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Here is our Website's Shelf Space.  Important Safety Messages can be found here!  Featured and Important Stories from SCAUWG.ORG that remain valuable sources of pertinent content can now be accessed here! Our INFO Warehouse is designed to be a living reference area where certain previously published HOTNEWS articles and previously published aviation data can be memorialized and referred to, so that the message conveyed can continue to benefit site users.

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03/19/2019  VIDEO LINK - Are Planes with Parachutes Really Safer?  An exploration of the Cirrus CAP system with AVweb's Paul Bertorelli. To see it Click HERE 

03/16/2019   VIDEO LINKS -  NTSB SAFETY ALERT VIDEOS - Featuring a series of NTSB Produced Videos and Brochures that spotlight pertinent GA Aviation Safety Topics for Fixed Wing and Helicopter. Very easy to view them. Just click. See the List Here

See a total list of Safety Alerts (includes .pdf files) by CLICKING HERE

03/16/2019   Article - from FAA - B4UFLY Mobile App Update - The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has partnered with Kittyhawk to redevelop B4UFLY, the FAA's first mobile application, to improve the user experience so that recreational drone operators know where they can and cannot fly.

The current B4UFLY App will continue to be available to the public until the new App is deployed. The data reflected in the current App will continue to be updated regularly, but no new features will be added.  Read it HERE

03/16  Article - from AVweb - Making GA Safety Policy - Opinion from a former FAA exec. Link to it HERE

03/16/2019   Article - Link to FAA - Fly Safe: Prevent Loss of Control Accidents - WEATHER, MOUNTAIN WAVE, READ THE CLOUDS, DENSITTY ALTITUDE - Read it HERE

03/16/2019    Article in CAR & DRIVER - How to Jump Start Your Car -  So, everyone has done it; but, most of us probably in less than the recommended ideal way.  So, if on the way to the airport a pilot's car battery needs attention, treat it to the optimum checklist for the safest (best) start.  READ IT HERE

03/09/2019   VIDEO  -  Top 10 aircraft carrier landings and take offs. Amazing cockpit view of aircraft carrier catapult systems from pitching deck of US Navy ships.  Videos used qualify under creative commons or fair use.   Video credits:
U.S. Navy (CC), U.S Government (CC), Lt. Ian Schmidt Released by Lt. j.g. Michael Hatfield, Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Jared King, PO2 James Evans, WO Michael Kropiewnicki, Petty Officer 3rd Class Michael Molina, Dane Wiedmann, MC Anderson W. Branch, Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Alex Millar, Cpl. Francisco J. Diaz Jr. and Cpl. A. J. Van Fredenberg, MC2 Scott Swofford, Sgt. Alisa Helin  Video is for education purposes only.  SEE IT HERE



THE CASA SERIES of SAFETY VIDEOS as viewed on YouTube - "VERY WELL PRODUCED" Series of Quality Videos




Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) -- 'Safe skies for all'

CASA regulates civil aviation safety in Australia and the operation of Australian aircraft outside Australian territory. We license pilots, register aircraft, oversee safety and promote safety awareness. CASA is also responsible for ensuring Australian airspace is administered and used safely.

The History of Human Factors  Click HERE

Human Factors  Click HERE

Communication  Click HERE

Safety behaviours: human factors for pilots  Click HERE

Decision making  Click HERE

Professional drone flyer  Click HERE

Airtime - CRM Video  Click HERE

Aerodrome Safety  Click HERE

Bowser Refueling  Click HERE

SMS and the explosion  Click HERE

Spatial Disorientation  Click HERE 

Human Performance  Click HERE

Safety Culture Click HERE

For More from CASA you can visit the YouTube page by Clicking HERE



2/26/2019   from 1/15/2019  The FAA Call back of Forloughed Inspectors.  Contains an Embry-Riddle Human Factures contribution story as well as a picture of an FAA Inspector picketing.  Read it HERE


2/26/2019    from 2/04  NEW Global Aeronautical Distress Safety System (GADSS) and Aircraft Tracking (AT), InFO #19001 is now published. SEE IT

2/26/2019    from 2/04   Torrance Firm - ACE Clearwater - donates 1.5 Million to CATALINA Airport - Gets naming rights! The co-owner of ACE Clearwater is a Catalina resident.

2/26/2019    from 1/18  - Sustainable Jet fuel Demo Held at KVNY - Click HERE for the AIN story.


2/17/2019   MARGINS OF SAFETY: AVOIDING POWER-ON STALLS from AOPA - Link to the video HERE




2/17/2019  REAL LIFE STORY From AOPA - CMA Beach Barron Pilot Survives a BIRD STRIKE - Link to it HERE






2/17/2019   FORMATION FLYING - link to a recorded AOPA webinar HERE


2/11/2019   Jan 25 statement issued by ALPA regarding the end of the partial government shutdown.  HERE

2/112019   Jan 25 coverage of the possible implication that ATC delays helped end the partial government shutdown - AIN Coverage. HERE

2/3/2019   1/28 AVweb: "The ATC Crisis That Wasn’t" - an OPINION article by Paul Bertorelli - Link to it HERE


1/29/2019  ADS-B Rule Eliminates RVSM Approval Process - Aircraft operators no longer need specific RVSM authorization beginning on January 22.  An article from Flying by Stephen Pope 1/3  HERE

1/28/2019  A joint statement issued by ALPA, NATCA and AFA Association of Flight Attendants.  Written 1/23 the statement reveals the sentiments of all three groups.  Read it Here

1/28/2019  "More than 50,000 LAANC Applications processed" stated the FAA on 11/19/2018  Like to know more" READ IT HERE

1/28/2019   "Federal judge: Government employees can't refuse to work unpaid during partial shutdown" a Post by Fox News Sally Persons 1/15 that initially ruled against NATCA who filed a claim on stated constitutional grounds. SEE IT HERE

1/28/2019  "Air traffic controllers' union sues over unpaid work during government shutdown" an article by Daniel Weissner published 1/11 by Reuters,  READ IT HERE

1/28/2019 "NATCA protests ongoing partial US federal government shutdown" an article by Bill Carey in ATW Air Transport World 1/11 You can READ IT HERE

1/28/2019   "Shutdown Straining System" an article in AVweb 1/7 by Russ Niles - includes a link to a NATCA Produced Video - Read it Here



1/28/2019   Sully Sullenberger comments on Aviation Safety requirements Video - See it HERE


1/19/2019   NATCA 1/3 Comments on Government Shutdown vs Controllers  - Read it Here

1/18/2019   "Federal Shutdown Rankles GA Advocates" a 12/26/18 article in AVweb by Mary Grady stating by NATCA that Controllers will remain on the job - Read it Here



1/19/2019    Space X December 2018 Launch of Military GPS - Info and Video Coverage  See it Here


1/19/2019    New 121.5 ELTs To Be Prohibited -  Read More Here


01/14/2019    How to Land An Airplane On The Freeway With Style And Grace (And Survive)  with Paul Bertorelli  -  An AVweb Video    RECCOMENDED!  Many find they need to do it. Why not learn how to add professional finesse and be a hero!  See the video HERE





01/12/2019   Remember "Vectors for Safety?"  Gene retired in 2016 but, he is back!  He has constructed a Website and has stocked it with Safety Videos and an outline of his current goals. Soon a book is to be released. His goal: "Solving problems through the practical application of human factors."  Travel to his new website by CLICKING HERE.


01/12/2019   A short AOPA Video on How to Taxi Safely with Wind - See it Here

01/12/2019   SWA Overrun into the EMAS at KBUR with rain, limited vis & ceiling - a letter we can learn from - READ IT HERE

01/06/2019   COMBATING CARB ICE - an AOPA Safety Briefing from 2009, but a very good piece that describes the real risk that pilots suffer when flying carbureted engines.  Yes we all learned when to apply carb heat when in the pattern, but how many of us know about the existence of so many more possible hurdles that our carburetors must navigate?  This article is "good stuff to know."  Read it here.

12/21/2018    FAA GENERAL AVIATION VIDEOS ON YouTube  - A wealth of Video Selections guaranteed to provide hours and hours of interesting and informative content that spans a comprehensive range of aviation topics. Ice Induced Stall Pilot Training, AOA Awareness, CFIT, Best Glide Speed & Distance, etc.  As of today, there are 34 videos listed!   CLICK HERE TO GO THERE

12/17/2018    Actual ATC audio of many recent aircraft crashes, including the infamous Colgan Air 3407 debacle that spawned Congressional action requiring all airline pilots to have an ATP, is now available without cost on the FAA's data research page. The unfortunate circumstance with Husky pilot Harrison Ford is included.  All recordings are downloadable in the common MP3 format.

"It's almost chilling to hear the accident aircraft pilot and ATC exchanges just prior and during the events," said Kevin D Murphy, SAFE Communications Director. "The tapes are a real-life education for pilots who don't want to make the same mistakes." He added that CFIs would find the unedited recordings useful when discussing accident causes with students.

The accident audio recordings include transmissions from all ATC facilities involved. In the Colgan Air 3407 crash, for instance, there are recordings from the TRACON, Buffalo Tower ground and Buffalo Tower clearance delivery.

Listen to the RECORDINGS on the FAA Data Research Page - CLICK HERE

12/17/2018   GA SAFETY ENHANCEMENT (SE) TOPIC FACT SHEETS - A collection of what the FAA calls "GA Safety Enhancement Topic Fact Sheets" are now available free online. Each of the PDF documents explores areas of concern for flight instructors and diligent pilots.  The Fact Sheets include:

Aircraft Performance and Monitoring (PDF) – December 2018
Controlled Flight Into Terrain (PDF) – November 2018
Pilots and Medication (PDF) – October 2018
Stabilized Approach and Go-around (PDF) – September 2018
Maneuvering Flight (PDF) – August 2018
Fly the Aircraft First (PDF) – July 2018
Transition Training (PDF) – June 2018
Best Glide Speed and Distance (PDF) – May 2018
Smart Cockpit Technology (PDF) – April 2018
Emergency Procedures Training (PDF) – March 2018
Maintenance Placards (PDF) – February 2018
Enhanced Vision Systems (PDF) – January 2018


12/1/2018   LESSONS from Lake Shore Landing - THROTTLE CABLE BREAKS  How to Deal With Them - Read More  Here




11/3   CATALINA AIRPORT to Get NEW RUNWAY! -   Read About Temp Closure Dates & Details Here


11/01  IFR CLASS E vs VFR Class G  AIRSPACE ALTERCATION Due To Airspace Flight Requirement Confusion - Read More Here