Runway Safety News

Runway Safety News




Here is where you will find news forwarded to us by professional Runway Safety experts. Be sure to also reference the SoCal Airports page for location specific news, and the INFO Warehouse Page that also may have Runway Safety Tips and Safety Information in general.



07/30/2019   June 2019 Addendum to AC 150/5345-53D, Airport Lighting Equipment Certification Program - See it Here

07/30/2019   Errata for AC 150/5300-13A, Airport Design   See it Here



Runway Safety Tips for Construction Season

Notice Number: NOTC9621

Winter is over, and that means construction season is upon us all! Airport construction projects aim to make enhancements to infrastructure and safety, but they come with their own risks. Use these resources in your flight planning, training, and airfield operations to help increase your surface safety:

Graphical Airport Construction Notice Diagrams - Now available in ForeFlight!

Provides a graphical representation of construction NOTAMS.
Available at Click here!
Also available with NOTAMS at PilotWeb.  Click here!
Then click on the right “Aeronautical Information” bar, and from the dropdown “Construction Notices”.

FAA Runway and Taxiway Construction Website

Contains checklists, articles, and other resources for all airport operators and users.
Available at  Click here!

FAA TV: Orange is the New Black and Yellow

Short video to increase your awareness of construction signs and markings.
Available at  Click here!

Remember that orange signs around the airfield this season indicate construction hazards. Paying attention to NOTAMS, using the Graphical Construction Notice Diagrams, and working carefully with air traffic controllers are just a few ways you can enhance safety at our airports.


July 11 2019 - FAA Recommends Upping Braking Performance Margins by Gordon Gilbert in AINonline - "Recent data indicates that applying a 15 percent safety margin to calculate wet runway stopping distance, as recommended by previous guidance, may be inadequate in certain conditions to prevent a runway excursion, according to a new safety alert for pilots (SAFO 19003). This new alert replaces the guidance in previous SAFO 15009."

Read the Entire Article by Clicking Here


07/08/2019 SAFO 18003, Turbojet Braking Performance on Wet Runways, is now published. This SAFO cancels and replaces SAFO 15009 and warns airplane operators and pilots that the advisory data for wet runway landings may not provide a safe stopping margin especially in conditions of Moderate or Heavy Rain. You can view the SAFO (Safety Alert for Operators) Here


7/01/2019   FAA Highlights Graphical Airport Construction Diagrams Now Available in ForeFlight - An NBAA article that illustrates this new available source of information - You can view the NBAA article Here.    Thank you Alex Gertsen and NBAA for your initiative with FAA on this important advancement.

7/01/2019   Sent to SCAUWG by a senior member:  "For those of you that do not use Foreflight (and there are a number of us), here's a link to the FAA Construction Sight <<"   To Visit that reference Click Here

Continuing: "These airports are mostly "majors"; and I could only identify four in the Southwest ... Los Angeles, Phoenix, Tucson, and McCarran (Las Vegas). Still, if you're traveling this summer and expect to visit a major city/airport ... this is information worth having."