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The Southern California Airspace Users Working Group is dedicated toward making LA Airspace the safest possible.

It is a committee of professionals from all segments of the Southern California aviation industry determined to effectively interact with each other to resolve airspace related problems and improve aviation safety, utility, and efficiency in the region. SCAUWG is an entity formed under the aegis of the Southern California Association of Governments. The organization’s Charter specifies the following objectives …

  1. To maintain a forum that allows all facets of the aviation industry to provide input to the FAA in the areas of aviation safety, airspace design and utilization.
  2. To educate and inform the public, local and national elected officials, and media with respect to aviation safety and airspace utilization.
  3. The development of airspace design to more efficiently accommodate increases in air traffic capacity at the region’s airports.
  4. To improve access for VFR traffic into and out of the region’s airports in addition to VFR transition routes.
  5. To simplify airspace design and charting for the VFR user.
  6. To provide for the flexibility of helicopters and new technologies while enhancing compatible use of airspace.
  7. To develop recommendations to the FAA for improvements in aviation safety.
  8. To monitor ongoing FAA efforts with relationship to airspace design and activity.
  9. To commit itself to cooperative action, including opposing views, and take the necessary steps to make a significant difference in the air transportation system.