of Agreement

Other Overlays

DVT/Luke SATR LOA Sector ForeFlight/Garmin Pilot Overlay

(Updated on 11-14-2018) Explanation of DVT/Luke LOA.Official LOA.

More from
"The new main runway is expected to be operational by 2023 and the entire project is planned for completion in 2024 or 2025, with the pace of construction largely dictated by the release of federal funding."
"During a socially distanced ceremony at TIA, a Federal Aviation Administration official said the project will help make the airfield safer by reducing runway “incursions,” when planes, people or ground vehicles enter runways and related protected areas without authorization. With an airfield design dating back to the 1950s, TIA has had problems with certain “hot spots” where the number of incursions were unacceptably high, said Mark McClardy, FAA Western-Pacific regional director. TIA has had some close calls but has not recorded any collisions resulting from incursions. “The airport is safe today,” McClardy said. “But just like you put a median on a freeway, you want to enhance it as much as you can. It really got to the point where there were some stubborn hot spots for runway incursions that had to get addressed, and the only solution was changing the airfield geometry,” he said. "



An Airport List Follows:(Included are some destinations that Arizona Pilots might fly to)

Casa Grande Airport - 6/30/21 News From AOPA - AVIATION GROUPS SPEAK OUT AGAINST DANGEROUS AIRPORT PRECEDENT - NEWS - From AOPA - AOPA, NBAA, HAI JOIN US PARACHUTE ASSOCIATION TO STICK UP FOR SKYDIVING COMPANY - "What started out as a win for Phoenix Area Skydive at Casa Grande Airport in Arizona not only ended up as a setback for the company, it set a dangerous precedent for any tenant that an airport may consider “undesirable.” This case would seem to be possibly pivotal. Read the details Here.

Colorado Ski Country Airports

If you are planning to fly in to one or more of Colorado’s ski country airports this season, please be advised that due to increased traffic ATC has instituted some new procedures.  -  Required routes will be used into ski country airports on days of significant demand. These route structures aid Denver Center in creating the most efficient flows into the mountain airports. These required routes will be sent out daily in the Air Traffic Command Center Advisories <>. Additional airports have been added to the ski country required routes this year to include the following: ASE – Aspen; EGE – Eagle; RIL – Rifle; GJT – Grand Junction; GUC – Gunnison; HDN – Hayden; MTJ – Montrose; TEX – Telluride
View the required routing and graphical depiction in the specific Letter to Airmen, which can be found by completing a NOTAM search for your destination (SKI COUNTRY) airport:

Deer Valley Airport (KDVT) Safety Videos

Honolulu International Airport Runway Safety Video

Marana Regional (KAVQ).  - The July issue of the Arizona Pilots Association newsletter included text written about Non-Towered Airport Flight Operations. General  illustrations were added that do not apply to Marana Regional during parachute operations so the data found via the following link with the Drop Zone diagram attached is designed to help get the word out about Marana Regional (KAVQ).  Get the info by clicking here:

The problem is at some airports overflying the field and performing midfield entries to the traffic pattern is unsafe. The AWOS at Marana Regional (KAVQ) announces do not overfly the field and do not fly missed approach procedures for the RNAV/GPS 12 and RNAV/GPS‐E  approaches during parachute operations. Both the RNAV/GPS 12 and RNAV/GPS‐E missed approach procedures have trajectories that pass directly through the drop zone (DZ),  as can overflying and midfield pattern entries. Here is a link to the Chart Supplement for more information on AVQ and nearby Pinal Airpark (MZJ)

With thanks to Jim Pitman, Arizona Fight Training Workgroup has a new page.   Marana Airport Operations

Video “Non-towered airports: In control or out of control?” -  by Scottsdale FAASTeam Representatives Brian Stamper, Sarah Nilsson and Lee Unger.

With thanks to Tina Buskirk, Aviation Safety, Scottsdale FSDO Frontline Manager, Operations; Ernest R. Copeland, SDL FAA Safety Team Program Manager; and Craig Tompkins, SDL FAA Safety Team Program Manager; for their input, guidance, support and resources for this project. From Craig “Pilots on both sides of the operation should remain diligent, communicate, head on a swivel, and be prepared to do whatever is necessary to maintain a safe airport environment. Flexibility and situational awareness are key.“

This version is focused on Marana Regional Airport (KAVQ)


MEXICO  ??  Are you planning a trip to Baja or MEXICO?   -  READ THIS REPORT FROM BAJA BUSH PILOTS - RE: MEXICO REGULATIONS BEING ENFORCED!!  AIRPORTS NEED CURRENT MEXICO LICENSING!!    ESTABLISHED RULES  + NOW + BEING ENFORCED -  a link to the Baja Bush Pilots Website where you can access Flight Plan and Mexico WebCam info is HERE       More Info about the CURRENT Airport Regulations Click:  READ MORE HERE For a list of registered airports and a lot of other Mexican Airport information from (IN SPANISH) Click Here.

Payson Airport (IATA: PJB, ICAO: KPAN, FAA LID: PAN) is a public airport located 1 mile (0.87 nmi; 1.6 km) west of the central business district of Payson, a town in Gila County, Arizona, United States. The airport covers 80 acres (32 ha) and has one runway and one helipad. It is mostly used for general aviation, and is host to a number of fire-fighting aircraft during the summer fire season.  (see Payson Airport above)

TUCSON KRYN: Gloria Calhoun, Ryan Tower Manager, sadly has passed away. Many Arizona pilots know and admire Gloria and have appreciated her fine work as Ryan Tower Manager over the years.  EFFECTIVE TUESDAY, DEC 15TH, 2020, the Ryan Airfield (KRYN) Tower is set to CLOSE until further notice. Check NOTAMs. - With this sad news, and as ATC Zero events continue, the following information is shared:
Safety at Non-Towered Airports, Reference AC 90-66B - Non-Towered Airport Flight Operations
“Non-towered airports: In control or out  of control?”

Tucson AZ TUS - Airport General Information

Tucson AZ TUS - Phase 1 taxiway rehab - possibly starts Nov. 4 - DETAILS Here

Tucson AZ TUS - runway Safety and Local Practice areas / Reporting Points  18 Min. Version

Tucson AZ TUS - runway Safety Video - details HotSpots - 4 Min Version (Brand New)

12/18/2020:  From Tucson Airport Authority Air Traffic  Control Zero

"While Tucson Tower is closed, Tucson TRACON will control traffic coming in and out of Tucson. The hours of operation for the tower are subject to change.

Pilots and aircrews should continuously check NOTAMs and check ATIS on 123.8 for the current operating status of Tucson Tower and procedures for flying into and out of TUS.          More INFO HERE