So Cal Airports

1/24 TTP NE-1 RNAV (GPS) RWY 18 chart at Portland INTL Jetport (PWM), Portland, ME depicts the coastline incorrectly. More Info HERE.    1/21 Charting Notice re: d-TPP (PDF ISSUE) - HERE    1/19 Latest 5G Delay Welcomed but Ultimate Solution Unlikely Soon - HERE    1/19 FAA FLIGHT ADVISORY SUPER BOWL LVI SOFI STADIUM - 13 February - HERE    1/14 US expected to be short 12,000 pilots by next year - HERE    1/13 FAA Releases 1,500 Notams To Address 5G Disruptions - HERE    1/12 Mystery FAA Ground Stop Leads To Speculation On N. Korean Missile Test - HERE    1/10 HAI Heli Expo Returns! March in Dallas - HERE    1/09 Bad News at KWHP - Engine Out Plane on Tracks hit by Train - HERE    1/08 Ontario man arrested after laser pointed at sheriff’s helicopter crew in San Bernardino - HERE    1/08 FAA 5G STATEMENTS - Airport Lists & More - HERE    1/07 Buttigieg Describes Government’s Role in Fostering Innovation - HERE    01/05 California Challenges San Bernardino Air Cargo Facility Used by Amazon - HERE     12/30 Breaking News: BA B-777ER Windshield Hit By Ice From Higher-Flying Aircraft - HERE    12/26 U.S. Aviation, Telecom Industries Report Progress Over 5G Safety Talks - HERE    12/26 FAA Launches Investigation Into Santa Clara Safety Concerns - HERE    12/20 Report: Navy Deploys ‘Ghostbusters’ After Drone Sightings Off the California Coast - HERE    12/20 Forest Service says there’s not enough time to issue new helicopter contracts for 2022 - HERE    12/20 Flight Training Bill Dropped From Defense Authorization - HERE     12/08 New FAA Policy Limits Use of Automatic Landing, RNP at Airports Vulnerable to 5G Interference - HERE    12/01 Skyports to develop Europe’s first vertiport in Paris - HERE    11/30 Walmart launches drone deliveries with DroneUp - HERE    11/23 Canada Limits 5G To Protect Air Travel - HERE     11/09 First Domestic Drone Attack Documented - HERE    Volocopter teams with Urban Movement Labs to explore Los Angeles market - HERE    10/13 VFR GLIDERS' USE OF TRANSPONDER CODE 1202 - HERE    9/14 PUBLIC SAFETY SPOTLIGHTED IN EFFORT TO CURB AIRCRAFT LASER STRIKES - HERE    8/26 Archer Announces Deal That Will Bring eVTOL Landing Sites to Major Cities - HERE    7/13 HHR EVENING INSTRUMENT APPROACH ACTIVE NOW!!    6/03 AVIATION GROUPS WANT TO HELP IMPLEMENT REAL-TIME SUA NOTIFICATIONS - HERE

So Cal Airports and the Challenges to Flight
are intended to be detailed herein!  - With selected FAA Western Region Airports 


CLASS C CONFLICT with CHINO Traffic Pattern


Airports each are unique; each has a different set of individual factors that drive the operations to/from and at the airport.

Our goal is to publish that data often known only by the local pilots, so that visitors can be equally informed and plan their flights more effectively.  Certainly, there is a plethora of standardized information available, but most publications often don't paint the "rest of the story."

Included also, are some destination airports that So Cal flyers my want info about.

What are the common mistakes pilots often make?  Is there a noise abatement policy?  Where is the best place to land if one experiences an engine failure during take off, or near the airport?  From which direction do most arrivals come from?  What are the common aircraft position reporting points? Transient parking? Where is the airport management office?  Are there particular airport "hot spots" that have been causing troublesome incursions? Is airport signage and runway/taxiway marking up to date? Are there local pilot associations and/or events that pilots might find attractive?  Do airport FBOs offer unique and specialized types of flight instruction? How about seasonal weather conditions?

Do you have the answers to these and other questions with regard to your favorite airport?  Are you willing to write a few paragraphs and share your tips and suggestions?

4/17/2018  We are currently building this page. YOU are invited to help us grow this section!   Experienced folks that have insightful info about their favorite airports, particularly if it might not be available via the regular sources, are invited to contribute here!  Send what you would like to share to:  Thanks!

We will include Destination Airports that So Cal pilots might well be expected to fly to.

NOTE:  FAA.Gov has an Airport Data & Contact Info page.  Up to date Access to Airport Data Importer Tools, Airport Data Dictionaries,  Airport Data Query Sites, FAA Form 5010 - Airport Master Record and Modification Reports are made available. This page also allows you to select view many other airport information categories e.g. airshows, ARFF Airport Rescue and Firefighting and other pertinent topics.  A LINK to the AIRPORT DATA & CONTACT INFO PAGE follows:  FAA AIRPORT DATA & CONTACT INFO PAGE

Another WONDERFUL RESOURCE - In 2012 the FAA published, GENERAL AVIATION AIRPORTS: A NATIONAL ASSET.  "A fresh look at the many roles General Aviation Plays in the National Airspace System"  This is a detailed description of the benefits that GA Airports offer, and a compliment to the communities that support them.  You can view this .pdf file HERE.

As members of the pilot community we all need to help ensure the safety and security of our airports and aircraft.  You can read more about just how to do that in the TSA SECURITY GUIDELINES for GENERAL AVIATION AIRPORT OPERATORS & USERS .pdf file.  READ IT HERE.

Are you planning a FLIGHT to ARIZONA?  Visit this Vital RESOURCE FIRST!  Arrival/Departure Info, Airport Info, Practice Area Overlays for ForeFlight and Garmin Pilot, New ATC Procedures, and safety training material as well. CLICK HERE for the Arizona Flight Training Workgroup site powered by their FAASTeam.


MEXICO  ??  Are you planning a trip to Baja or MEXICO?   -  READ THIS REPORT FROM BAJA BUSH PILOTS - RE: MEXICO REGULATIONS BEING ENFORCED!!  AIRPORTS NEED CURRENT MEXICO LICENSING!!    ESTABLISHED RULES  + NOW + BEING ENFORCED -  a link to the Baja Bush Pilots Website where you can access Flight Plan and Mexico WebCam info is HERE       More Info about the CURRENT Airport Regulations Click:  READ MORE HERE For a list of registered airports and a lot of other Mexican Airport information from (IN SPANISH) Click Here.


Historical Aircraft Owners Affected by COVID-19 that Need Airport Display Days:

A link has been added to the State Board of Equalization’s website on the home page  under the IMPORTANT banner area that links to the California Assessors’ Association’s letter regarding the historical aircraft exemption.   Refer to the screen shot below – the link is from “Historical Aircraft Owners Affected by COVID-19”.  Placing this information on our agency’s website will provide additional exposure beyond the California Assessors’ Association (CAA) website, and the CAA letter that was distributed electronically to each of the 58 California County Assessors from the President of the CAA. - Lisa Thompson, Chief, Taxpayers’ Rights Advocate Office, State Board of Equalization -   Use the following link to access the 2020-11-02 CAA Letter Regarding Historic Aircraft Exemption: -This information was provided by SCAUWG member Captain John Ringel.


Las Vegas Metroplex began in February 2021:

"Implementation of the Las Vegas Metroplex initiative, including 45 new or changed procedures, will begin... ...creating efficiencies and deconflicting airspace around McCarran International Airport (LAS), Henderson Executive Airport (HND) and North Las Vegas Airport (VGT)." Continue HERE to read about it from NBAA.

New airspace procedures have been established for aircraft arriving and departing the Las Vegas, NV area to enable more efficient handling of traffic. North Las Vegas (VGT), Henderson Executive Airport (HND), as well as Las Vegas International Airport (LAS) have updated their arrival and departure procedures.  Study these PRIOR TO departing.  Expect to fly the procedure as published––do not expect radar vectors.  If your clearance includes the phraseology descend or climb “VIA”  you must abide by the waypoint altitudes published on the procedure (unless otherwise cleared or instructed). When you hear "Climb or Descend VIA" think Verify Intermediate Altitudes. Lastly, pay close attention to directional arrows that specify the course to be flown on the procedure. - More information on the Las Vegas Metroplex here:


2021 - Presidential TFRs Possible - Wilmington, Delaware  Area  -     Notice: CHECK NOTAMS

Ex.: Presidential TFR




"The TSA began identifying and planning the gateways after receiving the draft restrictions prepared by the FAA. AOPA has been working with the FAA and other agencies since October to gather information about how future presidential TFRs might impact general aviation operations, part of a years long effort spanning many administrations to mitigate the economic damage and inconvenience that these restrictions can cause." - AOPA


California Airports Continue Solar Energy Trend - from AINonline

"With sustainability becoming a major focus in business aviation, more hangar keepers, particularly in California with its abundant sunshine, are turning to solar energy to power their operations.  Among the latest are Clay Lacy Aviation at Van Nuys Airport (VNY) and Aeroplex/Aerolease Group at Long Beach Airport (LGB)."   Read the article Here


Flying over Grand Canyon?

The Grand Canyon Special Flight Rules Area is a complex set of flight rules.  Flight Free Zones below 8,000' and 14,000' MSL.  Specific altitudes, frequencies and altimeter settings for each sector on the chart. Familiarize yourself with the flight rules that are published for this airspace under 14 CFR § 93 Subpart U, and the notes on the Grand Canyon VFR Aeronautical Chart.(

If it's summer, the temperatures will be high. That means density altitude will be a factor, so be sure to recognize (and calculate) your aircraft’s limitations, as well as your own.  Gusty winds and thunderstorms are a factor, too.  Preflight planning to include a check of the forecast weather is essential.


Of Note to ALL PILOTS:  A Guide to Airparks: "Erik McCormack, a realtor and real estate developer from Arizona, created, which also proved helpful in adding to the Living With Your Plane dataset."  Continue Reading about the Guide HERE.   View the Guide HERE.


12/07/2021   Sustainability is now. How ready is your airport? - COP26 Info etc. - From Honeywell & International Airport Review - A new survey conducted by Honeywell and The Business Journals revealed that 93% of the U.S companies view sustainability as a lasting trend. According to the same report, companies focus their major sustainability initiatives on the physical spaces where they operate and the energy efficiency of the buildings they own and/or lease.Aviation is one of the most quoted industries when it comes to the public pressure to reduce its carbon footprint. Just before the Transportation Day at the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP26, the United States announced its massive plan of achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions from the domestic aviation sector by 2050. According to the FAA, the decarbonization of the sector should be achieved through four major initiatives: sustainable fuel, new aircraft technologies, increasing operational efficiency as well as cutting airport emissions and boosting airport resiliency.Airports Council International launched, back in 2019, a Sustainability Strategy for Airports aimed at providing a “systematic approach to sustainability at airports and practical guidance on how to achieve it.” Following this initiative, the European airports committed through ACI EUROPE to achieve net zero carbon emissions for operations under their control by 2050.


An Airport List Follows:

Apple Valley Airport

Bakersfield Municipal - (L-45)- Rocket café is gone . Glitz café is now in operation, 7 days/wk, 06:00 -14:00. Used to take my IFR students to Meadows for ILS, go missed and break left for circling into L-45, land, lunch !  - Reported to SCAUWG.ORG by: RS, FAAST Rep..  11/14/2020

Big Bear Airport Website

BIG BEAR FOR BREAKFAST - FUN WITH FOREFLIGHT FLY-OUT - Article - From AOPA - "One of my favorite airports, Big Bear City Airport in California, made the ForeFlight Fly-Out list in May, so it was a perfect excuse to get up in the air and fly from Zamperini Field in Torrance to the San Bernardino Mountains." Read it Here.

Brackett Airport KPOC Noise Abatement Program

Brackett Airport (BAA Release) "Currently, we are staging the monthly aircraft and auto display events on the third Sunday of the month without the use of cones and streamers and promotion to the public at large as required by the county. Notably with the impact of Covid-19, public access to the Brackett Field
Terminal has been closed. As a result we will not be able to host the BAAAnnual Christmas Dinner this year."

Cable Airport Suggested Pattern

Catalina - Airport in the Sky - ACE Clearwater Airfield - re-opens MAY 25

Catalina Reopened! See it Here

Chino Airport & Rnwy PowerPoint

Chino Airport Runway Safety Video

Chino Airport traffic Pattern conflict with Ontario Class C

Chino Airport SoCal Pilots Association to be revived - Read about it in this newsletter

Chino - 11/06/2019 -  regarding the recent new SoCal Pilots Association debut meeting - "The meeting at Chino went well. Only had about 20 come. Had a new member join, and most seemed interested and supportive. It was a good draw to have the FAA brass (Dr. Paul Foster FAA FPM Riverside) speak. George has done a good job pulling it together. However, Chino will not have another meeting until after the first… due to holidays and Christmas party December 7th." - quote from SoCal Association member in attendance.

Colorado Ski Country Airports

If you are planning to fly in to one or more of Colorado’s ski country airports this season, please be advised that due to increased traffic ATC has instituted some new procedures.  -  Required routes will be used into ski country airports on days of significant demand. These route structures aid Denver Center in creating the most efficient flows into the mountain airports. These required routes will be sent out daily in the Air Traffic Command Center Advisories <>. Additional airports have been added to the ski country required routes this year to include the following: ASE – Aspen; EGE – Eagle; RIL – Rifle; GJT – Grand Junction; GUC – Gunnison; HDN – Hayden; MTJ – Montrose; TEX – Telluride
View the required routing and graphical depiction in the specific Letter to Airmen, which can be found by completing a NOTAM search for your destination (SKI COUNTRY) airport:

Deer Valley Airport (KDVT) Safety Videos

Denver Metroplex Project Environmental Website

El Mirage Dry Lake - El Mirage, CA - To KBFFI (Ken Brock Freedom Fly-In) with Henry - two gyroplanes travel together through the High Desert:

Arriving At KBFFI 2020 - two gyroplanes arriving at the El Mirage Dry Lake:

KBFFI 2020 - Woodstock (an American Ranger AR-1 gyroplane) Arrives for the Day 2 Activities:

Fullerton Airport KFUL Pilot Guide and Noise Abatement Program

Gillespie Field - Pilot & Airport_Resource_Guide_PDF

Gillespie Field NOTAMs - Issued 7/12/2020  - IMPORTANT LINKS:  Check your NOTAMs - Download the Pilot Safety Card - 27L T&G VNAP - Helo Pioneer Pattern

Gillespie Field - 01/19/2022   NTSB Issues Preliminary Report on Fatal Learjet Crash Near El Cajon - From San Diego 7 "The Learjet 35 crashed on Dec. 27, killing all four people aboard" Pictures / Illustrations Here.

Hawthorne Rnwy Closures  Sept / Oct 2019 update 


Hawthorne Airport Noise Fact Sheet  PDF

Hawthorne Airport Questions & Answers  PDF

Hawthorne Airport - Timeline of recent Efforts to Reduce Noise  PDF 

Hayward Executive Airport Runway Safety Vignette

Henderson Executive Airport (HND) - From the Flight Deck Video Series

Hollywood Burbank Airport Info and Noise Issue Data

Honolulu International Airport Runway Safety Video

John Wayne Orange County Runway Safety Video

John Wayne Airport - ACI Jet FBO Info & More

John Wayne Airport Improvement Plan - Read about it in this SoCal Pilots' Newsletter

John Wayne Airport - SoCal Pilots March 2020 Newsletter

John Wayne Airport - Due to a number of persons in the tower at John Wayne contracting or testing positive for COVID, the airport is going non-towered through November 30th. SoCal is reaching out to the GA community with a request they avoid or minimize non-essential flights for this week.

KSNA will operate as a non-towered field this week. No services are provided. 20L/02R will be closed. No touch and go's or pattern work allowed. CTAF is 126.8. SoCal will guide commercial flights to the airport, and then they land by communicating with the other pilots on 126.8.

Check ATIS and NOTAMS for further particulars.

The Las Vegas Metroplex  - New airspace procedures have been established for aircraft arriving and departing the Las Vegas, NV area to enable more efficient handling of traffic. North Las Vegas (VGT), Henderson Executive Airport (HND), as well as Las Vegas International Airport (LAS) have updated their arrival and departure procedures.  Study these PRIOR TO departing.  Expect to fly the procedure as published––do not expect radar vectors.  If your clearance includes the phraseology descend or climb “VIA”  you must abide by the waypoint altitudes published on the procedure (unless otherwise cleared or instructed). When you hear "Climb or Descend VIA" think Verify Intermediate Altitudes. Lastly, pay close attention to directional arrows that specify the course to be flown on the procedure. - More information on the Las Vegas Metroplex here:

LGB Suggested Helicopter Arrival/Departure Routes videoed in-flight HERE

LGB LRSAT 2018 (Runway Safety Action Team) Mtg. - PowerPoint - Filled w/Runway Safety Definitions & Airport Runway Safety Data

KLGB Covid Alert News:  11/24/20  Pattern work may be "touch and go."  Clearance delivery may ask you your intentions.  Check NOTAMS!

Los Alamitos Army Airfield - Joint Forces Training Base - Unofficial Homepage:

  8/2021 - The California National Guard is in the early stages of planning to build a solar microgrid at Joint Forces Training Base Los Alamitos that would provide a reliable energy source if a disastrous earthquake were to cut power in the Los Angeles area. The project would consist of 99 acres of solar panels.
Los Angeles International Airport -
9/2021  LAX upgrades would negatively impact local neighborhoods, Rep. Maxine Waters says:  "A plan to modernize Los Angeles International Airport with a new terminal, more gates and a host of other upgrades would negatively impact residents living in the area, a Southern California congresswoman says. - In a Sept. 14 letter to Los Angeles World Airports’ Board of Airport Commissioners, Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Los Angeles, said the Airfield and Terminal Modernization Project would create more noise from increased landings and departures while also boosting harmful emissions and traffic congestion.“While I support efforts to enhance airfield and terminal safety and improve the passenger experience at LAX, I continue to oppose any attempt to expand the capacity of the airport,” Waters wrote. In a meeting following receipt of Waters’ letter, the board announced it would postpone voting on the project until its next meeting on Oct. 7.  Continue Here.
LAX - 2/27/2021 One LAX Arrival Runway To Temporarily Close For $17.3 Million Overhaul - HERE

An American Ranger AR-1 doing the KLAX Shoreline Transition South -

Marana Regional (KAVQ).  - 09/18/2021  Here is Arizona Aviation Safety Advisory Group's new safety video for Marana Regional Airport (KAVQ) !

From YouTube:  Arizona Aviation Safety Advisory Group - From the Flight Deck video for Marana, Arizona is the first in a series of videos from the Arizona Aviation Safety Advisory Group (ASAG) produced to complement the FAA's From the Flight Deck videos.  ASAG's focus is to raise pilot's awareness of potential problems before they visit an unfamiliar non-towered airports or airspace in Arizona, and is not intended as a substitute for thorough preflight planning. Nor is it possible for us to cover all potential hazards a pilot might encounter during a flight.  We encourage all pilots to visit these web sites to compliment their normal flight preparation:

-The July (2020) issue of the Arizona Pilots Association newsletter included text written about Non-Towered Airport Flight Operations. General  illustrations were added that do not apply to Marana Regional during parachute operations so the data found via the following link with the Drop Zone diagram attached is designed to help get the word out about Marana Regional (KAVQ).  Get the info by clicking here:

The problem is at some airports overflying the field and performing midfield entries to the traffic pattern is unsafe. The AWOS at Marana Regional (KAVQ) announces do not overfly the field and do not fly missed approach procedures for the RNAV/GPS 12 and RNAV/GPS‐E  approaches during parachute operations. Both the RNAV/GPS 12 and RNAV/GPS‐E missed approach procedures have trajectories that pass directly through the drop zone (DZ),  as can overflying and midfield pattern entries. Here is a link to the Chart Supplement for more information on AVQ and nearby Pinal Airpark (MZJ)

KAVQ Marana Regional Airport Voluntary Noise Abatement Program - - Detailed Procedures are illustrated HERE.  Take a Look!  🙂     Added 12/16/2021

McClellan-Palomar Airport - Voluntary Noise Abatement Program, See it HERE.

Montgomery-Gibbs Executive Airport in San Diego has been approved to undergo $16 million in improvements, with fixed base operator Executive Airpark set to add parking facilities, build and renovate 69,800 square feet of hangar, install a fuel farm and construct a 5,850-square-foot flight club lounge. Future plans include the creation of an urban mobility hub and the development of an aviation museum.

Ontario International Airport - Ontario International Airport (ONT) is the fastest growing airport in the United States, according to Global Traveler, a leading publication for frequent fliers. Located in the Inland Empire, ONT is approximately 35 miles east of downtown Los Angeles in the center of Southern California. It is a full-service airport which, before the coronavirus pandemic, offered nonstop commercial jet service to 26 major airports in the U.S., Mexico and Taiwan. Please see SCAUWG.ORG's Runway Safety News Page for data about the ONT Runway / Taxiway Improvement program. More information is available at @flyONT on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Ontario International Airport, Ontario, Calif.: September 2021 AIP Supplemental Funding:  $15.2 million to reconstruct 832,000 square feet of taxiways and their connectors. The project will allow for a safer and more efficient flow of aircraft traffic on the airfield. This large project will result in jobs during construction and accommodate permanent job growth at this growing airport that is experiencing increased demand for passenger and cargo service.

Oxnard Airport (KOXR)  -  Runway and Taxiway reconstruction - Aug 4, 2021 - Nov. 4, 2021 - Info HERE.

Palm Springs (KPSP)  -  The Palm Springs Terminal Radar Service Area (TRSA) was originally designed to define an area containing large
turbine−powered aircraft where pilots could receive air traffic control (ATC) services to/from/around the primary airport,
Palm Springs International Airport (PSP) in order to achieve a higher level of overall safety.

Southern California Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON) provides approach control services for a diverse
fleet mix including helicopters, single-engine fixed- wing, high-performance fixed-wing and air carrier passenger jets to:
PSP, Bermuda Dunes Airport (UDD), Jacqueline Cochran Regional Airport (TRM) and several local hospital helipads.

The PSP TRSA (depicted by black border on figure A-1 and figure A-2 on the file linked to below); extends upward from the surface within the
PSP Class D airspace to 10,000’ MSL. The TRSA floor outside the PSP Class D airspace alternates from either 2,000’
MSL or 3,500’ MSL to permit free movement of nonparticipating aircraft; however, this is the very aspect of the PSP
TRSA that generates safety concerns.  SEE the DETAILS & CHARTED Airspace HERE.   Posted 12/17/2021

Palomar Airport CRQ - News from the Airport Association Highlights the Volunteer Noise Abatement Program in place. You are requested to follow it, particularly because so many more folks are at home at present due to the health crisis.   See it Here- You can read this August 2020 edition of the Palomar Airport Association newsletter by clicking Here.  Thanks to Steve Nelson FAA FPM from San Diego FAASTeam for this update.

Redlands Airport REI - Will be affected by if approved, the SBD / UPS Proposed Approaches - Comments and Info HERE

REI - 7/2021 SO CAL TRACON LTA that addresses area WAKE TURBULENCE Avoidance - See it Here.

Reid-Hillview Airport - San Jose - ARTICLE re: Potential Closure and FAA position - Read it Here

SBD Emergency Parking Issue:    The COVID-19 issue is impacting KSBD (San Bernardino) directly as KSBD accepts many Delta aircraft for << … overflow parking on movement areas (runways and taxiways) of many air carrier aircraft that are not flying during this time. >>  And as most of you know, KSBD generally has the lowest cost Avgas in the LA Basin … which, in turn, generates a fair amount of transit traffic (which now must pass a bunch of Delta A320’s to get to the fuel pumps).  Reported by Richard Eastman

SBD Proposed Approach Comments and Details

SBD Dec 2019 Additional INFO re:  UPS Proposed Approach

SBD 7/2021 SO CAL TRACON LTA with Procedures to Limit WAKE TURBULENCE DANGER - See it Here

SBD - 01/05/22 California Challenges San Bernardino Air Cargo Facility Used by Amazon - From Flying - Story HERE.

San Diego County Airports - CLICK HERE

San Luis Obispo Airport KSBP - Pilot Alert on Approach to Rny 29

San Luis Obispo Airport Runway Improvement Finished - 11/15/21 article AINonline Here

Santa Monica KSMO_Airport_Notice

Santa Monica KSMO 6/31/19 Runway Destruction Notice

SMAA Santa Monica Airport Association UPDATE 2021

Santa Paula Airport Arrival Information

Santa Ynez KIZA Airport Information - NO STRAIGHT INs! - 2 Airport Info files follow:



Thermal Airport - 01/19/2022   Ross Aviation (KTRM) Offers Sustainable Aviation Fuel from Avfuel - PR Release - "THERMAL, Calif. / January 17, 2022 /. Ross Aviation, in partnership with fuel supplier, Avfuel Corporation, is now offering customers sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) at its Palm Springs/Thermal, California, location."  Read the Release Here.

Torrance Airport (KTOA) Zamperini Field - 12/26/2021   City Council approves $284,000 to install new Torrance Airport noise monitoring system - NEWS - From Daily Breeze - Read about it HERE.

Torrance Airport (KTOA) Zamperini Field - 01/07/2021 - Runway / Taxiway Closures - (Subject to change) -     Click Here for data & Contact Infp 

Tucson AZ TUS - Airport General Information

Tucson AZ TUS - Phase 1 taxiway rehab - possibly starts Nov. 4 - DETAILS Here

Tucson AZ TUS - runway Safety and Local Practice areas / Reporting Points  18 Min. Version

Tucson AZ TUS - runway Safety Video - details HotSpots - 4 Min Version (Brand New)

Van Nuys Airport Runway Safety Video

Van Nuys General Info

Van Nuys Airport Noise Restrictions

Van Nuys Airport LAWA Published Preferred Helicopter Routes

Van Nuys Airport - EARLY IFR TURN upon Departure -BIG PROBLEM -Read More Here

Van Nuys Taxiway / Runway Closures & Construction Target Dates

KVNY / LAWA "FLIGHT TRACKS" Newsletter (issued quarterly) - ACCESS it HERE


Victorville (VCV) Airport Reconfiguration
Notice Number: NOTC1992 -

  • First 1999ft of Runway 17 has been removed.
  • Taxiway E2 is now E1
  • Taxiway E3 is now E2
  • Taxiway E3 assignment removed
  • Current airfield diagrams will not depict the changes until the next publication in October 2021.
    • Ground Control is making corrections, notifications of changes and verifying taxi instructions, but pilots still get confused because it appears that they are still just following their charts on taxi and not looking at the taxiway signs
  • Taxiway signs have been changed to the current and correct taxiway configurations. (See link below)

Pilots need to check the LTA that will be sent out which will include the revised diagram, receive the revised diagram in person from the FBO and, as always, thoroughly review the airport NOTAMS prior to operating at KVCV.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Andrew Switzer - Air Traffic Manager, KVCV - Serco Inc. - T: 760.246.4085 -

Whiteman Airport (Los Angeles)  - Display Day Back - "Display Day Personnel will be there for signing (starting) on Sunday, November 8
from 10am-1pm. They will be in front of the CAP Building. Strict Covid 19 Rules will be in place. - 1. Please have your paperwork ready to sign. 2. Masks are mandatory! You will be turned away without one. 3. Bring your own pen. 4. Don’t linger and keep physical distancing when possible. 5. If you are ill, do not come and send someone else to do your paperwork."  - This per the secretary of the Whiteman Airport Association.

Whiteman Airport (Los Angeles) - "On November 7, 2020 at 10:00 AM, Richard Smith, Los Angeles County Department of Public Works, Aviation Division Chief is hosting a virtual meeting to discuss the plan for the County to insource management and operations at Whiteman Airport.   The change in management is scheduled to take place on April 1, 2021.  The purpose of the meeting is to inform you of the plan and allow for a discussion about how it may impact you and your operations. - ...The meeting is open to all who wish to hear what is going on.  - Please call me if you have any questions. - Thank you for your assistance," - James Miller, Manager Whiteman Airport

Whiteman Airport (Los Angeles) - L A County has a Master Plan for KWHP - Read about it Here.

Whiteman Airport (Los Angeles) - 12/14/2020 - LA City Council seems to be possibly inappropriately assesing the community value of KWHP and has stated that the airport should be closed. The airport is not under the LA City juristriction.  KWHP is owned and operated by LA COUNTY.  There appears to be a feud brewing between the two spearheaded by 7th district councilwoman Monica Rodriquez.  Same is not an admirable circumstance. AOPA has commented on Twitter as follows:

"We are aware of comments made by the LA City council. We are confident that LA County Airports Aviation Division and Aviation Commission, who have sole authority and jurisdiction over KWHP, will continue to operate the airport."

More on KWHP:  A resolution calling for the eventual closure of Whiteman Airport was unanimously supported Wednesday by the Los Angeles City Council. Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez called the 182-acre general aviation airport a blight on the Pacoima neighborhood, where it was founded as Whitman Air Park in 1946 and eventually purchased by Los Angeles County in 1970.  Continue Reading More About This by Clicking HERE.

Morning Landing at KWHP - an American Ranger AR-1 gyro landing before the tower opens...

Zamperini Field - See Torrance Airport (KTOA)